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Million Dollar Mindset (For Building ANY Online Business)

Published on: December 7 2022 by Nick Peroni

Million Dollar Mindset (For Building ANY Online Business)

Million Dollar Mindset (For Building ANY Online Business)

all right everyone welcome to the first
lesson of the online marketing
principles and in this module I really
want to go through some of the key
factors to mindset strategy and just
understanding the fundamentals of online
marketing I think this is one of the the
biggest things that I see missing in so
much of the e-commerce training out
there is the these things are so
important all right and in this mindset
module I really want to go through what
I think are some of the key philosophies
and understandings that anybody should
have to be able to find success in any
type of online business so the number
one reason I believe most people fail is
because they have them wrong mindset and
I think that I'm not the only person
that believes this right mindset is
something that you learn from others
okay there's not many new ideas of
thoughts that are out there
I've studied mindset for years and at
the end of this I'm going to give you
some of the resources of people that
I've learned from that changed my life
so that you can go look those resources
up if you want but this is the reason
that I think it's the number one reason
people fail because if you have the
right mindset the amount of experience
you have doesn't matter the amount of
skill you have doesn't matter the amount
of startup cash you have doesn't matter
where are you from in the world doesn't
matter your disadvantages don't matter
the right mindset will overcome any of
that now to what degree - what does your
success look like that kind of stuff is
your mindset right what does success
look like to you what kind of goals do
you have how much money do you want to
make where do you want to live right
these are the things that are gonna
determine what your success is and are
gonna help you get through I started
with nothing okay now it's not because I
have the worst sob story in the world or
anything like that but the reality is
when I got started I started with
nothing I was broke I was at the bottom
I was massively in debt I had no
experience I had just
failed my first attempt at a business I
was trying to venture into this online
world of making money and that first
book that changed my life was the 4-hour
workweek by Tim Ferriss because it
introduced me to the idea of making
money online and outsourcing in this
whole basic digital economy and the new
rich like this concept changed my life
right and it took me a long time to put
the pieces together
that's another important thing to
remember is that your timeline your
journey is not the same as anybody
else's right
you should not compare your chapter one
to somebody else's chapter 10 right I've
been doing this for a certain amount of
time compared to you the by just
beginning started compared to somebody
who's been doing it longer than me and
has got bigger results than me right you
never know that all we see in this world
of social media is the success results
okay we only see when somebody actually
makes it because they're not really
toking about the struggle they're
celebrating the victories right so you
don't know what went into that people
look at me now and they say man you live
in a dream like this is amazing but you
don't know how many years I'd fall for
that how many years I put my blood sweat
and tears to get in that right and so
that that's what matters the most is
understanding that your mindset your
your philosophy and and just all of
these things are going to determine your
route your success if you quit or if you
stik with it right because a person who
refuses to give up this is my mindset
okay you want to sum up why the wrong
mindset versus the right mindset because
the universe will always yield to a mind
that refuses to quit until it gets what
it wants okay now there's a lot of
factors in that right you have to know
what you want you have to believe in
what you want you have to believe it's
really possible and then you have to be
willing to work and work and work and
I'll hustle anybody no excuse is good
enough right
but you
have to come from that mission first
mentality that no excuse is good enough
until I achieve the mission okay now you
may think that I'm crazy it's sounding
like that but you know what that's
that's the success mindset and if you go
out there and you listen to the most
successful people that are building
massive companies and doing amazing
things as an entrepreneur then I think
you're gonna find that they all have
that type of focus because that's what
it takes in in this world to create that
type of success okay so let's get
started your Shopify store it's like a
Ferrari all right in the right drivers
hands it's a powerful machine all right
but in the wrong hands it's wasted okay
if you if you take somebody who's never
driven a car before and you put them
into a Ferrari they're probably gonna
credit crash that car you know actually
they might not even know how to get that
car started and if they do know how to
get it started they probably have no
idea how to control it or how to use
that that amazing machine that they have
in the palm of their hands right you
have to know what you're doing you have
to have the the skill and the experience
and the understanding and the mindset to
drive a car like a Ferrari to drive it
well and to actually harness the real
power that that vehicle has now does
that mean it's difficult or that you
know that not anybody can do it no it
doesn't mean that at all but you still
have to be able to get to that point
right in the right hands is a powerful
machine in the wrong hands that power is
completely wasted a growth mindset is
very different from a fixed month set
okay a growth mindset is going to be
somebody who understands that failure is
the quickest path to success all right
failure is the quickest path to success
always now it doesn't mean that you just
want to fail you know haphazardly all
the time and not like really be thinking
or really be doing or really be
understanding if you fail then
we'll get what happened create some type
of adjustment and then try again right
you never want to keep trying the same
exact thing over and over and over again
that's what most people do we'll try
they'll fail they'll try the same exact
thing without changing anything and
they'll fail again and then they'll do
it maybe one more time and then they'll
fail it'll quit right but what you want
to do is you want to think about okay if
I fail all right I'm just like Thomas
Edison said okay when they tok about
that famous quote about the light bulb
right and how it took him ten thousand
tries and he says you know I didn't fail
ten thousand times I found 10,000 ways
that didn't work right he just kept
trying and changing the formula until he
found what worked okay now whether that
story is true or not it's still relevant
to the idea of what we're doing right
here this is how you build a successful
business in e-commerce right if you
drive one product then it doesn't work
people most people were going to quit oh
this doesn't work oh it gave me bad
advice uh you know what this whole thing
this whole model doesn't work no that's
not it at all right it's not the model
that doesn't work because people were
out there doing it I'm successful I've
showed conscience to thousands of other
people how to be successful the the
model is not broken the mindset is what
is the differentiating factor in any
business in any success that you see out
there okay so look at another point I
can learn anything I want versus I'm not
good enough or I can't or my abilities
don't change right a growth mindset
understands that you may be where you're
at right now right you may be at a level
of being completely unaware right now
all these steps that you need to go
through to get to you know your first
hundred thousand dollars or a million
dollar business or something like that
right but if you have a growth mindset
you understand that these are things
that you can learn okay just like riding
a bike first time you get on a bike you
know most people get on a bike with
training wheels or if you don't get on a
bike with training wheels you're gonna
fall over a lot you don't know how to do
it it's a skill you've never practiked
before but eventually you
and you get good at it and you practike
and then it becomes something that you
can do without it thinking about right
that that's the same thing as any type
of learning okay and the challenge is
that most people only equate that type
of learning to very common things but it
works the same way a high level skill
sets you have to practike and practike
and be willing to fail and be willing to
say I suck and be willing to know that
you're going to get better at it every
expert started as a brand new person
okay effort and attitude is going to
determine your abilities alright you
have to be grateful while also
understanding that you are growing okay
gratitude is one of the most important
parts of success all right successful
people are not envious of other people
they don't they're not jealous they're
not haters they don't tell other people
down you know I'm not gonna say that
they're perfect obviously like I've had
my doubts with other people and I've had
my things and opinions that I've gone
through but like at the end of the day I
understand that I'm not I'm not bad at
somebody else's success I'm happy for
them because that shows me what's
possible right I know that my effort in
my attitude is the right thing and if
I'm grateful for everything I have and
grateful for the opportunities and
grateful for the fact that I've been
given a growth mindset did I know that I
can learn how to achieve what I want to
achieve right you see you see how it
shifts people and will think this way
but this is the way that I've learned to
think from successful entrepreneurs and
it's what's turned me into a successful
entrepreneur is understanding that you
have to be grateful for the gifts that
you have and the future that's coming to
you based on what the process that
you're going through right now right you
can't look at the process as a burden
you have to look at it in gratitude of
what it's going to turn you into if you
continue with that process until the end
feedback is constructed right of course
most people don't want to be critikized
most people in this watered down
mediocre society that we live in want to
be you know accept
they want to be told that they're the
best they want to be given ribbons even
if they didn't come in first place
you know like look you have to you have
to know okay that you're not going to
become great at what you do if you think
that being average is is great right you
have to understand that to be great to
become really good at something you have
to take feedback you have to learn from
others and you have to the practike to
get better okay
mindset is an ongoing commitment to
never-ending improvement that's an
important thing to understand that
you're never like done with mindset you
never want to get into a place where you
think okay I know it all
I've done it all I figured it all out
because that's a silly right right even
even the smartest people in the world in
fact Albert Einstein has a fantastik
quote where he says the more I learn the
more I realize I don't know and that's
that's just so amazing right and you're
toking about somebody who's generally
considered one of the smartest people
would ever live right like the word
Einstein has literally become a term for
a genius to be an Einstein you know and
and so the more I learned the more I
realize I don't know mindset is an
ongoing term it you're never you're
never there you've never become perfect
there's always something more you can
learn something more you can do and and
realize that as we get older and as we
evolve and as we develop there's always
next level right and so you don't want
to get stagnant you want to continually
be finding something that's gonna
stimulate and challenge you and keep you
outside of your comfort zone so now
let's look about a few points now that
toked was just general akka toked
about mindset all day but now I want to
tok about a few specific key points
that I think are necessary for the right
mindset going into e-commerce and
starting an e-commerce business and
becoming a successful e-commerce
entrepreneur first thing is your
business philosophy now this is
something that I learned from Jim Rohn
and I think that this applies to any
that you're doing because your business
philosophy is is what you believe right
you can see the little graphic there it
encodes multiple things that they come
into basically the core essentials of
what your business is right what are you
committed to in integrity committed to
excellence are you committed to quality
committed to innovation committed to the
service you provide and you should be
coming to all of those things really but
you you want to think about what are
your business values right then values
as a person so you want to think about
this in terms of a business as well
because your business is going to be the
face and the brand and the idea that
connects with your customers and I know
this is a little abstract and it may be
a little bit much for you with your
you're thinking about just oh I'm just
getting started making building a
dropship business but the the reality is
that you know this is stuff that is what
builds real brands right and so I want
you to know this now be aware of it okay
I'm not saying you need this necessarily
to get started just now but this is
what's gonna direct the future of your
business what you're committed to why
are you even in business in the first
place why are you here why are you
watching this video why do you want to
build an e-commerce business why do you
want to make money right and so I don't
know what that answer is but that's
something that you need to think about
because that's that's so important to to
the future of your business and who
you're gonna be your business is going
to be a direct reflection of you and
what you believe right you can't never
outperform your own self if you believe
all you're capable of as a million
dollar business you're never gonna cheat
more than that right if you believe
you're capable of a hundred million
dollar business your business philosophy
and your goals and your long term
commitments are going to look I'm not
different right if you believe that
people deserve the absolute best and you
should treat everybody with the absolute
highest integrity your business is gonna
reflect that in the culture in the way
you treat your customers and the way you
treat your employees and the way you
know so that that's your
and this is something that I think is so
crucial right it's like old-school
marketing stuff that people not even
old-school marketing also entrepreneur
stuff that I don't see too many people
toking about anymore and so I wanted to
bring this back because I think it's so
powerful that you actually take the time
to think about this right you actually
take the time to answer these questions
and not just on a surface level but
really go deep and think about why am I
here what am I trying to achieve what is
my long-term goal what do I want to get
to and I promise you that while you may
just be getting started now that is
gonna it's it's gonna make a difference
all right because someone who knows why
they're here and somebody who knows what
they're committed to somebody who knows
what their values are it's gonna have a
much stronger mindset it's gonna have a
much stronger long-term vision and
dedication to their success than
somebody who's just here and has no idea
what they're doing and it's just looking
to make some cash and it's gonna get
frustrated really quickly when they
don't see results in day one and they're
not rich by the end of the week and you
know what I mean it's gonna play a big
difference in having an actual
philosophy this is what real businesses
and real success is made of and it's an
ongoing process right you're always
going to view reevaluate as you grow
because your values may change or your
you know your commitments might change
I'm in a process of re-evaluating now as
I've grown from you know you know just
wanting to make it to now actually
wanting to really grow into a much
larger Empire with a much bigger impact
okay so you you always want to be
thinking about a philosophy and where
you're trying to get to what you're
trying to achieve okay your business
philosophy as I've kind of already as a
kind of already hinted at in the last is
is kind of directly going to move with
your business road back alright it's
going to help you identify your business
wrote that this is something that Tony
Robbins toks about and it's it's the
idea of in an ever-changing world right
marketplace is moving very quickly okay
you don't need a business plan you need
a business roadmap because a business
plan is stagnant a business plan is like
the thing of of yesterday okay and I'm
not saying that business plans can't
work but I'm just trying to get you in
the mindset of not thinking like okay
once I write something down on paper
that's it and this is what I'm stiking
to because the marketplace is evolving
much faster than it ever did you know
ecommerce you're toking about all
online marketing in sales right and so
when you look at how fast that market is
growing and evolving that it's it's a
business plan is just gonna slow you
down right you need a business roadmap
evening you have to know where you want
to go right and then constantly evaluate
your progress to find the gaps and
adjust accordingly okay now this is like
in gps's so if you think about a GPS
system the way a GPS system works it's
you don't you have you have to know the
end destination first right so if I if I
want to go somewhere the only way my GPS
system can get me there as if I know
where I want to go okay that's the goal
I have to know where I want to be and
then once I plug that in the GPS is
gonna route me a way to get there our
minds are the same way your mind cannot
start working on the route of where you
want to get to until you actually know
the goal here's an example just a very
small example when I first got started
in e-commerce and I was starting to do
well and I was starting to make money i
down many to go I hadn't done it I was
just making money and I was thinking
this was cool so I wanted to know okay
how far can I really push this right and
so I made a goal of wanting to get to a
hundred thousand dollars a month okay
and as soon as I made that goal it only
actually took me three months before I
hit that all right back up a step even
further when I first was getting started
just in the online world I came from
humble beginnings and I wanted to I
wanted to think about what what do I
want right it's
I decided $10,000 a month was my first
goal now it took me a while for my mind
to route my way to get there but
eventually I did and when I hit the
$10,000 a month I made a new goal right
and so you have to know where you want
to go okay and then you start trying
things now remember what we toked about
just a few minutes back once you start
trying things you want to try
specifically right and if you fail at
something you want to look at why you
failed evaluate what happened and then
try again by adjusting your course right
and so that's like the idea of if we're
still using our metaphor you take a
wrong turn and then your GPS is gonna
reroute you to try to keep you on track
to the goal alright so for example with
me when I first got started in on the
online world you know I tried a lot of
things I started by getting started with
network marketing that is where I ended
up just getting started okay
and it didn't work for me I learned a
lot of things that introduced me to a
lot of concepts in the online marketing
but it didn't work for me and I
evaluated why and I ended up deciding
because this is not the type of business
model that I like right and so I I then
I looked at a different business model
right and so I just kept you know you
were just something and you evaluate
your progress to figure out the gaps of
what you don't know okay and so I was
like okay I don't know how to actually
you know just as an example I don't know
how to actually start getting traffic to
a website right so I studied that and I
figure out how to get traffic okay now
I'm getting traffic to a website I don't
know how to actually make these people
buy something so now I look at that gap
and I start studying that gap in
figuring out what do I need to learn
what skillset do I not have yet to start
getting these people to buy once they're
buying okay that's great I'm making a
couple sales but I'm not making 10k a
month yet what do I need to learn to get
this up to 10 km all right you see how
this is a road map that's ever evolving
and it evolves with our goals and with
what we need to emerge to constantly
keep getting better so that our mind can
keep ingesting to get to the gold
we want to get to this is a powerful
strategy if you understand this and
again it's not my strategy I took this
from Tony Robbins I'm just giving it
back to you in my own words because I
know how well it's worked for me in my
own life in my own business of
everything about doing next long-term
thinking okay short-term thinking kills
long-term goals all right and I want to
be careful here because it's it's
important that we make money in the
short term right this is why a lot of
people you know I I recommend like you
don't quit your job right away like I
did because if you can't provide for
yourself right I don't know what
position you're in but just as an
example right if you quit your job and
try to go all-in then now you're in a
position where you have to really be
thinking about catching the mediator
okay and that's hard to have a long-term
goal if you're thinking like that you're
gonna get stuck in this endless cycle of
thinking about how do I make my next
couple of dollars and that it's hard to
have a long-term goal right the real
prize in any business is thinking about
the the last thing thing what you're
going towards what you're trying to get
at right the perfect example is Amazon
okay now one of the biggest companies in
the world trillion-dollar company and
when they got started I mean they they
were operating in the red for years
for years and years and years they
weren't turning a profit because they
were focus they knew where they were
headed Jeff Bezos knew where he was
headed and where I was trying to get to
right well that's that's an example on a
really big level but it it works it at
any level okay because if you're only
focused on the cash grab then it's it's
gonna kill any long-term goals cuz
you're constantly going to be focused on
how do I make some money now so if
you're in a position right now where
you're getting started and you have some
sort of income coming in that's great
don't give up that income until you've
managed to build something else I
promise you is only gonna slow your
progress and I know that from experience
because I gave up my end I'm Way too
early right and I still made it but it
was it was harder okay and if you are in
a position now where you've already
given up your
coming you're trying to make things work
then you do need to focus on something
short-term you need to figure out a way
to start generating some cash and that
might be to go back and get job
somewhere you know that might be to if
you have a skill set start freelancing
that's still set to make some money but
you just have to understand that
ecommerce is a long-term game and yes
you can make money in the short term but
it's it's more difficult right and I
want everybody I want to be making sure
that this training is focused on not
like some sort of get rich quick cash
grab type scheme this is a real business
this is about building a brand that can
be sustained and we're possibly exited
into the future or evolve into something
bigger right so you want to focus on now
with that skill set is to generate some
maybe that structure bait if you
understand business and you understand
marketing dropshipping is a great way to
generate cash flow in the short term if
you're brand new drop shipping is still
gonna require a learning curve and
investing money so like these are things
that you need to think about but no
matter what
don't confuse short term from long term
okay the real prize the real success is
in building something that lasts long
abundance over scarcity all right this
is something that's really really
important as you're gonna see as you
enter this world if you haven't seen
already you're going to be surrounded by
marketers you're going to be surrounded
by all these people toking about their
business sharing those you know this and
it can start to seem sometimes that
there's scarcity right it can start to
seem that like everybody is all focused
on the same thing and we're all so into
the same people and it's a crowded
marketplace but that's just like a
limited perception based on your
everyday reality of who you're
interacting with if you think about the
world in terms of abundance okay
billions and billions of people in the
world new market opportunities emerging
every day new companies being born old
companies dying new companies dying or
you know it's there is no shortage of
opportunity right now the only
limitations in your business and in your
life as
time are in your own right all right if
you're delivering value if you're being
creative and you're doing your best to
innovate there's never going to be a
shortage of opportunity for you to
succeed all right now what I mean by
that number one value okay this can't be
overstated you have to actually be
delivering some sort of value to your
customer making their life better in
some way with your product okay
creativity this is I love this point
creativity over competition right you
want to be creative about what you do
don't get stuck in a race to the bottom
copying everybody else competing with
everybody else find ways that you can be
creative and stand out from the crowd
and that has to do with innovation right
innovation doesn't have to mean that you
design something or that you create
something okay innovating could be in
the message right you could have a
better message or maybe you have better
packaging or maybe you innovate on the
experience that you give your customer
there's a lot of ways that you can
innovate all right it's just about
thinking outside the box and not being
stuck in a bubble Oh
creativity on competition I forgot this
was a deal entire side on itself
and it should be because that's that
important all right no matter what you
sell or who your competition is you can
always win by being more creative all
right this is this is such an important
concept I learned in a book called the
science of getting rich same thing with
this concept
London's over scarcity two really
powerful concepts buy that book the
science of getting rich your business is
going to live and die based on your
marketing okay creative marketing is
what builds brands created marketing is
how you stand out in a very crowded
online marketing world it's creative
marketing is the difference between one
person being successful selling a
product and the other person not being
successful trying to sell the same exact
product okay it created marketing
alright that means okay that means
you're a marketer this is important to
understand alright because a lot of
people think it's like oh okay I'm an
entrepreneur and that's true
loren entrepreneur if you go
business but that doesn't mean it's like
oh all I have to do is put some products
on its store and then you know get these
images up and then start like showing
them the people and I'll start making
money right no it's not like that
it doesn't mean oh I need to do is go to
the store go out there find some
products I see selling well for somebody
else and then start selling them myself
oh it doesn't work like that because the
differentiating factor you're missing is
that they might be a great marketer and
you might know nothing about marketing
marketing is a big big difference and so
we're gonna cover quite a few things
when it comes to actual marketing
psychology in principles in this Academy
because you know while I don't claim to
be the greatest marketer of all time by
any means I've learned what I've learned
by studying great marketers and studying
great marketing it's all around us it's
everywhere right but you know I
understand career I've become really
good at it and it's it's just all about
the way that you position things right
it's all about your angle it's all about
the message okay so when you're able to
be created you make the competition
irrelevant when you're able to be
creative you make the competition
irrelevant this is one of the lessons
I've learned early on from Jay Abraham I
know I said science of getting rich but
also Jay Abraham showed me this and the
first company I built it had success in
I was a co-founder of a company called
the Isle of team and it was a photobooth
company which at the time was it's in
America it's a very popular and uprising
trend at the time we started this
company and basically there were a lot
of like mom-and-pop type shops that were
doing photo booths right it wasn't it
was a competitive industry okay what we
did is we found the way to be creative
we found a way to innovate on the sales
process right basically we were one of
the first people with the photobooth
industry to actually create a very
unique online marketing and online sales
or online booking process for photo
booths most people were doing it an
old-school mom-and-pop way
calls and flyers you know business cards
and we took it to the online started
creating creative marketing campaigns
and because of that we made the
competition here out of it even though
they were trying to compete with us on
price even though they were trying to
match us all price and even though they
were directories full full photo booth
options we soared and it quickly became
a million dollar company and was blowing
away the competition because of a
creative marketing strategy all right
so your creativity is always going to
trump your competition delivering value
all right money flows from ideas and the
more value you deliver the more money
you will make
okay we are not here right I am NOT I'm
not here to just like promote saying hey
let's sell cheap stuff just to make
money okay that's not what this is about
I want to make that very clear from the
beginning value can take many forms but
at the very least okay
you should always be trying to deliver
more in use value than what you receive
in cash value okay so they're basically
as you can see in the formula there did
you smell you is what they received
right the quality of the product the
service is backed by that product that
should always be more value than what
they pay for it that's how you'd make a
customer happy right if what they get
they feel like was lower in value than
what they paid now you're in a business
model or you're running a business where
your customers aren't happy and that
business is not going to best alright if
you look at the riches some of the
biggest companies richest people in the
world you can see that it stems from the
value that they created look at us as an
example let's look at Bill Gates and
Microsoft okay Microsoft change the way
that people interacted with computers
right and what Bill Gates did the the
amount of money that Bill Gates is worth
the amount of money that Microsoft is
worth is in direct proportion to the
impact his idea had on the
roll to the value that he delivered now
does that mean his product is perfect no
but when you look at the overall impact
how many lives were changed by people
using Microsoft and actually installing
it and being able to get work done in a
different way than ever before
right like that was the value okay same
thing with a company like Amazon now
Amazon has had some you know some people
critikized Amazon for the way that they
do business and putting other people out
of business like bookstores and listen
man and regardless of what you have to
say about that
Amazon innovated on a value in an online
marketplace okay if you look at early
tapes of just Jeff Bezos toking about
what he wanted to do and I hope he
wanted to change the shopping experience
for a customer he was innovating in a
way that nobody else was doing he was
delivering value in a way that nobody
else was doing right and so that that's
why Amazon grew to be the mass that it
is Amazon's work is in direct proportion
to the amount of knives that they have
impacted through the service and the
quality that they deliver okay that's
really important to understand across
any business model don't be afraid to
invest this is also really important
most people start from nothing I
understand that but it's important to
understand you know I'm never gonna have
like me personally I'll never have any
pity for somebody that it's like oh you
know I'm starting from nothing or oh I
have no money because I started there
too when I got started I didn't have a
cell phone my cell phone was shut off I
was three months behind all right almost
ready to get evicted
I had nothing in the bank in fact I
remember one Christmas where it was it
was right around Christmas time I had
just invested in a coaching program and
I was counting on like some money to
come in and help me afford this program
and you know things didn't work out the
way that I expected I had taken a bigger
bleep than I could really afford and I
got hit with a rebuilt for a coaching
installment plan and ended up going
negative in my bank account like $1,000
right around Chris it was right after
Christmas actually right after Christmas
right before the new year and you know
so I know what it's like to start from
nothing I know it's like to go really
terrible situations financially but you
you constantly need to be investing that
didn't deter me from the next time I had
a chance to invest in the new course it
didn't stop me from the next time I have
a chance to invest in something right I
was always willing to put my master hour
in that I had to what I wanted all right
now I realized that might be different
based on you know if you have a family
or dependents or whatever I was single
so I was you know I was much more able
to do that but no matter what you have a
threshold right and you have to be
willing to invest to get things okay to
invest in your education to get the
things that are going to teach you how
to get to the next level right because
what's gonna help you over zero to ten
thousand is might not be the same thing
that you need to go from ten down
hundreds and then to go from a hundred
thousand to a million dollars right it
takes new growth at each level to
achieve that it takes new knowledge and
the best way to get that knowledge and
and understand what you need to be doing
to get to the next level is by investing
in that education from people that can
teach you and show you what they did to
get there already right
so always be investing in yourself and
always be investing in your business
like when you're starting out you know a
lot of times people say well how much
money should I be putting back into the
business you should be putting
everything back into the business all
right make sure you have money to eat
make sure you have money to take care of
your responsibilities but other than
that everything should be going back
into the business right because you know
what are you doing if you're not trying
to scale your business right because of
it there's a threshold point right a
threshold point where you will be able
to start having like a draw consistent
draw maybe but until you get to that
point everything should be going back
into it in my
pity right because otherwise what are
you doing here if you're not all if
you're not all in on your dreams of
growing the business and getting to the
next level then you know like you know
something to think about okay and then
finally master paid trafficking
conversions okay this is an interesting
one because I've toked with some people
before that might want to start a
business and want to start a company but
they're like oh I don't want to learn
Facebook ads or oh I don't wanna learn
how to run ads you know like but look
the reality is that the only thing that
makes your business a real business is
getting sales and if you're an
e-commerce the only thing that is
getting you sales is if you are running
paid traffic and actually getting people
to your store to make purchases okay you
have to know how to buy traffic and
optimized for conversions now if you're
brand new we're gonna tok about this
it's a skill it's a skill you have to
learn and you may not be good at it when
you start but it's something that
anybody can learn how to do through
practike trial and error it's going to
take money right remember don't be
afraid to invest you're not gonna get
wealthy you're not gonna create success
without investing money there's no such
thing okay so you're gonna have to be
willing to invest and learn and spend
money and don't do the process but
unless you're planning to outsource this
to someone guess what you have to learn
it okay it's not just gonna happen
itself you have to be willing to do this
or you have to be willing to pay
somebody who has that skill and I can
tell you it's not a cheap skill people
that understand trafficking conversions
are are you know it's a it's a high it's
a high demand skill so your best bet is
to learn how to do this yourself or to
go find a partner that knows how to do
this and where you bring some sort of
different value okay
free traffic ISM it for any money that
might be thinking well you know what
that I'll just start with free traffic I
don't need to worry about buying traffic
free traffic is a myth okay you're never
it there's no such thing as free traffic
you're either paying with your time or
you're paying with money okay one of the
other and time is actually mailed out
before that money
because you can make money and you can
continue to make money and do lots of
things with money but you can't make
time alright you can't ever add more
time to your life okay so you want to be
thinking about that alright and free
traffic even if you do get some good
free traffic it's it's only gonna get
you so far right free traffic is rarely
scalable because it's you know it's
based on just being able to you know I'd
say for example you're like okay well
I'm just gonna go you know post on a
bunch of forms and do this in that and
and sure that can work I actually know
somebody that launched by posting in
groups with their product and and that
can work but you know that traffic died
out quickly right it's not something you
can rely on it's not something you can
depend on and it's certainly not
something that you can scale to you know
to a higher level than whatever the
market dictates right so this is
something that is an important idea to
get through your mind now you're gonna
have to learn how to do master paid
traffic and conversions unless you plan
to outsource this hire somebody or or
have a partner that knows how to do this
so in in closing here I hope you found
this a really good video on mindset I
think I went over I gave you guys a lot
of like my own you know thoughts and
experience but again a lot of this stuff
came from studying other people alright
and and you're gonna find that and we
all have our unique voice and it's been
my own unique words too and mixed with
my own experience and I've tried to put
it to a very specific modern focus of
how to succeed as an e-commerce
entrepreneur and what are the things
that you need to understand the most on
the mindset side to be successful in
e-commerce but at the end of the day
these are the resources of masters that
you can go get more information if you
really want to dig deeper into some of
this stuff I mentioned some of them as
we went through their gym room for
business philosophy he's got some
amazing stuff Tony Robbins for business
roadmap Tony Robbins has several books
and yet you know
but he toks about this stuff you can
you can look it up and find information
from Tony Robbins and he has a lot of
great mindset stuff as well the book
Think and Grow Rich is something that
really helped me understand long term
thinking the science of getting rich
really helped me understand the
abundance over scarcity concept and also
the creativity of a competition concept
but I have Jay Abraham next the
creativity of competition because he is
he's really a master at understanding
how to differentiate yourself in a
marketplace right now
JD Abraham could be listed for every one
of these because he's basically a genius
when it comes to marketing but I would
study as much of his content as you can
you're gonna find it to be very high
level and a little bit abstract but the
man is a genius and if you're truly
looking to be like an innovator then and
he's a person you should be paying
attention to the Blue Ocean Strategy is
a great book that toks about how to
basically create a blue ocean of
opportunity right and a lot of it has to
do with the value of what you deliver it
toks about how to look at markets that
are out there and then how to find ways
that you can deliver better value or
different value that helps differentiate
you as a business and standout it's very
it's a high level book right but it's
also very practikal like they walk you
through steps that could be applied to
any business model don't be afraid to
invest there's great book zero or one by
Peter Thiel and paid traffic you know
there's really no book on that right
that's just going to come down to
practike and testing and studying from
others that are doing it we have a lot
of paid traffic stuff inside the econ
empires Academy and not just for me I'm
including many guest courses from from
other others that are part of this group
and then and and then our respective
experts in their respective area where I
just want to try to say and then there
will also be ways that you can invest
you know like so for example with
Facebook Ads uh
somebody I have my own Facebook as
training but I'll also have an expert
that delivers like some good content on
Facebook Ads
and then if you want to invest in a
higher Facebook Ads education then you
know we'll have we'll have a link in
here where you can where you can do that
and then more mindset stuff people that
are just some of the top names that came
to me that have influenced me Jack
Canfield has several several good books
on on mindset les brown is so man this
guy's a great speaker and he he really
influenced me in a big way when I was
getting started just listening to he I
think he has a twelve part series called
shoot for the moon and I used to listen
them into my car on repeat really
influential for me Bob Proctor has a lot
of great mindset stuff this guy's like
one of the fathers of the whole law of
attraction idea Gary Vaynerchuk I'm sure
you know this guy's all over the place
all over social media is that great
stuff great great mindset stuff grant
cardone same thing this guy's all over
social media too he's got some really
good mindset training and business
training as well and Earl Nightingale
this guy's like the godfather of mindset
there's something called the strangest
secret in the world if you haven't
listened to it I highly suggest you
check it out and find it on YouTube it's
like a 30-minute audio where he toks
about the mindset of why some people are
successful and when most people are not
successful it's extremely powerful the
first time I heard of it it literally
changed everything for me
okay so don't underestimate this stuff
guys you know working on your mind is
actually one of the hardest things if
you think about it if you think about
yourself if you think about other people
how many people actually take time every
day to work on their mind to work on
their mindset and their mentality to
actually just sit down and think what do
I want what do I want to be what is my
purpose what am I trying to achieve
what's the goal here what's the strategy
what's the plan
like people generally sit down and think
about this right because we're
constantly bombarded by
for Theismann's and we have our phones
and we have social media and all these
distractions and I get distracted too
but the difference is that you have to
take a serious time period of you know
reconditioning your mind when I got
started as an entrepreneur literally
like the first year to two years was
almost completely focused on mindset for
me sure I was studying and learning
skills too but I was reading and I was
listening to these audios and I was I
was reconditioning myself from basically
you know 25 years of the wrong thinking
and and stuff that I had never learned
before because they don't teach you this
in school they don't teach you this in
in the basic public education and unless
your parents are successful
entrepreneurs chances are they are not
teaching it to you where they didn't
teach it to you either
just like unless your friends or your
other brothers and sisters or you know
unless they're they may be great people
I'm not saying you're not fantastik I
love my family and you know but unless
they are successful entrepreneurs I
doubt that they know this stuff I doubt
that their thinking in this way right
this is a whole different School of
Education that requires self development
and personal development that it takes
time to rewire our minds and to
understand these things and to break
down you know the conditioning of a very
negative mediocre washed-up society
right if you don't want to be like the
masses if you don't want to be like the
ninety percent if you don't want to be
like the people that walk around pissed
off about life if you don't want to be
like the people that are stuck in a
dead-end job working for 40 years of
their life getting two weeks vacation a
year only to get to the end of them life
and realize they're too old to even
really enjoy it they miss the best years
of their life right this is the stuff
you need to think about this is the
stuff that's going to help you not only
create an amazing life but it's going to
help you create an amazing business all
right so that's everything from me
for the mindset lesson I hope that you
enjoyed this I hope you got a lot of
value out of there
I will see you the next

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