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moto g5 plus remove amazon ads

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

How to Remove the Lock Screen Ads from the Amazon Moto G4

how's it going? YouTube is free chunky gear and today's video we're gonna be toking about this device right here. this is the Moto G Amazon variant that has all the really pain-in-the-neck lockscreen ads like these ones. when you turn it on and off really stinks. so, anyway, we're going to show you guys how to remove this off of your moto G 4th gen Amazon variant with a very simple and easy process. let's go through this. so let me show you guys this simple method. so, basically, here it is, Moto G 4th gen. we're just going to go ahead and go into a chrome file browser or file internet explorer kind of thing explorer, and we're going to go to the site. so this is my website, this is route junkies STL comm, and I just wanted to show you where I'm at and I'll link this file exactly in the video description down below. so it's actually the second one where it says no ads 2 AP case. we're going to go ahead and click on that and go ahead and set update permissions- if you haven't done this already- and go ahead and say yes to keep this file alright, click OK and then go to open and it's going to go ahead and open up the apk that's going to remove these ads. so just before, so you can show you what I'm toking about. I mean, if you aren't aware of these ads, I'll show you. you'll see them when we erase this thing and we lock the screen. so you'll see. ready, here we go. there it is. there's those dumb ads that we really, really hate and we want to get rid of. so we're just going to go ahead and click on the apk. it says it's going to in block the block, the install. so we're going to go to settings. we're going on right here. we're going to check unknown sources, hit OK and then go back. and then we're gonna click on the application again, Amazon add remover. hit install and this is going to go ahead and install the Amazon add remover. if you get this going, hit accept- little prompt you may get, you may not, depending in if you're just setting up your device or not- and then you're going to go ahead, open, and that's going to go ahead- and open up this funny-looking application with this weird dog on it. so it's very simple. there's just three steps. you just click on them, so run a step 1, hit OK and basically what's going to happen now is it's going to run the exploit. so toking about exploits, so what is this app doing, right? well, how is it removing the as from the device? so I'm going to explain that. basically what's happened here is a guy wear an X EA has compiled this application and added in an exploit called dirty cow and basically what happens here is this exploit can override and rewrite a file. so what this developer has done in creating this application is gone ahead and wrote that to rewrite a file that basically gets rid of the ads. it might even get some kind of temporary root access to do it- I'm guessing that's what it's getting- and it's using that to delete all the ad files or applications that are creating the ads on your lock screen by Amazon and once that's done they'll be gone. so it is a little bit unstable, I would say, as an application. I've had problems with it where it doesn't fully work. if you're having issues removing ads, I'm going to tell you what you're going to do is you're going to go ahead and you're going to go back to root junkie SDL- and I'll put a link for this as well- and I'm going to give you the stok Amazon firmware for the Moto G 4th gen and that firmware you'll be able to flash to this device and restore to a hundred percent stok and then the application should function. after you do that, I've had problems where I don't do that, it will get screwy and it won't actually fully remove the ads. so just be aware: if you get a failure you get stuck on step two. that should fix the problem for you. this process is going to take a couple more minutes, so I'm going to let it run and we'll come right back to when it's done. ok, there you go, guys. you can see the dougie is going. whatever this thing's name is, I really should know what it is. I've seen that line enough. it's completely done. it's all colored, lit up. it says to run step two. so we're going to go ahead and click that button and this is going to restart. so let's just go ahead and hit OK and it's going to do a restart of the phone. basically, this like solidifies the changes and allows it to like firm up those things, make sure that dirty cow is in place and just finish the removal. so not a big deal. I mean, you're going to see a boot up now. it's not actually a. what's interesting is it's not actually a full reboot. it's like a soft boot is what it's actually doing here, probably something with how they're utilizing it and making sure it's functioning right. so just interesting to note. so you can see there's no ads on the screen right now and we're going to come back into the application. go ahead and click on it and it loads up and then you can see it says to run step three right here, and this will fully remove the ads completely off the device. now a quick note for you: when it first reboots here, if you only see if step two is still showing that step three for run step three, just come out and like open and close the application a couple times and give it maybe like a minute, and I think what's going to happen is it's going to finish up a process in the background for the application and it will change to step three. so that's my pro tip for you right there. so we're going to go ahead and hit run step three and this is going to reboot the phone one last time and it should fully remove the Amazon ads off your lock screen. so that's pretty much the process, guys. I hope you've enjoyed this video. I'm just going to show you here, when it boots up, that they are officially gone. if you're interested in following some of my work, I've done stuff on removing at the ads on this previously by flashing William images. you can check out a whole bunch of stuff at root junkiecom, obviously, my download page, root junkie, SDL com and so on. so there you go. that should be good. let's go ahead and just open up the application and look. I think it's yeah, everything says it's done. so you are good. the Amazon applicator ads should be completely gone off of your lock screen at this point. and the one thing I'd like to point out about it, now that they are fully removed, is you don't want to take OTA updates. if you take an OTA update to the vise, it's very likely- or won't for sure- that your ads are going to be restored and you'll start seeing lockscreen ads once again. now it's possible that you'll be able to run the application again and remove them, but it's also possible that they patch that bug that we use to remove the ads and it won't work anymore. so just a heads up: it could take an OTA update. you might get your ads right back to the device. let's go wrap it up for me. hope you've enjoyed the video. if you have doing big thumbs up, make a comment down below and we'll catch you guys in the next video route. junk out.


what is up guys? Tony here with a video on the modal g5 Plus. this is going to be a comparison, or at least my experience with Amazon version with the lockscreen ads. so, in my experience, I'm going to go ahead and now tell you guys a little bit about the differences that I have encountered. and this, by the way, is the 32-bit goodbye variant with the two gigs of ram, and it does have the Snapdragon 625. so, compared to my other variant, which was the four gigs, 64 gigabyte of internal storage, one which was from Best Buy, it's actually giving me the same performance as far as battery life. so, if you're interested in a review on that partikular device, which would be the same on here, I have one already made. this is going to tok about more about my experience with the Amazon variant and the lock screen ads, and also lesser costs from Amazon, which is 184 dollars- well, 185. I believe you can pick this up if your Amazon Prime members. so I'm going to tell you a little bit about the differences that I have encountered between the Amazon variant versus our standard a lot variant, which doesn't have the lock screen yet. so, first off, when you unlock the phone, it now actually takes me to the lock screen and start off right into the device. so you can see it takes me right to the lock screen and if I do it again, it will take me to. so with the other variant, which is the unlock one from Best Buy, which does not have the lock screen at once- I would hold down on the finger view- it will take me straight to the home screen. so that is something that kind of it kind of bugs me in a way, because you want to get writing but you have to go to the lock screen first. so lock screen first, then home screen. so that's not a big issue, but it does get annoying after a little while. so I just thought I want to mention that now. as far as the battery life and performance, it's been excellent. I've had their goals again. I had very little issues with this device. this is running Android 7.0 out-of-the-box. so it does say that it is the Amazon variant. so if you're into routing and flashing custom roms, this is not going to be the device for you, simply because the bootloader is locked on this partikular model. you can see it says Amazon variant, Amazon software modal g5 plus. they're actually locked to Amazon. so I don't know if the update would have to come from Amazon first out of. I don't know how that would work, but it does have a lock bootloader. I try to unlock the bootloader and it's just not happening. so if you're into custom routing and you have plans, and trying to unlock the bootloader on this partikular Amazon variant with the lockscreen ads is not going to be possible because the bootloader, once again, is locked. so that is something that I encountered. I had my doubts with it. that wasn't totally positive. is it was locked or not? so I decided to go pick it up, order it online and find out for myself. and yes, it is black, it does have a locked boot loader. but if you're not into customizing your phone or flashing different rounds, unlocking the bootloader and routing and all that stuff, then you should be good. the only thing you would have to deal with, like I said, would be the lock screen ads, which they're not that bad. you can see I got an ad right there, so I'll go ahead and swipe away all my notifications. you will see that hope. you will see that I'll get a full screen ad here in a minute. so they're all. the notifications are gone. I'll go back to the lock screen and when I go down- luck. now I have a full ad on my lock screen so you can see that it's going to take you straight to the lock screen, no matter what. I haven't found a way how to disable that yet once again straight to the lock screen. every time you do this, you'll get a different ad. you see if it'll do it again. so you got that one. sometimes it'll just go through ads when there's no notifications at all. you will get a full display of an ad. so just you know it may not be issues of some. now I got a different one. see, there's no, I have no notification. so it will do that all the time. it will just give you different ads. so you do have. if you go into settings, you now have an Amazon miss, you vac. go here. first you have an Amazon account. so right here. so now you have an Amazon setting so you could enter your Amazon information in there. I am using the LG G 6, by the way, to record this video. so yeah, currently it's on 7.0 point 1, January patch. it's way behind. even the LG G 6 is up to March and we're still on January, so I don't know what's going on with the mobile search for updates and when you're season, you update. yet ok. so now, actually, we have this right now where it says there is an update. so let's go ahead and update now and see what we're getting here. hopefully it will just be a security patch, so it is downloading. we'll go ahead and let this download book- actually it's the same model as the one from Best Buy, so if you buy one from Best Buy, you're getting the same. you're going to get the same experience with this one, other than the lock screen has the the same audio, the same design, the same cameras. you're not going to miss anything. and this variant actually does come with the Snapdragon 625. this is a 32 gigabyte variant with the 2 gigs of ram. so that is awesome that it does have the Snapdragon 625, because battery life has been amazing. I mean really good buy. your life is really good on here. so that is a lot of thing that I wanted to point out. let's go ahead and watch this boot up, so my volume is muted, so we're not going to hear. the hello, moto, let's go find out. see what we have here. so it's still Android 7.0 and it wasn't a security patch. so we're still on Android. look, okay, moto G five plus has been successfully updated to version. so what did they update? I had no idea, because it's still on January security patch update and still on Android 7.1 and it's I don't see anything other than it may just be a bug fix. but why didn't they update the security patch? I mean, we're in April now and this is still on January. here's a build number. so anyways, guys, this is just a quick video showing you guys what the differences are on the Moto G plus from Best Buy or the one from Amazon, with Amazon ads. and to some of you this may not be an issue, but some of you just may just be in the normals just to go to the turn the pewter and it takes you straight to the lock screen instead of taking you straight to the home screen. so it's a double step one to see it. so that's that maybe an issue, like I said, but I just thought I'd point that out overall, other than just Amazon ads and the fingerprint reader taking you straight to the lock screen instead of the home screen, those are display the little issues I have. I have have encounter with the Amazon variant of the Moto G 5 plus. so far, that is it for this video. hope you guys enjoyed. comment down below. let me know if this is going to be something that's going to be an annoyance to you guys. check that out: not being able to go straight to the homescreen, only straight to the lockscreen. so that'll be it for this video. comment down below. give me a thumbs up and I'll catch you guys on the next one. peace.

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How to get The Moto G5+ for $240 without ads!

welcome back to youtube. in this video we're going to do a boxing of the moto g 5 plus and also going to tell you I got the phone for 240 without ads from amazon. stay tuned, let me get the boxing knife here. very simple box. here shows you the moto g 5 plus. gives you a little bit spec run down here: 5.2 full HD 1080p display, two point O gigahertz octa-core processor- I believe it's the Snapdragon 625- with everybody's been raving about excellent processors. what I heard, 12 megapixel rapid focus camera. now there everybody's saying is the same one on the galaxy s7 with 1.7 aperture run in the 300, 3000 milliamp hour battery. so see what comes inside. here's the modal G metal backing. believe all this around here is plastik? only the metal, only this back in here it's a metal. put this aside. this gives you a little bit of the same rundown. i just gave you a little bit added features here, as a fingerprint fingerprint reader up here, a front expandable memory and a turbo charging. see what else comes in this box. this is very simple boxing. it's not even organizers, just through this thing here. here's your turbo charger and a micro USB. what have been great if it was a micro USB type-c. some literature here, let it get started. your sim injection tool, Oh, and this is oh, this is your sim ejection tool here. nice little motorola one, not too shabby, and that's it, guys. okay, now this is the sixty-four gigabyte moto g 5 plus. as you can see here, this a gift. I did get this for two hundred and forty dollars. now this one does not have advertising from amazon, and let me tell you how I did it. best buy price-match is amazon, so I went to Best Buy and active if they price match. I pulled up the Amazon one, the Amazon exclusive, for 242, 3999 with advertisement, and best buy went ahead and match that for me, as you can see right there, to 39, 99, if you see the discount on the right there- sixty dollars. so if you guys don't feel like hitting it from amazon and don't want to deal with the ads, just head down your local best buy, if they have them in stok, and they'll go ahead and now price match it for you, which it's a great thing. like I said, I mama be driving this for about. uh, it's gonna be my daily driver for about two weeks, or make this my permanent work phone. so I'll let you guys know on the next video how my experiences with this phone catch on the next one for peace.

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Amazon Ads & Bloat Removed from the Motorola Moto G 4th gen with one quick flash

that's going, guys. it's route junkie here and today I have my moto G 4th gen. I just got this sucker in the mail this afternoon. when I got them from work, I started playing with it. now this is the Amazon Prime ad-supported moto G fortune, and what we're going to do- we're going to show you, guys, how to get rid of the ads, and it's really really pretty simple, which is just awesome. alright, so I'm going to try to go through it and give you as much information as I can and a whole bunch of good tips along the way. so this is device I got for a hundred and thirty three dollars, with shipping and tax and everything, by being an Amazon member. it's ad-supported but, as you can see, I don't have any ads. so we'll click here lock screen and see no ads and actually, for that matter, I don't even have Amazon on here. I'm going to show you how to completely blow away everything Amazon on the device now. you can always go down and reinstall things as you want, but it'll least get rid of all the ad-supported stuff and all the bloke that is on it. so we're going to remove the Amazon bloatware now, something I'm going to show you. when you do this, it's going to actually add some other bloat, but it's at least not ads on the device. basically, you're gonna get the stok stuff that comes with it if you get the stok device. so different, different files and stuff like that, file managers and so on and so forth. so, that being said, first thing I want to do is I just want to show you what device I'm on. so here we go. see, right here is the amz software channel that shows that it is the Amazon variant. it's been tweaked because I've already messed with it, but I'm gonna show you how to do it. this is my build number. I'm not sure how important that stuff is. probably you want to be on that build number to make sure it's going to work right. but we'll see how things go alright. so to do this first note. first thing I did when I got it is: I unlocked my bootloader. I have a video on how to do that if you want to do it. I've not tested unlocked boot loaders. I think it would work just the same on a locked bootloader personally, but I don't know. this is also the XT 16:25, just your, whereas the device model. so I'm not sure how much specific things those things matter are not in this process, but hopefully not much, and it's more Universal but hard to say. so I have it, unlike bootloader, but, like I said, I think it'll work without it. if not, go unlock your bootloader. I mean, once you get a bootloader unlike, you can do it every one with this thing. so we're going to go ahead and use our SD Lite motorola program to flash a file to this device and remove the ads. it's that simple. so first thing you got to do is you got to turn it off. so we're gonna go ahead and power down and to do it. basically, what you got to do is you hold volume down and a power from the powered off state. this is going to boot you into bootloader mode or download mode or, I'm sorry, fastboot mode. I call it boot loader or fastboot mode. now go ahead and you can plug in your cable, like so now you can see. like I said, I've already unlocked the device. okay, so my device is tiknically unlocked, bootloader unlocked. I don't think it matters, though I love somebody to test and report back. if they can do this with a locked bootloader, alright. so from here we got to download some stuff to the computer, so let's shoot to my computer and get some things downloaded. all right, guys, here we are. this is my site: root junkies, SDL, comm, and basically this is right up here you can see moto G 4th gen, XT 1625, and you're going to go to right here this folder which is the remove Amazon bloat and it just go ahead and click on the folder right there and then you're going to see a whole bunch of things in here, the main stuff you're going to need. you're going to need this zip right here. you're going to need our SD Lite latest program, so make sure you have that. and then your motorola drivers. whether you want to use the device manager or download the specific drivers, it doesn't matter. so just download all the files you're going to need and run everything to get everything installed alright. so if we've done that, I'm going to come in here. so I've extracted that file which is right here and this is what you're going to be using to flash. so here's the removal of bloatware and ads remover, right there. and then our SD light. once you install it and you launch the program, it should look like this: so we come in as if you'll extract that. you'll run through the install, yotta yadda, also the drivers and so forth. it's not hard to do that, just installing a program, so I'm not gonna really cover it. so we come in here, you can see we're in fastboot mode down here and we're connected. so I like to make this a little bit- actually not that one so much, because that one really doesn't matter. progress is a good one. actually, leave that one open too, and USB we can shrink down, all right, so you can see we're connected. you can see it's the Athan fastboot, Athen, which is moto G fork gin. and then you're just going to come up here and you're going to browse for this flower here, this XML file. so I got to go find mine. see if I can find it. I am in here wherever you downloaded. it might be in downloads, I don't know. I got to go find mine. reminds that, though, right here and right there, and basically you load the XML file and from here it's very, very simple. you just go ahead and hit start and what it's going to do is it's going to flash the OEM image. okay, so what Amazon's done, when they put these ads on the lockscreen and all their Amazon applications all over your screen, is they've created an Amazon image and they flashed it to the device. so what I've done is I've taken the stok OEM image from Motorola and we're flashing it back to the device. so it actually did it very, very quickly, sometimes as quickly- sometimes it's slow- and you can see it's rebooting. now I had that reboot bootloader screen or the unlock bootloader screen on there. you may not or may have it, depending, but just be aware, like I said, that's what I did. you don't necessarily have to. I'd love somebody to report on that and let me know if it does work. if you still have a locked bootloader, and that's it, you're basically finished. you can see it passed over here on the computer. so we're done on the computer and the device booted, backed up. it may take longer, sometimes it does, but that's really simple. it's really just one file we're flashing over. we're actually loading the, the get file to get bin, and then we're loading the or flashing the OEM image. that's it. and now, like I said, this is what you're left with: very, very simple. you tiknically could even flash the system images- if you have the stok system images- and and even remove everything, everything if you want, completely stok. basically nothing's locked down if you have the unlock bootloader, so they go, guys. that is the process. we have now removed the ads. I would say, if you've done that and you got rid of a mess on junk, unlock the bootloader, install twrp, recovery, root. I'll probably do some videos on some of that stuff as well, but I just really quickly wanted to show you guys how to remove the ads very simply and, like I said, if you're on a, how to unlock the bootloader on a motor oil device, I'll definitely link you to that video. very simple, follow the steps and you can unlock this device as well. so this is an awesome deal, guys. you definitely check it out. if you want to pick one of these up, I'm gonna leave a link link in the video description down below. really help me out if you check that link out and buy one. these a few if you're interested. so catch you guys in the next one. root junkie out.

moto G5 Plus (with Amazon ads) Review and Unpacking

[Music]. hey, welcome to my in media device of India. you are listening to the tikie tok review with KP and we have this show every Thursday 8:30 pm est. with KP connect wasabi pea pod Prakash and will be wanker grim departing. so we do this every week. so we are looking at moto G 5 plus, a very, very, very solid budget phone with all the things you need. now let's do unpacking and see a little review, brief review, and let's see how it goes. here we go. so this is from Lenovo, obviously, I open it and I did some setup, so let's see. so the package is very simple and easy. reduces the noise even you gotta not, you know well, built back. so it's a clock adult own, what's not Panaji anyway. so this is the phone: all metal, 5.2 inches, 1080p, 12 MP focus, camera, rapid focus, turbo charging, very plus an octa-core fingerprint sensor and you can expand the memory. this is something missing from this. high class phones like iPhone. you know all these new phones. so here we go. now we have a good. there is a camera bump on the phone, so you need a case to go with this. now let's put this at ISI. what else we have? a la moto the cable. this is a USB type-c, not type-c, sorry, USB micro USB. and there is a charger. this is a rapid charger, so it charges you very quickly and manual, a SIM card tool and the - Rafa. it's a very lame packaging. everything is moving, but you know what it is. now let us see over it up and see how it works. I don't like this color, but that's what it is okay. so let's set this up. so this is something you need to make a note of it. for this phone. I bought it with Amazon Prime membership, so the ads and it was so entiking, mega. so now I must connect to Wi-Fi, I must have a data, because Amazon account is required and without that this phone will not come, will not work, because that the email ID is needed, so the advertisements come on the screen when when you lock it. so that's a deal. so $60. $60 is less when you buy this, otherwise it is $300. so 235 I think - 39 or - 29 is the price of this phone, which adds: if you don't want ads, you can go for $300. so easy ads and allow to the elect, but along to the network, so dumb. let me connect to Wi-Fi after entering the Amazon account details. now it let me go inside. so this is mortal. g5 + now very snappy. the Android now get to work tomorrow and excellent speed, flag game later, curricula and it's pretty straight forward and the kind of OS complete, almost as good as stok. Android logon to it. now let's see the interesting thing. interesting because everything, because I am nano. add Scoville, American gravity, Amazon someone. it snaps much too much acid in its little Amazon customized and Amazon Kindle Drive. driving is good because you can store unlimited photos, music, everything. Amazon Google Apps allows sale, Amazon apps, karate of compete, extravaganza. now let's see how the address moulting works. turn off, there you go. now we have ads. without ads, the phone lock screen will not go. so lock screen law: ads are programmed with semantiks now, every time. now this is not annoying as it looks when you use the fingerprint scanners. now let's add a pink fingerprint and see, now let me add pin. okay, it wears. no, thanks, one, one, one, one. okay, one one, I'm just making it up. okay, now I have. okay, I am putting them. the fingerprint scanner is very less functional. it's. it's on par with every other superior spawns. now I have my fingerprint. now another good thing about this fingerprint. if you buy the full version, I will tell you why. in a second you can turn off the screen with the fingerprint now. okay, now turn off the screen now. turn on with the fingerprint. now. first time we have to give the passcode. there you go. now, turn off, turn on, turn on now. here, first thing, when you put the finger, what you see is advertisement, advertisement or checker. then you have to press one more time, then you go into the screen. every time is like that: the console, mucha coggan, do so now. new advertisement. now, one more time. finger is not to get past. no ad now, good, so there is no way. unless you break the phone and take out the route software for damage on. you cannot take care of the lock screen. maybe there are some hacks you can do, but Miko, $60 key Vorta advertisement - it lamda demonic, we stay. he better go for $300 phone. this is 64gb, 4gb RAM, 16, I think, 12 mega pick pixel camera. camera is not bad. I created 2 kasa, but when you compared to $600, $700 phones, but $300 Sunday, come on and volume rocker, power button, okay, cider, SIM card slot on the top and you have a headphone jack. yes, yes, headphone jack and good screen, do you know? no battery, you cannot remove the battery and the SIM card low. we have extended memory. it has everything and it is only 230 with ax 600 on $300 without and 64 CP. how can you beat this? so then I bought an egg case, which i think is six lakh. second start a case, lapa Kaka, keep on. alternative though solid. so there is no camera bomb. so now I have to use the finger so two times Waterloo consume Chicago on the butter. we can live with it and $60 C is good and piston savings go with the phone and it can last at least two years. it's a very solid phone and the case like this, but for me, for my test, it is little bulky the case. there are lot of varieties available there. so that's all about this. motor. motorola moto g 5 plus phone. excellent phone. give a thumbs up and subscribe to our Channel and the. please to comment if you like it or hate it. please spread the word and thank you for listening to the review. on seeing the review, we will come up with another one pretty soon. thank you, signing off until already my Indymedia, the voice of India, eerie party. so [Music].

How to stop ads on android Phone in 3 Minutes

hey guys, today's video is about how to remove pop-up ads from your android phone which cause trouble for you. these are the types of ads. you can simply skip them by pressing the cross button at the top of the add bar, but it's really annoying. let's see how we can remove them permanently. okay, there are two sources of these ads, from where they come. the first one is from google, which is the normal ads- you cannot stop these ads completely, but you can lower their number a lot- and the second one is because of some kind of virus which you installed accidentally into your mobile phone. i will provide solutions for both in this video. so like and share the video. also, give me a subscribe and if you want to support me, then give me a separate thanks. let's start the procedure to stop google ads. first, open your mobile setting, scroll down and find the google option. if you are unable to find it, you can also search it. open this ad section. in my case, there is an option missing called opt out personalization, or something like this from this tab. if you see that on your device, simply turn the option off and also reset your advertising id. ok, now go back and press this. manage your google account, go to data and privacy and find add personalization settings. these are all the categories of ads that appear on your screen. you can remove them one by one. there may not shown many categories because we just reset our invertement id, but there are always more out there to be added to this list, so simply turn this ad personalization option off, okay. next, open your chrome browser and go to settings. scroll down and open site settings. [Music]. open cookies. set this option to block third party cookies. then go back, scroll down and open this ad section. turn this option off if it's already on. ok, the problem of google ads is solved now. if you installed a virus into your phone accidentally which cause annoying pop-ups, then follow these steps. go to settings, find apps section or manage applications. hide the system apps. if you have any difficulty, okay, find the app without name and logo from here and simply uninstall it. your problem will be solved. i didn't have any virus on my phone so i can't able to show you how it looks. if there are still ads coming, the final way to remove them is by simply resetting your mobile phone. this can easily solve your problem. make sure to create a backup of your data before resetting your mobile phone. you can try another trick before resetting your phone. the link is available in the description or at the end screen of this video. watch it and remove ads using dns. if you like this video, please subscribe to my channel and if you want to support me, then give me a supper, thanks. thanks for watching.