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meta ads to pull facebook europe

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

Creating effective and profitable Facebook ads can be a challenge, but there are three things you need to know to make it work.

1. Message Market Match:

The biggest reason most Facebook ads fail is that they don't have the right message for their target market. The offer must be relevant and appealing, and show the benefits and outcomes of the product or service.

- Unrelated message: offering something people don't care about

- Unappealing message: boring and uninteresting

- Solution: match your message to your market by researching your target audience and understanding their pains, problems, fears, and frustrations.

2. The 40 40 20 Rule:

The breakdown of elements responsible for ad success is 40% market, 40% offer, and 20% copy.

- Market: understanding and identifying your target audience

- Offer: creating an irresistible offer that is relevant and interesting

- Copy: the words, images, and structure used in the ad

3. The Marketing Rule of Seven:

It takes an average of seven touchpoints to get a customer to take action. Plan for this by following up and building a deeper connection through email lists, custom audiences, and other Facebook tools.

By nailing message market match, understanding the 40 40 20 rule, and leveraging the marketing rule of seven, you can create effective, high-converting, and profitable Facebook ads.

How to Set Up a Meta Business Manager Account (Facebook Business Manager)

In this video, the presenter shares tips on how to set up a meta business account, formerly known as Facebook Business Manager Account. The presenter emphasizes the importance of having a proper business account to organize all meta assets efficiently. With a business account, you can manage your Facebook page, ad account, pixel, Instagram account, and give access to others as you scale. A business account also reduces the likelihood of ad account disabling or hacking.

The first step in setting up a business account is to create a meta business account by visiting business.facebook.com/overview and clicking on create an account. The presenter recommends being logged in to your personal Facebook profile to ensure accountability for business-related activities. You will enter your business name and email and then go through a simple process to add information. Once done, you will be taken to the meta business suite, where you can manage all your meta-related business assets, including Facebook pages, ad accounts, Instagram profiles, WhatsApp accounts, and more.

To add a Facebook page to your business account, go to Pages and click on add assets. Then select Facebook page and create a new page or claim an existing one. You can also request to share a Facebook page if you want to access someone else's page without claiming ownership.

Similarly, to add an ad account, go to ad account and click on add assets. You can either create a new ad account or claim an existing one by entering your ad account ID. If you have an Instagram account, you can add it by clicking on add assets and selecting Instagram account. You can claim an existing Instagram account or create a new one on Instagram.

Finally, the presenter shows how to add team members to your business account by clicking on add people and entering their email address. You can select the role and business assets they have access to and review the invitation before sending it.

It is essential to have a payment method set up in your business account to run Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. The presenter recommends watching their next video on how to set up ad campaigns that deliver fantastic results.

In summary, setting up a meta business account is crucial for efficient management of all meta assets. You can add Facebook pages, ad accounts, Instagram profiles, and team members to your business account. Having a payment method is essential to run Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Could Facebook and Instagram Really Leave Europe?

- Facebook threatens to pull out of Europe in protest at new EU regulations.

- This dispute between Facebook and the EU has recently reached fever pitch.

- In this video, we will explain the basis of this disagreement and whether Facebook could actually leave Europe.


- Under GDPR, the personal data of Europeans can only be transferred out of the European Union and European Economic Area if the European Commission has decided that the third country that is the country the data's being transferred to ensures to an adequate level of protection for the data.

- Meta is an American company with servers and data processing centers in the US, which means that it's subject to whatever rules govern data transfers between the US and EU.

- While the 2020 ECJ ruling didn't rule SCCs to be unlawful in and of themselves, it warned that SCCs weren't an ironclad guarantee of privacy and noted that third-country contexts should be taken into account.

- In September 2020, Ireland's data protection commissioner sent a preliminary order to Facebook to suspend data transfers from the EU to the US, suggesting that the SCCs didn't provide sufficient privacy protections for their European users.

- With Facebook's challenge dismissed, Ireland's DPC was now legally free to suspend Facebook's data transfers from Ireland to the US.

- Facebook challenged the preliminary order, but their challenge was dismissed in May of 2021.

- European data regulators are currently trying to figure out a new way of dealing with Facebook's data transfers, leaving Facebook in a sort of regulatory limbo.


- Meta warned that if a new transatlantic data transfer framework isn't adopted, and if they're unable to rely on SCCs or rely on any other alternative means of data transfer from Europe to the United States, then Facebook will be unable to offer a number of their most significant products and services, including Facebook and Instagram in Europe.

- About 22 percent of Meta's 28.8 billion dollars of revenue came from Europe.

- If nothing sufficient is agreed between either the EU and the US or European regulators and Meta, then Facebook will essentially be left with two options.

- Firstly, it could just leave the EU, which is what they're threatening to do.

- Secondly, some analysts have suggested that Facebook could become federated, storing most of its data on European users on servers in Europe and then only sending essential data to the US.

- Meta has so far expressed little enthusiasm for this federation idea.

- If EU and US regulators can't come to a new agreement, which looks entirely plausible given their fraught legal history, then we could see Facebook leaving the European continent in the near future.

- The dispute between Facebook and the EU centers on the transfer of personal data and the adequate level of protection for that data.

- Facebook's threat to pull out of Europe has significant implications for its business and European users.

- While there may be potential solutions, such as a federated approach, the future remains uncertain.

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2023 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

- Facebook advertising strategies that worked just a few months ago may not work today.

- The once-problematic Facebook lead ads are now highly effective, thanks to recent changes and secrets.

- This article will break down how to set up effective lead ads campaigns, tweak important settings, and structure new campaigns for success.

Facebook Lead Ads: The Secret to Effective Lead Generation

- Traditional lead generation strategies are overhyped and often ineffective.

- Quality leads are essential, and they must be combined with a conversion mechanism.

- High Level is a powerful software for generating quality leads and automating follow-up.

- The secret to generating effective leads is to focus on acquiring quality leads and having a conversion mechanism.

Tweaking Facebook Ad Campaigns for Success

- Advantage campaign budget (ACB) is a new version of campaign budget optimization (CBO) that sets the budget at the campaign level and allows Facebook to allocate it.

- Advantage placements is the default option for ad placements, but manual selection may produce better results.

- Optimize text person is a new feature that swaps around ad copy and may not be the best choice for new campaigns.

Setting Up and Launching a Brand New Campaign

- The three levels of a Facebook ad campaign are the campaign, the ad set, and the ads themselves.

- The audience and targeting of your ad is critical for generating quality leads.

- Testing different lengths of copy can help determine the best approach for your audience.

- Constantly adapting to changes in Facebook advertising is essential for success.

- The landscape of Facebook advertising is always changing, so strategies must adapt.

- Effective lead generation requires quality leads and a conversion mechanism.

- Tweak important settings and test different approaches to find what works best for your audience.

- Constantly adapt and evolve your approach to stay ahead of the curve in Facebook advertising.

Facebook & Instagram To STOP Functioning In Europe; Meta Threatens

In this video, Sunday discusses the threat made by Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, to stop functioning in European countries due to privacy laws and data collection regulations. The article discusses the impact of this threat on the social media users and the companies, as well as the ongoing negotiations between European and American governments regarding data sharing.

Main Points:

- Meta threatens to stop Facebook and Instagram in European Union countries due to privacy laws and data collection regulations.

- This threat is affecting Facebook's revenue and user base.

- European leaders are concerned about American government having access to European citizens' data through Facebook and other platforms.

- Negotiations between European and American governments are ongoing regarding data sharing.

- If Meta pulls out of European countries, social media users will lose access to Facebook and Instagram.

- European leaders have said they can live without Facebook and Instagram, but it will affect businesses and individuals who rely on these platforms for marketing and communication.

- The situation is still ongoing, and it is hoped that a resolution can be reached to allow Facebook and Instagram to continue functioning in European countries.

The threat made by Meta to stop Facebook and Instagram in European Union countries due to privacy laws and data collection regulations has raised concerns among social media users and businesses. The ongoing negotiations between European and American governments regarding data sharing will determine the future of these platforms in Europe. It is hoped that a resolution can be reached to allow Facebook and Instagram to continue functioning in European countries.

Facebook Ads Has a BIG PROBLEM Coming...

Facebook Faces Legal Trouble in EU Over User Privacy

Facebook, also known as Meta, has lost a landmark ruling from a governing body in Ireland that contributes towards shaping EU legislation. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties has written an open letter to the EU stating that Facebook is not complying with current EU laws when it comes to their users' privacy.

How Did This Come About?

Facebook is fighting on several different fronts, including a massive litigation suit in California. As that legal case progressed, thousands of documents had to be handed over to the authorities, and based on the content of those documents, the governing body in Ireland has written the letter to the EU.

The Issue:

The issue comes from a place of confusion as it was revealed in those documents that Meta engineers themselves do not actually understand how a lot of consumer data is currently being used. If this case doesn't go Meta's way, that could mean the end of really hyper-targeted ads on Facebook, including most importantly retail targeting on Facebook ads.

The Potential Impact:

Imagine a world in which every single user on Facebook will have to opt-in to being tracked in terms of their interests and things like that or even the potential for retargeting. We know from the iOS rollout that most people will ultimately opt-out of being tracked.

The Threats to Facebook:

Facebook has faced a lot of threats in a very short period of time. The iOS 14 tracking issue was a big deal for them, which really hurt their business. They have now got this potential issue on the table as well in terms of the EU and advertising in Europe. Finally, we also know that people are leaving Facebook; they are losing users over time. All of the Gen Z users are on TikTok, and they don't care about Facebook.

As a marketer or a business owner, it is advised to diversify. Facebook ads are not dead, but things could change quickly. If you haven't diversified and you've got all of your eggs in the Facebook basket, your business might suffer nearly as badly as Meta is at the moment.

EU Wants 10% Of Meta Platforms’s (FB) Revenue

- The EU is looking to fine Meta Platform up to $11.8 billion for anti-competitive charges.

- This is just the latest in a series of fines for tech companies, but the reasoning behind this one is questionable.

- This article will explore the details of the fine and its implications for Meta Platforms.

Details of the Fine:

- The EU has taken issue with Facebook Marketplace, Meta's online classified business.

- Facebook Marketplace has become dominant due to its integration with Facebook's existing messenger ecosystem.

- The EU believes that this integration gives Facebook Marketplace an unfair distribution advantage that competitors cannot match.

- However, this reasoning seems flawed as it is based on the fact that Facebook's service is better than competitors' services, which is not anti-competitive behavior.

Investing Implications:

- Regulatory scrutiny and fines are impossible to predict, making it challenging to invest confidently in businesses facing them.

- Businesses in industries or markets that are likely to face significant regulatory scrutiny may not be good investment opportunities.

- Investors can deal with the uncertainty of regulatory fines by subtracting a regular amount from future profit projections or by using a margin of safety.

- Meta Platforms faces significant uncertainty due to regulatory scrutiny and fines, making it a challenging investment opportunity.

- The EU's potential fine of Meta Platforms is based on questionable reasoning, as Facebook Marketplace's success is due to its better service rather than anti-competitive behavior.

- Regulatory scrutiny and fines are a significant challenge for investors, and it is essential to consider the risks before investing in businesses facing them.

- Sharesight is a comprehensive portfolio tracking tool that can help investors keep track of their investments and make tax time a breeze.

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