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microsoft reportedly injecting ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Have you ever wondered what happens when you don't skip the ads? A recent video featuring Brendan Scannell sheds light on the topic.

Main Points:

- Tending a garden can be tough, especially for older individuals.

- Organi Bloom is an all-natural fertilizer that provides rich nutrients for plants.

- The protagonist of the ad, Addy, experiences a surreal moment of realization while watching the ad.

- Addy pleads with the viewer not to skip the ad, offering incentives and making personal appeals.

- The ad concludes with a pan flute tutorial video and an apology for the interruption.

While ads can be annoying, they can also provide unexpected moments of introspection and humor. So next time you're tempted to skip an ad, consider giving it a chance. You might just learn something new.

New Remediation Actions in Microsoft Defender for Identity | Microsoft Defender for Identity

In this article, we will be discussing the exciting new account response capabilities being made in Microsoft Defender for Identity. We will be looking at the remediation capabilities and the actions that have recently been introduced. We will walk you through the prerequisites and show you a demo of how it works. We will also discuss what our future holds when it comes to remediation actions with this feature.

Microsoft 365 Defender:

Microsoft 365 Defender is the unified portal that we recently announced as the new home for Microsoft Defender for Identity. It offers the ability to confirm users as compromised, which will change the policy for the user to be in risk and will apply any sort of configuration that you put in Azure Active Directory Information Identity Protection. It can trigger up to an MFA for this user, blocking the user and disabling it, or whatever you put in this policy. It also requires the user to sign in again, depending on the policy.

Remediation Capabilities:

The new remediation capabilities that have been introduced in Microsoft Defender for Identity are the ability to reset passwords and suspend or disable users. These actions can be taken automatically or manually, depending on the circumstances. For example, in the case of a domain controller attack, involving someone trying to compromise a user, the compromise user can be automatically disabled once the alert is triggered. This will mitigate the attack and prevent further damage.

How to Use:

To use these remediation capabilities, you need to have an MDI deployed in your domain controller. You don't need to deploy MDI on all of the domain controllers in a single domain, but just make sure that you have at least one sensor per domain. You also need to configure an account with sufficient permissions that will allow us to use it. It's a GMSA account, so you don't need to fill in the passwords with this account, and the sensor once it's taking in the actions is using this GMSA account.

In conclusion, the remediation capabilities that have been introduced in Microsoft Defender for Identity are an exciting new feature that will help to protect users from potential threats. The ability to reset passwords and suspend or disable users can be taken automatically or manually, depending on the circumstances. With this new feature, we can ensure that users are protected, and potential attackers are unable to compromise them.

This Toy illegally Spied on 6.4 Million Children

Vtech Admits to Being Hacked: Millions of Children's Data Stolen

Vtech, a popular electronic toy maker, has admitted to being targeted by hackers, resulting in the theft of data from millions of children worldwide. The hack has raised concerns about the security of children's electronic toys and the responsibility of companies to protect their customers' data.


1. The Vtech Innotab 3 Learning Tablet

2. How Vtech Failed to Ensure Security

3. The Hacker's Motives

4. Slipstream's Discovery

5. The Stolen Data

6. Reporting the Breach

The Vtech Innotab 3 Learning Tablet:

The Vtech Innotab 3 learning tablet was marketed as a safe and educational tool for children, allowing parents to send photos and videos to their children and communicate with them through Vtech's Kid Connect feature. However, the tablet's security vulnerabilities have made it a target for hackers.

How Vtech Failed to Ensure Security:

Vtech failed to properly secure its network, using outdated technology such as Adobe Flash for its login form, which is vulnerable to SQL injections. Slipstream, a 21-year-old security researcher, discovered this vulnerability and was able to access Vtech's network with ease. Vtech's failure to address these issues has put millions of children's data at risk.

The Hacker's Motives:

Contrary to popular belief, not all hackers are malicious. Some are interested in finding exploits and testing systems to make them more secure. The hacker who targeted Vtech wanted to expose the security gap and get the company to fix it. The stolen data was never intended to be sold or used for malicious purposes.

Slipstream's Discovery:

Slipstream discovered Vtech's security vulnerability and was able to gain access to the network. He found several databases containing the personal information of millions of children and their families. Instead of alerting Vtech to the security gap, Slipstream stole the data, risking his job and committing a federal crime.

The Stolen Data:

The stolen data includes the full names, email addresses, home addresses, and even photos and videos of children who used Vtech's products. This data is incredibly valuable on the dark web, and could be used for identity theft or other malicious purposes. The breach has raised concerns about the security of children's data and the responsibility of companies to protect it.

Reporting the Breach:

Lorenzo, a reporter for Motherboard, received an encrypted message from an anonymous hacker, who wanted to expose the Vtech security gap and get the company to fix it. Lorenzo sent the stolen data to Troy Hunt, a data breach expert, to verify the breach. The breach has raised concerns about the security of children's electronic toys and the responsibility of companies to protect their customers' data.

The Vtech hack has raised concerns about the security of children's electronic toys and the responsibility of companies to protect their customers' data. Vtech's failure to ensure proper security has put millions of children's data at risk, and the breach serves as a reminder of the importance of data security in the digital age.

PlayStation Planning In-Game Ads, Oh No… | GameSpot News

In this article, we'll be discussing updates on God of War Ragnarok, Sony's plans for in-game ads, and other PlayStation news. Here's what we'll cover:

- Corey Barlog provides update on God of War Ragnarok

- Sony reportedly planning in-game ads

Updates on God of War Ragnarok:

- Barlog says the team is hard at work, but not ready to show much yet

- Fourth anniversary of God of War (2018) passed on April 20th

- Game sold over 19.5 million copies before launching on Steam, figure may have climbed above 20 million by now

Sony's plans for in-game ads:

- Sony began working on plan 18 months ago, testing with ad tech partners

- Similar to Microsoft's reported plan for Xbox games

- Sony hopes to launch new effort by end of 2022, sell advertising space for own PlayStation games through private marketplace

- Goal is for ads to look like they've been organically inserted into game, with potential for in-game rewards like avatar skins

- Sony being strict about which ad tech companies can qualify for program

Other PlayStation news:

- New app on PC for updating DualSense controller firmware

- Raven Software releases update for Call of Duty Warzone to resolve battle pass progression issue

- Warzone players to receive compensation if log in before season 2 ends

- Season 3 of Warzone set to start on April 27th with new point of interest and teases of Godzilla and other monsters

- Sony's plans for in-game ads may worry some players, especially regarding personal information collection

- DualSense controller firmware can now be updated on PC, but currently requires wired connection

- Raven Software has released update for Warzone to address battle pass progression issue and offer compensation to affected players

- Season 3 of Warzone starts on April 27th with hints of Godzilla and other monsters appearing on the island.

How Microsoft and Apple Became Rivals

The Infamous Rivalry between Apple and Microsoft: A Brief History

- Explanation of the topic and its popularity

- Reference to voting poll and subscription to channel

History of Apple and Microsoft:

- The founding of Apple in 1976 and the release of the Apple I

- Microsoft's offer to license BASIC operating system for Apple II

- Apple's decision to license Microsoft's BASIC software for a flat rate of $31,000

- The development of Microsoft's own operating system called Windows

- The release of Windows 1.0 in November 1985

- The similarities between Windows 1.0 and Apple's Macintosh System 1

- The release of Windows 2 in 1987, which introduced more advanced VGA graphics and desktop icons

- Steve Jobs' accusation of Bill Gates stealing Apple's user interface and style

- Apple's decision not to sue Microsoft in fear of losing their popular suite of Mac apps

- Xerox's lawsuit against Apple for stealing the interface they were suing Microsoft for

- The court ruling that Apple cannot get patent-like protection for the idea of a graphical user interface or the idea of a desktop metaphor under copyright law

- Microsoft's market dominance with newer and more advanced versions of Windows

- The bitterness between Apple and Microsoft

- Steve Jobs' enlistment of Microsoft's help to return Apple to profitability in 1996

- Microsoft's investment of $150M in Apple stock and compensation for copyright infringements

- The announcement of the first iMac in 1998 and the shipment of the iPod in 2001

- The similarities between Windows Vista and Mac OS X in 2006

- The history of Apple and Microsoft's rivalry

- The impact of their decisions on the tech industry

- The partnership between the two companies in certain periods

- The role of competition in driving innovation and progress.

How to use Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists and its Unique Features

Hi everyone, Kevin here! Today, I want to show you how you can get and use the brand new Microsoft Lists. It's now generally available, and you can start taking advantage of it. Although it's generally available, there are still many features rolling out, but that's typical of a web product where over time, more and more value will be landing.

What is Microsoft Lists and What Makes it Unique?

- Microsoft Lists allows you to create lists to organize information.

- You can share it with others and collaborate on those lists.

- You can visualize your data in many different ways, such as a standard grid format, card format, or calendar format.

- You have control over how you present your information.

- You can apply different smarts to your Microsoft List, such as setting up rules to send email notifications for status changes.

- You can connect Microsoft Lists to Power Automate and Power Apps.

When Would You Use Microsoft Lists?

- Use it to track issues, inventory, assets, patients, and more.

- Use the right tool for the job, and explore the differences between Microsoft Lists, Microsoft Planner, and Microsoft To Do.

How to Get and Use Microsoft Lists:

- To get Microsoft Lists, head to the website office.com.

- You need either a work or school Microsoft 365 account to use it.

- Once you sign in, click on the app launcher and look for the Lists option.

- You can also access it directly from Microsoft Teams.

- The Microsoft Lists homepage has various functionality, such as adding new lists, seeing recent lists, and customizing list objects.

- You can create a new blank list, start from an Excel spreadsheet, reuse an existing list, or use one of the many templates available.

- The templates provide examples of data structures for popular use cases.

Microsoft Lists is a powerful tool that allows you to organize and collaborate on lists in various ways. It's unique features, such as data visualization and rule setting, make it stand out from other Microsoft tools. By exploring the templates and customizing your lists, you can use Microsoft Lists for various use cases.

How To Get Rid Of Malware In Microsoft Edge Browser Tutorial | Remove Pop ups & Spam

In today's video, I will show you how to remove hijacking pop-ups or spam that you encounter on Microsoft Edge. Follow the steps below to fix the issue:

- Opening Edge may be difficult if it has been hijacked, but you should still be able to open the browser.


- Open Edge and click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner.

- Click on Extensions and remove any dodgy looking extensions.

- Click on the three dots again and this time click on History.

- Click on the three dots and select Clear browsing data.

- Change the time range from last hour to all time and select everything, including passwords and cached images.

- Click on Reset settings on the left-hand side and select Reset settings to their default values.

- Press Reset and wait for Edge to reset.

- Click on the link in the description to download Malwarebytes.

- Install Malwarebytes and select Personal computer.

- Press Install and skip the option to install Malwarebytes browser guard.

- Press Get started and then Maybe later.

- Press Get started and select Scanner.

- Click on Advanced scanners and then Configure scan.

- Make sure everything is selected and select all your drives.

- Press Scan to scan your machine for malware.

- Restart into safe mode and run Malwarebytes if it didn't manage to find any malware in normal mode.

By following these steps, you can fix issues with Edge getting hijacked or getting any malware or spam. Don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe for more computer sluggish tutorials.

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