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minden press herald classified ads

Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

Did you know that there are over 14 million radio antennas and cell phone towers installed all over the world? These central stations are responsible for transmitting and receiving signals for our cell phones. In fact, we transmit over 600 terabytes of data every month using these cell phones. However, there are several issues with this technology, including limited capacity, high energy consumption, security concerns, and the need to turn off cell phones in certain situations. In this article, we will explore these problems and propose a solution using visible light.


1. Limited capacity: Radio waves, which are currently used for data transmission, have limited bandwidth and are expensive to use. The number of data bits and the amount of data transmitted each month do not match the available spectrum.

2. Energy consumption: The millions of cell phone antennas and central stations consume a significant amount of energy, most of which is used to cool the transmission centers. This low efficiency is a major problem.

3. Security concerns: Radio waves can penetrate walls and can be intercepted, posing a security risk. This is a major concern in hospitals and other facilities where security is important.

4. Turning off cell phones on airplanes: It is necessary to turn off cell phones during flights, which can be inconvenient for passengers.


To address these challenges, we propose using visible light for data transmission. LED lamps can be used as a replacement for traditional light bulbs, providing both illumination and data transmission capabilities. LED lamps are semiconductors that can be controlled to produce different levels of intensity and can be turned on and off rapidly.

We have developed a technology called SIM OFDM (Simultaneous Optical Frequency Division Multiplexing) that allows for parallel transmission of multiple data streams at high speeds. This technology can be integrated into LED lamps, allowing for thousands of parallel data transmissions.

By using LED lamps for data transmission, we can take advantage of the existing infrastructure and significantly increase capacity. With LED lamps installed on every surface, we would have 10,000 times more spectrum available for data transmission compared to radio waves.


1. Increased capacity: With LED lamps installed everywhere, we would have a much larger spectrum available for data transmission, allowing for faster and more efficient communication.

2. Energy efficiency: LED lamps are more energy efficient compared to traditional light bulbs, making data transmission more sustainable and cost-effective.

3. Availability: LED lamps are widely available and can be easily integrated into existing devices, such as phones, cameras, and traffic lights, allowing for seamless communication.

4. Security: Visible light cannot penetrate walls, ensuring secure data transmission. This makes it ideal for sensitive environments where security is a top priority.

In conclusion, using visible light for data transmission can address the challenges of limited capacity, high energy consumption, security concerns, and the need to turn off cell phones in certain situations. LED lamps provide a powerful and efficient solution for data transmission, allowing for faster, more secure, and more reliable communication. With the potential to revolutionize our communication systems, this technology has the power to transform our daily lives and enhance our connectivity.

Barcelona | The Best Way to Experience the City!

In this article, we will explore various topics ranging from Airbnb to popular YouTube videos, Sagrada La Familia, COVID-19, and Google. We will also touch upon some other interesting subjects such as GPS unlocking, Vespers, and parking. So, without further ado, let's dive right in!

1. Airbnb:

- Airbnb is a popular online marketplace that allows individuals to rent out their properties to travelers.

- It offers a unique and personalized experience for travelers, allowing them to stay in local homes rather than traditional hotels.

- With over 250 million bookings made through Airbnb, it has become a go-to platform for many travelers.

- The flexibility and affordability of Airbnb have made it a preferred choice for accommodation.

2. Yego Sandy:

- Yego Sandy is a renowned travel vlogger on YouTube, known for his exciting and adventurous videos.

- His channel has gained a substantial following of 15 million subscribers who eagerly await his next travel escapade.

- Yego Sandy's videos showcase various destinations worldwide, providing viewers with a virtual travel experience.

- His engaging storytelling and cinematic shots make his videos a delight to watch.

3. GPS Unlocking:

- Unlocking GPS on your device can provide you with accurate navigation and location services.

- This feature allows you to access real-time traffic updates, find nearby attractions, and navigate unfamiliar areas with ease.

- By unlocking GPS, you can make the most out of your travel experience and ensure a smooth journey.

4. Sagrada La Familia by Gaudi:

- Sagrada La Familia is an iconic basilica located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by the legendary architect Antoni Gaudi.

- The construction of this masterpiece began in 1882 and is estimated to be completed in 2026.

- Its unique architectural style and intricate details make it a must-visit attraction for tourists from around the world.

- Sagrada La Familia stands as a testament to Gaudi's vision and creativity.

5. COVID-19 and its Impact:

- COVID-19, a global pandemic, has significantly affected the travel industry.

- With travel restrictions and lockdown measures in place, the tourism sector has faced unprecedented challenges.

- However, as the situation gradually improves, travelers are eagerly planning their post-pandemic adventures.

- It is crucial to stay updated on travel guidelines and follow safety protocols to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

6. Google:

- Google, the tech giant, has revolutionized the way we access information and navigate the internet.

- Its search engine allows users to find answers to their queries instantly.

- Google Maps provides accurate directions and detailed information about various locations.

- With a plethora of other services, such as Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Photos, Google has become an integral part of our daily lives.

In conclusion, we have explored various topics in this article, including Airbnb, Yego Sandy's YouTube channel, GPS unlocking, Sagrada La Familia, COVID-19, and Google. Each of these subjects offers unique insights into the world of travel, technology, and experiences. Whether it's finding accommodation through Airbnb, watching travel vlogs, unlocking GPS for navigation, exploring architectural wonders, understanding the impact of COVID-19, or utilizing Google's services, there is something for everyone. So, go ahead and embark on your next adventure with these valuable insights in mind!

Classic Motorcycle Workshop - Video Log 1

So, let me show you what we're currently working on in the workshop. We're quite busy at the moment. For example, we have a Matchless G12 with no engine. We'll show you that a bit later. Here we have the collection of bikes that you probably recognize - my bikes. They have been cleaned because it's winter. We have the Everyday Bike, the A65, which we will start working on again because I do use it. But I have done some work on it. I actually put on some new K70 Dunlop tires. I think before, it had Chinese tires, but I don't use them at the moment because of the salt on the roads. We're putting on new gaskets and a new rubber for the speedo. I found some better silencers for it as well. It used to have one quiet exhaust, but now it has a proper pair of silencers. It also has some new coupling plates. It has been polished and it looks really clean, so I don't want to get dirty at the moment.

Moving on, we have the RGS, the Gold Star, and the Honda racing bikes. But what we have here is an interesting one. It's the Lightning Clubman A65 from 1964. It actually took over from the RGS, the Rocket Gold Star. I think this one was very popular in the States, and I think I'm right in saying they used one of these in a James Bond film. I think it was called Thunderball, and I think it had rocket launchers at the front. Don't hold me to that, but I think I'm right about that one. And the bike that got pushed into the canal wasn't the actual bike used in the film. They put in an A10 that was dressed up. But they did use it in the film. It's a very nice bike.

Next to it, we have an early Commando. I think it's from 1971 or 1972. It's a Combat 750 engine. The early engines did have some issues with the crankshaft bearings. It's in for an isolastic overhaul, and we'll talk about that in a moment. On the bench here, we have the broken engine from the Matchless. It has a broken crankshaft. That's a problem. We'll briefly talk about that. I can show you everything here. It's all divided. With Matchless, they were the only company that had a third main bearing. Usually, on twins, there is an outer bearing in the crankshaft. So the crankshaft that runs on this side will run on this side. We have a broken shaft here, as you can see. But in the middle of this crankshaft, between these flywheel webs, we have another journal. And when that crank is placed in that part of the case it has, I'll just pick it up, it has this central bearing. Now, it has a split collar here, which is like a threaded rod. The crank goes in on that side, and it gets clamped so that it supports the crank in the middle. Many people have said before that the parallel twin should have a bit of flex. Matchless did it, I mean, it should work very smoothly because it has that support in the center. It broke because someone ground down this crankshaft and reduced the radius angle. When you grind a crankshaft, you turn this surface, you reduce it and increase it. So when it's hit or turned, it will be ground 10, 20, and 30 times your maximum undersize. I'll make a drawing in a moment. So when it goes for grinding, they put it in the machine, they have a grinding wheel that will grind over the surface and reduce it. But the problem is usually at 90 degrees. Many companies don't like to work their wheel to take the radius. The radius is there for strength. If you start removing it, you end up with a 90-degree angle, which can be a weakness. Let's look at the other side where it's broken. If you look here, you can see it's broken. It probably cracked right here on the radius where it was reduced when they ground it. And of course, the crack transferred all around. It's polished on top because the engine was still running, although it was broken. Even though it was broken, it still caused quite a bit of damage. Luckily, it didn't damage this crankshaft too much. We obviously need a new crankshaft for that, but it damaged the threaded rod because it went to the timing side. So we're looking at that. That's the side that had the damage, so when this rod broke, it was like this. I can't do it now, but it was like that inside. And because it's coming loose, it moves up and down. It causes this damage here. So we need a new connecting rod. If we couldn't get these original rods, which have to be the same gram weight, it's important to get those balanced. If we couldn't get them, we would have put some modern rods in here, put some rods here. But I think he has one of the original rods that he can help me with. So we're good to save it. It has two oil pumps here. It's a really clever engine because you have the third main bearing, the twin pumps, and also something that Matchless did, which was separate barrels. Usually, barrels are cast as a pair, you know, and they're together. If you look at Triumphs or BSAs or Nortons, or any of the parallel twins, they're cast together. But this is done separately. There's a bit of scoring here, and I think we can just hone it and put some rings in there. And again, heads, these are cast separately. It's quite an expensive process, but it means that you can actually take one head off if there's something wrong with one part of it. You know, if you've dropped a valve or someone's stripped the plug thread, you can just take that one cylinder head off. And it's very easy to do any

Ancient Antenna Found At the Bottom of Antarctica's Sea: Eltanin Antenna

The Antena Eltanin Mystery: A Hidden City in Antarctica?

- Antarctica is a continent shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

- The discovery of possible pyramids and other ancient structures has intrigued archaeologists and historians.

- The harsh and remote conditions make it difficult to explore and uncover the secrets of Antarctica.

- However, there have been some surprising findings that have sparked debate and speculation about what lies beneath the ice.

The Piri Reis Map:

- The Piri Reis Map, created in 1513 by Ottoman admiral and cartographer Piri Reis, is a fascinating artifact.

- The map accurately depicts the North and South American continents, including the Andes Mountains, which were not officially discovered until later.

- What is most intriguing is that the map also shows the continent of Antarctica, before it was covered in ice.

- This raises questions about how Piri Reis had knowledge of Antarctica's existence and detailed geography.

- Some believe that Piri Reis obtained this ancient knowledge from lost civilizations or advanced sources.

The Antena Eltanin:

- In 1964, during a deep-sea photography expedition near Cape Horn, the USNS Eltanin captured an image of a mysterious structure.

- The structure appeared to be symmetrical and had antenna-like features.

- Some theories suggest that it could be remnants of an ancient city that once thrived in Antarctica before it was covered in ice.

- Others speculate that it could be an alien technology or a communication device.

- However, scientists have dismissed these theories and proposed alternative explanations, such as a type of sea sponge or other marine organism.

Challenges and Debates:

- The Antena Eltanin is located at a depth of nearly 3 miles, where sunlight cannot penetrate.

- This raises questions about the existence of plant life or organisms that could create such a structure.

- Biologists argue that without sunlight, photosynthesis cannot occur, making it unlikely for plants or sponges to survive.

- The exact origin and purpose of the Antena Eltanin remain unknown, leaving room for speculation and debate.

- Antarctica continues to be a source of fascination and mystery.

- The Piri Reis Map and the Antena Eltanin have sparked debates about lost civilizations, advanced technology, and extraterrestrial contact.

- While scientists have proposed alternative explanations, the true nature of these discoveries remains uncertain.

- Further exploration and research are needed to uncover the secrets hidden beneath the ice of Antarctica.

How to Market Your Business all Starting for FREE

Are you looking to attract more customers to your business? Well, guess what? They are out there, actively searching for you as we speak. There are thousands of potential customers who are eager to buy from you. The only question is, will they be able to find you? In this short video, you will discover just how many potential customers are looking for a business like yours online. Brace yourself, because the answer will probably shock you. You will also learn where you need to be to find the greatest number of new customers possible. So, if you think that people are only searching for you on Google, prepare to be surprised.

1. The Power of Online Presence:

- 97% of internet users use the internet to shop.

- Google alone receives over three billion local searches per month.

- If you don't show up in the search results, you might as well not exist.

- Over 90% of people who search online for a local business never go past the first page.

2. Expand Your Reach:

- Your customers are not just searching on Google; they are also looking on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

- Facebook has almost 1 billion users, and users spend almost an hour a day on the platform.

- Having a Facebook business page gives you credibility and visibility.

- YouTube is the world's second biggest search engine, with more searches than Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine, except for Google.

- Creating video content about your business builds credibility and helps you show up in YouTube search results.

- LinkedIn, with close to a hundred million members, is a valuable platform for connecting with other businesses and business owners.

3. Google Places:

- Google has built over 35 million websites for local businesses.

- They compile information from all over the internet and create separate sites for each business.

- These sites, known as Google Places, now show up in regular searches on Google.

- Being listed in Google Places is crucial for local businesses because it ensures that your business appears in search results relevant to your location.

To maximize your business's online presence and attract more customers, you need to be everywhere your potential customers are looking for you. This includes Google, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. By utilizing the power of these platforms, you can gain an unfair advantage over your competitors. Imagine the impact on your bottom line if you could attract just one new customer per month from each of these sources. It's time to take advantage of the internet, social media, and local marketing. Speak to your personal local marketing consultant and tap into the full potential of online marketing at a fraction of the cost.

Quantum computation | Michelle Simmons | TEDxSydney

Computers have been shrinking in size and increasing in speed over the years, thanks to the observation made by Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel, known as Moore's Law. This law states that the number of components on a silicon chip doubles every eighteen months to two years, leading to smaller and faster computers. The semiconductor industry has embraced this law as a roadmap to continue making advancements in computer technology.

The current state of miniaturization:

The smallest feature size on a silicon chip, such as the distance between the source and drain of a transistor, is now about 30 nanometers. This is 5,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. In a single silicon chip, there are over three billion transistors, all working together to ensure the proper functioning of our personal electronics.

Predictions for the future:

According to Moore's Law, the size of a transistor is expected to reach the atomic level by 2020, which is the smallest component of nature. It's hard to imagine making a transistor any smaller than that. However, this transition to the atomic level marks a shift from the Classical Age to the Quantum Age.

Understanding transistors and quantum mechanics:

A transistor is made up of a silicon substrate, an insulating oxide, and a metal gate. By applying a positive voltage to the gate, electrons are attracted towards it, forming a conducting channel between the source and drain, turning the transistor on. Applying a negative voltage repels the electrons, resulting in no conducting sheet and representing a 0 in digital information. As we continue to shrink the size of transistors, we enter the realm of quantum mechanics, where electrons behave more like waves than particles.

The potential of quantum computers:

Quantum computers have the potential to solve complex problems that classical computers struggle with. For example, the traveling salesman problem, which involves finding the shortest possible route between multiple cities, becomes exponentially difficult as the number of cities increases. Classical computers would take an impractical amount of time to solve such problems, while a quantum computer could perform the calculations simultaneously, exponentially speeding up the process.

The power of quantum computation:

Quantum computers are composed of quantum bits, or qubits, which can exist in multiple states simultaneously. Adding more qubits exponentially increases the computational power of a quantum computer. It has been predicted that a 30-qubit quantum computer would surpass the world's most powerful supercomputer, and a 300-qubit quantum computer would be more powerful than all computers in the world combined.

Applications of quantum computers:

Quantum computers have the potential to revolutionize data encryption by efficiently solving the prime factorization problem. This problem involves finding the prime factors of a large number, which is the foundation of many encryption algorithms. With the power of quantum computation, data encryption can become more secure and efficient.

Moore's Law has shaped the computer industry for the past few decades, leading to smaller and faster computers. However, we are now entering the Quantum Age, where quantum computers have the potential to solve complex problems that classical computers struggle with. The power of quantum computation lies in the ability to exist in multiple states simultaneously, exponentially increasing computational power. With the advancements in quantum technology, we can expect significant breakthroughs in various fields, including data encryption and problem-solving.

A Night for the Museum with Marilyn Miller

Welcome to the fifth UHevening event! Tonight, we have the pleasure of having Meryl and Bella here to share their program with us. This program promises to be a wonderful one, tackling tough issues and touching on various aspects of small-town life. So, let's turn off our cell phones and get ready to dive into this fascinating story.

Main Points:

- The story is about a gruesome murder that took place in Grove, Louisiana in 1916.

- The victims were a family considered insignificant and were not even given a grave marker for over 80 years.

- Despite their insignificance, the story involves some of the most prominent people in Webster Parish, including governors.

- The investigation into the murder led to the arrest of several African American sharecroppers, but rumors of white involvement also surfaced.

- Two white suspects, Henry Waller and Johnny Long, were eventually arrested and confessed to their involvement in the crime.


- The murder took place on Christmas Eve night, 1916, when John Nelson Reeves, his wife Maude, and three of their four children were bludgeoned to death with an axe.

- The investigation initially focused on the African American community in Grove, known for moonshine, gambling, and illegal activities.

- The arrest of three African American sharecroppers and the discovery of stolen items and bloody clothing seemed to confirm their guilt.

- However, rumors began to circulate about the possible involvement of white men in the murders.

- Due to concerns for the safety of the prisoners, they were moved from jail to jail to avoid any potential lynch mob.

- Eventually, two white suspects, Henry Waller and Johnny Long, were arrested based on statements from the African American prisoners.

- Johnny Long confessed to his involvement, describing in gruesome detail the events that unfolded that night.

The story of the Grove murder is a true and horrifying tale of a small town plagued by violence and prejudice. It sheds light on the complexities of the law, the impact of prejudice, and the need for fairness in society. This story, though gruesome, needed to be told in order to bring justice to the victims and expose the truth.

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