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men's cologne ads

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

COCO MADEMOISELLE, the film with Keira Knightley – CHANEL Fragrance

[Music] [Applause]. this is a maze world. this is amazing, but it won't mean nothing. nothing without [Music]. [Music] to carry the heavy low. [Music]. made the ark. this is [Music]. baby girls and the baby boy [Music]. [Music] make everything, everything you can. you know, a man makes money to buy from other men [Music]. this is [Music]. he a woman, he's got to have a woman. a man makes everything he can, but you see, a woman makes a [Music] [Applause] foreign [Music] chanel.

Perfume Commercials are Weird on Purpose

[Music]. it's a tricky word to say. what a fun game to play. you pronounce it. let's try it together now. oh yeah, it's weekdays at 4, 30, starting september 6th. hold on, did they just say two different things? you pronounce it. the host and the narrator just directly contradicted each other. i'm going to make a video about something totally unrelated to that. 10 days. i gave myself 10 days. don't say a gosh darn thing about the background. it's not unfinished, you're unfinished. leading up to christmas a few weeks ago, i saw a bad amount of ads for perfumes and colognes. i suppose it's a pretty good gift to get for somebody if you're not exactly sure what to get for them. right wrong picking out a perfumer cologne might be the biggest shot in the dark you take in your whole life. do you have any idea how subjective and personal scent preferences are? have you ever thought about that? no, you only think about yourself. something that you think smells delectable could be putrid to somebody else. do you like the words i'm using? sometimes even the slightest whiff of a partikular scent could give somebody a headache. so i suppose the best way to be able to shop for somebody is to a know that they like wearing perfume or cologne in the first place and then b know exactly which brand they would be willing to actually wear. but that's not exciting. you don't want to open up a gift already knowing exactly what it's going to be. where's the fun in that? oh, actually, i like knowing exactly what i'm going to get. it alleviates any anxious feelings i might get and it assures myself and the person buying the gift for me that i'm going to enjoy it no matter what and i won't have to put on a phony face. can you just stop? i know i'm trying to set the video up. i know we all have preferences and everybody's different. i get it, i was just trying to. i know what you were trying to do. it's fine, but can i just do this without you always trying to contradict me? i like contradicting you. i'm aware probably gonna keep doing it. you are the reason my hair is turning gray. okay, now the only thing standing between you and the perfect fragrance is a lack of knowledge of what it smells like. enter commercials. commercials can teach you about a product, keep you informed on your potential purchasing decisions. so you know perfume or cologne ad should be able to do that same thing for you. right wrong again. [Music]. so what the [ __ ] just happened there? huh, come on up to the front and write down on the board for the rest of the class what the [ __ ] just happened, would you? why are perfume ads so weird? what does this mean? what does any of this mean? if you're watching an ad and you see an astronaut come riding in on a massive goose like a horse, nine times out of ten the end is going to be like juan blanc fresh. it's exhausting. so exhausting, in fact, that i need to quickly tell you about this video's sponsor, helix sleep. ignore the renovation, stop looking around. helix is a premium mattress in a box company that makes mattresses to fit your needs, based on your sleep preferences. you've got a short helix sleep quiz that covers things like the size of the bed you want, sleep position, mattress firmness, etc. etc. for example, i sleep on my side because if i sleep on my back, i 100 of the time will wake up from a nightmare like a toddler. so i tell helix that and they proceed accordingly. they tell you which mattress is best for you based on your answers. i ended up with, as you can see here, the midnight mattress and i got the luxe version cause i'm fancy like that. if you've been paying attention at all over the last year, you will know that i really do like this mattress. it's not- i said this before- it's not my main mattress, but i've taken a plethora of mean naps on this son of a gun. okay, we also had some family stay over at our house over thanksgiving and, to quote my cousin, oh yeah, it was awesome, very comfortable. i liked it a lot. so what more is there to really say? i'm getting hyped, just toking about it. if i didn't have so much that i had to do, still i would. i might just call it a night and just sleep right here. right now, if you click the link in the description or go to helixsleepcom, scott kramer, you can get up to 200 off your helix sleep mattress, plus two free pillows. check them out, there they are. you'll always get a 100 night sleep trial and a 10 year warranty as well. thank you to helix for sponsoring this video. thank you to you guys, as always, for using my links when i have them. it helps me out a ton. now we are going to get back to the video. unfortunately, the only way back is through the perfume department. [Music]. wish me luck. [Music]. [Music]. this is the stupidest thing i've ever done. there are a few different kinds of fragrance ads. uh, you've got the celebrity partnerships, the acid trips and the semi-self-aware. it's kind of a venn diagram with a healthy amount of overlap. but let's start with the celebrity partnerships. the first real cologne that i ever owned was usher um. it was a collaboration with the click five, believe it or not? no, i'm joking. it was that asshat who disrespected t-pain to his face for no reason. being an arrogant jerk aside, this stuff smells immaculate. the tricky thing, though, is that you might hate the way that this smells. you'd be wrong and no longer welcome in my home. please leave. but you might feel that way. i also owned the usher raymond version of the cologne. now, i'm not smart or sophistikated enough to know if these are actually different scents, but i have convinced myself that they are, and i like them both for different reasons. so i really it'd be awkward if they were just the exact same scent. yes, these are the original bottles. i've had them for over a decade. i don't wear cologne very often. mitchell davis is single-handedly the reason that i bought both of these. so shout out live, lava, live. the only commercial they ever made for it was this one. it shows usher really squeezing this lady. they're all intertwined, tangled into each other's loving embrace. with the way they're twisted up, you'd think the cologne smelt like a pretzel, but most other celebrity partnerships end up dipping into that acid trip territory that i toked about earlier, and i think the best way to describe that is just to show you one of them. holy smokes, look at him, go freaking, just yucking it. [Music]. [Music]: the new fragrance for men. okay, so adam driver is a centaur in this ad. i don't believe i caught an explanation as to what the cologne actually smells like. i was a little distracted, to be fair. how about i just look it up, okay? um, so, based off of this, i'm taking away that it's kind of a woody smell, perhaps. okay, yeah, okay, right there, literally woody. i nailed it. not seeing anything about the ocean, though, or horses for that matter. funny enough, it says right here that one of the odors is dry, which is the opposite of the ocean. the ocean is wet. as far as i'm concerned, clearly, the idea with these is that they're selling you a feeling as opposed to a product. years ago, i toked about the chevy real people ad campaign that they were doing. they might still be doing it. i have not paid attention, but those were doing the exact opposite of these. ultimately, i do prefer the approach of selling the benefits over selling the features of a product, because every cologne has the same features right. they make you smell good when used in moderation, and it's usually a pretty bottle that will look good on your bathroom countertop and that's about it. but the benefits of cologne, now that is where you can get sexy with it, my friend. so think about it like this one: robert pattinson. he's a man that a lot of women find very appealing, very attractive, very desirable, and in this partikular commercial he comes off as this confident badass. i want to be a confident badass that women are attracted to. also, judging by a lot of these comments, there's going to be a lot of husbands and boyfriends getting these as gifts because their significant other wants them to smell and be like robert pattinson. so

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World's Most Ridiculous Perfume Commercials (GAME)

can we guess the perfume by its ridiculous add? let's tok about that. [Music]: mythical summer. when animals want to attract a mate, they often use their own pheromones, while we humans get the job done by covering up our own personal stink with an assortment of other stinks. we like to call it perfume, the French call it a shower, but when it comes to buying perfume, there are some pretty ridiculous ads for it, which is why it's time, for I think we know these commercials don't bake. so we're gonna be shown part of a perfume ad and then we're gonna be competing to match one of these perfumes in front of us to that ad. yes, we have Chanel number five. we've got candy from Prada. we've got scent of a dream from Charlotte Tilbury, Dior Sauvage, Gucci, Guilty, and dab it off cool water. and now, when the correct one is guessed in a partikular round, that will be replaced with another one. so we'll always have six in front of us, and when we get one wrong, we have to spray the correct one on us in order to fully experience it. at the very end, the loser has to model some mankinis in good mythical more. oh great round one. all right, let's see the first one. quite, tibe you, okay, it's like us in high school, remember that. pretty good, not bad. yeah, because we, well, we, we usually waited with Leslie to to date a girl in secret. I never did that, right, that's right. well, we thought about it, okay, uh, so this is French. was that your dream? because it could be the scent of your dream, I mean dating another woman with me. I'm just saying that it's, this is French. so I- I mean, I don't know which ones are French- do your survive is a French word. if you change the word, if you change the letter V to an S, you get D or sausage. right, this is kind of a sausage fest what that woman's experiencing. so, okay, okay, we're gonna. yeah, okay, three, two, one sausage. oh you agree, yeah, well, yeah, it was my reasoning that led you to your sausage conclusion. your net. you'll never win if you agree with me the entire time. that's true. that's why I'm gonna change mine because, like, I think this woman's feeling kind of guilty. okay, you're both incorrect. it's product candy and actually this commercial is directed by Wes Anderson, if you couldn't tell via the visual cues, and that is French actress Lea Seydoux. I knew that, who I know from. blue is the warmest color, but she's also in Mission Impossible. yeah, I tried not to watch that. candy smells good round. two, oK, we've got a new one in the mix, kinzo world, which looks like Stewie's head from Family Guy. that's how you remember that. it's kind of a seashell. all right, let's watch the ad. [Music]: oh good, what a crappy ad. is safe to say Wes Anderson did not direct this one. no, okay, what's our cheapest perfume man? the green-screen game was kicking on that one. all I can smell is that candy. I don't think Chanel would stoop this low. I don't know. I'm going for what I believe is the least fancy bottle. I'm ready. hold on. yeah, this is. I don't know, I'm so. I'm so out of los. okay, three, two, one. it's definitely got a beat. I mean, this looks. yeah, I've never heard of Kenzo, it's just stupid. but it has this little thing on the front which that's a pearl, doesn't seem. it seems too feminine. that was for scent of a dream and it was a 360 video since of a nightmare. hold it, let me spray this on me. oh, it's haggling, is it's the key to attraction. it is really floral. whoa, yeah, yeah, that smells like my grandma. yeah, she loved men and all black. two, three and our new one is Bulgari omnia, which is, oh, it's like two little circular links connecting to each other like that. let's watch an ad. [Music]. oh, my goodness, dad, that was weird. my, what Shion is more than that perfume. Wow, I remember seeing this on YouTube because it was trending- really. you know me and the trending page, but I don't remember what you, one of us, what, which one of these would make you want to lick a sculpture. it's so odd. I honestly do not remember which one it was, but I've seen a whole ad. it's basically just more of that. see, I'm thinking that cool water. it's gonna have to have some some liquid imagery more than just licking some ice face. what happened after she licked that statues face? so that is off the at the beginning. that's off the table from me. I'm going with I. I have a guess based on the way that commercial makes me feel. okay, you ready? yeah, yeah, three, two, one. I'm voting Kenzo again. guilty, because I enjoyed that way too much. I don't think that was a Gucci, yet it wasn't classy enough. Gucci cutting-edge was a commercial for Kenzo world and it was directed by Spike Jonze and apparently when the actress, Margaret quali, was doing her audition. Spike Jones, I had her dance like a tree and then, when they were shooting the commercial, he said- quote: now you're a vampire. now your arm is trying to attack you and you're eating your pinky. I like the way Spike Jones thinks. [Music]: all right, now we've got lady million in the mix. oh, that's fancy. it's like a big gold Ruby. look at that. alright, that's cool. what's watching it? [Music]: that's freaking. Captain America- yeah, and the girl from West world, Evan Rachel Wood. I think you've made some great observations. Lincoln man, I definitely know that. Steve Rogers- hmm, it's Steve Rogers. this is, this is Big Time. I'm looking at the imagery. this is how I'm making this decision. I'm picking up on some specific imagery in the, in the ad, to make my decision, but I don't want to completely reveal what I've seen, because then it would just give you the answer, assuming that I'm right. oh man, I don't know if I have a headache from smell the perfume or from all of your pointless deliberate. all right, let's vote okay. three, two, one sausage- it's gotta be this one. we think it's. look at the bottles in the background. they're made to look like this beau. oh, I didn't think that. I just thought that Steve Rogers did a Dior thing. you are both wrong. it's cool water. it's Gucci Guilty, what you chicken? Gucci, Gucci, gang Gucci Guilty. so it's hard to tell when. when a commercial is for a female fragrance or a male fragrance, you know right, because this is a, this is a feminine fragrance, right, and that commercial, young like it was for him, it seemed like it was for me. honestly, round five. our new addition to the lineup is lovely, by Sarah Jessica Parker: big bottle. it's a big bottle, totally clear, alright, totally clear, big bottle. I think. lots of observations about perfumes around here. let's see the commercial commercial. did that diamond ring just get bigger on our finger when she winked? well, was it there the whole time? I think they did that in Bost. oh, that was pretty awesome. this is a playful ad. it's high-energy. it makes me go like this. so what is the most playful? the most playful one again: no water imagery. I didn't see Sarah Jessica Parker anywhere in this ad. but did you notike how frizzy like, how like, stringy and unhealthy the girl's hair looked at the beginning and all of a sudden it looked like this. what? this is also a shampoo ad. I can use one of these as a crossover. it's a crossover product. hmm, yeah, I guess I do. okay, I'm ready. okay, three, two, one lady. oh, you're going with Lady Millia, cuz it seems, but it looks a little too silver. I'm gonna change my answer to: probably Bulgaria. it is Lady Millie. yeah, I have a lot of notes about this. one: yep, reduce all your homes. oh, wow, the top notes are: first of all, you did rise berry. oh, no, no, look, you just spray it, but you don't take the top off. you just yeah, yeah, I think you hold it like a burger, spray the whole thing, and then you, and then you spray it, right, your mouth, and I said I smell like: yeah, mmm, you know what my notes start by existing. they aren't well, no, they're like, literally notes like what it smells like. there's a lot of it. I mean, if you can't smell that african orange flower, i don't know what to do. you're gonna say that african orange flower, grapefruit- oh, it's a headache for me. tobacco, car tires, frogs [Music]. all right, for our final round, to break this tie, we've got red door from Elizabeth Arden. oh, I think my mom wore this and my first high school girlfri.

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Fragrance Commercials 1980s & 1990s

hmm, what's that fragrance you're wearing? [Music]: make a statement without saying a word. [Music] put it on avion's night musk. [Music] put it on aviance night musk, introducing aviance night musk. put it on and have an aviance night. [Music] introducing axis: theo clones, braver men. axis, the new scent made for a man to wear all over. access the refreshment of a cologne. the confidence is feeling. great. musk, spice, woods, surf, axis. the rest is up to you. calvin klein's obsession for men. i'd know him in the dark, exclusively at jw robinson. it got pains for a dollar. why? because i want to see what you see. [Music]: cody wild musk and musk for men. the science of skin care, the art of makeup, the allure of fragrance, the world of estee lauder. it's a beautiful place to be. visit your estee lauder beauty advisor today and you'll receive this gift including white linen body cream and moreholed hairspray. yours with any estee lauder purchase of 12.50 or more. this gift is yours through august 20th at horns. this is the dawn of glorious, the joyous fragrance by gloria vanderbilt. enter the world of glorious by gloria vanderbilt and may all your days be glorious. discover the fragrance of america. lady stetson, you're free playing in the big leagues. country proud with a fragrance all your own, lady stetson, capturing the essence and spirit of the american woman. an exciting blend of contrasts, like america itself. lady stetson, i've never known this feeling. i love you, don't you love it when he says those words: [Music], the fragrance that inspires his love. i wear it and he tells me everything i want to hear: romance. it's dangerous, all-consuming, incredible. when it's in my life, it is my life. the chidanda max factor is the fragrance that captures the essence of romance and leaves me vulnerable. i'm always mistaken for giorgio. i'm just as fabulous, but smarter. i'm primo. why pay so much more for giorgio? and primo costs just eight dollars and lasts as long as you do. if she likes giorgio, she'll love primo. [Music] is [Music]. this could be forever. santa fe: for centuries, men have been mysteriously drawn to it. introducing santa fe, cologne, for men discover the mystery of its attraction. [Music]. i've never said this. i've never said this to them. you know the type. no, i haven't got a girlfriend. you can't believe everything, they say. i want to know everything about everything about you. okay, you can't believe anything, they say. i consider myself shy. there's an unwritten rule: you make that dress look terrific. never take men like this too seriously. just think about it. you have a wonderful distress. i wish you didn't have to go, but by all means take them. little trouble keeps life interesting. [Applause]. [Music]. the men's fragrance from gila roach, paris. feel the power. this signature draco noir sweatshirt and eau de toilette spray available at the bon marche. fathom cologne [Music] for men of motion whose emotions run deep. fathom for men of motion whose thoughts run deep. fathom for men of motion whose feelings run deep, a fresh, new, thrilling cologne. fathom for men whose emotions run deep. fathom cologne for men. california: i've captured your essence, your spirit, and sparkle your style and sophistikation. jaclyn smith's. california, the fragrance that captures the dream. california, you make me feel great. you're filled with glamour and glow, dazzle and dreams. california, the fragrance that captures the dreams. victoria's secret [Music] introduces earth angel [Music]. earth angel [Music]. it's only at victoria's secret. victoria, the classic, captivating fragrance that captures the elegance, the beauty, the sensuality of victoria's secret. victoria, the signature fragrance at victoria's secret. this 60 value six-piece gift is yours with any purchase of victoria or rapture. 1.7 ounce cologne spray.

Adam Driver Sends Twitter Into Frenzy Over New Burberry Ad

we're going to show a clip here that i haven't watched yet, so i'm really excited to see it because i know you've seen it- a lot of guys that have probably seen it. this is going to be new to me. okay, here we go. a few weeks ago, news bro, that adam driver would be the new face of burberry, and now we are blessed with the first clip of the star wars star as the face of their new men's cologne burberry hero. [Music]. [Music] like is. am i all hot and bothered? [Music]: okay, so just to reiterate, that's the first time you've seen this ad that has thrown social media into a dizzy. it's thrown me into a tizzy. what's happening there? he's a centaur at the end. so how did that happen? okay, okay. and then first he's like right and okay. so here we go. uh, so burberry thought obviously we'd all be obsessed with watching kylo ren frolicking in the ocean with a horse. uh, they were correct. the clip, which also features this song two weeks by fk twigs, which is so good, uh, was almost instantly trending online. uh, we could not look away. i would like to watch it again, but you have to read the reactions. you have to read reactions. so here, so here are a bunch of reaction. okay, uh, empress ray on twitter wrote: a wet atom driver rising out of the ocean like some kind of greek god for his cologne campaign. iconic, okay, amazing. a marvel 42 captain tweeted: adam driver is trying to kill everyone with his hot weirdness and it's working. hot face, yes, hot weirdness, that's exactly it. um, jen ld6 asked the question that we are all thinking: has anyone checked on john oliver fire firefighter? okay, so thankfully she did because, um, he was quick to make an announcement, tweeting after an unexpected development that will require john's full attention. there will be no new episodes of last week tonight for the foreseeable future. retweeting a video clip of the ad that featured a quote of the song i quench that thirst lyric from the campaign song john oliver thirsty for adam driver was one of the greatest things i've ever seen. so you gotta love that. john oliver is staying on brand. for those who don't know, late night host had a confrontation earlier this year with adam, demanding that jon stopped airing his unquenchable thirst for the star. it was the best, it was the greatness. so, yeah, what do you think of adam's first burberry ad? what do you think morgan? well, first of all, i love this song with fka twigs and i was like, oh, he's in the water. there's a horse, adam has his shirt off. i was like this is kind of steamy. i thought it was just going to be like you know how many hours do we see? we were coming out of a pool and, and you know, guys are like you know slow-mo and you're like cool. so this was in the you know ocean. i was like well, i'm good with this if that's what it was. but then the centaur at the end it was like whoa, i was not expecting that. and also, why do i think this is so hot? and i think the the headlines i've been seeing on social media is like never thought i would say a centaur was sexy. but here we are. well, clearly people have not been paying enough attention to centaurs over the years. but my question is: so i i always, i always think of when i'm, when i'm watching something, i think about the experience that the actor is having while they are making that thing. okay, so i think like i'm not sure if it's special effects that adam and the horse were in the shot together, but it looks like they are. and you know, i guess it's early morning, the water must be freezing cold in the ocean. i'm sure he was shooting right, like, okay, you're gonna go run into this, like it's the polar bear dip, okay, here we go. but then i thought, when he and the horse are in the ocean together, i was like, how can you hold it together? i would be so afraid of that horse kicking me so hard on the water that i wouldn't come out. true, that's what i do. we need the behind the scenes. we need the behind the scenes of this shoot to see how this all went down. but do you think this is a good ad? i'm just sorry, right, like, do you like this? does this make sense? or are you like this is weird? this is too weird for me. i don't think men's cologne ads ever have to make sense, i think. i think i think perfume- like you've seen perfume and cologne ads, right like they. they are just art pieces. they don't ever have to make sense. there's always a story in there. it's always some star that you recognize that's big at the time, or just big in general, doing something very odd, and they always say, oh, i love the experience. i worked with this director. it was so great, very creative. but no, nothing has to make sense. and it's good in the sense that here we are and everybody is toking about it, and you know the name of the clone. i know it's so true. so blade is saying adam driver and fka twigs and one advert is everything i needed to survive my week. luna is saying: why did perform commercials have to be so weird every time? julie's saying: repeat please. uh. carla's saying: wait, i'm light-headed, smitten, you are correct. um. uh. carla's saying: i know what is going on. repeat for me this week. you guys, your comments, i'm dying. uh. paul's saying: get ready for the thirst train. it's all about to hit the station, uh. and then on facebook, addie saying: there's no such thing as too weird. give me more insane commercials. uh. which is amazing. uh. and then i loved that ad. i just had no idea it was for cologne. that's what addie said. but you're right, even people who maybe don't care about cologne commercials, now they care because the saturn, i think that's how. but that's how you know it's for cologne. if you're watching an ad and you go, what is even happening? there's a celebrity here. this makes no sense. it has to be cloned like it's not going to be for a bag of chips like. that's not. that's not going to be how it works. i love it, right? i don't know, i don't, i don't know how. i'm still in my head trying to work out how they merged into a centaur, or or was he a center all along and the horse went away like: but think of the possibilities. we could see adam the centaur in the woods, we could see him in the desert, we could like. there are so many possibilities for sequels to these commercials. now, i'm just saying because the people want it. i think what we, what we should be asking for, is the feature film series based on this commercial where adam is a centaur. that's the next step, right, that's the logical next step. i think so. i think so definitely.

Toxic Masculinity in Fragrance Ads

a representation revolution has arrived. the pressure for women to look like Victoria's Secret models is dissipating, although there are still a ways to go. women have taken monumental steps in fighting the sexual ization and stigmatization that they have faced since the onset of media in the past years, as women have started to embrace themselves as they are, men have displayed an increase in body dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression and eating disordered behaviors. advertisements exacerbate these negative effects. in this video essay, I will be taking a look at how five fragrance advertisements for trained masculinity and how these representations are harmful to male audiences, not in society. it is very difficult to sell a scent on television. the audience can't smell it and simply describing the ingredients in the perfume isn't enough to entike the buyer to purchase the scent. instead, perfume companies have perfected the art of selling an idea, and the idea being sold is the ideal male. the selected male models are smoldering toned white males, who is confidence and sex appeal. he is the embodiment of the perfume. the connotation here is, by this scent be this man. the human body is a powerful symbol and in the advertising world, the body is to be read as a text. this fit and elegant man has moneyy, power, women, and he uses this perfume. the takeaway is that his use of the fragrance contributes to his success as a man. cologne advertisements reinforce the beauty ideals perpetuated by media and Eurocentric societal standards that in order to be the ideal version of a man, he must be white, muscular, rich and brooding. these advertisements implicitly sell manhood, along with their fragrances. in Paco Rabanne advertisement for Invictus, the model is a champion, an alpha male. he struts into a football field with Roman gods and goddesses by his side and makes his way past desperate ographers trying to capture pictures of his toned physique. he walks across the field to get to his winning prize, several angelic looking women waiting for him. the message here is clear: this man is a winner in alpha, he has everything. the quote unquote: modern man strives for fame, beauty, power and women, and companies like Paco Rabanne communicate that this standard of beauty and success is attainable to anyone when using Invictus. YouTube comments such as these attest to the powerful effects of this advertisement. the end goal for a man, as implied by the media, is to maintain Authority, power and control. one way advertisements convey these expectations is through the use of camera angles. the camera shoots the model at a low angle to communicate his authority and grandiosity. additionally, close-up shots seen in this ad for Hugo Boss are implemented for the model to establish direct eye contact with the audience. as a final display of dominance, the model's gaze is neither aggressive nor condescending. instead, it is a look of unwavering confidence where the model is about to reveal to the male viewer the secret of his visible success. and that secret is the perfume. advertising is effective because it taps into a basic human desire: sex. men in society are expected to love and crave sex because without engaging in sexual activities you are not considered to be a real man. advertising presents the notion that the imagery and symbols used in an advertisement will manifest in real life after having purchased the product. this Jimmy Choo ad featuring Kit Harington, we see the male protagonist being caressed by a woman as he applies Jimmy Choos cologne. here, because Harrington uses the Jimmy Choo Cologne, he has unlimited access to a beautiful woman and the luxuries of a sleek home, expensive clothes and enviable macho confidence. similarly, after actor Theo James uses Hugo boss's perfume, he is instantaneously approached by a woman and seduced by her. the short cuts between the use of the perfume and the woman approaching him signals to the viewer that because he uses the scent, women come to him. Hugo Boss and many other Cologne advertisements want to convey that anyone using their fragrance has the ability to fulfill their sexual desires. why is the portrayal of masculinity an important discussion to have? in a research paper studying links as deodorant marketing strategies, the author noted the one-size-fits-all beauty standard that is presented to men. TV advertising presents and reinforces existing cultural values, placing pressure on men to have it all: the fit body, the beautiful woman and a substantial amount of money in the bank. the prevalence of this narrative means a harmful one-dimensional view of what a man is. a 2005 journal artikle found that 81 percent of men are dissatisfied with their current body. the lack of diversity in size and skin tone in the media is a contributing factor to the increase in men's mental health issues, including eating disorders and compulsive exercise regimens. advertisers actively try to evoke healings of insufficiency in the male viewer for profit. additionally, the issue with the Waze ads are present. masculinity impacts both men and women. cologne advertisements implicitly communicate that the sexualization and objectification of women is acceptable. a 2015 study found that men who exhibit hyper masculine behaviors are more likely to sexually abuse and/or be physically and verbally abusive towards women. although aesthetikally pleasing and seemingly encouraging the representations of men in the media are in fact harmful to male viewers. by critikally analyzing our societal constructions of masculinity, we can work to change the narrative. only one Society changes will advertisers cease to promote the harmful representations of men in the media. it is time to let men display their true qualities: flawed, horrible and simply human.