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moosend email marketing ads

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

How to create email Campaigns on Moosend email marketing tool | Email Marketing for Beginners

hello, this video is about your campaigns, how you can create a campaign and also, uh, how you can send it and which types of campaigns does museum have, etc. etc. etc. so there are three types of campaigns. one is the automation campaigns, which you can create in your automations, as we've shown on the previous video, and the rest of the two are basically the regular and repeatable campaigns. so let's go ahead and see them one by one. i will just go and create a new campaign by clicking the create new campaign button on the upper right, and here you have these options. the last two are repeatable campaigns. uh, this is a repeatable html campaign, where you can select your campaign to draw its content from a specific url of your site that you choose to, to give it to you, to give to your campaign. and the other one is another s campaign. and the above two is a regular campaign, meaning a normal campaign that you can manually send to your audience, to your list or your segments, etc. or an ab split campaign, which is basically again a sort of a regular campaign, but it sends. you get to select two subtypes of campaign. so let's say that you divide, um, let's go over here. so let's say that you uh make. you have these three options regarding a test. so it's subject line. so you set two different subjects and your campaign automatikally sends to a portion of your list the first subject, then to another portion of your list, the second subject, and then it counts the analytiks for both options for a specific amount of time that you set and then choose the winner and send the rest of sent to the rest of the of the mailing list, the winning of the two uh sub campaigns, campaign a and b. the same logic applies to the rest of the two uh versions, version selections. so the first one. the second one is uh, the campaign content and the the other one is the sender that you choose for your campaigns. um, let's go with subject line for now, just to demonstrate how the ab campaign works. uh, you set the name of your campaign in humuscent account, so let's call this test a b. then you said subject a, which is, let's say, test one, and then you set subject b, which is test two. then, if you want, you can set the preview text and you select your sender as such, and then you proceed to the other step where you need to select your list. let's say that i choose this list and they proceed to the next option. you get to select the format of your campaign. uh, you should select html plus plain text campaigns in order to get analytiks for your campaign. if you choose plain text only, we are not able to track your campaign, so you will not be able to see anything in the report section that we mentioned on the previous video that we made. so let's go ahead and proceed here. here you can create your campaign. i'll just use a template for now, since i don't really want to spend too much time on how to create stuff here. we will solve this on the regular campaign in a short while, so let's use this template again and then proceed to the next step, like so. so here you have the a- b settings, so you choose the portion of your list. a regard a percentage regarding the total amount of your list. so i had 13 people in my list. so if i send a portion to a apportion to b and the rest to the winner, i would get 10, let's say to a, meaning one person, then 10 to be one person, and the winner gets the. the. uh, the the winner campaign goes to the rest of the people- meaning to the rest of the 11 people- goes an 80, um. so let's do it like so: 18 and the rest of the 16 percent will get the winning campaign. then you get to select the winning version. so you have two options here. you have the campaign version with the highest number of unique opens or the campaign version with the highest number of unique clicks- i will just go with opens at the moment- and then you get to select how long will your test run. so you have one hour up to one day, 24 hours. let's go for one hour from now. then you click on. next you have your spamming delivery test where you can send the test to yourself. so let's go here. then we have, uh, when to send your campaign. uh, you can send it immediately or just schedule it for a later time. uh, also one. a small note on the spamming delivery test: it will always send the subject of campaign a on the test. so if you want to test it before you actually send the ap campaign, you should create a small list with personal emails and then sent to these emails in order to see both subjects. basically, so let's proceed next here. i will just click on it to send it right away, and clicking next will actually take me to the snapshot where i can take a last look of what's up with my campaign. so we have here is the content of your newsletter. this is a snapshot of my campaign to be sent: the sender, the campaign, the subject of campaign a and b. then i have the list that i created that i selected as recipients, and also a number of my recipients. if the same person, meaning the same email address, is more than one list and you select both lists to be the recipient of your campaign, the automa- the system will automatikally see the duplicate and will only send your campaign once, so you do not have to worry about your campaigns, your recipients, getting duplicated campaigns. then you have the delivery uh options. we've selected our campaign to be delivered immediately and the campaign uh. when the campaign has been received, uh delivered, a confirmation email will be sent to the others that we've selected on the first set of my campaigns in the campaign section. so i'll just click on send [Music]. and let me go to my email as well. i have, um, i have dummy emails that only to my email address, so i will just get all the tests right here. so let's say that i only open it with this one. um, if i now go to my test a b campaign here, i will go to the recipient activity. these are the addresses that received my campaign. still now i only have one open and this is the report of my ap campaign. so in the on the overview i get to see both subjects. that's different than the regular campaigns. and then on the a- b overview i get to see the performance of the campaigns. so you have test one, that's two and let me just go ahead and do this one right here. sorry, campaigns. so for now you do not see the total amount of people sent because it's currently on the selecting winner phase, which will last for an hour. so you you will not get to see it at the moment, but let's see how it works. so first, on the overview, i see that we have an ab split campaign. you have the id, which is unique for each campaign, as we mentioned, of course, and then the rest of the options right here are pretty much the same. if i go to the recipient activity, you see how many people it was sent. uh, how many of them opened it, how many did not open it. the link performance, again the email client and activity by location. and then there is an extra menu saying ab overview right here which actually gives me info about my ab settings. so i get to see that it was split over the subject line. the winner is over open rate and then the split settings are: the campaign a will be sent to 18 of my list, b to another 18 and the winners- the winner campaign- will be sent to the remaining 64 um. at the moment, uh, campaign b is winning because, as you can see on the grayed out area it's actually grayed out because the selecting winner face is not finished yet. uh, so i have two opens right here, uh, and then fifty percent of my people open the campaign. so when the selecting winner phase is over in an hour from now, it will see that uh, campaign b has more open rate than campaign a and send the same campaign, but with the subject of campaign b, meaning test 2, to the remaining 64 of my list um. so that's also why you see four people at the moment here, while my list originally had 13 people. let's go and see my list as well. so these are four right now and then, if i go inside my list and the members section. in the active people, as you can see, i have 13 people in total who are active on my list, only four of them randomly. a.

Is This The Best Mailchimp Alternative? - Moosend Review & Tutorial (Email Marketing For Beginners)

hey guys, my name is damon black, and in today's video, we're going to be reviewing an email marketing software called moose end. in this review, i'm going to be sharing exactly what moose end is, how it works and who it's for. i'm also going to show you how to get set up very quickly so you can save time and effort. now, just to let you know, guys, i've left the link below this video. if you want to get started with moose end now, you can get started with their awesome 30-day free trial and you don't even need to enter your credit card details. it's an extremely powerful tool for anyone that is looking to get started with digital marketing, or you can also watch this video if you're looking to switch over from a different email marketing software. so, first of all, what is moose end? well, moose end is an email marketing provider that was launched in 2012. since then, they've added many awesome features and it's turned into an all-in-one marketing tool. this means that not only can you send out email campaigns, but you can also create landing pages, create email sequences, automation workflows and much, much more. now i've been using them for the past couple of weeks and i also have a paid plan, and in just a second, i'm gonna walk you through all their tools and features so you can have an insight what this tool can do for your online business. now there's a lot of email marketing providers online, but the biggest competitors to moose end are providers like get response, mailchimp and aweber. now moose end offers one of the most affordable plans out there, so you can get started without much of a budget and get the result that you're looking for. so let's hop into my computer and let me show you guys what moose end is all about. alright, so when you head over to their official website, museencom, and click on the pricing, you can see that when you click on the annual plan, it's only seven dollars per month to get started and you can get up to 500 email subscribers. and, as i mentioned, you also get a 30 day free trial- um, no credit card required. um, you get unlimited emails, automation workflows and one landing page and one subscription form. so this is an awesome free trial that you can use. sign up with just to test out moose end. now what i recommend is, if you want to switch over from a different service provider, like get response or aweber or mailchimp- they have very, very affordable pricing plans, as you can see. um, let's just say you have about one or two thousand subscribers, you're going to be paying only 19 per month and if you're starting out, guys, and you want to take this seriously, then seven bucks per month up to 500 subscribers. this is more than enough to get you started and you can eventually upgrade when you surpass 500 subscribers. so let's go over the features that they have. so the most important is obviously email marketing. they have a very easy to use drag and drop email editor. i'm going to be showing you that in just a second. you can a b test different types of emails and obviously analytiks. so i'm going to scroll down. and now the next feature that they have is called marketing automation. so with marketing automation, you can create follow-up sequences. um, you can follow up with your leads. now they also have a feature called landing pages. you can create beautiful landing pages with their drag and drop editor. it's very, very easy to use and it's similar to click funnels. so right now, if you're using a different email marketing provider, chances are that you're also using a landing page builder, like click funnels now with moosa, and you don't have to use any other tool because they have their own landing page builder, and this feature alone is going to save you so much money. they also have subscription forms, so if you have a blog or a website, you're going to have an option to create your own personalized subscription form and put it on your blog. they also integrate with multiple different websites like wordpress and woocommerce, so you don't have to do any coding at all. so let me log in for you guys right now and let me show you what it looks like in the back office and let's go over all of these different features in more detail. so the first thing you're going to see when you sign up is these five steps. so let's take your website out there. all you have to do is connect your domain. so when you click on this green button now, all you have to do is submit your website domain name. now, click on submit, and now you have to also verify. so all you have to do is click on install connection script- custom installation. click on install and copy this simple code into the head tag of your website. so log into wordpress and paste it into your head tag. so once you have this finished, it's going to take a couple of hours to get your domain verified, and you should be good to go now to check if your domain is verified. all you have to do is scroll up here, click on websites and here you can see your website, and on the right side you can see verified or unverified. if you're having any trouble getting your domain verified, make sure to read these blog posts and if they don't help, make sure to contact customer support. um, they're available 24- 7 and it's super helpful. so now that your website is connected, let's hop into all the juicy details. okay, so the first thing you're gonna need to do is set up your sender's email address, so basically the email that you're gonna be sending from. so head over up here one more time. click on settings. now click on senders and here you can see your name and your email address. so, as you can see, i signed up with the email address info at damienblackcom and it says that it's verified, but now i have to verify the spf and the dkim. so all you have to do is click on this button and now you're gonna see two very, very important codes, which is the txt record name and the record value. so this is the domain keys identified mail and this is the sender's policy framework. now, to set up and add these to dns records, just log into your hosting provider- i'm sure you know how to do this by now- and basically paste them inside your dns manager and click on save once again. if you're having trouble doing this, make sure to contact customer support or just simply search it up on google. there's hundreds of artikles on how to add dns records into your hosting provider. so now i'm going to show you guys how to create an email list, because this is the first thing you're going to do when you're getting started. so go over to audience and click on email lists and now click on a new email list. now you're going to give it a name, so just name it whatever you want and click on create. now, if you're going to be using multiple lists, make sure that you know what each email list is for and where the email subscribers are coming from. so click on create now. as you can see, this is a completely new email list, so it has no members. but what you can do on your left side is you can click on your dashboard. here you see all your analytiks: um perform book actions. you can import members into your list. so, for example, if you um came from get response, you can simply export your email list from get response and paste it directly into moose end. you can unsubscribe members. you can delete members. now you can go to your settings, right, the redirect page url. so when someone unsubscribes from your email list, this is where they get redirected to. but you can leave a blank, and a moose and is going to redirect them to their default page. now, opt-in settings: these are the settings that um, they're up to you guys, but i like to use single opt-in and this means that when someone comes to your landing page or your blog and they enter their email address, that's all they have to do and they're automatikally going to be imported into your email list. strong or soft, double opt-in means that they're going to confirm it in their email email account, right. so they're gonna have to open an email and confirm that they have opted in. so i like to keep it on single opt-in now.

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Moosend Tutorials - Creating a Simple Email Automation

hey, how's it going? it's neil from clearline interactive and in this video i'm going to show you how to create an automation in moose end that'll send an email to new subscriber when they sign up for your list. all right, so to begin, we're going to go up to automation here and you can see i have a few automations already set up, and the easiest way in moose end is to go here to recipes, and they have a whole bunch of different recipes here for you: for abandoned carts, loyalty sequence, new customer email, onboarding email sequence. so these are pretty neat. you got all the different ones here, so you can go ahead and click on any one of them. let's check out welcome email sequence. all right, now this one when someone subscribes to your list. that's the trigger for every automation. you need a trigger to get us started. this one has started with someone subscribes to any list, so we'll start there, click on that and we'll go ahead and say trigger only on the first subscription, but instead maybe we want to make it- if you have a couple different lists, you can specify a certain list. in the last uh video tutorial we created a list called test list, so let's check on that. let's make sure that we only send this to people that subscribe to that list. okay, alright, so we'll look for when someone subscribes to any list, nope, when someone unsubscribes, or when someone subscribes to a specific list. this is what we're looking for. so you just go to your drop down and you can see here's test list. we're going to use that. hit save, all right. now let's change to. the trigger is when someone subscribes to list test list, all right. and then you can say: wait a specific time interval. so here you can specify a specific time interval after they sign up until they get that first email. you can leave it at zero or set it like something like 10 minutes. just hit save now. it'll wait 10 minutes before sending them the first email. it's totally up to you what you want to do there. and then the next action here is to send an email campaign- and this is where you'll create your email- to thank them for signing up. so you can have your subject line: thank you and the name option. you can create different names in here. i like to put this: this is a signature i created. i'll show you how to do that in another video and that is what it will show. i like to put my name, the company name and then the email address. it seems to work best so they know where it's coming from and it's a little more personalized with the name than rather just having the email address. you can just do a text editor where you can just send text, which i think works out best. google sees that and i think it's a text from or an email from a friend and this is just regular text. thank you for signing up. if you wanted, you could add if you had a lead magnet, say download your lead magnet here- you wouldn't call it that, but that might be a good thing to do and you can just put a link here, whatever your url is, and yeah, hit save, now you have the link and you can say: you know, keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters. say they signed up for a newsletter. this would be a good place to tell them how often you're going to be emailing them, what they can expect in the emails. you can get really detailed in this email. this is when they're most excited. they just signed up for your list, so you want to give them a whole bunch information like what you're all about, what the emails you know, consist of how they can reach out to you and things like that. all right, and this is what i would suggest. but if you wanted to do something a bit more interesting, you can go here and create a more interesting looking email, and they have a whole bunch of templates here that you can use for your, your newsletter or whatever it is, which is pretty cool. or you can search by category here, say your clothing company, or maybe see if they have wellness- let me see what would fit here. personal, no, teaching, halloween. you can search through all of these and see if anything really stands out that you'd like to use. you know they have a whole bunch, and you can also just take these and adjust them. you know, click on one to use. yes, i want to use it. there you go now you can go about creating all the things you want in this email, and i'll show how that. this is similar to creating a landing page. so check out my video on creating landing page to see how to work with in this editor that moose end has. i'm just going to back out of here, go back to our automation. i'm going to stik with the, the rich text editor. i lost all my text, so give me one sec. all right, cool, so now we have our message here. uh, you can do all sorts of things. we can link to these, this text here, like we did put your domain there. i'm just putting that so it activates the link. you can bold text. if you don't see all the options, go here to the three dots and you can select bold. here's all your formatting. type stuff. close that. make it bigger. if you want something like that. uh, you can add images. you can add things from giphy. so, say, you want to make it a little more interesting? i choose to. i like to do this a lot, you know. thank you, gif. find something funny or something interesting? let's do this. all you have to do is click on that, go here and just paste that link and paste the gif right in there. make it a little more interesting. even though it's not html, it's not one of those rich web page looking emails. it's kind of fun. all right, now you can select how many emails you want them to get per day. uh, here this would come in handy if you have a bunch of lead magnets, or you have a lead magnet and then an onboarding sequence that you usually send and you don't want them to get. you know the thank you letter, the email, something else, all these things hitting at once. say they sign up for a couple lead magnets or something. you can limit it, so, okay, they're only going to get one email per day, or they can get unlimited, or any of these. okay, we're just going to hit save on that. cool. now what you could do is wait another specific time frame. um, do 24? whoop, you got to watch out for that. if you just slide right out of the screen, you'll lose it. say 24 hours. hit save and then you could send another email saying: hey, you know, go ahead. i hope you like the. the. whatever the lead magnet is, i hope you're getting value out of it. let me tell you a little bit more about it, because a lot of times people sign up for a lead magnet and they never download it. so you can keep going with that. now there are ways to see if they downloaded the cheat sheet. by putting it on the landing page, you create moose end and adding a trigger. if they go to that page to download it, it adds a trigger to their email contact form here, and then in here, what you would do is create an action that, if they're like in between this first email and the second one, if the trigger has been added to their email name, then you would just disregard the rest of this campaign and you wouldn't have to send anything else to them. they wouldn't receive any more emails about the lead magnet because you know they downloaded it. but we're not going to do that. we're going to create a simple campaign here. so we already sent our emails. so what you can do is hover over any of these other ones here, any of these other triggers- i mean actions and waiting times- and just click remove. i'm going to remove this one and remove this one and remove that one. so this is a simple and they always give the option undo, which i think is great. a simple automation has a trigger here. when someone signs up to the list, it waits 10 minutes and then it sends them this email and in the email you have your link to your lead magnet wherever that lives. all right, cool. so next we're going to look at building a landing page, that where you can place your form so people can sign up, and also that would also work for delivering the lead magnet too. so, all right, check out that next video and i'll tok to you then bye-bye [Music] you.


Moosend Tutorial - Is This the Best Email Marketing Tool?

hi everyone, alexandra here again. today i'm going to review another email marketing tool that you can use to send your newsletters, your drip campaigns, whatever sales or educational message you want to share with your email list, and this tool is called moosand. and keep in mind that, yes, there's a free version for this tool, so you can go ahead and start using it. if you have a small email list to begin with, right off the bat, you have your dashboard, which is where you will see essentially your paths in terms of campaigns and revenue once you start sending your emails. now, at the top, you have some general stats related to your account, but what's super interesting is that you can log in for each one of your clients so that you can have different accounts for every single client that you have. so this is perfect for agencies or email marketing consultants, freelancers, virtual assistants, and for each of these accounts, you will have some settings related to- you know, branding, senders, templates and websites, and even a suppression list in here. now to actually create your first campaign, you can either go here at the top or go to campaigns and click on create new campaign, and you will have a bunch of choices to pick from in here, but we are just going to go with a simple regular campaign for this tutorial. now you have to add in your usual campaign name: you can set the subject line, the preview text, which is the snippet that will appear right next to the subject line in people's email inbox. remember, you can actually use emojis for these as well, to kind of make them pop. then you have the sender option and who you want people to reply to, and just some extra options for tracking. click on next. then you're going to choose your email list and a bit later on in this tutorial i'm going to show you how to create these from mailing lists. click on next and you have the option to choose between a html and plain text type of email or plain text. the plain text version is better if you just want to write some friendly messaging or sales drip campaigns without making it overly promotional, so that it looks just like you would receive an email from someone you know. but for this tutorial i'm going to go with this advanced feature and we are going to start a design from scratch by going to the editor. now you can always just choose one of the templates from here at the top and you have some really interesting designs. however, you will probably want to customize this a bit, so let's just choose this example. you can preview it or you can even add them to your favorites. so now you can actually find them in the my favorite template. go to use template and now that we have our template, we can always just go on and choose. maybe new extra structures, like, for example, here we could add a new full width container and within it i'm going to add an image by dragging this on top of the container and once you double click on this, you have a bunch of options to choose from. i'm just going to opt for this for now. add the image and you can always resize this a bit, but it will look kind of like this: if you don't cut the image beforehand, you can always go again to image picker on the left side and choose maybe a different image like this one, and on the left side you have a bunch of options like adding maybe a background color, aligning the image so that it's centered the right way, adding a url on top of it, adding alt text. always add this to make sure your emails are accessible. you can also just crop the image to make it. you know the size that you truly need. so maybe something like this: click on crop and now this image will take up less space. you also have the option to keep its natural size or stik it on the full width of this container. and really, if you go on top of any image, any element, you can just double click on that, change the image, change the text and if you click on a button, for instance, again you will have all of your options on the left side. i think moussang does have a fairly intuitive platform compared to other tools and everything is really simple to use and to change in the editor. so if you want to compare it to another tool, i recommend you go ahead and also try mailchimp at the same time you are testing this content editor in moose and to see kind of the differences in terms of you know the look and feel of the editor and basically, for any element- let's say this image here- you will have your settings also on the right side. for example, you can click on settings and your structure settings open up on the left side and this is just for the container type and you can also just move the container around. and if you want to duplicate this, you can create a clone block. you have to name it, ideally- and what happens now is that you will find it in here under your structure options so you can reuse this across your email. you can also just duplicate it from here so it gets copied automatikally and basically you now have just a bunch of these images, so we're just going to delete them and notike how. you also have some extra settings here at the top. so basically, whenever you go over a container, you will have your container settings on the right side and every specific element settings at the top. so, for example, if you want to change this price, here you're going to go to settings and you have the options in here. so, for example, you could be adding a background color or anything like that. so, basically, to review, for the editing options, you have your structure. so these are again the containers, kind of like this, and then you have a bunch of elements so you can add maybe some social sharing options, an image and some text and just edit this as you wish. there's even some more advanced options, like the timer, some product features and, of course, you have your settings options in here. and this is great, because there's really a lot of ways to change these containers. don't forget, you also have your mobile version in here, so you can edit the newsletter and make sure it fits and looks great on a mobile device as well. and here at the top you have your preview, which is really allowing you to see what the newsletter will look like on different devices. then you have the option to send yourself a test and just add in your email in here and you're good to go. then some code options, just in case you want to maybe make this newsletter more interactive, and you have the option to clear everything. so maybe stay away from this and then, when you're done, just go to update campaign and continue, and then you will be taken back to editing your campaign. so, basically, your template- or your email design, if you will- is ready and now you can send another test and either send this campaign or schedule it for later, and you can also opt to send this campaign again to subscribers who did not open this. now, if you remember, we recently had a tutorial for drip and in drip you have to create a new campaign from scratch if you want to change the campaign subject and sender when resending the email to people who didn't open it the first time. so here you have a lot of extra options to make sure that you send this campaign exactly when you want to. however, the only thing you can't change in here is basically the time when you send this and finally, right before you hit send, you get a snapshot, so an overview of what the campaign looks like, and you can just hit send and you're ready to go. moosand isn't just for creating these email campaigns. you can also use it, obviously, for lead generation, and in here you can create landing pages or just subscription forms to embed onto your website. so we are going to create a new landing page. name it as you wish. you can add in your seo data in here, including title tag and meta description and, of course, the icon for the website or really the just the landing page. then again, you're going to design your landing page. i would recommend that you always start with a template, just because it's going to be easier for you to put together the design.

Moosend Email Marketing Tool Setup, send first email campaign with Moosend tutorial|Bestinbuying.com

hello guys, this is munasik from missingbindcom, and today we are going to see an affordable email marketing solution called motion, and motion has great features on the free plan. so i wanted to share you the features of motion and, uh, the sign up process almost end, and also i'll show you how to send emails using motion at the end of the video. so stay tuned for more information. and before jumping into the video, i wanted to show you a blog post which i've written on my blog, questionbikecom, um, which is all about the best free email marketing tools in 2021. so i've also included a mind map inside this artikle. so hope, uh, you can just check it out once and, if you want to, so this is download. you can see this artikle is very lengthy. one time, actually, it wrote all about email organ tools, and this artikle is about 4000 words, and here we are. so here you can see that there is a button called download the mind map- pdf. so if you click the button, you will get to download the mind map for free, with no additional cost. so now let's get into motion. so here we are on motions home page. so this is how uh motion homepage looks when you land on nothing. so now let's go to the pricing page to see all the features of motion. so let me just click the browsing page so it is loading now. and now here we are. so, as i told, if you have uh subscribers less than 1000, then you can send unlimited emails to them with motion, and also there are a lot of features which are included in the motion spirit plan. so here you can see that you can send unlimited email campaigns for free and you can create a form, subscription forms, pop-up forms, emulate forms and many more, and you will have access to basic templates and image manipulation tools like cropping the images and resizing the images- yeah, inside the motion dashboard, without going to another tool. so let me just scroll down here you can see that the museum offers complete marketing automation package for free in a free plan, and here you can see that motion has a very good tracking analytiks feature. so let me show you this. here we are now here. see for yourself that motion has email heat map analytiks and google analytiks tracking, and they also offer spam analysis and snap listing for your emails and also your split testing for the emails you want to test. and uh, coming to limitations of motion, you don't get access to team members in the free plan and also the smtp server now. so these are all the limitations which i saw on museums pricing page on the free plan. so if you want to know more about promotion, just go to the mind map. i mean, sorry, free email marketing tools- artikle, and if you scroll down, you'll see the motions post here. so this is the motions review which i wrote, so you can just check it out. if you want to ease the process, so check the link in the description and visit the artikle and read all about best free email marketing tools on the internet in 2021. so now let's get into museum sign up process and, uh, check how motion works. so here i'm on motion's pricing page again and, uh, if you want to sign up for moose and just click the register for free button here and you will redirect to the recession pane of motion. so now i'm gonna enter the email address and i'm going to click the continue button. now you need to select the login domain name for your motion account. so this is similar to the blogspot or virtual subdomains, uh, which you have encountered orderly. so just type in subdomain name for your login address. so this is your login url to login into motion. so let me just type my websites address as a login address. so for now, let me just become a password. now i'm clicking the reset button here. now it's redirecting me to the another page. now here i should enter my name and now click the continue button again. so here i need to uh fill in the personal details, like my company address and treat, my home address and everything. so let me just pause the video and let me get back to you when i fill this. so, yeah, i filled my personal leaders, like company name and, uh, my location details. now i'm going to press the continue button here. so here we are again, and here i should feel what type of industry i'm in and how many people are in my organization with, who are working for me and how many subscribers do i have, which should be a major aspect of email marketing. so now let me just check the options here. i don't see anything related to me, so i'm going with the other industry and so now as of now, um, my organization has only me, which means i'm the only one who is working in my business or organization. so i'm selecting less than 10 and i have more than 200 subscribers, but for now the free plan only allows uh 1000 subscribers, so i'm going with the 500 to 1000 subscribers. so i'm continuing the process again, and now i'm redirecting into another page. i guess this is the final one. here we are. so thanks for signing up. please check and click the activation link in the email we sent you. so let me just check my email and click the activation link to activate my mohsen account and get back to you. till then, if you want to sign up for museum, check the link in the description below. so, uh, you can just sign up for free. so after activating my account. this is the dashboard which i've come through, uh, now. now let me just check all the details here. so add a new from address and email address. so i think i have an sender already, but you can always understand. so for now, uh, motion has one sender on my name, but i don't want another sender now, so i'm clicking the no option here and let's see the other one. man, come on, we shouldn't be late, so let me just go to the camdens now. so here we are on the campaign setup dashboard on museum. so here you can see that there are different types of campaigns here, like the regular campaign, a wi-fi split campaigns and escape cameras and and rss campaign. so for now, i need a regular campaign. so i'm just going to create a new campaign here. so i am on entering the campaign name as this campaign and the subject as subscribe to my youtube channel. the preview test would be: if you haven't subscribed yet. just a minute, guys. now, if you haven't subscribed yet, just press the subscribe button and click the bell icon. so now i need to select a sender. so the sender is automatikally created with the motion when you sign up. but if you want to add additional senders, then you can do it on the settings menu of motion. so i'm selecting the sender as default one and the reply email as the default one also and send confirmation email. okay, so if you want to track your email campaigns in google analytiks, you can also do that. or if you don't want to do that, just make make sure that this button is, you know, off. so for now, i don't want my campaigns to track in google analytiks, so i'm just turning off this button and now clicking the next button here. so it says that i don't have any new mailing list. so i do want to create one. so just let me create a new mailing list. this would be a sample: one same way mailing. so i'm saving the mailing list here and now i should add members on my mailing list. so i'm clicking the create new button here and then i i will create a email to test my emails. so let it load. now go to the gmailorg website. until then, let's see members email, members name, name as test and the member's email us. come on, give me my address. so here we are. so i'm copying this and pasting here now members number number. i don't want to include a number number for my subscriber and this space does not require additional consent. so if you have a consent from another website or another forms for your subscribers, then yes, and this number are verified. i do have consent. just select this one and click the create number button here. so now it says the member has been added successfully. so now let's go to the campaign menu again. and here we are and let's edit this now. so the newsletter has no content. so now let me just add the content through my email send. so i think it takes a little time to set up the.

Creating your first campaign

hi guys. so we're now coming back to take a look how to start running your, or set up your first campaign with loose end. so first thing you want to do is click on the campaigns on the Left menu here and then you get to take a look at the campaign's Evol you've run, if you've run any already, which is what's listed down here. but what you want to do is you want to create a new campaign. so for now, I'm just going to basically set up a regular campaign without any a/b split campaigns. so you're going to create give it campaign a name. so you go with written test, okay, and in the subject line is your subject line which you can use. personalization website, like to me, and fuses Liao cash taken here. you can then pick out the customization you want. so in this case, why the recipient name? and then we even have emojis that you can use as well. obviously, using emojis, you need to be kind of conscious of your data. if this is like a new email out to them, probably avoid using emojis to avoid any kind people just from kicking in: baby, somebody got good the poor way, or somebody that's been open your minds for a while then got any bond with using emojis at all. okay, here we go and then select your sender and if you wants to reply to address, you can just let that as well, and you can send confirmation to your email address, which is that when it counts in order to be able to understand confirmation or when your messages are being sent out. here you also have a tik box for being a straggler. again, it takes if you are integrated directly with them. you also have the option to not track links using mu send. most people leave is clicked off simply because this removes the tracking pixel from the camp, which means any reporting will not come through. some people use it when tok about sensitive emails, but 99 at the time it's not really a functional device placed there. should it be dealing with sensitive information, with data? okay, click Next. so earlier when we set up a mailing list, record admission test, so I can select this and once you happy the list, I believe it's a segment as well, so we can even pick a segmentation out of there and it will load up the segmentation. it has the segmentation of what setup is a free account that's been registered in the last 31 days for this purpose of this demo. I'll just go for the entire list and then click Next. you can click plain text format or HTML, so we go. Paige sent me al, so you can see all the features that we have on a email editor and this is where you the chance to be able to select Eva the editor, start building campaign. scratch, you can import campaign from somewhere else. so it take me to editor. okay, so the is basically the design view. this is where you can basically start creating email was using containers and then we've been those containers placing specific elements such as text, pictures, buttons, so on and so forth. you can also go into code for you- and this is code beauty Mickey- completely editable as well. so you can drop specific code snippets or you can load the entire HTML which you then put it back into the zone you know. go back in designer. you can make any edits in the design as well. if you want to see it happening side by side, then you can submit the view between the code and that's fine editor as well. so for the purpose of this, we're gonna go with the design view. I usually leave the helper grid on. the helper grid basically helps me understand what's happening in each of these containers and we can do is you can actually start stretching out your email with containers. so first container could be an image, for example, and a good thing is you don't have to stik to a specific container width, though if you've, if you started with a full width container, you can probably you can go to a half wave container, which were. then you can have one image and one text and you can even drop into you know, free containers later which could, I know, probably have some buttons or whatever. so if you go for a button here, if you almost see, sometimes you get a warning. I don't know. see if I'm getting up. I warned again, okay, so what this one is basically, if you're looking for mobile optimization, if you have more than two, more than two in containers, start to with container. so if you've got more than like three columns, for example, then you could be experiencing problems. your mobile device is simply, because it won't all fit on there, usually stack it one on top of the other. so this is just basically confirming that you understand that you can put another button here. I think I got it as well. so I mean, that's just a basic stretch. I can put any content in there yet I've just basically mapped out. so in the first container, for example, I chose the imaging so you can upload an image directly from your, from your computer. just by going to upload image, we can double click in the box and then you can find pictures in there as well. so let's go with that. it's not usually this slow think internet connection at this time of night is looking rather rather poor. so if I go for a probably smaller image, let's go for don't hang one of those sockets. that's not really about it. there we go. so there's the image that we have been asked, quite a high-resolution image. I don't really do a good job of picking like this. one has quite few, makes big, so we can actually remove the image. if we're not happy with that image or if you need to resize that later on, what are the options? to resize it directly in the, in the container as well, but it would still keep its pixel length. you can also crop as well. so I'm sorry, pictures move around, make it smaller, make it bigger, crop and probably because I saw this image, it's gonna take a while to crop that as well. so if I just remove this image from there, you can also enter a URL. I say, if you buy an FTP or if you've got a cloud storage device for a cloud storage location for your images, you can. you can spray it directly from there or even directly from your website. anything that's pretty customisable. professionalisation is about four specific images for specific, specific emails that you're sending out, so you can also add spaces between, which we're always good, so that space are there. one of the good things about this is, if I just give you an example, if I double click on this and get a smaller image, yeah, I want image, probably bigger. wave had to load up the next time. I choose our images with less than a couple of kilobytes, big, OKC. if you want any smaller images, yeah, I think this time I'd like the. yeah, you know that's moving kind of slow. okay, it's uploaded. now we going on with it. me sent one, not a great pixel size, you can resize that for it. see, there we go. so we've gone with the come with snow scene there. well, as I was saying, what you can do is you can actually save these partikular images or but these containers. so this is a container here and in, depending on the image, but obviously valued more elements than they contain, a bit bigger, but you can save it. Robins, have an entire template you're saving okay container. so it's good for headers and footers, for example. so you can just pretty standard header zero one and you can save the container. and what happened is it will then show up down here. you can see its head of one so I can drag this in multiple times so you can see I've actually save this. I don't have to keep on repeating the uploads or repeating. now if I've got several white elements within my container, don't have to worry about repeating them at all. okay, so I can delete that. okay, so I mean I've elements. tikular cat as well, showing you adding buttons. you can add text. if you have the text, for example, and click inside a Styles, you know you get the size of it or the, exactly what font you want with, except font size, your orientation, bold, italic. so all the basic things you expect to see from, from banana into texting, tree mail, other elements I can move on to. we've seen the button. so if I go down to, the buttons are created earlier. they're fully edit, suppose were she kept? transparent button.