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mikey kass shopify

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

ROASTING Shopify Scammer | Mikey Kass is a CRIMINAL

first things first, folks, i am live on twitch. click the link in my description below to follow me on twitch tv. i uh play games and just you know. uh, yeah, that's pretty much it, but if you're interested in that, follow me there and check out my live streams. i do it about daily. anyway, folks, we're gonna clap some cheeks today [Music] and to get us kicked off with today's video, i'm going to play this short i just made. if you have seen mikeycast's 17 shopify store ad, do not buy it. it is a scam. been ripping people off for over a year now and i finally just exposed them. lots of people coming forward in my comment section on my most recent video about him being a scam and what he is doing to people is absolutely unacceptable. he's ripping people off, selling thousands of these stores, and they are all copy and paste the same store with different names. some people don't even receive them. some people get bombarded with calls and saying, hey, you have to join our team and pay us fifteen hundred dollars. let's say you make some sales with the store. if you even get lucky enough to get it or even receive full ownership, he is your supplier. there is so many more ways he is scamming people. do not fall for it. check out my youtube video and keep an eye out for how you can avoid scammers like this. so let me catch you up to speed. i did make an entire, very in-depth video, but i'm also making a vlog on this channel because i want as many people as humanly possible in the finance and e-commerce world to see this, this clown of an entrepreneur, this sorry excuse of an entrepreneur, and that's right in in the first video, when i went very in detail on exactly how he is scamming people, i was kind of like: you know what? i don't know much about this guy. i'm pretty sure he's scamming people. here's all the evidence. you decide for yourself. well, i'm going to read you a couple comments from my most recent video, which will be linked in the description below, but i'm going to kind of tell you about what he's doing here too. i just want this to get out on as many platforms as possible, but making tiktoks or a tiktok a short. but please share this video. if you have seen this guy, i mean i don't know- report the ad, i guess, because i've tried to follow him on a many different ghost accounts, including my personal account on instagram. he's private. he's not accepting anybody in there. if you. i finally tracked down his channel, but all of his videos are off, so they're all unlisted. i used to be able to find them, but within the past couple days he has unlisted everything so no one can see it unless the people he's showing his ad to. so let me read you a couple comments. i'll just read you. you know a few because you can go read for yourself on the video. but this one says: i didn't receive the store i ordered. i think he's running a scam. they emailed me about scheduling a call but i never received my store. so here is more about that call. here is another comment. they call you uncoachable when they find out you don't want to pay them more. the guy on the phone asked me for fifteen hundred dollars. so what i've gathered is they try to bully you into joining the team with this once in a lifetime opportunity. but they call you uncoachable if you say you have to think about it and try to bully you into it. this guy just said: you just saved me from this guy. i have proof now. i was just on the phone with his team. it's a scam. in my book, he sold me an exact copy of another online store. so basically, what this guy is doing is he's selling online shopify stores for 17. he claims there's only eight, but i don't think anybody believed that. well, everybody is getting the same store, same template, same everything, except it's got a different name and some might be- uh, you know, uh, uh, petcare, and one might be another niche, but they're all the same stores with different names in either pet niche or just like the outdoor niche. it's an absolute scam. and let's say, you do make a couple sales with this store. a lot of people aren't even getting them right. so let's say you got the store- you told them to f off, i do not want to join your team for fifteen hundred dollars, whatever even that even means- and you start making some sales newsflash. he is your supplier. so even though you've bought the store, you've bought the brand, you bought the suppliers- you don't even know that he is the one selling you the product. so it's a deep scam. all along the way, no matter how many obstacles you avoid and jump through, he still got you on the line and there was supposed to be a refund pulse. sorry, i'm still in my pjs. there's supposed to be a refund policy, but everybody that uh has left a comment and all the proof i found this isn't even on. i don't even know what i'm trying to do. obviously can't get their money back. so if you start complaining and being like, hey, this is, i didn't get my store, i didn't get full access, or this is a copy and paste, or the store sucks, i'm not satisfied, they ghost you. so the second you kind of start catching on, they just totally goes to you. and in fact, someone in my comments on that video- let me try to find it- he said i was about to pay him with bitcoin. and he also says he asked me for a payment plan and i was about to send him 700 and 680 worth of bitcoin, which is really insane. and let me explain to you why he would want you to pay him such a lump sum in bitcoin. because if you pay him in bitcoin, once you pay someone in a coin at any cryptokurrency, it's set in stone. it's not like paypal, where there's a refund center, you know where there's goods and services and all that stuff where you can get your money back. that doesn't exist with crypto. so once it's put in the blockchain. it's there for good so they can ghost you and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. it's totally illegal and i can't believe youtube has allowed this ad to go on forever and i've seen a couple people tok about this but no one is really going for this douchebag like we really need to. at first i kind of believed this guy maybe had a couple successful shopify stores, but now i think he's a fraud all the way through, because in that video where i exposed him fully- it's a 21 minute video, it's really in-depth. but one of the people that i had a statement from said that he didn't get the store, but he bought his course, his program, and he said he hated it. he didn't know what he was toking about. the course was worthless. he really tried to get his money back and he said he followed every single step in the refund guarantee policy, but of course he said he got ghosted, he can't get in contact with him and he's afraid he's never gonna see that money again. so not only does he scam you with these pre-built shopify stores, but apparently he doesn't even know what he's toking about, because people are hating his course and he's not willing to refund people. so i don't even believe this guy has made a sin with actual drop shipping. i think he's just a full-blown fraud, a fake guru and a scammer, a criminal. my most recent video on this channel was literally all about me shooting a commercial for my youtube course and promoting it on youtube videos. well, i only got to spend about 40 on that ad before i really caught on to what this kid is doing and i just it put a bad taste in my mouth and i made that ad for nothing, because i shut down the campaign, because i do not want to chance being in the same ad rotation as this criminal and it just, you know, every time i see him i'm like wow, he, he's dug himself an irreversible grave. he's never going to do anything with it, he's probably going to end up in prison. so i did not want my personal brand and image and face and course to be put next to his literally a criminal. so i pulled it down. and please- i am curious- if you have had any sort of experience with mikey cass, let me know in the comments below. tell as many people as possible, because my goal with making all of this content about this kid is because you know, if you don't like someone, whatever, don't let him bother you.

Reviewing The $17 Pre-Built Shopify Store | Worth the Money or SCAM?

if you have not seen my 17 pre-built shopify store scam exposed video on mikey cats, i highly suggest you check that out. but today we actually have one of his real stores that he sold a real customer. now we all know that it's a scam, but i thought i would dive further into actually what is the store about. you know, we know he's ripping people off and he's trying to upsell people. you know, once you buy the store, you get the store and they either ghost you or constantly try to upsell you and say, hey, once in a lifetime opportunity, you're going to join our team for a small fee of fifteen hundred dollars. then they ghost you then. so we all know it's a scam, but let's see if the store is actually worth seventeen dollars. so make me a deal. if you get any value or entertainment out of today's video, hit that like and subscribe button. i literally just got out of bed. i am still very tired and i'm so excited to finally have access. um, i couldn't seem to find one. a lot of people left comments and the exposed videos saying i mean lots of people saying like: i got the store, i got scammed and if you'd like to look at it, i can give it to you. and i hit them all up, like 10 different people, and no one ever responded with their store. so finally, i went to reddit this morning, found it and i'm just gonna give you my immediate thoughts. first reaction, and i'm looking at it right now and, uh, this is gonna be a doozy. and if you are interested in supporting the channel, i did just come out with some merchandise, the wi-fi money brand. um, you know something that mikey cass doesn't know about. anyway, let's get into it. so we'll switch scenes here. and, oh boy, so the very, very first scene is horrific. so let's see. okay, so there's a lot of scrolling to do, so we're just gonna tok about first impressions. first of all, there's no real header. the header is kind of this information right here, which i don't like. the first thing i want to see when i open up a store is someone's face. i don't care if it's royalty free, copyright free, i want to see someone's face. because what people don't understand is, whenever you open a shopify store, if someone sees eye contact and a smile and a face, a human face, it automatikally triggers something in their brain to allow more trust into their store. and we already know these shopify stores are not super trustworthy, not to mention when you've got this sketchy domain that mikeycast didn't even include in his scam. so you don't get a domain, but you do get this. so first impressions not very good. and shop maloma- this is very interesting because this is the same store that jordan welch bought in his review video and in fact, i included that in my exposed video- jordan mussels video- and i'm gonna throw in a screenshot right here i took of jordan's video. it is the exact same story, as you can see. everything's the same: the same branding, color schemes and products. but his name is not shot maloma, it's shop ramona, i believe. so he's literally selling duplicate stores left and right. he's scamming hundreds and hundreds of people. this is ridiculous. i highly highly suggest you check out that exposed video i made on him and uh, you know this isn't really exposing him because we already know he's a fake, but um oh, just an update. his- his uh- instagram account is private and he doesn't let people follow him, but after a week of me using my personal and burner accounts, he finally let me follow him, so i got the inside scoop anyway also. so we we know he's doing uh copy and paste stores, and i don't like the first thing. you see, i i just don't like that. but you go down and hold on, we're not even gonna scroll yet, we're just gonna first glance. we've got tik next to outdoors, next to home, next to health. what is this? this makes zero sense. why would you have a tik niche and an outdoors niche and a health niche and the same thing? it doesn't make any sense. so whenever you're making shopify stores, what you really got to do is be really niche, niche down as much as possible. why is that? because it makes your marketing easier. you can understand your exact target demographic. so right out of the gate, let's say, um, i would delete all three of these and i would only do tik. but the tiknique isn't good enough. you know phone chargers, charger bricks- um, i don't know those little heat pads that heat up your coffee mugs while they're sitting on your desk, whatever that might be, ring lights. that's not good enough. you got to have tik here. let me switch to full screen right here. i'm gonna give you the full rundown. so you've got. you've got to really narrow it down so you can find your target demographic. who is buying this? so there's tik. and then there is, let's say, the gaming niche. and then let's say there's mechanical keyboard niche- mechanical, customizable rgb keyboard and mouse combos, right for a cheap price. so you know exactly the consumer buying your product, someone who wants a nice mechanical keyboard, maybe even a 60 keyboard, if you don't know those different sizes. like this, this right here, this is a gaming 60 mechanical keyboard and this down here is a just a normal full 100 non-mechanical keyboard. so you understand exactly who your target demographic is. but why would someone that's going to buy a keyboard go into the same website that someone's going to buy a tint in the outdoors niche? immediately their response is going to be: once they see this, it's like: oh, they're going to sell crappy keyboards and crappy tins, like they're a jack of all trades, master of none. you want to be a master of something. if you're going to do a bunch of different niches, start a bunch of different stores, because the conversion rate will be much higher. so automatikally, this is a horrible, horrible, horrible store. this i- i've never seen anything like this- the fact that it's such spread out niches- you know there's general stores like the general tik niche. i'm not a huge fan of those. like i said, i like being really, really targeted, but, um, this is, this is just awful, and we haven't even scrolled or looked at the products yet and i'm already gonna give this a one out of ten. like this is horrible. so this leads me to believe that obviously he's. you know we all need to be scamming people, but it leads me to believe that his shopify course is also garbage, and if you look at their comments and my exposed video, a lot of people are saying his course is garbage. now, obviously i didn't know if he actually knew what he was toking about with drop shipping. i knew he was a scam artist and a criminal with this whole 17 pre-built store thing, but apparently he doesn't even know what he's toking about e-commerce wise, because if this is the store that he's giving people and he thinks this is acceptable to sell to hundreds of people and they're not going to catch on, he genuinely thinks this is good enough. wow, that says a lot about his programs. i mean, i've already heard that they're bs and he's. they've tried to get refunds and he can't contact him. they just ghost you after they have your money. but wow, so all right, let's dive into the products. i can't. i mean there's. it's impossible, you can't dig yourself out of this hole. i mean, not to mention, this doesn't even look good, like it doesn't even look good. dude, let's go to tik, let's see what he's got in the tik niche. so you've got a universal travel adapter. okay, i okay. and then you got that next to a facial humidifier. this needs to be on some sort of women's age 30 to 50 health, uh, a cosmetik company, not a general, general, general niche shopify store. next to led safety flares, which should probably be on some sort of like i don't know- military, uh, you know safety. you know i don't know what even niche this would really be in. i'm not, i'm not even sure what you would use that for led safety flares, i'm not sure. and then you've got a solar bank. you've got a vanity, you've got like a ring light mirror thing- are you kidding me? next to another solar charger, next to a coffee grinder, what? this doesn't make any sense. you got a coffee grinder next to a safety fla.

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Real Reviews for $17 Pre-Built Shopify Store | Mikey Kass

they call you uncoachable when they find out you don't want to pay them more. the guy on the phone asked me for fifteen hundred dollars. guys, i have finally convinced my team are the words of a cringe ridden fake guru and good friend of the channel, mikey ass. odds are you have seen one of his many very annoying advertisements here on youtube and chances are you saw it on this video. if you did, let me know in the comments below, because every other video i made exposing mikey everybody says that his ads have been popping up, which is pretty ironic. but that's kind of a good thing, because if his scam ads are popping up on videos about him scamming and then you guys watching click those ads, you're actually costing him money, which is good because you know it's a scam, so you're not buying it, but you're still eating up his ad cost. so it's kind of ironic and my initial goal was with toking about mikey was to expose him and then, hopefully, when people type in his name, i pop up at the very top so people can see that he's actually a scam and it's been proven. that's not new news. however, today is a little bit different. i have not actually toked about any reviews of the store. i have simply found the proof and exposed him for being a scam. ran the numbers obviously doesn't make sense, and i've actually gone through and analyzed his stores because people have allowed me inside and we were able to check it out here on the channel, which has been really awesome. but the comments section deserves a video of its own. i've made two videos, one on this channel and then one on my finance news channel, just so i could spread the word as much as possible. and the comments are wild. of course, they are not in favor of mikey cass and nobody really, you know, says anything nice about him at all. however, a lot of those comments- maybe 50 to 60- are people who have actually purchased and dealt with mikey, his team in the store. so today we're going to reveal their experience and hear real life testimonials and reviews from people who have fell victim to the mikey ass scam store. youtube. disabling the dislike button was a big problem because if you see his ad, you can click on his website- which is very bad, by the way- and you can actually click on his channel and go to his channel and check it out, but you will never see a bad comment and you will never see a dislike, because you know he filters his comments and youtube doesn't allow anybody to see any dislikes, so nothing is blatantly obvious that it's a red flag which is a problem. and do you want to know mikey's true business and how he actually makes money? well, you're the business people who click his ads and buy his stores. you think that he's actually this, uh, shopify millionaire? he can't even speak a full sentence without sounding cringe, right? i don't believe, and i don't think anybody really believes, that he has made any significant amount of money drop shipping. however, the money he makes is from selling his course- which i have heard is a total joke- and, of course, selling these scam stores. he says there's only eight available, but i've had hundreds of comments of people saying they bought these stores, so i know he's selling them in at least some amount of quantity, and the upsells that we are going to go into in these reviews laters are absolutely insane. but that's how he makes any money at all is simply this: by making you think he knows something. hey, i know how to drop ship. you're going to want to buy a store for me. then you're going to want to buy a course and and companion with it. and that's how you're going to make money. and that's how he makes money by being a legit fake guru. it's about as fake as it gets. fun fact: he actually had a business before he went into scamming good people. it was a killer clown youtube channel which he click-baited young, impressionable and gullible children and basically just forced clicks off them and tricked them into thinking it was real, so that way he could make some adsense revenue. but i guess stealing candy from a baby just isn't as lucrative as stealing 17 from hard-working adults. and of course, i'm sure these videos are maximum cringe. i've not mustered up enough strength to actually watch one of them and i really hope i never have to. but there you go. this was who mikey cass was before being a shopify millionaire. and one more thing before we go into the reviews is i want to say that the people who actually fell victim to his scam advertisements and bought his stores are not dumb or unintelligent or anything like that. simply, his ads are compelling 17 from someone in a mansion or standing in front of a car, or a testimonial that is seems to be real, which obviously isn't. but you know it's, it's not like. why would you buy that? why would you buy that? some people have better bs meters than others, and there's a lot of new people coming into the e-commerce space every single day. people are wanting to simply build a better life for themselves or their family, take control of their financial future, and it's which why people watch my channel- except i don't sell them scam stores, but there's i. i know that there are lots of new people in e-commerce that simply don't know any better and, in fact, when i started making ecommerce youtube videos, i had no idea that literally 95 of the advertisements and gurus you see actually are fake and they just put up this image and they might actually have the lamborghini, they might actually have the, the mansion, but their business is selling you a course. that's how they make their money. if someone is charging you two thousand dollars for a course, then why would they do that? i charge 97 for a course because i don't need the money. i have a business. why would someone be charging two thousand dollars for a course? right? i just wanted to say that. just a disclaimer. do not shame any of the people that have bought this store, because they are doing nothing but trying to take control and and take a step in the right direction for their life. and in fact i applaud you for trusting someone enough to actually purchase a store and do something with it. congratulations to you. let's get into the good stuff now. i considered, uh, blurring out the names of every single comment, but i decided not to, because they are obviously public and anybody can go look at them at any time on these videos, so i figured i'd save myself the editing trouble. i was on the phone with this guy from his team and he buttering me up for like 30 minutes on a supposed 15 minute phone call, and then he asked me to pay fifteen hundred dollars just to get the store and do team calls a little bit more than 17- and again, if they would have bought this, it's like, okay, i'm investing in my future so i can tok to this millionaire and hopefully learn something. you should not pay someone that much money for their expertise because at the end of the day, then you were the business, not drop shipping. just bought this store about two days ago and let me tell you. you know what? let me show it to you. you want to see it misleading when the person calls me and said that you need to pay another one thousand dollars for some bs. i should have watched this video before i gave him 17. shake my head. they call you uncoachable when they find out you don't want to pay them more. the guy on the phone asked me for fifteen hundred dollars. so you know that. you know you buy the cheap little store that sucks and you're like, well, now what? i don't know what to do. then they take advantage of you're already being invested in with them and they take advantage of your desperation and try to upsell you a crazy amount. and since you've already invested, you're like: well, i've already spent money, i might as well go even further. you know it makes sense and i see this all the time. in fact, dan lok does this probably better than anybody. it's a scam. in my book he sold me the exact copy of another online store. one thing that we have proven in many videos is that he has about it's one store with a couple different nam.

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I Tried Making Money With A Pre-Built Shopify Store (Scam?)

every single day, i get ads for pre-built shopify stores, and the pitch is always the same: for just 17, they'll give you a store that is instantly ready to make money. now, as someone who makes a living from e-commerce, i've always thought it sounded a little bit too good to be true. so today i'm going to be buying one of these stores, launching some facebook ads and seeing if we can make some money with it all. to answer one question: are pre-built shopify stores worth your money? let's find out. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire journey of growing my ecommerce brand. so if you're interested in starting your own online store, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. so i'm gonna go wait until i get an ad from one of these guys and then we're gonna buy our store a few moments later. all right, i was just listening to some music on youtube and i finally got the ad that i was looking for for my boy, mikey cass. he's giving away eight of these pre-built shopify stores, so i want to get it before it's too late. quick shout out to mikey as well. i i've known this kid for a while, so no hate in this video or anything like that. the store is actually only 17 and it comes with 32 products, 180 paid theme. honestly, it looks like a pretty good deal to me. i'm about to put in my credit card information and i'll let you guys know what happens after we got them. let's go, my store is purchased, so i'll let you guys know when my store is finished and we'll take a look at what we got. yes, sir, i just got the notification that my pre-built store is ready to go, so i got my laptop loaded up here and we're gonna go ahead and take a look. also, i gotta say the story came pretty quickly. it took less than 12 hours to get delivered to me, so i'm curious to see what we're gonna get. so, to keep this challenge as authentik as possible, i think it's only right that we try to pick one product from the store and launch it on facebook ads. i mean, after all, this is the exact template and products that generated him over a hundred thousand dollars a month, so it's gotta work a little bit right. all right, the pre-built store is ready to go. i got my email. the store is called shop dash reload. may not entirely sure what that means, but i hope that the story looks good. basically, i just have to go through and create a staff account real quick, so let me set that up. just accepted the invite. i have no idea what to expect. i didn't add any specifications, i'm just getting what he delivered, so i'm excited. let's get a quick drumroll real quick. before we look at this store, let's see what we've got, okay. okay, it's not not that bad. actually it's a general store. we have a couple different categories. we got a bunch of products already uploaded. it's quite random in the sense of how it's laid out. there's no real branding. the categories are very much scattered around, but in terms of a blank template, it's it's not a bad starting point. so, honestly, for 17 bucks it's not half bad, and it has a bunch of products preloaded into there. let's see if there's any apps added for us. so, yeah, we have a few apps ready to go. i mean, hey, if you're just starting out, this is not a bad point. to begin at, my biggest complaint with this store and my biggest fear about making money with it is the fact that it is so broad, it's super general and it's gonna be really hard to get a good conversion rate on a store like this. the only way to really make a lot of money with a general store like this is to have a banger product. to be honest with you, so far none of these products stand out to me, but i'm gonna do a quick scan and try to find at least one product that i think is worth promoting to try to make money with this store. after looking through every product uploaded on this store, i don't really see that much potential with any of them. to be fair, if you bought a store like this, you could just upload your own products and use the design template that they provided. but i think the whole point of selling a pre-built store, especially to a beginner who's never made money with shopify, is that it's all ready to go, ready to run ads and make money with. so, out of all the products, i like the led safety flares the best. i think this product is easy to market. it's already proven to sell online and the product page that they made is not half bad. and to keep the challenge legit, i'm not even going to make a single change to this product page, as much as i want to change the images, add some reviews, get rid of this. i want to test this store 100 as is to see if we can generate some sales with it. to launch this product, i'm going to need a video ad for facebook. i'm going to take some time tonight. i'm going to cook up a fire ad and then tomorrow i'm gonna launch this product live with you. then we're gonna look at the results and see if we made any money with this store. see you tomorrow. i just finished cooking up this video ad and i think it came out pretty decent. now, this only took me about 30 minutes to do. so this is not some steven spielberg level content, but let's take a look at it. so after that, i just show that it's used by law enforcement to add some trust to the product. i show the features and the benefits of this specific version of the product and then i just give a call to action saying: get yours to keep you and your family safe. this exact video layout is the same one that has generated me millions in sales on my e-commerce journey. so if you're looking to advertise a product, this is exactly how i would do it. now i'm gonna take this ad and launch a hundred dollar a day facebook testing campaign and i'll jump back on once that is all set up. [Music]. i just finished launching the ads for this product, so let's take a look. so i just did a simple 100 a day testing campaign. i chose some really broad interest with the big four countries. this is just a good way to gauge if people are somewhat interested in a product and validate its potential. then for the ad, i simply took the video i created, i came up with an attention grabbing copy and then i just threw the link to the store in the ad. so these ads are sitting in review right now across our fingers that it gets approved, and i'll update you once we get some results. poison is the wind that blows from the north and south and east. it's officially been a full day of running ads and i have some results to share. in total, i spent about 92 dollars to make back a whopping amount of zero dollars. unfortunately, we couldn't get any sales with the pre-built store. let's look at this situation and see what went wrong. if we look at the stats of the video and how it's performing, you'll actually see that this thing's kind of busting- busting. i mean, it has a two percent ctr which, on a product test is above average and shows that people are interested in this product. in total, we had 104 people visit the website and only four of those people added to cart. so what this shows me very clearly is this: people want to buy the product, but they're losing trust when they make it to the website. the video ads sold them on the product, but by the time they made it to the website, something fell off and they lost interest, and this was my number one concern in the first place. so i think at this point, just so i don't go broke, i'm gonna go ahead and shut off the ads and, on that note, i think we can call it a wrap on this challenge. to answer the question that we started this video with, i don't really think a pre-built store is worth it. what i recommend is learning the skills to design and make a beautiful website on your own. not only is this going to allow you to create a unique website that nobody else has, but it truly unlocks a door for you to have a career with e-commerce. it's no different than somebody trying to sell you a fitness or diet plan that's going to get you ripped. sure, it might feel like it's helping you a little bit, but the only thing that's really going to get you those results is showing up in the gym and putting

The Internets BIGGEST Scammer is BACK | Mikey Kass Shopify

so, robertsoneasleycom, give them a call because you're going to need a good lawyer. so you better lawyer the [ __ ] up. son, mikey cass is back and i want to make it very, very, very, very clear that this is not intended to bully him, and i do not. please do not go over to his videos, to his channels, and spew hate because, listen, we all know he's a scam. we've exposed him, you guys have exposed him. i've read your experiences with his store and with his team and with mikey himself, and we've covered that on this channel. so we know that his whole scam empire is coming down as longer time goes, so there's no real need to mess with him or bully him or make him. you know, on one end, it's like sure he deserves it, but i am not going to be the one that is promoting that type of behavior right? this video is basically 20 year old entrepreneur airbnb tour and my prediction is: is that he is going to pitch you his course or his um, his store or something. he's going to show you this insane e-commerce lifestyle that he is built off of scamming hard-working individuals like you and i- although i never bought a store because it's anyway. so my prediction is that he is moving to this because people are catching on to his scams. now eventually he knows that youtube will understand that he is scamming people, as it has been proven not only by me but by many other people. so he's only got so long to live in that world. now finance is a very high cpm, so if he takes his kind of recognition on youtube for via his ads, he might be able to convert some views here. so my prediction is he's going to try to start making money doing this, because he knows that whatever he's got going on is not going to live on forever, and my goal is to shut people like him down. it's not just mikey. we've exposed other people too for being fake gurus, but, um, he knows that he does not have that long doing what he's doing. another thing is if you hear my voice and i look like heck and this- obviously this is not the normal studio shot. i've been living in this office for the past three days because my fiance is a collegiate athlete and i have covid and she also just got over flu. so i have coveted from my family and flew from her. so i'm living in my office to not infect her with cobit because she just had flu. she's got big, big track meets coming up, so i am sick. i sound disgusting, i can hear it. i'm gonna try to fix it in post, but this is a quick disclaimer. this is your first time to the channel. don't not subscribe because of my [Music]. anyway, as i was loading up his video, i got one of his ads and it's one i haven't ever seen before. so we've got about a minute and 30 seconds left in it. so we're actually going to react to that as well. it's a little bit of a bonus and i wish i could go back because it's just so cringe. and it's funny because we know how much of a scam he is and he's just still going with it and like, once you know that he is just full of it, every single word that comes out of his mouth after that is just maximum cringe. i mean, it's inevitable. so what we're going to do is react to the end of this short little ad and he just said. what he just said is: um, what did he just say? it was something so stupid like legacy over fortune or something like that, like saying like, oh you know, i'm gonna do good in the world instead of make a profit, which is extremely ironic because he is literally a worthless e-commerce scam guru who is claiming to do something good. so let's- uh, let's- check this. oh, i don't want to skip it, i want to full screen it. so here we go, folks where i can finally do that, and i want to provide people that want to get started in this drop shipping business that can be so hectik, such an easier path for only 17. i'm going to be partnering up with some people that want to get okay. so he's promoting his 17 store, which is funny because i think i have three videos: one video exposing his ad, running the numbers and doing all that and like that, like he was. it was blown out of the water like he's a fake, he's a fraudulent, he's just some kid trying to- you know, play some villain role on the internet. so we blew him out of the water on the, the ad exposed and then i got access to his store and was blown away at how horrible his stores are, which leads me to believe that he does not know how to run e-commerce at all and he only makes money off of scamming people and putting on this fake image. because airbnbs are not expensive. anybody could do that. anybody can rent a car or a house. in fact many gurus have proven and admitted to doing that because it does make sense for marketing. so we went into a store and i've got many comments on that, saying that his course- i didn't even know he sold a course. of course this clown sells. of course, um, that his courses bs. obviously it is after seeing what he thinks is a good store and his stores are copy and paste. his stores don't even work. they don't even function. the products don't exist. we've been through all of that. and then we made a video toking about reviews of people's real experiences, real testimonials, with mikey cass and um. so obviously we know that the 17 program is just garbage. it's not even a clever scam. it's not even clever. it's a dumb scam from a dumb kid. i mean, we're the same age and it's. it's hilarious, it's really, it's really fun to watch unfold. but at the same time it's like with seeing that the the broken hearts of the people in my comments, like he's not just scamming people out of 17. no, no, no. you need to watch the testimonial video i made because he escaping people out of hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars. i started shopify and i'm going to give you a shopify brand that's already built out. like i said, i've seen instruments doesn't work and it's garbage, actually garbage, and a success. and this year alone it was my first year generating a million dollars, so i figured it's time. you know, i have you've never even seen a million dollars. good, the profits set aside and i have free time to help out beginners so you can get this pre-built shopify brand for 17 and you can get so whenever you buy the. this is, this is getting out of control. this is i'm exposing another ad. i need to just skip this. but the 17. when you buy the 17 store, first of all, half the people didn't even get it. whoever did get it, it doesn't actually function and the- apparently their team calls you and basically tries to uh, hustle you more money. so they try to, you know, scare me with a store. but then they say: you're like uncoachable, you're this, you're that if you don't give them additional like a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars. please go watch my exposed videos. i've got a handful of them on different parts of this mikey cast saga. um, this is getting to be a long video. i just had to skip the ad. oh man, i'm sick anyway. people like this pissed me off. you know just, scumbags. you know he, he's just. this is his last desperate attempt to make any sort of pocket change for himself before he either gets arrested, kicked off the platform or just clowned off the internet in general, which i feel like is the most likely. and, like i said, do not go bully him or anything, even if he deserves it. just watch the video, spread the awareness and just watch his empire- or i use the word empire loosely- his little sand castle of what he's got going on crumble out from underneath him. bnb tour. right now we're in south africa, in cape town, and man, this city is like a gem to me. it's not known by many internet entrepreneurs, but shout out, iman godzi. he's putting this place in the map. cape town, south africa, is not known. are you? are you retar? uh, i gotta you know what? you know what this? uh, cape town, south africa. now, i've never been there, but i know of it and i know lots of people who know of it. that is absolutely ridiculous to think that nobody knows, um, that's okay. so this kid is unintelligent. we know that he's not intelligent. but you know, cringe aside, i'm going to try not to attack him. we know he's an idiot, fine, but i really want to just. uh, we're going to rea.

How I PROFITED $15,393.94 In One Day From TikTok Dropshipping! (Shopify)

yo, what's up guys? it's mikey cass. in this video, i'm going to be explaining how i generated over 20 000 in one single day, operating at literally 80 or like 74.9 profit margins. and uh, obviously, this is completely unheard of. like when i first started ecom, you know, i was doing facebook ads for like a year, two years. uh, you know, losing money. uh, you know, i was very young so it was kind of hard to, you know, fund that and it was very hard for me to find a product. but, as many of you guys know, tiktok organic specifically, has been going crazy for so many people wanting to start drop shipping. so i'm going to do a full store reveal. i'm not going to hold anything back, but i'm also just going to keep it simple. it's just a youtube video and i just kind of want to, you know, show you how it's done. so if we jump into my dashboard: um, on june 22nd of 2021, we generated 20 000, a little over 21 000. we had 93 000 visitors to the store. conversion rate was obviously kind of trash- it was 0.75 um- but obviously, with almost 100 000 people on the site, with, you know, 699 orders, um, you know, pretty solid average order value is 28 and literally it blew up from one tiktok. that was literally all it is, and i'm going to show you exactly why this tik tok worked. um, i have it right here. yo, yeah, these military great lasers are real. like you can see, it's pretty light out here, yet this thing casts a beam that can literally be shined all the way to the freaking moon. this thing was like over 20, okay, so the number one thing is: uh, tiktok is obviously everyone's gonna watch the first second or two, that doesn't matter. but how are you gonna, how are you gonna like capture their attention for like the seconds from like four to seven? i think those are the most important things and obviously, or honestly, like you have to say something controversial or contradictory. so i said: this laser has a 25 mile range so it can reach the freaking moon, dude and man. i got so many comments saying like 25 miles isn't the moon, and i obviously made mistakes. and in another video- or i think maybe it was this video- i was like: um, i said that, um, you know, there's free worldwide shipping or whatever to the main countries, and then everyone's like: what are the main countries like? who does this guy think he is or something like that, and obviously i you know me thinking in my econ head- i was thinking main country is like top five, um, so, yeah, everyone started commenting that also the moon stuff, and that just drove up the engagement. so shoot your product videos, but obviously make it controversial. have some sort of thing that throws them off in there, like in one of the videos i had. um, what's his name? bill cosby. i had bill cosby on my desktop and that video got like 100, 200 000 views, which isn't much, but it'll still make me, you know, one to two thousand dollars. um, also on the shopify store. at the time i didn't have a custom landing page. i actually paid, uh, this guy, callum, uh, maybe i'll shout him out- callum, uh, callum, noble. if you guys want his thing, just dm me on instagram at mikeycass paid him 200.. and he made me a fire landing page, um, and i didn't have this at the time and once i actually did this, i think my conversion rate uh almost doubled, like literally almost doubled. we've had, like, obviously we've still had, you know, several thousand dollar days, but it's been lower traffic, but i've still been able to like maintain this revenue by building a solid landing page. i believe it was made through gem flow or not gem pages, or i think it was like webflow or something like that. uh, so you can see, this is obviously not just like the standard shopify product page. here we have some sort of overlay, some graphic overlay, um, with like a png file- see how it's like transparent with a shadow. um, so, fire landing page. i literally just led them here and i was like: yo, guys, if you want like a link in the bio- sorry, if you want like a link in the bio like to get, or like if you want to get the same one that i have, i'll put the link in my bio. and obviously i did. i did leverage my house which, uh, you know it does have a crazy view of, like you know, here in the hollywood hills, but uh, yeah, i leveraged that and that also just captures their attention. so, hey, if you have access or you know you live in a place where you can leverage it for shooting fire content. i did exactly this, and maybe 20k in a day, um, literally at the peak we had a 2 000 hour and um, at the most i think we had like fifteen hundred visitors on our site at one time, uh. so, yeah, that's basically it. you can see some of them. you know stats and stuff. it's not fake, it's all real um. but i've been able to achieve multiple days like this, also with tiktok, and not every day you're gonna be making 20k, um, but you do want to have those solid, you know anchor videos that have, you know, millions of views, um, and you're really looking for those home swings, um, but on the days where you're not, you know, making 20k in a day, you can make, you know, several hundred dollars a day. you can get a few sales here and there, hundreds of visitors coming to your site, uh, within the day. so, honestly, guys, i think i um, you know, showed everything that you needed to see. um, it's literally just a simple laser which, also on tik tok, you kind of have to use these products that like create controversy, like obviously, you can see how this laser is pretty dangerous: blah, blah, blah and um, people, it gets like their mind, their mind just starts like running through ideas that you can like shoot with this laser. so that also helps. like the typical, you know, facebook, more logical products don't work as well on tiktoks. what i've seen, it's those more emotional ones, and obviously tik tok is, you know, mainly catered to younger people, so they don't want to be buying like a kitchen cleaner, like some basic, like home essentials and stuff. they want to buy this crazy stuff. that's like. you know, they can show their friends, they can like mess around and like have fun. and um, yeah, i actually, you know, have the product right here and originally i bought the product and i was like 15 because i literally thought it was cool. so my friend told me about this business model of like using tiktok for organics. i'm like, hey, let me try it. on our third day, we literally did 18 000 in a day. this is completely separate from this video or from this day right here, june 22nd, but my third day doing it, we also did another 18 thousand dollars. uh, once again, seventy five percent profit margins and um, yeah, it was because, genuinely like, i bought the product and i was at a young age, which is like the ideal age that i was targeting on tiktok- and um, i knew it was gonna work. well, it's controversial and you gotta have that youtuber type voice like yo guys, look at this military great laser. blah, blah, blah. like. i haven't seen much success, personally speaking with like, hey guys, look at this military grade and just stating all the facts, you gotta use emotion, you gotta have fun with it. people gotta be commenting, like i think someone commented on my video like, oh, this guy has a typical youtuber voice, blah, blah. and like, honestly, i think it helps. um, and then also pewdiepie: actually he posted one of my tiktoks in his videos, which was also cool. it was actually for a different product. so, um, yeah, anyways, guys, i think that you know kind of sums it up: uh, it's pretty simple. honestly, it's just gonna show the results, gonna show, you know, the potential to like scale this too much higher and, honestly, hopefully this video inspires the youth, all the young people watching this video, because this is a crazy opportunity that when i started i didn't have. so literally all it takes is amazon prime to order the product, your home, shoot content with it and the sky's the limit. there's literally no excuse of the drop shipping. it's only getting easier, despite what everyone says. so, yeah, i'll end the video there. if you guys have any questions, comments or concerns, put it down below. i'll probably be responding to every single comment and let me know if you have.