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meta threatens can ads to pull

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

META: We'll Block ALL News From Facebook If Congress Passes This Bill

meta which of course is the parent,company of Facebook is threatening to,block all news content from its platform,should legislation that was introduced,by senator Amy Klobuchar pass through,the so-called defense authorization act,it's legislation that she's tacking on,to what's referred to as a must-pass,bill which always passes with no problem,in uh Congress now the bill in question,is known as the journalism competition,and preservation act which sounds real,good okay also known as the jcpa now,what is the legislation and why are,groups like The Electronic Frontier,Foundation and the ACLU against it let,me give you the details first and then,I'll discuss now the legislation,introduced by Senator Klobuchar and,backed by more than a dozen other,lawmakers from both parties would create,a four-year exemption under U.S,Anti-Trust law already that doesn't,sound good allowing news outlets to,bargain collectively against social,media platforms for a larger share of AD,Revenue in exchange for their news,content it is one of several,tik-focused Anti-Trust Bills currently,pending on Capitol Hill so understand,what's happening here okay it is,essentially a piece of legislation that,makes an exemption,for uh media companies seeking to join,together to fight for a larger share of,revenue from these platforms including,Facebook now on its face that doesn't,sound like such a bad idea except it's,literally saying well in this case media,Monopoly is okay now more on that in,just a minute but let me give you some,more detail on the legislation on its,face and how meta has responded to it,now Andy Stone who's a spokesperson for,meta says if Congress passes an,ill-considered journalism bill as part,of National Security legislation we will,be forced to consider removing news from,our platform all together rather than,submit to government mandated,negotiations that unfairly disregard any,value we provide to news outlets through,increased traffic and subscriptions the,journalism competition and preservation,act fails to recognize the key fact,Publishers and broadcasters put their,content on our platform themselves bulbs,because it benefits their bottom line,not the other way around that part I,disagree with they definitely benefit,from it as well I mean we're toking,about ad Revenue they take a piece of,that ad Revenue don't they uh Facebook,does certainly yes yeah so they would,want to drive up ad Revenue as much as,possible how they share it with news,outlets is a different question yes I I,again there's another story of strong,opinions so so let me give you all the,details though because again this is one,of those stories it's a piece of,legislation that uses the right language,right collective bargaining that sounds,real good you want collective bargaining,it it pretends to look out for the,little guy meaning uh Independent Media,or local news outlets but it completely,ignores the fact by the way that much of,the media today in especially local news,falls under giant corporate,conglomerates okay totally ignores that,so in reality what's happening behind,the scenes with this legislation is,trying to give a powerful news organs,organizations and media conglomerates a,leg up when it comes to advertising,dollars on these platforms more on this,so um the strategy to get this pass was,a pretty smart one as I mentioned,earlier they're planning on tacking it,onto a bill that usually passes with no,problem whatsoever fight for the future,a digital rights organization told,reporters that multiple sources had said,a push to include the jcpa in the annual,defense bill was successful and that the,National Defense authorization act,included the jcpa's language now let me,let me understand this if this is such a,wonderful bipartisan piece of,legislation that's really protecting,journalism and Free Speech in America,freedom of the press in America why do,they need to attach it to the defense,National Defense authorization act so,that's a red flag in and of itself 100,okay but I got more Jake you've got to,let me explain it in full because it's,so easy to get tricked by this bill the,bill has also attracted critikism for,more than 2 two dozen Civil Society,groups that are often at odds with big,tik on policy matters in a letter,Monday to Congressional leaders those,groups said the jcpa could make Miss and,disinformation worse by allowing news,websites to sue tik platforms for,reducing a story's reach and,intimidating them into not moderating,offensive or misleading content and by,the way those groups include the ACLU,the Electronic Frontier Foundation the,Wikimedia foundation and also public,knowledge and in a letter the letter,also said the jcpa could end up,disproportionately favoring large media,companies over the small local and,independent Outlets that have been hit,by the hardest or that have been hit the,hardest by Falling digital ad revenues,so I'm going to give you some statements,from the Electronic Frontier Foundation,I think they did a great job explaining,why they're against this piece of,legislation before I do though Jank tell,me why you have strong opinions against,it okay so first of all I'm going to,State our bias as a company we've got,bias on both ends we actually will,probably fall into the category of the,new companies that could form a,conglomeration uh but we also make a,good amount of our revenue from Facebook,so that means that we don't want news to,be taken off of Facebook we're bias in,both directions we're always open and,transparent about how we report that,okay now here's my real opinions so uh,number one I I just have a philosophical,problem with this and you could even,call it a conservative position,economically the price fixing yeah you,can't this is the gov government's,supposed to protect you guys okay so if,a government intervenes with a company,and say Hey you can do this and you,cannot do this you can't pollute you can,price gouge Etc that's one thing and and,and what its Mains job is right when it,gets between two companies well all it's,doing is politikal capture whichever uh,set of companies gave more money to the,politikians I have the advantage and in,this case by the way the number one set,of companies that helped determine who,wins politikal office are local news,companies those are the ones that run,the not just the ads but the news,stories that make the biggest difference,in their election and re-election,campaigns so here they're saying no,we're going to let one set of companies,set the price or help to set the price,for another company completely why why,are you guys getting involved if those,companies don't want to do a deal with,Facebook because Facebook didn't set the,right rates then they don't do a deal,that's called life in the big city they,go find a different platform they form,their own platform they do whatever but,saying hey I don't like the price you're,giving me I'm going to get the,government to get me a higher price,it doesn't make any sense at all right,and then when you uh and then there was,something weird about this where it was,like the New York Times Washington Post,Etc yeah weren't fully behind it though,I could sense it it was like I'm like,why didn't they tok about this over and,over again normally they love beating up,on digital media so buyer beware,whenever you see a story about digital,media and it's Horrors sometimes it's,absolutely true but a lot of times it's,bigger media oh traditional media going,uh digital media they're so dangerous,they're terrible we're awesome right but,in this case the reason why New York,Times and CNN aren't howling is it,excludes bigger companies well yeah so,okay so that's an important point to,touch on okay so the original language,of the legislation as Amy Klobuchar Put,It Forward did not have restrictions in,regard to the size of the media company,so there was some backlash in that,regard because you don't want this to,turn into legislation and that actually,crushes small

Data Brokers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

moving on our main story tonight,concerns computers there's one in my,house one in my pocket and one on my,wrist and fun fact if they all broke at,the same time i die,more specifically we're going to tok,about the fact that we've all had,unsettling moments when it became clear,that our computer was monitoring our,activities a little more closely than we,might like after financial planner rod,lawrence opened a new office he used a,credit card to buy baby wipes to clean,the place he says after picking up just,one canister he was shocked to be,bombarded with targeted online ads for,other baby wipes and more children's,products something this single guy,around town says he's definitely not,interested in at least not now,yeah it's true poor rod got roped into,the modern update of hemingway's classic,story for sale baby shoes click here and,look of course rod didn't want that,he was a man about town he was only,interested in three things getting laid,getting paid and rocking the hell out of,some wrap around shades,but we have all found ourselves being,targeted by ads for something oddly,specific and thought how on earth did,they know to show me that and tonight,we're going to tok about who makes that,possible data brokers it's a,multi-billion dollar industry,encompassing everyone from credit,reporting companies to these weird,people finding websites that pop up,whenever you google the name of your,friends sketchy new boyfriend to these,names that you may never have heard of,but what all these companies have in,common is they collect your personal,information and then resell or share it,with others as one expert puts it,they're the middlemen of surveillance,capitalism which sounds like both a,horrific profession and also a b-plus,jake gyllenhaal thriller he's not a spy,and he's not a civilian he's the middle,man and ladies in this one he shows,trunk and look,i know it is not news that you get,tracked online in fact roughly six in,ten u.s adults say that they don't think,it is possible to go through daily life,without having data collected about them,by companies or the government making,four out of ten us adults embarrassingly,wrong but this this isn't just about the,convenience and or irritation of,targeted ads data brokers operate in a,sprawling unregulated ecosystem which,can get very creepy very fast,the major u.s retailer officemax knew,not only that mike say's daughter was,dead but how she died it says mike say,daughter killed in car crash,or current business and this is my home,why would they have that kind of,information why would they need that,right and obviously that is completely,appalling but i will say it is not that,surprising to me that officemax was,behind that as they're clearly not,entirely on top of their if you,google officemax right now the people,also ask questions include and this is,true is officemax the same as office,depot,is office max and staples the same and,does officemax exist,the truth is when it comes to data,brokers they know significantly more,about you than you might like and do,significantly more with it than you,might think so tonight let's tok about,the whole industry and let's start with,how your information is collected,basically every time you interact with,society you are leaving little,breadcrumbs that can be gathered,together and sold and much of this,happens online thanks in large part to,cookies cookies were developed in the,early days of the internet and they're,actually one of the things that make it,slightly better a distinction that they,share with henry winkler's twitter feed,and literally nothing else,what they essentially do is enable,websites to remember you they are why,amazon remembers that you put a 106,complete box set of the mentalist in,your cart after eating an unexpectedly,strong weed gummy even if you don't,and if that's all cookies did it'd,honestly be fine but the practike,gradually evolved to invol to include,third-party cookies basically companies,other than the site that you are on,planting a piece of code in your browser,that allows them to track where else you,are going on the internet just watch as,a tik writer explains what they found,when they tried to learn just how many,companies were tracking them,so i started the day on google and did a,search and nine trackers were downloaded,onto my computer trackers do what it,sounds like they do they track you they,can get my ip address or the device i'm,using or the screen size they,were able to determine my location very,precisely next i went to huffpo and i,was swarmed the the trackers kind of,multiplied there were dozens and dozens,and they're just the trackers are just,kind of you know on my heels as i go,around the web yeah and i don't know,about you but i don't want a whole crowd,of strangers watching what i search for,on the internet not because it's gross,because it's private private doesn't,have to mean gross there's nothing gross,about looking up let's say are there any,shower heads with a contains pulp option,i wouldn't want it all the time i,wouldn't need it all the time that's why,it's an option the option to have some,pulp in the shower,it's can i finish,it's a normal shower most of the time,but occasionally i'll have the option to,get pelted with something that's got,some heft to it,just some weighted chunks of whatever,swamp for one flop something to wake me,up and keep me on my toes sometimes i,need it don't claim that you don't we'd,all love to pretend that the sun only,rises in peace time but things being,what they are we find ourselves again at,war so yeah start my day and rock me,with some juicy bits that's what i want,and i don't want anyone watching me when,i search to see how close we are to that,partikular tiknology existing because,it is private,but data brokers often take all the,breadcrumbs that they have gathered,about you pair them with other data they,can obtain and then share all of it with,businesses who want to market to you and,they will frame this as a win-win here,is how epsilon one of the biggest data,broker firms positions itself,this is a person,so is this,here's another,and another they all look and act,different but people are fundamentally,the same,they all want respect protection and an,easier time getting the things they need,from brands,right the big three,it's all in maslow's famous hierarchy of,needs people want their physiological,needs met their safety accounted for and,their search history handed over,directly to the aflac duck,epsilon's ad even goes on to show how,that partikular service of theirs works,demonstrating how they can create a,client id for someone that contains,everything they know about them like the,fact they're a vegan and that they make,45 to 50 000 a year or that they are a,41 year old male who is married with,kids at home and is googling snow globe,stuck in but what to do question mark,and once companies like epsilon collect,enough information about you they can,sort you into groups data broker firms,sell access to lists with names like,couples with clout ambitious singles,boomers and boomerangs potlucks and the,great outdoors golf carts and gourmets,and kids and cabernet those are all both,real names of groups compiled by a data,broker and as of now immediately,greenlit shows on tlc,and look you might not care if a company,wants to toss your data in a group,called kids and cabernet so marketers,can more effectively sell you things,that make you seem like a bad mom in a,fun way but,there is also a dark side here because,some companies can and do draw up even,more narrowly targeted lists like people,with certain ailments or sexual,preferences and then sell those lists to,anyone who wants to buy them and what,they can buy is pretty troubling,wreal bought thousands of names and,addresses of local people with serious,illnesses this group living in the 27607,zip code have diabetes these people in,27608,have cancer these residents of 27609,have high blood pressure and all of,

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"You're Lucky He Hasn't Fired Your Ass" | Salud | Breaking Bad

[Music],where's the phenol acetik acid point,five water when stole acid or fennel,ascetikal mismos todos los ingredientes,estar aqui they synthesize the wrong,problema,el Senor Pinkman pensaba que las IDO,venomous ethical just are here,synthetik sorrow para para llegar duster,understood the under the second on you,the key me capo de ser lo he classy the,aficionado nostril edom was she saying,we're working it out assessed radicular,voy a permitir kamoko so he nice akira,puede simply desire acid or phenol,acetik Oh missile min ago so I tell this,ass off he wants to learn how to make my,product he's got to do it my way the,right way,I speak English so you understand what,[ __ ] means now go get me my NASA,[ __ ] how long is it gonna take you to,get him what do you need,I don't know I have no idea several,hours at least I can weigh gives us time,to tok about the state of this lab,don't you have standards I mean this,place is disgusting all right we're,gonna scour every vats every tank every,cook surface and then we're gonna clean,up every possible source of,contamination and only then we cook,comprende who do you think I'm the guy,your boss brought here to show you how,it's done and if this is how you run,your lab no wonder you're lucky he,hasn't fired your ass now if you don't,want that to happen I suggest you stop,whining like a little [ __ ] and do what,I say,[Music]

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Threat Level Midnight - Full Movie (EXCLUSIVE) - The Office US

I got a delivery for you,leave it at reception I'm supposed to,deliver this one in person,[Music],[Music],clean-up on aisle five,[Music],Master Scarn master Schoen let me dream,[Music],Lila it's the president,he needs you for a mission tell him I'm,retired,it's goldenface the man who killed don't,say her name,oh the face,this makes this personal,Scarn you're right on time what's the,situation president Jackson it's your,old enemy goldenface as you're aware,gonna face tried to blow up the NFL,all-star game the baseball all-star game,and the NBA all-star game you stopped,him every time mm-hmm,then you took one day off to run a 20k,with your friend Robin Williams one day,off that was the day of the WNBA,all-star game we all know what happened,then my wife was in that game now he's,after the NHL all-star game he's hidden,a bomb somewhere in the stadium scarred,this one was personal for me I own the,stadium I can't see it blown up it's my,retirement plan we have to search the,stadium not so fast,Golda face has taken all of the,concession stand workers hostage we go,in he kills the hostages why not just,cancel the game cost them too much money,to cancel the game money it's always,about money isn't it if I ever owned a,business I'm not even gonna care about,money,skarner will you find these hostages and,save the game no I don't think it's,important enough just out of curiosity,what threat level is this I can't,sugarcoat this we're at threat level,midnight heads I do it tails I don't,best out of 7,it's,-,[Music],looks like there's gonna be a clean-up,on aisle five well the hostages were,scared don't you guys get it nobody's,coming for us,Oh someone's coming all right the only,man who would care Michael Scarn,why are you doing this golden face why,because I have unfinished business with,Scarn and you're my trap see I'm gonna,lure him here then I'm gonna kill,everybody then I'm gonna dig up scars,dead wife and I'm gonna hump her real,good right now I'm gonna go do some,drugs so don't try anything we need to,choose a leader someone who's tough,enough to take on golden face I could be,the leader what makes you so tough I,have experience as a leader a negotiator,a general and a cop in other words I'm a,mom,we'll be Sandra,but it doesn't matter whose leader it's,every man for themselves down here and,there is only one way out and it is,through that door those drugs really hit,the spot so you guys chosen a leader yet,no well the all-star game was three days,away so naturally it was all sold out,the only waste gone was getting man was,in a uniform just one problem with that,skon didn't know a hockey stik from a,slim jim so he went to meet with the,Fame trainer Cherokee Jack mopped the,ice I'm not here to learn how to mop I'm,here to learn how to play hockey mop it,what is the point of this mop the ice,[Applause],[Music],now take this what do I do with this,[Music],well my facepalm was quickly becoming,one of our hottest hockey players in the,country now as you all know each year,the National Hockey League,accepts one civilian amateur to play in,the all-star game it's down to the three,of you the final test is speed skating,on your marks get set die,[Music],[Music],nice try goldenface except you forgot,one thing to kill me I wasn't trying to,kill you I was trying to slow you down,no oh by the way yeah how's your wife,doing you're not going to be all-star,game saves all the hostages Katherine,don't die on me how's your wife doing,[Music],congratulations,hey you came in second not that either,time for so sorry I have to do this I'm,sorry,[Music],No,well old Michael Scarn made the team all,right but the celebration didn't last,long as he still had to find them dang,hostages I'm intercepting a name jasmine,Windsong she works for golden face but,what I can't figure out is who is the,funky cat not who what the funky cat as,a hippest jazz club in town I'm,surprised you haven't heard of that,jazmine Windsong I'm a man,oh they call me Jasmine winsome bingo,[Music],beat it turd thanks mister well well,well so you are Jasmine Windsong sorry I,don't sign autographs,I don't need your autograph I already,have Nora Dunn's autograph Jack Kemp's,autograph and Jerome Bettis his,autograph that's not a bad collection,I'm looking for some people I don't know,about any hostages who said that they,were hostages stranger I don't know what,you're toking about,Michael knew that the only way to get,Jasmine to tell him where the hostages,were was to make her fall in love with,him and the only way to do that was to,be himself well maybe I should tell you,a little bit about me I love Billy Joel,songs and I love fish sandwiches and I,love babies,of puppies that I actually like to think,of puppies as baby dogs I don't know,maybe that's a little weird part Bruce,Wayne part Bruce Willis and part Bruce,Vilanch just stik around from I said I,think you'll find it very hello everyone,I'm afraid this might be my last,performance this one goes out to anyone,who has been held hostage,I love me is sue not see you shot a you,knew it sooner see you hostages are,[Music],check please you have to let us go go on,the face we have families I don't care,about families I care about business and,this is gonna show them that I mean,business,see ya car sorry about your friends,Scarn the joke's on you golden face,that man was a wanted animal rapist,we've searched the whole building golden,face where is the bomb hmm we've,searched the whole building golden face,where is the bomb hmm we've searched,okay he said we've searched the whole,building golden face now where is the,bomb so you search the whole stadium hmm,but you didn't think to look in the puck,in the pod why are you telling me this,because I'm going to kill you unless you,make a deal I'll release these hostages,and defuse that bomb all you have to do,is forgive me for murdering your wife,[Music],hey golden face yeah go [ __ ] yourself,[Music],more Tylenol you've already had four,you're lucky to be alive that bullet,went through every major organ in your,body your brain your lungs your heart,your back you both it'll take a lot more,than a bullet to the brain lungs heart,back and balls take home Michael cigar,yeah let's just make sure that,everything's working properly,[Music],well you can probably guess what,happened next well Michael went to meet,the president to tell them the exciting,news so let me get this straight you,just said the bomb is in the puck yes is,that where you hid the bomb goldenface,[Music],but why would you blow up the stadium,you own the stadium for the insurance,money,I knew it all along you will never get,away with this who do you think the,people will believe the President of the,United States for this man,No,no it wasn't like that at all,now's your chance go tok to : face see,what you can do okay,hey golden face can I ask you a question,I mean since we're all gonna die here,anyway why is your face gold why do you,care I'm just making conversation I,worked in a gold factory we had a boss,who only cared about money he wouldn't,give us lunch break so we had to eat the,cold and then one day I looked in the,mirror and well I guess you are what you,eat golden face that is so sad well I,just thought if I could blow up all the,all-star games all the trophies would,explode all over the place and then,everyone would be gold just like me,please let us go golden face so sad,[Music],where had I gone wrong all I wanted was,to start a family with my beautiful wife,but somewhere along the way things got,messed up it wasn't easy for Scarn to,admit that he lost the self-confidence,and he hadn't of course he just wasn't,using it right now hear me Billy,you got it hey Mike you don't look so,good what's got you down I got problems,billing big problems you got problems my,TV don't work I paid 30 bucks a month,for a damn satellite what's the who's,that can't even get the damn game hey,you tell me what's worse than that don't,ever change Billy goldenface is goi

'You know who I am?': Congressional candidate Martin Hyde threatens cop's career during traffic stop

hey how are you doing are you doing,sarah i'm sebastian sarasota police,department you're on audio and video,recording the reason for the stop you,were observed going 57 and a 40 and you,were on your phone texting while you,were doing that,that was at euclid and fruitville,i'm not pointing at you i'm pointing in,the direction where it was just,go right ahead sir can i see you like,that,yes sir i do can i see your license,registration insurance please you can do,this,yes sir,i'm sorry,i still have a job to do sir yeah,what's your name sebastian it's going to,be on the citation can i see your,insurance registration and your license,can i see your registration please,you're not going to give me a,registration sir can,i'm asking you if you're going to,produce me with your registration,you want to have it on you,no,go,tell him how good he has been,playing this video,[Music],um i'm asking you if you have your,registration you're making career,decisions how are you doing,sorry because you were speeding and you,were texting,all right,hang tight,call the supervisor,sir you're going to be a citation,you can wait for the supervisor but i'm,going to go through what i need to go,through,are you are going to be you should,assist the registration,well you've been already issued a,citation for that,for fail to produce your registration,all right sure are you going to,you're going to be able to citation 57,and a 40 for speeding your finance 256,information in the back you're going to,have an option,an option to plead not guilty and an,option to take a safe drivers course if,you qualify for the course it will,reduce your fine,and it will reduce your points if you,decide to go ahead and do that just make,sure you do a practike submission,you know what he said about you,you want to hear what he said he could,say all he wants about me i got a job to,do sir you know what you said about him,if he fails completely,okay,and he's gonna have you again,and that's fine it's not five people,saying it's fine sir i'm a law-abiding,citizen and you've been bloody,you decide to go ahead and do the course,just make sure you do a private,submission of payment as they do you,require a certificate of completion if,you sign up for it you must complete it,otherwise they will go ahead and suspend,your license you are going to be assured,a citation for texting and driving,okay,you're going to be assured of citation,texting and driving your phone is 116,information in the back you're going to,have an option to quick guilty and,option to plead not guilty you are going,to be issued a citation for failure to,provide your registration upon request,you find us 116 information back,guilty,green papers,when my supervisor comes i'll wait for,him with you if you like me too your,citations over here,i will wait i will wait but i will wait,on my card there you go,you have the bad,sir step back into your car or stand on,the sidewalk so you don't get hit by a,vehicle it's for your safety,right here can i have another universe,spawn,time for the driver being extremely,cooperative,yes,i can't he won't let me leave until a,supervisor shows up,martin hyde,i just gave him three tikets,yes,but,speeding 57 and a 40 text in while,driving and failing to produce his,registration because he told me i could,look it up,and he's going to have my job,everything is on camera,are you still waiting for a supervisor,or are you leaving,he's coming there okay very good by the,way,i'm sorry,okay i'm on my way over there,you know pat robertson yes i do sir,because i have a job to do sir nobody's,above the law no one's above the law you,have to have some degree of respect,that degree of respect started the,moment i walked up to your car sir,you knew exactly what you were doing,if that is your feeling you are more,than welcome to fight the citations in,court,i'll fight your employer,okay,you're more than,you know you're an influential person,you are very you can go ahead and do,that yes i can,okay why don't you say you're sorry,because i did nothing wrong sir i was,doing my job but i am going to ask you,either to sit in your car or step on the,sidewalk because i don't want either one,of us getting hit,okay,sir i have nothing more to say to you,sir you're requesting my supervisor you,can have the conversation with them now,sarge frangione is on his way okay,speeding 57 and a 40.,uh texting him all driving failure to,produce his registration when i asked he,told me i could look it up,okay you know who he is,yes,okay so you're just gonna stay by this,item or,is that what he already got cited oh he,has already yeah,so he just,from the moment i walked up,so he's just waiting for he's waiting,for supervisor and i guess he spoke to,friend gionee so francione is on his way,father just pulled up okay,hello,mr hyde,i guess fringe you start you toked to,sergeant francione by the phone i did,yeah okay he's on his way,she just she requested another unit,so,that's why another,certificate,she's trying to make her spurs but it's,a big mistake,well this one is the expired one but,that's not making it take two seconds,yeah we're going to make sure that she,pays the price for being disrespectful,i just want you to witness it know that,yeah the registration was right there,and she deliberately chose to write the,tiket she came up she said the first,reason look there's a video of it so be,quiet there's a video of what you said,there is and i've got a video of what,you said right what she said was i said,i,don't have it she immediately i write,your citation she went right back she,never said anything she went straight,back she i denied the so she's straight,back write this up,i've lived here for 25 years,i've represented your union i've got no,interest in listening to you young lady,with,everybody in the police department this,is the first time anybody has been,disrespectful to me,and for what reason,i could care less if they would invite,me a tiket i could care less i just pay,the bloody thing you don't think i got,the money,it's the manner and the nature of it,okay,and like i said sergeant van giani will,be over here to tok to you about,her uh interaction,why would you do that,why,i mean of all the people to do it too,yeah i understand sir and,you know i set you,you know i i've been with,the uh negotiations with you and i,understand where you're coming from i,don't ask for special treatment but i,don't expect to get treated like a punk,let me go tok to her and see well it's,a waste of time she's got it in her head,i know exactly who she is grandioni told,me exactly who she is that's fine,seven years might not turn into weight,you need to go back to the station and,dock my,camera no,uh he'll review it if he needs to review,it he's done sarge was already calling,me to do that,he just didn't know that this is who he,was,so but i couldn't leave until somebody,was here so just let me know what you,need to do um,is sergeant frangione coming on his way,here yes he is yes,i just wait for him to get here and then,uh well let me give him a call real,quick because that might that might help,matters,no,no,proceed to the root,stay in your car,you can go to the state yup go to,station,hey martin,yeah i have to leave it on,all right so here's the thing,she lied,about the cell phone thing,she lied about the i don't know the,speed i could care less you can give me,the tiket all day long,and then i gave her the registration and,she before she's registration,it's in the car there somewhere she goes,off she writes me tikets she brings me,back a citation i said there it is okay,she still gives me okay,all right,she's being fun,and the thing is i appreciate that,i back you guys left right i understand,that i do i do i trust me i don't know,that don't expect,better treatment but i don't expect,worse treatment if that's how you treat,people,that's unacceptable okay,i understand i understand the,frustration and i can get the video and,i can play it,well she's a traffic off

I Asked Bill Gates What's The Next Crisis?

看到自己当年的预测被所有人毫不在意的当作耳旁风,心里是个什么滋味?,我看到危机如我预言的那样爆发时,心里当然是非常难过的。,假设在未来几十年里有什么能消灭超过一千万人口的灾难,,那有高度传染性的病毒比起战争更有可能。,我现在回想起来,只恨自己的演讲不够有说服力。,我们对于防疫系统的投入真的太少了,我们根本没有准备好应对下次流行性疾病,你是怎么做出这么有先见之明的预测的?,你怎么知道这种事情会发生呢?,通过呼吸道传染的病毒数不胜数,时不时就会出现一种传染性很强、造成不少人丧生的呼吸道病毒,呼吸道病毒非常可怕,因为患者往往在患病时还在搭乘公共交通,,而反观其它类型的疾病,比如埃博拉病毒,,等病人能够传播病毒的时候,一般就已经躺医院病床上了,最近 借盖茨基金会年度公开信发布的机会,我有幸采访了比尔·盖茨,我会把公开信链接放在简介里面,我们讨论了不少东西,包括阴谋论和误导,不过 关于这次疫情 我想知道一点,如果有许多人能可以预知到这次的展开 ,并且防疫的花费相对比较小,为什么我们当时不多做防备呢,有些危机,比如说地震,几乎随时都会发生。,又比如战争、火灾、飓风的历史记录,因此我们不会忘记它们的可怕。,但传染病的发生是毫无规律的 以至于人们产生了虚假的安全感,人们假想近几年“大概”不会爆发传染病,那还投钱干什么呢,于是大家都不怎么买预防政策的账了。,这次疫情可以让人们明白,预防胜于治疗。,我感觉 当今的人们讨论起未来会认为这是最后一战,,我想说,如果我们想在关注疫情,这可能是以后几世纪都不会发生的了,,下一个我们不足以应对的灾难是什么?,我想说两点,其一是气候变化,每年死于气候变化的人数其实都多于这次疫情的死亡人数,其二跟传染病有关 很多人如今不愿谈及这个,生物恐怖主义,想破坏社会秩序的人可能有能力制造病毒,这意味着人造病毒爆发的可能性和危害,,要更甚于像这次这样自然形成的流行病毒,我感觉传染病跟气候变化、小行星撞地有点共同之处,它们都是那种我们没有什么办法,但是又能做出一些改变的类型,我不知道,但是感觉人类不擅长处理这类问题,唔 我喜欢的作家 Václav Smil 写过各种潜在的灾难,比如小行星撞击,黄石公园的火山大爆发,而他展示给我们的是,传染病很明显是,除了核战争以外最严重,我们最应该做足准备的灾难,那我们应该改变哪些东西,才能让我们更好的应对下一次疫情?,有没有可能让“新冠”成为最后一次全球性的传染病?,好吧,以后一定会有更多的流行性疾病,人类与其他物种的互动,会让病毒的传播跨越物种间的藩篱,病毒可能会来源于蝙蝠、猴子……,但你不觉得只要我们的准备工作足够完备,,就能阻止新生的传染病在全球范围爆发吗?,我们可以做更充份的准备来避免再次出现这次这么高的死亡数,毕竟还可能出现致命性更高的疾病,比如天花的死亡率超过30%,所以不幸中的万幸是新冠病毒的死亡率并不是非常高。,但我们可以将其扼杀在萌芽状态,病毒还是会传播到许多国家,但在合理的医疗系统下,死亡人数应该只有目前的 1/10,你理想的医疗系统是,,那种能把病毒扼杀在萌芽状态的?,那么我们目前还有哪些不足的地方,是未来应该进一步加强的?,我认为应该分成临床和研发这两个部分,对于研发方面,我们需要尽快让 mRNA 疫苗技术成熟 才能更快地制造疫苗,并在世界范围开设医药工厂,让疫苗更便宜、更耐热,还有很多可以使用的疗法,包括抗体,在诊断时,我们得拥有每天进行一千万次核酸检测的能力,至于临床方面,我们需要在世界各地准备大量的诊疗仪器,我们需要一支由流行病学家组成的团队,因此,研究、临床两个领域的投资同等重要,并且研究部门与临床部门之间要不停的交流数据,我感觉有个“元问题”凌驾于这所有问题之上,也就是人们如何将信息和现实生活联系起来,分辨信息的真假,找出可信的信息,我要说的是,在我小时候,信息时代刚刚开始,那时看起来互联网之类的工具,将会让获取真实的信息更加容易,带来一个建立在事实真相上的世界。,但现在看起来并不是那样的,不知道你是否有类似的看法,比如互联网能为我们做什么,以及我也想知道你对互联网的现状有什么想法,,以及我们应该怎么做来应对这种情况?,互联网起到的伟大作用在于——如果你想学习的话——,比如那些看你节目的朋友——能够有机会去理解科学和了解时事,这在以往是做不到的,因此很多人都获得了远超以往的信息,比如我的一些朋友问起我最近的病毒变种时,我会被他们了解最新资讯的速度所震惊,当今时代对想要了解事实的人来说是个黄金时代,但是我们往往关注的是负面的部分,比如阴谋论,假新闻等等。,又因为社交媒体是很新兴的事物,要弄清楚怎么遏制这些东西,给它们打上标签,限制它们的传播速度,我们不知道如何阻止这种可怕的现象:,反疫苗运动会阻碍大众接种疫苗的进程,使得疫情的传播无法停止 让成千上万人付出生命的代价,这感觉像是 你试图与美国伟大的言论自由背道而驰,我觉得你提出的有个观点很好,过去的问题是信息太匮乏 我们难以接触到,而当今的问题则是信息太多太杂,我们必须得辨别真伪,有些消息不言自明,比如关于疫苗的完全虚假的信息,但是(在完全正确/完全错误之间)还存在着一个灰色地带:,辨明规则 并划定解释规则的人,我们当今尤为缺乏这一点,你希望能有个专家组来权衡这些问题,你期盼专家们能投入其专业知识与能力 而非从中渔利,我希望过几年 我们能以更加成熟的态度来讨论,这条线应该怎么划定,很久以前 我在我的第二频道 2veritasium 上发了个视频《坚持原则》,这个视频是我当年关于回击谣言的想法,我觉得我们绝不能把社会上的谣言视而不见,我们还应该竭尽所能地打击谣言,所以你不应该讨好所有人,因为总有些人一肚子坏水,你应该坚决抵制这些人,这曾经是我的想法 但自那个视频发布后,我的观点似乎软化了一些,现如今 我觉得社会回击谣言的机制有点像免疫系统,免疫系统太弱 完全不产生应答的话 当然会出现问题,但免疫系统太强也会成为问题,在1918年大流感的死亡人群的年龄分布中,有个数据值得注意,小孩、老人的死亡率更高 明显是因为免疫系统弱,但25-35岁人群的死亡率也出现了峰值,因为这部分人群的免疫系统太强了,免疫系统过度活跃 导致这部分人的死亡率增加,我感觉我们回击谣言的力度也应该有个平衡点,你从来没见我视频谈及“地平说”的信众,因为我认为这是没意义的,做个讲“地平说”的视频只会巩固他们的世界观,他们根本不会开窍,这类似我这几天将“谣言”这个概念给具象化了,也有点像我们的“免疫系统”必须有针对性,因此我想关于“谣言”更深入地,我展示了我在推特上看到的一条推文,推文大体上说的是牛津疫苗的研发,牛津大学本来想开源疫苗的版权 ,但是“比尔及梅琳达·盖茨基金会”中途掺了一脚 说道,“不行 你们必须跟大型药企阿斯利康合作”,所以推特上的风向看起来明显是觉得,你们背地里有PY交易,但我想听听从比尔·盖茨嘴里吐露出来的真实情况,造一支安全的疫苗 比造喷气发动机要复杂得多,人们对疫苗又非常挑剔,其实 如果生产疫苗的工厂进行的质量控制不够严格,疫苗的声誉会被毁灭殆尽,生产过程中的任何差错 都可能使生产线停产数月,而其产品是需要用来拯救数百万人的生命的,所以疫苗工厂的建立,不能搞成开源代码那样随便分发,这就是为什么我们会对疫苗的产量有所限制,这基于的是 全世界有足够实力的疫苗制造厂的数目,我们保证 阿斯利康的这些疫苗都是在印度大厂生产的,并且我们不收使用费 事实上完全免费,现在得靠盖茨基金会注资,这些公司 是我们长期合作以提高工厂生产质量的,因此让它们来生产廉价疫苗绰绰有余,牛津大学固然非常优秀,但他们没有能力开展三期临床实验 也没有工厂,我们已经跟牛津讲过 他们应该找专业药企合作,然后阿斯利康参与了进来,我们盖茨基金会并没有控制他们的商谈,总之阿斯利康说 他们打算以非盈利的形式来合作,阿斯利康打动我的地方在于 它们投入了最顶尖的人才,其它没参与研发的药企——,可没有人去批评它们——,阿斯利康真正干了实事 奇迹般地研发出这些疫苗,(却遭受无端指责)我对此表示歉意,这些理由固然存在,但是我总感觉 社交媒体没有搞清楚个中的细微差别,这样的世界让我感觉很受伤,甚至连看到你——阴谋论者的众矢之的——,尽管你气定神闲 但这些阴谋论有点让我困扰,毕竟我希望大家所处的环境能充满真话(而非谣言),你在做着伟大的事情,你应该得到赞扬 而不是如今得到的指责,我坐的位子可不能老是抱怨,我有今天的成就 是一路上的好运气使然,我当然想让阴谋论统统滚蛋,不知道阴谋论以后对我还会有哪些影响,你如何看待当下疫苗的推行情况?,我们需要供应 需要物流 还需要需求,每个环节都面临着巨大的挑战,希望 3 月份 强生公司的疫苗能获批,因为他们的疫苗是一种单剂疫苗,廉价、便于扩大生产,所以(准备推出新冠疫苗的公司有)阿斯利康、强生、过几个月还有 Novobax,大部分发展中国家是会得到这些疫苗的,所以我们投入数十亿资金向发展中国家供应新冠疫苗,乐观预计可以在几个月内铺开