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Mom Of 2 Makes $80K A Month On Amazon FBA & Quits Job Of 15 Years

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

- Meet Jane, a mom of two who recently quit her job of 15 years to pursue a successful career in Amazon FBA.

- This article will explore how Jane was able to make 80K a month through Amazon FBA and the steps she took to achieve her success.


I. What is Amazon FBA?

- Explanation of Amazon FBA and how it works

- Benefits of using Amazon FBA for sellers

II. How Jane Got Started

- Jane's motivation to start her own business

- Research and planning process

- Initial investment and expenses

III. Strategies for Success

- Importance of product research and selection

- Pricing strategies and competition analysis

- Effective marketing and advertising techniques

IV. Challenges and Lessons Learned

- Common challenges for Amazon FBA sellers

- How Jane overcame obstacles and adapted to changes

- Key lessons learned from her experience

V. Achieving Financial Freedom

- Jane's income growth over time

- Financial benefits of running an Amazon FBA business

- Jane's decision to quit her job and focus on her business full-time

- Jane's success story highlights the potential for financial freedom through Amazon FBA

- With dedication, research, and effective strategies, anyone can achieve success as an Amazon FBA seller

- Are you ready to start your own Amazon FBA business?

Mom Of 2 Makes $80K A Month On Amazon FBA & Quits Job Of 15 Years

In this article, we will be sharing the success story of Ashley, who was able to build a successful Amazon business despite facing setbacks and challenges.

Ashley's Background:

Ashley grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and worked her way up to a management position at a retail coffee shop where she worked for 15 years. Despite not pursuing formal education, she was able to attend college after her company paid for her education. She studied leadership and personal development, which ultimately led her to pursue entrepreneurship.

Starting an Amazon Business:

In July 2018, Ashley and her husband decided to start an Amazon business together. They faced setbacks with their first product due to competitors and a patent issue, but instead of giving up, they learned from their mistakes and quickly moved forward with their second product.


Ashley's second product was a hit and they now do over $80,000 a month in revenue, with a goal to reach $1 million in revenue this year. Ashley's Amazon business has changed her life and allowed her to have the flexibility to be with her family and pursue her passions.

Lessons Learned:

Ashley's success story teaches us that setbacks and mistakes are a natural part of the journey towards success. It's important to keep moving forward and not let fear hold us back. By focusing on personal development, staying resilient, and having a growth mindset, we too can achieve our goals and dreams.

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