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moblie game ads

Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

Back to So Nice: A Garbage Game with a Twist

Bullet Points:

- Level 2 unlocks the legally-apumpkin status

- Music that makes you say wow

- Confusion and disbelief: What am I looking at?

- Mobile ads: Love 'em or hate 'em?

- Meet Mike and his girlfriend, okay?

- The quest for a kid: A humorous adventure

- The bliggity blue: A mysterious find

- Damsels in distress and a misplaced hero

Ebony: A Puzzle Game Like No Other

World’s *CRINGIEST* Mobile Game Ads!

This article will discuss the cringiest mobile game adverts and determine which one is the worst. Let's dive in and find out!

Mobile game adverts are notorious for being cringy and over-the-top. In this article, we will analyze some of the most cringeworthy adverts and decide which one takes the crown for being the worst.

Sub-heading: The Whales and Deserts

One advert starts with a whale in a desert, which is just absurd. The advert then transitions to a dancing character being showered by money. It's clear that these adverts are dumb, but let's see if they improve.

Sub-heading: Level One Anime Boy

Another advert features an anime boy asking, Can you be my girlfriend? Unfortunately, the dream is crushed as the boy is rejected. The advert takes a bizarre turn with a teacher coming in and asking, What's going on here? It's clear that this trend of level one characters being rejected is prevalent in these adverts.

Sub-heading: The Mafia Boss

In one advert, a level 99 character becomes the president and a level 60 boss. However, despite having all the money in the world, the boss dies and passes the family business to his friends and family. This character proves to be savage and unpredictable.

Sub-heading: Prank Game

Another advert showcases a prank game where the objective is to kill people. The absurdity continues as a police officer gets beaten up by a mattress, and the character gets married in a hot air balloon surrounded by zombies.

Sub-heading: Crooks and Hitmen

In an advert, a character becomes a level 100 mafia boss and gains a sniper, a free car, and a wife. However, the character's wife turns out to be an imposter, leading to a twist in the storyline. This advert takes unexpected turns and keeps the audience engaged.

Sub-heading: The Billion-Dollar Woman

One advert features a woman who is worth 100 million dollars. The storyline takes a bizarre turn as she hides in a meme coffin and is pursued by criminals. It's clear that the absurdity has no limits in these game adverts.

Sub-heading: Unlucky Lily and the Lion

In another advert, a woman rejects a marriage proposal and ends up in a cage with a lion. The storyline becomes even more absurd as she falls in love with a wrecking ball and becomes pregnant. These adverts continue to surprise and shock viewers.

Sub-heading: Zombie Attacks and First Dates

One advert involves a zombie attack, a woman vomiting, and a first aid simulator gone wrong. These game adverts have no limits and continue to push the boundaries of absurdity.

Sub-heading: Citizens and Squats

The final advert showcases citizens wearing dresses, doing squats, and getting arrested. It's clear that these games demand strange and outrageous actions from their players.

Mobile game adverts are filled with cringy and absurd scenarios. From whales in deserts to dancing characters in money showers, these adverts are over-the-top and often make little sense. While it's difficult to determine the absolute worst advert, it's clear that these games strive to be as outrageous as possible. The question remains, can any of these games beat the cringe?

Game Ads Are Still Terrible

What's up, Greg? Welcome back to another episode of But Dads Are Back! In this installment, we're going to take a look at some really strange ads for mobile games. There's one in particular that went viral on Twitter a couple of days ago, and everyone has been tagging me in it. So, I thought I'd bring back the series for an episode and talk about it.

This ad has gained 300,000 likes and 8 million views on Twitter, and I have a pretty significant issue with it. But before I explain why, let's watch the ad together. It took me multiple viewings to make sense of it, so I'll guide you through it to avoid any confusion.

The ad starts with a woman in a wedding dress who is crying and taking a taxi home. However, when she arrives, she discovers that her house has burned down. The ad lacks context, and it feels like we're missing something. Are we in the middle of the ad? Is this the beginning? Should we have watched other ads before this? Unfortunately, there is no explanation or context to be found in other ads for this game.

Next, the woman receives a call from her grandma, who comes over to comfort her. It seems like her grandma tries to console her for whatever happened at the wedding. It's unclear whether her fiance stood her up or died, or if she stood him up or died. The woman is shown holding a picture from the wedding, but it's unclear why. Perhaps it's the grandma's wedding photos, and she's showing them to her granddaughter, trying to cheer her up.

To further comfort her, the grandma gives her a house. While this may seem like a nice gesture, the house is in terrible condition. It's a big dilapidated shack, which doesn't seem like an appropriate gift for someone going through a tough time. It's almost like saying, I know your life fell apart, but here's an empty house!

Furthermore, the house's condition doesn't seem much better than the woman's original house, which burned down. It feels like a burden rather than a gift. It's like saying, We know your house burned down, so we bought you a second burnt down house. Enjoy!

Halfway through the ad, we finally see some gameplay from the actual game, which turns out to be a home improvement and gardening game. This reminds me of another game called Lily's Garden, which I talked about in a previous episode. Lily's Garden had absurdly inappropriate ads for a gardening game, but Merge Mansion seems to have a similar vibe.

Merge Mansion, you think you can just steal Lily's Garden's thing? I'm not going to allow this copycat behavior, even though Lily's Garden also tried to start beef with me in the past. But Merge Mansion, stop it! It's just over the top for a game about home improvement.

Then, the ad takes a drastic turn, and it's unclear why the grandma is being arrested. They never explain the reason, leaving us with even more unanswered questions. Did the grandma do something nefarious? Did she burn down the house? Did she harm the fiance? We may never know.

Overall, this ad is confusing and lacks clear context. It's unclear how it relates to the actual game, and the alternate endings only add more confusion. It's interesting to see how the studio behind these ads aimed to create distinctive, surprising, and interesting films. However, I can't help but compare it to Lily's Garden, which had its fair share of bizarre ads.

In conclusion, this ad for Merge Mansion raises more questions than answers. It's a strange and confusing advertisement that doesn't seem to connect well with the game it's promoting.

Reacting to the CRINGIEST mobile game ads ever

Today, I have handpicked some of the funniest and worst mobile game ads I have ever seen. Let's dive into the madness and dissect these advertisements.

Mobile game advertisements can range from humorous to downright absurd. In this article, we will explore some of the most bizarre and hilarious mobile game ads that have caught my attention. Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughter and confusion!

1. Unlocked Jail Cell:

Wait, was the jail cell unlocked the whole time? What kind of prison forgets to lock their cell doors? It seems like this game ad didn't pay attention to basic prison protocols.

2. Shark Attack:

Another shark just flies out of the water to attack the protagonist. Do sharks really jump out of the water to attack people like that? This game ad seems to have taken creative liberties with shark behavior.

3. Overly Dramatic Heroics:

This guy goes above and beyond to save the mermaid. Backflips, somersaults, and unnecessary theatrics seem to be his style. Is he auditioning for a circus act or a mobile game?

4. Alien Pirates:

These pirates are bleeding green blood. Are they aliens or just really bad actors? It's unclear why the developers decided to give them such a peculiar feature.

5. Flexing Income:

A woman proudly exclaims that she makes $82 a year, while her husband makes $76. She's definitely flexing on her ex-boyfriend with her earnings. I guess $82 is better than zero, right?

6. Marrying for Wealth:

Why would anyone be opposed to marrying a rich girl? As long as she's loaded, who cares about her looks? This game ad seems to have missed the mark on prioritizing wealth over beauty.

7. Gold-Digging Gamer:

This guy is really upset about not being able to marry a rich girl. He's crying after her, showcasing his true gold-digging nature. Is he the male definition of a gold digger?

8. Unfortunate Viking Chief:

Congratulations, you have become a Viking chief! But wait, why is there pig snot involved? This game ad takes an unexpected turn with its strange references.

9. Squid Game Copycat:

No, mom, we can't get Squid Game. We have Squid Game at home. This ad shamelessly copies Squid Game, from the piggy bank to the soldiers and even the little school girl robot.

10. Fold or Play:

Why would you fold if you know you're going to lose? This game ad makes a questionable decision by promoting folding as a strategy.

From bizarre scenarios to questionable game mechanics, these mobile game ads have left us scratching our heads. Whether it's a poorly executed concept or a hilarious blunder, these ads have certainly made an impression. Which one of these ads left you in awe, for better or worse? Let us know in the comments below!

Reacting to actual TERRIBLE mobile game ads

What if someone finds out? Wait, what did I even say? What if somebody finds out? You? Yes, because proper English is we don't know. For ad, okay, he could just walk around the crate. He had to frontflip over. What is up everybody? Today I'll be watching and reacting to actual terrible mobile game ads. In a way, this is me doing research for future videos. Oh god, I started 2021 as an engineer and now I'm watching terrible mobile game ads for a living. Anyway, let's get right into it.

- These ads are just so ridiculous. The guy pumped his car up, his tire, and his car turned into a tank. That doesn't have tires.

- Yes, when you throw a gun at the building, it automatically upgrades to a better building. That's right.

- When you do two more guns, no mansion. I never thought about that. I never thought about throwing a rifle at my building and it also just expanded. I never thought about that. I might have to give that a try.

- It's crazy how close these videos are to my skits. I mean, they should really hire me to make these ads because I mean, they're already making them ridiculous enough. Why not hire me to make them over the top ridiculous for them? That's just so stupid.

- Oh my gosh, the sound they make when they get alerted is so funny.

- Okay, I mean half these ads, they just have no context. They're just like some guy walking on the street with his bodyguards. Okay, you can make him have tanks if you want.

- Wait, he just turned into a chest. Wait a minute, wait a minute, what just happened? So they took money from him, dropped a cage on him, and he turned into a chest. And then all of a sudden, like the guy started making out with each other. Like, what just happened? Oh my gosh, they literally make no sense. Like the plot for these mobile ads are just like the most random thing ever.

- Wait a minute, that house costs six hundred thousand dollars. Sign me up! Where can I sign up for this auction? What the heck?

- Yes, because he doesn't... He wants the house and the girl, okay.

- Um, okay, why did he just blow that vehicle? Like why? He literally just walked up to the vehicle and threw TNT on it and just... okay.

- Well, they're making this very cinematic. You can either give hell or give back, your choice. If you play this game, it's all your choice. The options in this game are limitless. Honestly, if they spent half as much time, actually no, a quarter of the amount of time that they spent in making these ads into their actual games, I feel like the games wouldn't be that... like, I mean they would still be bad, don't get me wrong, I mean the ads are bad. But at least they'd be enjoyably bad to play.

- Okay, what was that pose? What, wait, what is this? Okay, hold on, hold on, the girl is being attacked and he just does some anime pose and starts beating them up.

- Yes, because there's a bunch of like ammo and guns lying on the ground right in front of the cops and the cops aren't doing anything about it. They're just standing there watching you. Okay, on the sound effects, oh my gosh, it's so stupid.

- Wow, that wasn't a very exhilarating ad right there. I mean, you just saw a bank and some guy standing in front of the screen. That's it. It makes me really want to download this app so bad. Yes, because a bank automatically gives you a bunch of money.

- Okay, I'm so confused. Okay, did he do something good or bad there? Because like, he robbed the bank and then took the money to buy gifts for kids. So did he do a good thing or bad thing?

- So wait, they just had an award show for the mafia bosses or something and one of them won an award and they... you know, I really don't think the mafia is like that in real life. I don't think they all get together and start handing out awards to each other.

- Okay, what? Why is he just like spinning around? Okay, yeah, he just got the strength to be able to pick up the toilet and throw it at the cell doors and it all just collided. Okay.

- Oh, of course it won't work, dummy. You can't just punch cement. Okay, he saw his friend punch the cement with his fist. He's like, Alright, let me give it a try too. And he walks up to it and hits it with his head. You both are dumb. It won't work.

- Okay, that's just stupid. Okay, wait a minute, why are there zombies in this game? This is a mafia game.

What if someone finally finds out? Wait, what did I even say? What if somebody finds out? You? Yes, because proper English is we don't know. For ad, okay, he could just walk around the crate. He had to front flip over.

Was that a punch or did he just tap him on the shoulder? I like how they're trying to do this battle royale thing where he jumps out of the sky and you're looting and stuff. Okay, do these cops not have peripheral vision? Like, can they literally were standing right in front of him. How do they not see his feet dangling? I mean, they literally have to turn their head like five degrees to the right. How do they not see this guy?

He's got a lot of strength to pick him up. That's pretty fat. Yes, because you can just fish out like a very luxurious car out of the pond or lake. Okay, this guy must have some amazing strength because he was able to just lift out a car out of the pond or whatever it is with a fishing rod.

And yeah, what's she doing in there? I mean, next thing you know, I can pull out a house too. I mean, why didn't they just do that too? I mean, might as well. I mean, they're taking it so far-fetched anyway. Why not take it to the next level?

Guys, I think I've had enough. I can't do this anymore. Don't forget to like this video and subscribe. See you guys.

Reacting to the MOST ABSURD mobile game ads ever!!

In today's video, I'm going to react to more terrible mobile game ads that we've all seen and hate. But even though we hate them, they're still enjoyable to watch because they're so terrible.


- We've all seen them and we all hate them.

- They're so terrible to watch.

Transitional phrase:

- But even though we hate them...


- Music

Dangling modifier:

- He was able to see the zombie.


- What are these ads, man?

Question mark:

- What are these ads, man?


- These ads are ridiculous


- They're just using him as a battering ram.

Bullet points:

- Ants making ridiculous sound effects.

- Confusing dialogue in the ads.

Numbered list:

1. Ants don't make these sounds.

2. Why do they give life tracks to ants?

In conclusion, these mobile game ads are absolutely terrible, but we can't help but watch them. They are full of ridiculous sound effects, confusing dialogue, and unrealistic scenarios. Despite all of this, they still manage to entertain us. So next time you come across one of these ads, just sit back and enjoy the terrible experience.

[Vinesauce] Vinny - Awful Mobile Game Ads

Foreign, there were moments when I couldn't handle the absurdity of these game commercials. It's like they're targeting kids with these bizarre ads. And why is the main character always in their underwear? It's just not classic game advertising. But wait, are they really sending ghosts into people? How is this allowed?

I've seen it all, from Herobrine to jacked Mario. It's like they've created a whole new genre of mobile game ads. And don't even get me started on the ones that start with a fart. Who wants to watch that?

But it's not just the weirdness that bothers me, it's the gameplay. Some of these games are just plain ridiculous. Like that one where the character dies for no reason or the makeover game that judges you on your choices. And don't even get me started on the Cookie Monster music.

It's like these developers have no shame. They're not even hiding their fetishes anymore. And why do they keep making games about disappointing your grandma? It's just so unnecessary.

But the worst of all is the horse game. I mean, who needs to take care of a horse in a mobile game? And don't even get me started on the twerking competition. It's just so cringe-worthy.

Overall, these game commercials are a complete mess. They're psychologically disturbing, visually unappealing, and just plain annoying. I can't believe people actually enjoy these games. It's time for a change in the mobile game industry.

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