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Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

ALL Word of the Days | April 2020 | Compilation | American Pronunciation

today's word of the day is sorority. what are you doing here? this is my show. well, guess what day it is? oh, okay, i see what you mean. today is april 1st. you know what? why not? i think i'm going to let you do today's word of the day, and i know you're going to do great. so, yeah, everybody, happy april 1st and i'll see you tomorrow on april 2nd. until then, have fun. thank you so much, akish, i appreciate it. today's word of the day is sorority, spelled s o r o r i t y, sorority. sorority is a noun that derives from medieval latin sororitas, meaning sorority, from latin sarore, meaning sister. sorority means a collegiate organization of girls, as in the sorority i'm planning to join when i go to college should for sure include dance and ice cream. the plural of sorority is sororities. once again, today's word of the day is sorority, spelled s o r o r i t y: sorority, brother and sister relationship. so yeah, everybody, thanks so much for watching this special episode of word of the days and, uh, yeah, i'll see you tomorrow with a new word of the day. we'll see you soon. bye. today's word of the day is recommenced, spelled r-e-c-o-m-m-e-n-c-e-d be commenced me commenced is a verb that derives from middle english recommend sen, from middle french recommend, say, from old french from re, meaning again, plus commence, a meaning to commence, which is probably from vulgar latin community, from latin com, meaning together, plus late latin in the tra, meaning to begin, from latin in a tra, meaning to initiate. so eventually the word recommenced comes all the way down to the latin word for begin, and that makes sense, because we commenced means started again or continued on after a brief pause, as in today, akash recommenced his position as host of his word of the day video series. once again, today's word of the day is we commenced, spelled r-e-c-o-m-m-e-n-c-e-d- we commenced. today's word of the day is virulence, spelled v-i-r-u-l-e-n-c-e. various. virulence is a noun that derives from middle english, from latin meaning venomous, from virus, meaning poison. [Music], virulence means extremely harmful, contagious or venomous, as in. not much is known about the viral factors contributing to the virulence of covin 19.. [Music]. an alternate pronunciation of virulence is virulence. once again, today's word of the day is virulence, spelled v-i-r-u-l-e-n-c-e- virulence. today's word of the day is devolutionary, spelled d-e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n-a-r-y, devolutionary. devolutionary is an adjective that derives from late latin devolutio, meaning corruption, from latin devil very, meaning to tumble or sink. the devolutionary doesn't really have to do anything with corruption, but does have to do something with um sinking, not really thinking, but you'll see what i mean here, because devolutionary means relating to the passing of power from one more powerful authority or entity to another. usually lower level entity, as in most countries, allow devolutionary powers to their states or provinces. an example- uh well, actually three examples- are the us, the uk and spain, because spain is mostly comprised of autonomous communities, as they're called, which is basically their states. there's one alternate pronunciation for devolutionary: devolutionary. once again, today's word of the day is devolutionary, spelled d-e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n-a-r-y devolutionary. today's word of the day is alphabetizes, spelled a, l, p, h, a, b, e, t, i z e s alphabetizes. alphabetizes is a verb that derives from middle english: alpha, beta, from light, light, and alpha beta from greek alphabetos, from alpha plus beta, which are the first two letters of the greek alphabet. the greek alphabet goes alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, and then um, some other ones. it's about 20 or so greek letters and the first two are alpha and beta, um. combine those and now i have alpha, beta and remove the at the end and now i have alphabet, which indeed is our alphabet. so alphabetizes means arranges in alphabet in alphabetikal order, as in: i love the way how my local library alphabetizes their books [Music]. once again, today's word of the day is alphabetizes, spelled a, l, p, h, a, b, e, t, i, z, e s alphabetizes. today's word of the day is kirush, spelled k-i-d-d-u-s-h, is a noun that derives from hebrew kedush, and i'm sorry if i mispronounced that. qrush, meaning sanctification. you can see it begins with a cube, and that's because i'm guessing in that area with hebrew and also arabic too. i've always got that sound. it's kind of hard to make in the back of your throat. so that's where kirish comes from. so what is what exactly is kiddush? well, kadush is a jewish blessing, traditionally recited over wine, and that proclaims jewish festivals as holy or sanctifies the sabbath and the other jewish festivals like that um. so here's the sentence for kiddush. today is the first day of passover, when the kadush will traditionally be recited before the passover seder, which is kind of like a big um, family dinner, sort of um. there are two alternate pronunciations for kudush: kirash, kadoosh. the plural of kiddush is kiddushes. once again, today's word of the day is kirush, spelled k-i-d-d-u-s-h, kiddush. today's worth of the day is redundant, spelled r-e-d-u-n-d-a-n-t: redundant. redundant is an adjective that derives from latin readendare, meaning to overflow or to be in excess. that's because redundant means exceeding or repeating excessively. notike how i basically exceeded slash repeated excessively in that sentence: exceeding or repeating excessively. here's the sentence for redundant. the software programmer deleted the redundant line of code. that did nothing to the system. it gave no value to the system, which is actually a really good joke if you're into programming, because values are given to variables like x or y or whatever. it'll make sense. um, anyway, redundant is a very redundant word, meaning that there are very a lot of synonyms for it, such as tots, logical and superfluous. there's also antonyms for the word, including concise and tacit. once again, today's word of the day is redundant, spelled r-e-d-u-n-d-a-n-t- redundant. today's word of the day is eccentricity, spelled e-c-c-e-n-t-r-i-c-i-t-y eccentricity. eccentricity is a noun that derives from medieval latin eccentricitas, from eccentricus, meaning eccentric. eccentricity means something that deviates from conventional or traditional order, as in the eccentricity of the artist really comes through his work. the plural of eccentricity is eccentricities. a synonym of eccentricity is peculiarity. once again, today's word of the day is eccentricity, spelled e-c-c-e-n-t-r-i-c-i-t-y- eccentricity. today's word of the day is indelible, spelled i-n-d-e-l-i-b-l-e in double. indelible is an adjective that derives from latin indelibilis, meaning indelible, from n, meaning not, indelibilis, meaning erasable, from delaire, meaning to the elite. indelible therefore makes sense that it means that cannot be removed or deleted. as in, when you endorse your check, be sure to use a permanent ink so that your signature will be indelible and unalterable. a synonym of indelible is permanent. once again, today's word of the day is indelible, spelled i n d e. today's word of the day is asymptomatik, spelled a-s-y-m-p-t-o-m-a-t-i-c. asymptomatik. asymptomatik is an adjective that derives from latin, a meaning not plus late. latin symptoma, meaning symptom, from greek symptoma, meaning symptom. same word just put into latin from simpiptain, meaning coincidence, from sin, meaning together, plus piptain, meaning to fall. now, asymptomatik means not having any symptoms of a disease, condition or illness, as in people infected with covid19, may be asymptomatik for up to 14 days before developing symptoms. so stay home, everybody, and stay safe. [Music]. the synonym of asymptomatik is symptomless, and that about ends today's word of the day. once again, today's word of the day is asymptomatik, spelled a-s-y-m-p-t-o-m-a-t-i-c. asymptomatik. today's word of the day is impresa, spelled i-m-p-r-e-s-a impresa. impresa is a noun that derives from italian impresa, the feminine form of impresso, which turns out to be the past partikiple of imprendra mea.

Ja'mie: Private School Girl (We're so Quiche! )

should say never, it doesn't guys that text me true, cuz it's kellton recess. turn like: Oh, move, you get him telling me this at the basketball. yeah, have you been toking to a lot? um, like I'm not really a bit, like I'm. install human face within table. yeah, I'd like triggers, pars, and that I call those just like shortly shot of him and I liked it, and I write page and then do a little winky face. yeah, it's so hot, really it okay, sorry. yeah, like I don't want to be like a full slide at this other stage. I mean, okay, oh, my god, climbing. you have to tell me what you think of maturing the same. you like you gotta let me know if you think like we'll work well together. our hot, you're gonna love him. yeah, so this is the oval and this is like we're. all the thing is hangout except Asians and like all the little groups like sit around and stuff. what it is is like basically, the hotter and more important you are, the closer to the center of the oval, so we're dead center. move out of that spot, for sake. so what kind of girls you into? like would you go other races? or he likes Jackie black, is that I do? we don't have any black girls, three of it. we've got a couple of Indian girls. you ain't a Indian girls? no, I'm not really that kind of with nice smell. yeah, oh my god, see those girls over there. that's Brianna's group and then my year 11 friends and I kind of I Phi his max. they got fat. oh my god, see that really butch girl over there. that's Lauren and she's a full legit lesbian but she's a boarder and all the wattage lesbians at the school she tried to hit on. I really have. okay, so morning girls claw me. I'm mr Hayes, the deputy principal here at hillford. wonderful to have you here, Jamie. once again, congratulations on the program. really inside stuff. I know I I just love doing this kind of thing like, yeah, that's the community we really appreciate and Crimea here. you staying with the king's worcester here, you'll have a great time there night. he can't really understand English that well. he understands me because we kind of overcome the language barrier. how are you, hi? I'm sorry to interrupt. I just want to say congratulations on the program to make. the presentation was really cool. thanks, hi. is it Kwame? I'm Erin. welcome to hillford. um, yeah, I look forward to hearing more about your country and about all the hardships and stuff. okay, girls, I think I'll leave you to it. climb, leave, lovely to meet you, have a wonderful time whilst you're here and girls, enjoy the rest of your day. um, can you not tok to him, as he doesn't really understand you, he only understands me, so I don't even bother. okay, cool, um, I guess I'll just see you in dance. pass then, nice to meet you. ah me bye, see ya then. what's the action? och, was that Lobby is here? oMFG, that was so random. oh my god. when is especially a psycho? don't come out just just because it's a black guy here. go away to say: I want to find out more about country it. sir, say: got lot. hey, thank you, sir. that's very chic. I can't even do with her random. that was bit like ma, come on, she is nice, only she's not around. no, she was only doing that because mr Hayes was here. yes, so I'm acting like I'm not your friend. you're a lesbian, you're fat. go away and stop trying to cash in on mine. Africa, jealously, tell me what did you think? that fat girl that came up? she liked her. say no, no, say yeah, mommy, only speaks the tree. oh my god, missions at the possible cause. come on, you get to see how kissing you Oh do.

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