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Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

YTSuite Reviews on YouTube Ads Tutorial for Beginners 2022

In this video, we will explore YTSuite, an all-in-one video ads maker that enables small businesses to run profitable YouTube advertising campaigns. YTSuite comes equipped with advanced features such as a multi-timeline video creator, an AdWords-friendly landing page builder, and detailed targeting data to make AdWords campaigns super profitable.

Creating a Video Ad:

- Sign in to the cloud-based dashboard and create a new project or video ad.

- Choose from the high-converting templates or use the blank canvas editor to build a video ad from scratch.

- Edit the video ad by adding layers of video clips, text, audio, and more using the drag and drop video editor.

- Customize the voiceover or add jingle music to the video ad with ease.

- Upload images, videos, text, and voiceovers to YTSuite fast and easy.

- Preview and save the video ad at any time.

Uploading and Targeting the Video Ad:

- Render the video and upload it to the client's YouTube account by pressing the green button.

- Connect a YouTube sub-user account and upload the video to a specific client's YouTube channel.

- Refine who the ad will target by placements, keywords, or topics within each AdWords campaign.

- Find profitable long-tail keywords, topics, and video and channel placements to use in AdWords campaigns.

- Export all keyword topics and placements to a Google CSV to upload to AdWords.

Creating a Landing Page:

- Go to the landing pages section and choose a template or use the default template and edit it however you want.

- Edit each section of the landing page and add the company's logo, YouTube videos, and more.

- Get the live link to the landing page by hitting copy URL.

- YTSuite can host all the landing pages on their cloud servers.

YTSuite is an all-in-one video ads maker that helps small businesses run profitable YouTube advertising campaigns. With YTSuite's advanced features and detailed targeting data, businesses can create high-converting video ads, target the right audience, and create a solid landing page to land potential leads.

ALL Word of the Days | April 2020 | Compilation | American Pronunciation

Today's article will cover several Word of the Day entries, including sorority, recommenced, virulence, devolutionary, alphabetizes, kiddush, redundant, eccentricity, indelible, and asymptomatik. Each entry includes the word's definition, origin, and usage in a sentence.


- Noun that derives from medieval Latin sororitas meaning sisterhood.

- Refers to a collegiate organization of girls.

- Example: I'm planning to join the sorority when I go to college.


- Verb that derives from Middle English recommend sen from Middle French recommend say from Old French from re meaning again plus commence a meaning to commence.

- Means to start again or continue after a brief pause.

- Example: Today, Akash recommenced his position as host of his Word of the Day video series.


- Noun that derives from Middle English from Latin meaning venomous.

- Refers to something that is extremely harmful, contagious, or venomous.

- Example: Not much is known about the viral factors contributing to the virulence of COVID-19.


- Adjective that derives from Late Latin devolutio meaning corruption from Latin devil very meaning to tumble or sink.

- Refers to the passing of power from a more powerful authority or entity to a lower-level entity.

- Example: Most countries allow devolutionary powers to their states or provinces.


- Verb that derives from Middle English alpha beta from Greek alphabetos from alpha plus beta, the first two letters of the Greek alphabet.

- Means to arrange in alphabetical order.

- Example: I love the way how my local library alphabetizes their books.


- Noun that derives from Hebrew kedush meaning sanctification.

- Refers to a Jewish blessing traditionally recited over wine to proclaim Jewish festivals as holy or sanctify the Sabbath and other Jewish festivals.

- Example: Today is the first day of Passover when the kiddush will traditionally be recited before the Passover seder.


- Adjective that derives from Latin readendare meaning to overflow or to be in excess.

- Refers to something that is exceeding or repeating excessively.

- Example: The software programmer deleted the redundant line of code that did nothing to the system.


- Noun that derives from Medieval Latin eccentricitas from eccentricus meaning eccentric.

- Refers to something that deviates from conventional or traditional order.

- Example: The eccentricity of the artist really comes through his work.


- Adjective that derives from Latin indelibilis meaning indelible from n meaning not indelibilis meaning erasable from delaire meaning to delete.

- Refers to something that cannot be removed or deleted.

- Example: When you endorse your check, be sure to use a permanent ink so that your signature will be indelible and unalterable.


- Adjective that derives from Latin a meaning not plus Late Latin symptoma meaning symptom from Greek symptoma meaning symptom.

- Refers to not having any symptoms of a disease, condition, or illness.

- Example: People infected with COVID-19 may be asymptomatik for up to 14 days before developing symptoms.

In conclusion, each Word of the Day entry has its own unique definition, origin, and usage in a sentence. From sorority to asymptomatik, each word provides a better understanding of the English language and its history.

Ja'mie: Private School Girl (We're so Quiche! )

In this article, we will be summarizing a conversation between a group of girls at a school and their interactions with a new student from another country. The conversation covers topics such as popularity, race, and sexuality.

Conversation Highlights:

- One girl talks about a boy who is interested in her, but she is not sure if she wants to pursue a relationship with him.

- The group discusses the school's social hierarchy, with the most popular students being in the center of a designated area.

- The new student, Kwame, is introduced and welcomed by the deputy principal. The girls have mixed reactions to his presence.

- One girl is dismissive of Kwame, believing that he can only understand her and not the other girls.

- The conversation takes a negative turn when they make fun of a fat girl and a lesbian student.

- Kwame expresses gratitude for being welcomed to the school and is interested in learning about the girls' experiences in their country.

The conversation highlights some of the negative attitudes and behaviors that can occur within a high school setting, including superficiality and discrimination. It also shows the importance of inclusivity and acceptance towards new students from different backgrounds. As entrepreneurs, it is essential to create a positive and diverse work environment that promotes equality and respect for all individuals. By rewiring our mindset to embrace these values, we can become unstoppable in our endeavors and make a positive impact on the world.

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