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moat display ads

Published on: February 23 2023 by pipiads

How to Use Competitor Insights for Maximum Display Campaign Performance

In this video, we will discuss how to leverage competitor insights to improve your display campaigns. While display may be the least impressive of the competitor insight series, there are still valuable insights that can be gleaned to enhance your campaigns.

1. Create a Custom Segment Audience:

- Navigate to the audience manager in the shared library.

- Create a new custom segment and add competitor brand names or product names as interests and intentions.

- Target individual keywords related to the competitor to find users with purchase intentions or interest in the competitor.

2. Types of Apps:

- Enter the names of apps that your ideal customers might use.

- Create a custom segment on those apps to reach people who use similar apps.

3. Types of Websites:

- Add competitor websites to target people who browse similar sites.

- Utilize the custom segment builder to target specific topics related to the competitor.

By leveraging competitor insights, you can enhance your display campaigns and reach the right audience. Google's understanding of the average persona for the competitor's website can also aid in targeting the right demographics. Try out these strategies to improve your display campaign performance.

Viewability and In-Game Advertising: Q&A With Oracle Moat’s Janelle De Rivera

- Janelle de Rivera from Oracle Advertising talks about viewability and in-game advertising

- Viewability is a measure of whether an ad had a chance to be seen by a user

- In-game advertising involves ads that take place as part of the gameplay, within the 3D scene itself


- The MRC defines an impression as viewable if 50% of the ad is visible for at least one second for display ads and at least two seconds for video ads

- Viewability allows advertising spend to be allocated to the most valuable media

- Factors that can affect viewability include ad placement, page load times, responsiveness of page design, ad size and layout, and invalid traffic

In-Game Advertising:

- In-game advertising involves native ads that take place within the 3D game space

- Ads can be roadside billboards, stadium banners, or ads on the sides of buildings

- Gaming is an effective platform for connecting with a diverse audience

- Ads need to fit seamlessly into the gaming experience and not negatively impact gamers

- In-game ad tech companies maximize impressions with best ad placements that blend in seamlessly with the immersive environment

- Viewability and in-game advertising are important trends in the advertising industry

- Marketers and advertisers need to ensure their ads are viewable and fit seamlessly into the gaming experience

- Working with a third-party measurement provider like Oracle Moat can provide an independent position and accurate invalid traffic detection for all digital media

5 Strategies to Build a Moat Around Your Amazon Listing Using Amazon PPC, Facebook, and Google Ads

It's easy to list a product on Amazon and get it selling, but creating a long-lasting product business and asset is hard. In this article, we'll show you how to make your Amazon listing immune to competition and how to make your product and business last for years to come.

Mote Building:

Step 1: Your Acos goal is wrong

- Aim for a break-even Acos to drive organic ranking and more sales

- Calculate your maximum cost per acquisition and break-even Acos

- Consider taking a loss on consumables

Step 2: Double your conversion rate overnight

- Use a massive coupon of 50% or more before big sale events

- Increase Amazon PPC to increase conversion rate

- Lower coupon to a dollar or two during sale events

Step 3: External traffic boost (part 1)

- Use social media ads to drive external traffic to your listing

- Use a discount code to track conversions

Step 4: External traffic boost (part 2)

- Use influencer marketing to drive external traffic

- Use a unique discount code for each influencer to track conversions

Step 5: Protect your house

- Use Brand Registry to protect your listing from hijackers and counterfeiters

- Use Amazon's Early Reviewer Program to get reviews on new products

By following these steps, you can create a digital moat around your Amazon listing and make your product and business last for years to come. Don't forget to be aggressive and think outside the box when it comes to promoting your listing.

The Display Advertising Lumascape

The digital media marketing environment can be confusing, but this article aims to simplify things by breaking down the display advertising landscape.

From the advertiser's perspective:

- The goal is to reach potential consumers

- Some advertisers work with agencies, which may have an agency trading desk (ATD)

- ATDs use demand side platforms (DSPs) to purchase advertising inventory through exchanges

- At the my community group, we use AppNexus as our DSP

From the sales side:

- Publishers like MLive.com have advertising impressions available for purchase

- Some impressions are sold directly by salespeople, while others go through a sales side platform (SSP)

- At MLive Media Group, we use PubMatic and Rubicon as our SSPs

- The SSP puts impressions into the exchange, where DSPs can purchase them

Targeting the right people:

- To effectively target the right people, a data management platform (DMP) is needed

- A DMP allows access to data and information from third-party providers and aggregators

- At the MIT Media Group, we use Lotame as our DMP

Additional technologies:

- Ad servers make delivering impressions possible

- Media planning and buying technologies are important

- Creative optimization technologies like Mixpo can make creative more effective

- Retargeting technology like Simpli.fi helps convert visitors who have already come to your website

- Tag management is important for campaigns

- Verification and analytics technology like ComScore and Moat can help understand campaign effectiveness

Effective campaigns require smart technology and smart people. The MLive Media Group is proud of our technology and team, and we hope this article has clarified the complex world of programmatic advertising and the technology involved.

Moat - How brands think about mobile advertising (Chartboost Dev House 2018)

James Al Mayer, the leader of Moat, thanks the audience for inviting Moat to the event. He provides an overview of Moat's role as a third-party objective measurement company that helps publishers, platforms, and brands better measure the success of their digital and mobile ads. He also discusses how Moat recently became part of the Oracle data cloud.

Attention as a Scarce Commodity:

Mayer cites a study by Microsoft that shows how human attention is decreasing by 40% over the last 15 years due to the rise of mobile devices. He discusses how the rise of smartphone sales correlates with the decrease in human attention span. He also shares statistics that indicate the majority of internet use is mobile-related and how digital advertising is expected to surpass TV advertising for the first time in 2017. Mayer emphasizes how brands have certain expectations for advertising and how Moat helps them understand the differences in experiences between TV and digital advertising.

Challenges for Brands:

Mayer discusses the challenges brands face in telling their story consistently across multiple devices and targeting different individuals. He shares a picture that encapsulates the challenge brands face in the digital and mobile ecosystem.

Mayer concludes by reiterating Moat's role in helping brands measure the success of their digital and mobile ads through the lens of attention. He emphasizes how the rise of mobile devices and the decrease in human attention span presents a challenge for brands, but also an opportunity for those who can effectively engage their audience.

Banner Blindness Problems? Here's How To Beat It

Banner Blindness: Understanding the Phenomenon and How to Beat It

- People may be putting a lot of time and effort into crafting their ads, but are they being seen?

- Banner blindness can cause ads to go unnoticed, potentially wasting time and money.

What is Banner Blindness?

- Banner blindness is the phenomenon where people ignore ads that are in their field of vision.

- Even though ads may be visible, people may not pay attention to them or even notice them.

- Examples of banner blindness can be seen in studies on eye tracking, where people focus on organic content rather than ads.

Why Does Banner Blindness Happen?

- People are accustomed to seeing ads and may ignore them more easily.

- Selective attention is a psychological phenomenon where people focus on certain things and ignore others.

- Knowing your target audience well and writing copy that speaks to their pain or pleasure points can help grab their attention.

Common Ad Placements:

- Google search places ads at the top of search results and are easily identifiable.

- Facebook ads may appear in the sidebar on desktop, but not on mobile.

- Banner blindness is a common issue with ads and can cause them to go unnoticed.

- By understanding the phenomenon and knowing your audience well, you can craft ads that are more likely to grab attention and lead to conversions.

Ad Revenue 5 - Viewability: The New Measure of an Ad?

Currency to enhance digital media measurement capabilities

The use of currency to enhance digital media measurement capabilities is essential to put us on a level playing field with non-digital media. This helps facilitate cross-platform comparison, especially for brand marketers. There are five pillars of making measurement make sense, and we will focus on one of them: viewability.

Five Pillars:

1. Viewability and EGR

2. Ad classifications

3. Grand performance metrics

4. Standard brand performance metrics for interaction engagement

5. Brand attitudinal tracking


The status of viewability is as follows: a key component of 3ms, not only to establish potential standards to get across ecosystem adoption of these standards but to turn the process over to an independent governance panel. The viewability aspect of this has been turned over to the MRC. The MRC is now in the middle of determining specific viewability guidelines which they're on track to publish either at the end of this quarter or early in the 1st quarter of 2013.

Working Definition:

Currently, they're working with a definition of viewability as at least fifty percent viewable in the in-view window for one second or more. It's important to note that that's a working definition, and they have not published the final guidelines yet.


No one can be certified or a viewability standard today that reflects the work of 3ms because the viewability standard has not been finely defined.

Viewability in the Market:

Group M is the largest media buyer in the US. Viewability is affecting them, and the definition matters, which is not standardized. They are actively working on getting everything they have for their clients, such as the best pricing, performance, and competitiveness.

Benchmark for Viewability:

If you are serving a lot of ads that are never viewed, you should probably change that. The amount of reach and frequency is absurd, and it needs to be changed.

Viewability is an essential aspect of digital media measurement. It needs to be standardized, and guidelines need to be published to facilitate cross-platform comparison. Brands need to be comfortable moving their dollars from non-digital media to digital media, and viewability can be the metric that allows that to happen.

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