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meta threatens ads to facebook instagram

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Meta Threatens to Shut Down Facebook and Instagram in Europe: Why?

- Facebook and Instagram are popular social media platforms in Europe with over 427 million monthly active users recorded in Q4 of 2021.

- However, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) threatened to shut down these platforms across Europe due to data transfer concerns.

- In this video, we will uncover why Meta is making this threat and the implications it could have.

Why is Meta threatening to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe?

- Meta is under pressure to keep Europeans' data saved on servers located in a territory.

- In 2020, the European Court of Justice ruled that data stored in the US is not safe and that EU citizens had no effective way to challenge American government surveillance.

- European leaders are drawing up new legislations that will dictate how EU citizens' user data gets transferred across the Atlantic.

- Meta warned that if no new framework is adopted and the firm can no longer use the current model of agreements, it will be forced to leave the continent.

- Processing user data across borders is critical for business and ad targeting, according to Meta.

What are the implications of Meta's threat?

- European politicians have heeded Meta's warning, but they also emphasize that digital behemoths must recognize that the European continent will resist and exert its sovereignty.

- Meta added that it expects to negotiate a new agreement this year, but if it does not, it will likely be unable to offer a number of its most important products and services in Europe, including Facebook and Instagram.

- Meta stated that it had no plans to remove Facebook and Instagram from Europe, but the plain reality is that Meta relies on data transfers between the EU and the US to operate global services.

What caused the data transfer concerns?

- The problem stems from European data restrictions that banned Meta from transporting, storing, and processing Europeans' data on servers in the United States.

- Previously, Meta could have used the Privacy Shield data transfer framework as a legal basis for transatlantic data transfers, but the European Court of Justice concluded in July 2020 that the EU-US data transfer standard does not effectively protect European citizens' privacy.

- As a result, businesses have been forced to rely on Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs).

What are the ongoing discussions about transatlantic data flows?

- The EU and the US are working on a new or amended pact that is completely consistent with the EU court standards to provide the stability and legal certainty that the stakeholders expect.

- These conversations take time given the intricacy of the issues at hand and the necessity to find a balance between privacy and national security.

- Meta's threat to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe is due to data transfer concerns.

- European politicians are drawing up new legislations to dictate how EU citizens' user data gets transferred across the Atlantic.

- Meta relies on data transfers between the EU and the US to operate global services, and businesses need clear global rules to protect transatlantic data flows over the long term.

Facebook & Instagram To STOP Functioning In Europe; Meta Threatens

In this video, Sunday talks about how Facebook and Instagram may stop functioning in Europe due to privacy laws and the battle between European and American governments over data privacy. This threat is due to the fact that if Facebook has access to data, they can know everything about European citizens, which European leaders want to protect.

Here are some key points from the video:

- Meta, the new company name for Facebook's owner, is threatening to stop Facebook and Instagram in European countries like Italy, Germany, and France.

- Facebook has lost revenue and users due to the privacy law battle and is now threatening to pull out of Europe.

- European leaders have called out the bluff and say that life is good without Facebook.

- The negotiation between European and American leaders is ongoing, and if they don't come to a resolution, Facebook may pull out from Europe.

Overall, the video highlights the importance of data privacy and how it affects the functioning of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It also shows the impact that this battle has on the revenue and users of Facebook and how European leaders are willing to live without it.

Meta has threatened to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe

In episode 5 of Roger That, Mike and Roger discuss the recent downfall of Facebook's stock market and its impact on the digital world. They also discuss the threats posed by Facebook's withdrawal from the European Union and the importance of short videos in the current digital landscape.


- Facebook experienced its worst single-day loss in the stock market.

- Facebook had agreements with the European Union on data collection, but now threatens to withdraw from the EU.

- The EU has better protection of data than the US.

- Facebook and Instagram have 309 million daily active users in the EU.

- Short videos, such as those found on TikTok, are becoming more popular than longer videos.

- YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is owned by Google.


- Facebook's threat to withdraw from the EU may not be feasible due to the loss of millions of daily users and revenue.

- Short videos are becoming the preferred method of content consumption, leading Facebook to focus more on its short video offerings.

- YouTube is a valuable resource for finding answers to questions and learning new skills.

The downfall of Facebook's stock market and its potential withdrawal from the EU demonstrate the impact of data protection on businesses. The rise of short videos and the importance of YouTube in finding information highlights the need for businesses to adapt to changing trends and technology.

Are Facebook And Instagram LEAVING Europe? What you need to know

Facebook and Instagram may be leaving Europe due to privacy laws that protect citizens' data. The European Union has laws protecting citizens' privacy, while the US has laws guaranteeing surveillance. This disconnect led to a complaint filed by an Austrian privacy activist in 2013, which eventually led to a violation of the essence of citizens' fundamental right to privacy and access. Since then, agreements such as privacy shield and standard contractual clauses were made to get around European laws, but they were struck down by the EU court of justice over fears that citizens' data isn't safe once it's shipped to the US. If a new transatlantic data transfer framework is not adopted, Facebook and Instagram may have to shut down in Europe.

In my personal opinion, Facebook and Instagram will not leave Europe as they are too powerful. It's important for marketers to build up their own websites and email lists, as they can't control social media companies. It's uncertain how this situation will affect small businesses in Europe and marketers who use Facebook and Instagram.

Do you think Facebook and Instagram will leave Europe? How will this affect small businesses and marketers? Share your thoughts below.

Meta a.k.a Facebook is threatening to shut its platform Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp In Europe

Breaking News: Facebook Threatens to Shut Down Operations in Europe

Facebook, the popular social media platform, has threatened to shut down their operations in Europe. This decision is due to a new law passed by the European Union (EU) that limits data transfer between servers in the US and Europe. This article will provide an overview of the situation and discuss the potential impacts on businesses and users.


Currently, Facebook has an agreement with the EU that allows them to transfer data between servers located in the US and Europe. However, the EU has introduced a new law that requires data to be processed and stored locally within each region. This means that Facebook cannot transfer data internationally, which impacts their business model of selling user data to businesses looking for specific customers.

Facebook's Threat:

Facebook is warning that if they cannot transfer data internationally, they will shut down their operations in Europe. This would impact users' access to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp in the region. Facebook's revenue in 2021 was $118 billion, with $30 billion coming from Europe, representing 25% of their total revenue. Therefore, shutting down operations in Europe would significantly impact their profit margin.


The potential impacts of Facebook's decision to shut down their operations in Europe would be significant for businesses and users. For businesses, access to the European market would be limited, and they would not be able to use Facebook's advertising tools to target customers. For users, they would lose access to the popular social media platforms and messaging app.

Facebook's threat to shut down operations in Europe is a significant concern for businesses and users alike. While some believe it is a bluff, others believe it could happen, impacting the revenue of a trillion-dollar company. The situation is ongoing, and it remains to be seen what Facebook's next move will be.

Facebook THREATENS To Shutdown BOTH Facebook & Instagram

Facebook Threatens to Shut Down in Response to New Data Contracts

In a bizarre statement, Facebook has threatened to shut down both Facebook and Instagram in response to new data limits or data contracts in several countries around the world. Interestingly, the Facebook stock plummeted, losing 200 billion dollars in market cap in a single day after last week's report that for the very first time in history, their usership grew in reverse.

Why Facebook is Important:

Facebook is an absolutely massive platform, with around 1-2 billion users. It's why the government wants to control it so much, and similar reasons why they are after Joe Rogan. Facebook dared to allow even the tiniest bit of free speech, and it resulted in them deleting my Quartering page, even though I didn't violate any terms of service.

Meta Threatens to Pull the Plug on Facebook and Instagram:

Europeans who love posting to Facebook and Instagram could soon be left in the cold, as Meta threatens to pull the plug on its popular social media programs, no matter the cost. Data privacy issues with the EU are compounding headaches for the company, which has been the subject of one governance scandal after another.

Potential Shut Down:

In a 10K annual filing with the US SEC, the company warned investors that failure in the US and EU to reach new agreements on data transfers could result in Meta deciding to shut down its core operations in the union region. If a new transatlantic data transfer framework is not adopted and they are unable to continue to rely on alternative means of data transfer from Europe to the United States, they will likely be unable to offer a number of their most significant products and services.

Possible Solution:

The US government and EU commission have been trying to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution in the two years since, with the US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo expressing confidence recently that the deal would be struck.

Facebook is an incredibly powerful platform, with billions of users. The potential shut down of the platform would be a significant event and would impact many people worldwide. While there is hope for a solution to be found, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Facebook and Instagram.

The EU Could Destroy Meta, Threatens to SHUT DOWN Facebook and Instagram

Meta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is facing the threat of disabling these platforms for users in the European Union due to data privacy disputes with the EU government. This is because there are stricter data privacy and protection laws in the EU compared to the United States.

Key Points:

- Meta's profits come from collecting user data and targeted advertising, which is their main source of income.

- The EU has restrictions on what data Facebook can collect and how they can collect it, making it more difficult for Meta to profit from EU citizens.

- The European Union Court struck down the existing data transfer agreement between the US and the EU in July 2021, making it more challenging for data collection companies to move user data into US servers.

- Facebook wants to avoid the burden of following EU data regulations, which would cost more than they would make.

- Meta's stock price has dropped, making them want to shift their profit model from targeted advertising to taking over the metaverse.

- Removing Facebook from the EU, even for a month, is an opportunity for new companies to arise.

The EU's strict data privacy and protection laws have made it difficult for companies like Meta to profit from EU citizens. While some users may still rely on Facebook, removing the platform from the EU could be an opportunity for new companies to arise. It remains to be seen how the EU and Meta will resolve their data privacy disputes.

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