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Month 4 Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study - Momentum Begins In The Messy Middle!

Published on: December 5 2022 by Miles Beckler

Month 4 Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study - Momentum Begins In The Messy Middle!

The above is a brief introduction to Month 4 Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study - Momentum Begins In The Messy Middle!.

Let's move on to the first section of Month 4 Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study - Momentum Begins In The Messy Middle!!

Month 4 Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study - Momentum Begins In The Messy Middle!

hey miles here miles Becca calm this
video is month number four of my
affiliate marketing case study and now
we're starting to see momentum from the
messy middle what I mean by that is
there's still problems all over the
place that my team and I are having to
overcome and deal which is totally
normal growing a website right we're
only four months in we're still in the
learning curve but at the same time
we're getting some really cool data
points that show we are getting massive
amounts of momentum and I'm gonna cover
both of those sides here in this video
for you today you're gonna understand
what we're working on what we've been
working on and then also what the
results are from there and of course
there's three other videos right month
one two and three I'll link to those in
the description and I've got some
long-form blog posts that walk you
through all of the updates the big goal
here is a three thousand dollar per
month website in one year that's the
goal so now at this point I feel a
little pressed by that goal to be
perfectly honest but again it's
important to realize that momentum
starts slowly and the whole process of
building a business online is quite
messy so what were these challenges what
were the big problems that came up well
as we're starting to publish more and
more content we needed to bring on a
second layout person we're using my main
developer as our layout guy but he does
so many different tasks and projects for
all of our different websites for my
wife's website for my website my
membership etc that I don't have his
full attention on this so by cranking up
the content volume meaning getting more
and more posts right our goals getting
to 12 and then to 16 posts per month it
the bottleneck became the actual
publishing so we brought on another
publisher somebody to lay that out for
us following our very very specific
template and what did they do they went
and downloaded and re uploaded the
images directly from Amazon now if
you're not familiar with how the Amazon
affiliate program works you don't have
the ability that's actually a copyright
violation and in their Terms of Service
that's enough to get your account banned
on Amazon now they never published it
live it didn't go out of draft mode in
this way but it gave us kind of a little
bit of a scare it gave us that
realization that we need a system in
place now if you're using Amazon's API
which is essentially a way to port
directly the data from within
Amazon you can use Amazon's images
inside of your post so what we did is we
went out and found a plug-in I'm using
it I forget the name of it you can find
it at miles Beckler calm for such links
I am an affiliate for it but that's the
one that we're using it was like $67 for
the year what it does is it connects
essentially my WordPress website
directly to the API of Amazon so now
whenever whoever is gonna be laying out
our future posts because I don't think
that person is gonna be around for the
long haul because we told them not to do
that but whenever they lay them out
they're just gonna be able to pull them
straight through the API so I can kind
of rest assured that all of our content
being published is gonna be 100% liked
compliant in compliance with the Terms
of Service of Amazon so that was one of
those big things and now if you think
about it we've got I think we have a
total of 22 posts at this point on the
site and we have to go back and kind of
fix those and get those working and
configure this new plug-in as table
features etc so I wished I would have
started with this on month number one
because it would have been a process it
would've been a standardized process
that we would have built in from there
but again this is why it's called the
messy middle we blaze forward doing the
best that we can and ultimately we adapt
on the fly to these kinds of challenges
that come up you've also heard me
probably mentioned the idea of a
bottleneck one thing that you're gonna
notike especially if you're Systems
driven that certain parts of the game
are going to become easier or get faster
and then that just moves the challenge
so for the first three months really how
do we publish twelve posts a month right
turning that content machine on we've
had a bunch of challenges with that but
this last month we actually hit I
believe seven posts this last month and
it put a backlog on our layout person
but the good news is we found we now
have two teams so the seven posts came
from two teams and the reason it wasn't
more was actually the bottleneck at the
layout we have some content in queue to
publish so as you fix this challenge you
essentially make a new challenge because
you if you think about it as a river if
you remove one dam from the river that's
stopping the river from flowing all of
that water rushes down and essentially
new dam somewhere else it's all gonna
bottleneck somewhere else so know that
that's the process process and my team
my project manager and I we literally
are like okay so now the bottom that's
over here how do we fix this system then
once we fix a system is like okay the
bottlenecks now over here how do we fix
that system so what else have we done
here so second layout person is coming
in try to VA so they're out and I think
I'm gonna use the WP publish Pro team if
you're not familiar with WP publish
procom that's Dave Wooden's team I've
used them for the content on the miles
bechler site for years now I essentially
just send them a document it's a Google
document with all of the images and
links and all the text laid out and then
that team goes in it's one flat fee and
they they handle it each and every month
the reason we haven't got them going
with this new site yet but I think we
will is how complex our template is so
we're simplifying our template and we're
adding on this plugin and once that's
done I'm gonna test Dave's team with WP
publish Pro because they're scalable
they'll be able to handle a post a day
every single day and again it's just one
flat price for the month so I really
like that what else did I do this last
month I bought some links now I got my
grey hat on is this great green hat so I
bought some some pbn links to be
perfectly honest with you and my goal
here is to really kickstart the domain
Authority growth and I've already gotten
a comment on my blog of like miles like
I can't believe you did that
is that on brand for you so what on
brand for me is right now with this
website like the website is its own
brand okay and the goal of this website
is three thousand dollars per month and
I'm doing what I need to do to get to
that $3,000 a month you're also gonna
find two camps in the world of affiliate
marketing number one is oh my gosh PB n
links are the worst things ever how dare
you it's gonna blow up your site it's
going to backfire and then there's the
other camp who are like PB n links all
the way right get good quality PB n
links and that will grow your authority
faster than your competitors you'll take
over on the search engine you'll get
more clicks and you'll get more so my
plan my thought process here is to use
this to essentially jumpstart the
process I might use them for one or two
months only and that might be it right
I'm doing five links and most of those
links are going to the home page even
though I'm sending some to the internal
pages themselves that I do want to
the overall goal here is to kick-start
the authority of the site all of these
sites are getting Google's spiders
crawling them and when they link to my
site with a little bit of that link
Authority it really just reintroduces
Google's search engine spiders to my
content to help them realize that we're
starting to get notiked in the world so
it's a risk it's a chance it's a
calculated risk I want to kick this on
now my team and I plan fully to
essentially turn on my entire division
of backlink building but right now
they're focused 100% on Melonie site and
my site okay they don't have time and
bandwidth to work on this website or
else I would be using them if that's all
they had going on but they're building
their systems and they're starting
they're doing the outreach for our two
main sites this is kind of the I mean
this is my sidekick right this is the
side gig of my sidekick my wife site is
still number one the miles becker brand
and content and conversion membership is
still my main focus beyond that and then
this is kind of that thing on the side
so Wynn my team on the backlink side the
backlinking division of my team for
outreach when they are ready and able to
take this on we're 100% gonna keep this
in-house and we're gonna do white hat
create great content do a bunch of
outreach get the backlinks naturally so
we are gonna go in that position in that
way I just wanted to kick-start this and
get a little bit of a start going here
for us early um cost of that was a
hundred and seventy-five dollars and I'm
gonna do it for a couple months and if
it blows up the site I'll tell you and
if it boosts my authority quickly I'm
gonna tell you and that's what I'm here
to do is to be honest with you there so
I also tested another research writing
team combo so this research and writing
team they essentially are researching
the different products and they're
writing it there's a little bit of
back-and-forth they come up with a list
of products based on the main keyword
that I give them and we're refining the
list they have not gotten that right
once but it's quick this way and then
the writing there they're doing pretty
good on the writing so I have two teams
there's this team I bought for if you've
watched the previous videos you know I
bought twelve posts from a different
team in this fashion and they riped it
all up they messed it all up and we've
literally been backpedaling to re-edit
something they did they would not fix
them for us which is why a
I don't announce who I'm using until I
use them several months in a row and be
I'm never using them again is kind of
the situation but I realize starting
with smaller purchases to prove the team
in case it backfires is gonna be easier
for my editors to go back through four
posts and fix so I've got my in-house
team going now I have this external team
going for next month the plan is eight
posts from the external team and four
posts from the in-house team again
because they're constantly working on my
site and my other stuff so the goal is
twelve posts next month which is really
what I've seen as where I wanted to be
if we're able to hit twelve posts a
month every month from month five on
then we're gonna be at something like a
hundred and twenty posts throughout the
course of the year I think we're gonna
try to ramp up to sixteen posts per
month which would be an average of about
one every other day on this website so
hopefully we can hit 12 next month and
we're just gonna cruise right to 16 that
would put us at about a hundred and
fifty posts by the end of the year which
I think would increase the likelihood of
hitting my target goals so we published
seven posts last month which is about
double from the month before I have a
total of twenty-two posts published
these are very long comprehensive posts
these are really high quality posts so
we got 22 the goal for 12 this month I'm
catching kind of full stride would put
us to 34 and then so if I do three a
week for the rest of the year that would
actually 118 posts is kind of what we
have in our sites and I'd really like to
get that to 150 so that's kind of
everything that's going on now I was
reading on on reddit there's a few
subreddits that I go in where people are
building affiliate sites and there was
somebody who's new they're like look I'm
three months in I've been publishing all
the time and I'm still getting like an
average of one or zero visits to my site
what's wrong and I want to address that
because I've got more traffic going on
but then that but it's still very very
small it's on average a couple of posts
a couple of visits a few visits per day
is all it is and that's totally normal
this game takes time you're probably
gonna have to publish for about six
months to eight months before you really
start to feel the effects of momentum
but as I mentioned we're seeing momentum
at this point in time so how do you
see momentum without having big traffic
numbers and be making money in $10,000 a
month right cuz the the reality is since
I'm not trying to sell you a course I
get to be brutally honest with you and I
hope you appreciate that because there's
a lot of people blow and smoke up your
rear to try to make it sound easier than
it is so they can sell you courses I
just want you to know how this game
works so you have to understand the
power of compounding okay if you take
something that doubles a penny that is
gonna double every day you got one penny
day one you got two pennies on day two
then it's four pennies then it's eight
pennies it does not feel like anything's
going on but by the time you hit day 30
you're at like millions and millions and
millions of dollars because of the power
of compounding I have a video where I
walk you through a slideshow that does
that exercise and I want you to watch it
I'm gonna have the link pop up I think
it's me on that side to go watch that to
put your mindset in the right place so
you can be comfortable in the messy
middle dealing with challenges removing
bottlenecks like trying your hardest
pouring your heart and soul into all of
these new things writing content keyword
research publishing doing the reviews
review research all these bits and
pieces you're doing and you don't really
start to see the compounding results for
eight months a year two years but what
happens when those compounding results
hit they get crazy and that's why I'm
excited to carry on so let's tok about
next the costs because I'm outsourcing
all of this I have maybe an hour's worth
of conversations with my project manager
each and every month so I'm consciously
outsourcing all of this if you were
doing this 100% yourself this month
would have cost you somewhere around if
you bought links it would cost you about
$220 if you didn't buy links this month
would have cost you less than $100 so
keep that in mind as I go into my
numbers cuz this is an investment I'm
taking monies from my brand and
investing them over here anyways with
that said 584 dollars from my in-house
writing team 750 dollars for my project
manager to keep the the train on the
tracks four hundred and seventy seven
dollars for the research team who
research projects they work with my
in-house writing team a hundred and
seventy-five dollars for the first five
links on the link building we won't get
those till this month so I made the
monetary investment last month who we
won't see the results of that starting
until this month
and then the writing team number two was
$659 then $67 in links and again so
writing team number two the 659 that
contents actually gonna get published
next month month five right I bought it
and now it's gonna come out next month
sixty seven dollars for the plugin that
I mentioned Myles Becker comm slash
links to keep Amazon compliance so they
don't shut down my account total spent
this month was two thousand seven
hundred and twelve dollars if I'm on
pace my thought was I was gonna spend
upwards of fifty thousand dollars I'm
not even halfway there and the odds of
me hitting that budget that that goal
and again I just see that as a
reflection of how much content were
publishing it doesn't seem like I'm
going to get there my thought was 50
grand in $3,000 a month cash flow out
better deal than real estate in my
personal opinion I don't know if I'm
gonna get there on the investment side
but I'm still shooting for them and that
income side there is still a chance how
much traffic that's really one of the
other important data points for you so
overall our traffic's up over a hundred
percent my Google organic traffic the
one that counts the one that matters um
that's up six hundred and fifty percent
month-over-month six hundred and fifty
percent more so I'm super excited about
that and then my impressions so I'm
getting my click data from analytiks but
you also need to have already got your
site verified within Google search
console that's at google.com slash
webmasters that's where you go get your
sitemap tied in right to keep seeding
the the search engine spiders with every
new posts that you have so inside of
there month-over-month my impressions
number and this is the only place you
can see how many impressions that you're
getting on Google as a search engine
it's up thirteen hundred percent that's
thirteen x growth in impressions this
past month versus the month before and
this is really what momentum looks like
these are my leading edge indicators
doesn't mean I'm getting massive amounts
of traffic my sales volume is still zero
and I'm totally cool with it because
everything is pointing to the fact that
this rocket ship is taking off and if
you've ever seen a rocket take off like
a real actual rocket
it's just blasting out thousands of
horsepower through its rockets and it
doesn't look like it's going anywhere
and then it's going like one mile
two miles an hour three miles an hour
another analogy if that one doesn't work
for you is a freight train
you know you've probably seen freight
trains driving they have you know a
hundred cars of coal or something in all
of the train cars and when that train is
going from dead stop the amount of the
thousands of horsepower required to get
it moving and all sudden it's crawling
and I could walk faster than it and then
it's getting them out to a walk and then
it's getting to a jog when that train
gets up to 60 miles an hour with all
that weight and momentum there's no
stopping it
it just takes a long time for it to get
up to speed both of those analogies are
exactly how building a business online
is that's what happened with my wife's
first business we started in 2009 that's
exactly what happened with this channel
that you're watching now that I started
in 2016 it took me like nine months to
get momentum I did hundreds and hundreds
literally like 300 videos or 250 videos
in nine months before I started to see
the results of my momentum and Here I am
22 posts in on a brand new website
hoping to get to 34 this month and
hoping to ultimately get to 50 on the
month after that and I'm seeing the
signs of momentum I can hear the engines
clicking I'm removing the roadblocks and
our processes are getting smoother and
smoother and smoother and I know that at
some point the money is gonna start to
flow the traffic's gonna start to flow
and that's when it's gonna get really
exciting but as a creator as an
entrepreneur I've learned to love right
now the challenges the messy middle this
is when we're putting our systems
together when we're getting the right
teammates in the right places when I'm
firing people because they didn't do
their job right and they didn't read the
description and I'm looking at new teams
and I'm looking at new processes I love
this phase so don't get addicted to the
outcome stay addicted to the process
because when you're addicted to the
process and you love building things
that are focused on giving value to the
audience because that's what we're doing
every blog post gives a ton of value
searching for people searching for these
things right we are all in on giving
value to this audience it becomes fun
and then it's just you just make your
processes more efficient your teammates
more efficient or you're just getting
more efficient as a writer and a
researcher yourself if you're doing
everything 100% yourself eventually that
train gets its momentum and eventually
that cash flow does not stop even if you
posting new blog posts the traffic shows
up the cash flow shows up everything
works and that's the goal we're working
towards it just takes a ton of effort to
get there if you have any questions for
me get at me in the comments below I'm
happy to answer when I have time in the
description you're gonna find a lot of
the helpful links the link to the
plug-in that I'm using the blog post
that lays this out the past videos and
be sure you watch that video that I have
I'll have it pop up on the end screen
here that is about the power of
compounding it's so important for you to
understand how compounding works that
video walks you through in a kind of a
slideshow animated pseudo not animated
slideshow presentation that I put
together with graphics on it that'll
really help you understand the power of
compounding and and the real magic
behind building a successful website
online on that note I'm gonna call it
thank you very much for your time today
I appreciate you and I look forward to
connecting with you on the next video
till we meet again
be well

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