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mr beast youtube ads

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

Tonight, I'm going to quickly look at a scam that's going around on YouTube. It's called The Beast promotion scam, and it claims to be Mr Beast giving away one thousand dollars to anyone who wants to claim it. But here's the thing, it's a big scam! Mr Beast, the YouTuber, has nothing to do with this.

What's happening here is that someone has created a video that pushes this scam, and they're running it as a YouTube ad, a paid ad. I was able to find a link to this ad, but it wasn't easy. Someone posted it somewhere, and then I found the channel and connected all the dots. So, here is the ad.

This is not a legitimate offer from Mr Beast. His image and likeness are being used without his permission to run this scam. And it's likely taking money from people. So, safeguard your personal information and your financial data if you see this ad.

The video that I found is on the Beast promotions YouTube channel. It's unlisted, which means anyone can access it as long as they have a link. The scammers are apparently trying to hide this ad from prying eyes, like mine. But I was able to find it in the description. There are also more iterations of this scam posted in different places. It's not just called Beast promotions, it has all sorts of different names.

If we scroll down to the comments, it says to go to cashoutts.com to get your one thousand dollars. This YouTube channel doesn't have any content, playlists, or favorites. It's not brand new, but it's from June 16, 2007, with 50,842 views. This seems like maybe it's a purchased account or something like that.

To sum it up, no, Mr Beast is not giving away a thousand dollars to anyone who sees this video. This is a scam using his image and likeness without permission. There are lots of other names and websites associated with this scam, all claiming to give away a thousand dollars from Mr Beast. It's important to be cautious and not fall for these scams.

If you have been a victim of any online scam, I recommend contacting the payment method that may have been compromised. It's important to report these scams and protect yourself. Scams can sometimes hurt people and take money from them, and not everyone has money to spare.

Thank you for watching, and please remember to like and subscribe to my channel. Feel free to share your stories and discuss in the comments below. And if you come across any other instances of this scam, please provide a link so I can check it out. Stay safe and beware of online scams!

MrBeast Forgot To Stop Recording.. (SHOCKING)

Hey, what's up guys? Carmelo here and in this video, we'll be taking a look at times when Mr. Beast forgot to stop recording. But watch until the end because you won't believe this one time where Mr. Beast was called out on camera. So just keep watching.

In the number 7 spot, we have this time when he actually completely forgot to edit out footage of Chandler vaping. All of this was caught on camera. This was definitely not something he was meant to do and it really could have turned out super bad for him. Many kids watch Mr. Beast's videos and to see this is just a bad influence on them. But hey, sometimes we all make mistakes and Chandler is of age, so it wasn't illegal either way. Definitely not the best thing to have on camera.

I need you to Google one more thing. How to go super safe, super safe, super safe. It's just the last thing. Could you Google how to go Super Saiyan? Are you sure you could go back in for round two? No, I'm good.

Music: We gave him a chance, but that's not all. Believe it or not, another one of Mr. Beast's colleagues got caught multiple times vaping on camera. This is unbelievable. It's almost like he's trying to get caught or something. Not sure why he would allow this to be posted, but maybe he doesn't care if something bad happens. It's hard to tell, but definitely a bit crazy. Like and subscribe right now to make Doggo happy.

Music: Thank you.

Foreign Music: We have Mr. Beast giving away fake money. A few years ago, Mr. Beast actually got exposed by Keemstar for giving away fake money. Mr. Beast is well-known for doing challenges and donating money to his subscribers, but did you know that his giveaways have been deemed to be fake? Mr. Beast tried to cover it up with an interview with Keemstar, and it's honestly pretty hard to tell whether he was actually faking his giveaways. Let us know down in the comment section what you think.

Two days ago, Mr. Beast uploaded a video titled I opened a free bag where people came into the bank and Mr. Beast gave them money. But if you zoom closely, one of the dollars says motion pictures on it. Now, guys, I know what's going on with this and why he did it, but so many of you guys have been spamming this to me. I had to cover this story. In fact, I'm gonna call Mr. Beast now so he can explain himself.

Now, listen, everyone is spamming me that you're giving away fake money and your videos are fake. What is going on with that? Okay, so I assume you're referring to the new video where I, uh, give away money, open the banks. That video, yeah, yeah, yeah.

So here's the gist of it, right? I rented a bank and I bought a billboard saying free money and I put up advertisements, you know, that there's free money at this bank. So I got hundreds of people to show up and just, long story short, you know, if you have hundreds of people on location and you're just handing out tons of money, if you're handing out actual real money, there's safety and security risks. Like, for instance, when I handed someone 10 grand, they walk out the other door and all these people see they have 10 grand. Like, just as a responsible person, I can't do that. Right? In this video, in particular, um, we just use prop money, right? Which looks completely real. There's no difference. So when I have the money, they have authentic reactions and these people, I didn't know they're just random. They came from the ad, the happy actions, they cry. We hand them 10 grand and then, right when they get off camera, as they're about to leave, uh, we had someone stop them and be like, Hey, that's prop money. Um, here's an actual check for that. So you're not walking around with ten thousand dollars in real cash because in that video, uh, I gave out six figures worth of money. Like, that was a freaking massive video. Keep watching because we have some insane stuff coming up soon.

At number four, there's an interesting video from popular Minecraft YouTuber Preston who actually ran into Mr. Beast in public. What a crazy coincidence! Preston and Mr. Beast are actually really good friends, so it wasn't super awkward for the two, but it was crazy to see them run into one another. Anyway, you won't believe what happens when they run into each other because it was so unexpected and really made their Vlogs take a wild turn.

Camera: Yeah, do you have a fifth channel now for vlogging?

Music: This is really important to me, guys. Like, please.

They're on 64 million. At number three, we have Mr. Beast cursing. As many of us, if not all of us, know, Mr. Beast is a family-friendly channel. He never swears or promotes anything that is not suitable for young audiences. However, in this instance, we found a clip of him actually swearing on camera. Now, the thing about this one is that he was on Logan Paul's podcast, so technically, it wasn't actually his own channel. I guess we can let him off the hook for this one time because it wasn't his own channel.

Literally, if you just decided to do so. The beauty is if you don't give a, yeah, true watch time. You've got it down. You got me hooked. You got me. Literally, that's the best compliment you could ever give me, bro. Thanks.

I'm glad you asked. Also, am I looking at this camera that way? So with beard on better content. If it's glass, you can see through it, and that's what it is. Because, like, the entire coffin was glass, minus the corners. I mean, just in content, bro, like you have so many businesses. Talk about that.

Well, let's say you lose money on a video. You're like, Well, now, now it's like a major vertical for you. Well, and here's the way I look at it. If something...

Music: Blast.

And then my friend Tyler is sitting behind them, so I instantly am like this. Fell asleep, so I grabbed the wheel. I'm sitting in the passenger seat. I'm just kind of, like, keeping the car going straight. And I just... Yo, wake up! And I'm, like, yelling, and he's not waking up. And a few seconds go by, and then Tyler in the backseat literally punches him in the head. It's, like, a constant in the middle, so I'm, like, barely grabbing it. And I just, like, Tyler, I don't think that he's gonna wake up.

Number two, Jake Paul and Mr. Beast. Here's another instance in which Mr. Beast was met with a pleasant surprise. In this clip, we have a video posted by Jake Paul where Jake randomly pulled up on Mr. Beast without any sort of invitation. This must have been such a surprise for Mr. Beast, and he had no idea that this would be happening. I can imagine how scared he was because I can guarantee that with his fame, having someone pull up to your house would be extremely scary. Anyway, you won't want to miss out on what happened, so keep on watching.

We're here to sell your house. Is that Jake Paul?

So, guys, next time you come over, bring some pizza. Okay, we'll bring some pizza. Should we chill? Yeah, sure.

And finally, guys, to wrap up things here at number one, we have an exposing video showing Mr. Beast actually rigging his own game for his viewers. During his Squid Game series, he was exposed five different times for allowing the girls to have an advantage. This is extremely unfair for the contestants as they were all competing for a lot of money. I can't imagine how mad they would be after this happened. But anyways, check it out.

So, as you can see, the boys have to eat oatmeal. Even though they're excited, oatmeal's still oatmeal. And the girls got a nice Hibachi cook dinner. So they get better food than the boys. Also, they put this alarm in the boys' room to annoy them. The boys and the girls both had to solve 100 Rubik's Cubes, and the only guy who knew how to solve Rubik's Cube in the boys' room was paid ten thousand dollars to finish. And then Mr. Beast went ahead and told the girls that they did that so they hopefully they'd win. And just listen to the clip.

The boys were blown out of the water. If I paid the one guy who knew how to solve them to leave, now if you don't win, that was all for nothing. It's a win for me. You're

MrBeast Imposter Scamming People With YouTube Ads... Here's how

Hey gamers, it's been a while since I took a little vacation, but now I'm back to expose some more YouTube glitches. Today, we're going to expose a wannabe Mr. Beast imposter who didn't even do a good job. This guy spent a lot of money on an ad that's been popping up everywhere on YouTube. So, is this the real Mr. Beast? Will he really pay you $10 to download something? The answer is no, it's a scam. Don't click on this guy's link. But I know you're probably hoping to get rich quick. Well, this scam may have had better potential than the stock market recently, but unfortunately, it's fake. Mr. Beast is not coming to your rescue.

It's pretty sad seeing these Mr. Beast imposters taking advantage of how nice he is. People think maybe it's real and they'll click the link, download stuff, and end up with viruses or even have their credit card information stolen. But hey, it's all worth it if it was the real Mr. Beast, right? Let's take a look at the actual ad and the imposter's channel.

The actual ad features Mr. Beast looking all happy, with a similar font and thumbnail to his videos. But it also looks pretty scammy. The imposter's channel is named Mr. Beast Giveaway, but he recently changed it to Ten Thousand Dollar Giveaway. Hmm, something seems off there. The ad promises ten thousand dollars, but when you click the link, it only offers ten dollars. Talk about inconsistency.

After clicking on the link, they want you to install a bunch of apps, including a bitcoin app. It's reminiscent of those sketchy websites where you'd try to jailbreak your phone. You'd download a bunch of apps, but nothing would actually happen. But hey, it looks real, right? They even have comments from PewDiePie and other popular YouTubers. It's all a scam.

Now let's take a look at the imposter's channel. They have a 23-second long advertisement on YouTube that's been viewed nearly half a million times. It's just a still image with some clickbait arrows trying to get you to click the link. Their channel has no videos listed, and they joined YouTube a while ago. It's all very sketchy.

I don't understand how ads like this get through on YouTube. How are they able to use a scammy link and pay for ads? YouTube, please fix this. I've already contacted them on Twitter, but it's still an issue.

Now, let's talk about how much this imposter probably spent on the ad. Using Google AdWords, it seems like he paid around four and a half cents per view. With 362,000 views, that means he spent around $16,000 on this ad. It's absurd, but considering how many people clicked on his links and downloaded his apps, he probably made more money than what he spent. It's a scary world out here in the YouTube ad world.

Thanks for watching this video, and if you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button. Stay tuned for the next video, because I still don't know what it'll be about. Have a good one, guys!


Whoa, hey Chris, come look at this ad right here! See that? It says I want a free iPad, dude. Don't click this desert desert. Come on, it's this free iPad here. I'm gonna get a virus. I'm just gonna click it. Oh, did you hear that? What the heck could that be? I thought these ads were real awesome. No way! Whoa, a free iPad? This is unreal and it works! What the heck? This is crazy!

Wait, win a free monitor? Why not? That was fast. Whoa, dude, a new monitor? It's not even 4k, it's a piece of crap. But you are the 100th visitor to this site. You won $1,000, alright! Oh, I only get it once a day. Inches Music Applause Music. There are singles in my area, and why not? What the Frick? Oh my god, you're beautiful! Music Applause. What? Win a free place? Yeah, why not? PlayStation, sir. Whoa, okay, hey, let's see this. Whoa, I don't give a crap about that. Oh, hi, came a blackout street. No one loves that game. I didn't want that. The Frank Music Applause Music. Wait, what? Download and your PC will be a hundred percent faster? Do, of course! Whoa, that's amazing!

Awesome! Oh no, nevermind. He's not. It beautifies. So funny, man. I love you! Whoa, if you can see this, guys, you are so lucky. Well, dude, PewDiePie left a comment saying surprise for subs. See that link right there? It's not the real PewDiePie. Says he has six subscribers right there. But why would YouTube allow you to comment with another famous YouTuber's username and leave links? That doesn't make sense. Because YouTube, ah, just like this skit. And you need new memes. You need new so back when Jimmy had around like 8k subscribers, we did a little skit where it became a meme. So now we're gonna reenact it with this. Here, I'll show you the old one with new computer because I don't care about that monitor. Music. Pretty satisfied crap. So the video was about ads, but I smashed the monitor and now I have rage. So I want to take it out on this laptop. So for it even break, I'm gonna zoom in on feet all over my driveway. Music

I made Mr Beast a commercial for his chocolate bars

I created a commercial for Mr. Beast's new chocolate bars. The challenge was to shoot an epic 10 to 15-second promo film featuring all three flavors of the bars in just 12 hours, which is usually a task that takes several days. To help me with the shoot, I teamed up with my friend Keegan Evans, a food photographer. After the shoot, Keegan and I will each edit the footage and compete to see who can make the better ad. The winner will supposedly receive $10,000 and a free trip, although in reality, we'll probably just treat each other to brunch. Time is ticking, so let's get started!

First, Keegan is adding large chunks of chocolate to create height and a tunnel effect for the bars to go through. We want the commercial to look visually stunning and not like a typical ad. He is also replacing a piece of chocolate with foam to keep the packaging smooth.

We have been working on the first shot for about two hours, as it requires setting up camera gear and lights. Now, we are focusing on the almond crunch bar. We have almonds and a matching background, and we will drizzle chocolate over the almonds to make it visually appealing. I am shooting with a Canon RF 100mm macro lens, which looks fantastic.

For the next shot, we will use a plastic bag filled with almonds and chunks of chocolate. We will toss it up in the air to capture the slow-motion effect of almonds and chocolate flying. It should be a fun shot!

The exploding shots turned out really good, and now we are onto a more complicated shot. We want to capture a chocolate splash as the Mr. Beast bar falls into the chocolate. Our first attempt didn't turn out well, so we decided to use paint instead to get a better splash effect. Let's see how it goes!

Now, we will add some green screen effects to make it easier to edit later. We will attach the Mr. Beast bars to a drill and spin them around for three separate takes, one for each chocolate bar.

Next, we will focus on close-up macro shots. We built a ramp underneath the seamless backdrop and will place almonds on top of it. We will stack them up and drizzle chocolate, creating a visually stunning effect as it flows down the ramp.

The shots are looking incredible, and the commercial is coming together nicely. We are adding detailed shots and transition shots to fill up the rest of the ad.

Now, Keegan and I will head to the computers to edit the footage. We will have an editing face-off to see who can make the best ad using the same footage. It will be interesting to see the different approaches we take.

For you, the viewer, you can skip straight to the videos to see the final results. I hope you enjoyed this video and subscribe for new videos every week. Congratulations to Mr. Beast on the new chocolate bars. It was a super fun commercial to make, and I'm excited to see how it turns out. Peace!

MrBeast being a YouTube Genius for 10 minutes straight

In this article, we will discuss the journey and strategies of a successful YouTuber who has achieved viral fame and built a strong YouTube channel. We will explore the importance of having a supportive friend group, the significance of thumbnails and titles, the role of audience engagement, and the dedication required to create high-quality content consistently. By analyzing these key factors, we can gain insights into how to create successful YouTube videos and grow a dedicated audience.

Key Points:

- Building the Right Friend Group: Surrounding yourself with YouTubers who can provide constructive feedback and help you improve your content is crucial. Honest critiques and friendly roasting can contribute to personal growth and better videos.

- The Power of Consistency and Study: Spending dedicated time every day to study successful videos, pacing, and viral trends can greatly impact the quality and popularity of your content. By learning from mistakes and constantly improving, you can stay ahead of the competition.

- Meeting and Exceeding Viewer Expectations: Crafting enticing thumbnails and titles that accurately represent the content of your videos is essential. You want to attract viewers with the promise of valuable content while delivering even more than they anticipated.

- Understanding the Algorithm: Instead of blaming the algorithm for the lack of views, it's important to understand that it reflects what the audience wants. Creating content that resonates with viewers and keeps them engaged is key to success.

- Expanding to Other Languages: By recognizing the vast potential of non-English-speaking audiences, you can tap into a larger viewer base and increase the reach and popularity of your videos.

- Building Trust and Loyalty: Consistently putting in effort and creating high-quality content builds trust with viewers. When they know they can rely on your videos for great content, they will be more likely to click on future videos.

- The Importance of Enjoying the Process: To sustain long-term success, it's crucial to find joy in creating content and not just focus on the end result. Enjoying the journey will prevent burnout and keep you motivated throughout the years.

Creating successful YouTube videos requires a combination of dedication, skill, and understanding of the platform. By building a supportive friend group, studying successful videos, and consistently delivering high-quality content that exceeds viewer expectations, you can increase your chances of achieving viral fame and building a dedicated audience. Remember to enjoy the process and continuously learn from mistakes to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of YouTube.

Do Not Fall For This Mr Beast Scam (mrb1k.org)

Hey guys, Christian here and welcome back to our YouTube video. Today, I'll be discussing a scam that I recently came across on YouTube involving Mr. Beast. Let's dive in and see what this scam is all about.

The Scam:

I was watching my own video on my OnePlus 9 Pro when I came across a pop-up ad claiming that Mr. Beast was giving away a thousand dollars. Intrigued, I clicked on the ad, but I immediately suspected that it was a scam when I visited the website.

The Suspicious Website:

Upon visiting the website, it became clear that this was indeed a scam. The website had several misspellings and urged me to download applications, but only if I was using a smartphone. This raised a red flag for me.

Claiming the Prize:

The website claimed that each subscriber would receive a thousand dollars sent by Mr. Beast himself to their Cash Shipper PayPal accounts. However, to claim the prize, I was asked to download apps and provide personal information, including bank details.

Obvious Scam:

It is essential to use common sense in situations like this. If you are asked to install an app to claim a prize, it's most likely a scam. In this case, Mr. Beast supposedly wanted to give away billions of dollars, which is clearly unrealistic.

Mr. Beast's Net Worth:

Considering that Mr. Beast has 62.3 million subscribers, giving a thousand dollars to each subscriber would require him to give away over 23 billion dollars. This is more than three times the net worth of Jeff Bezos, the richest man on Earth. It's simply not feasible.

In conclusion, it's crucial to be cautious of scams like this one. Mr. Beast is not giving away a thousand dollars to each subscriber, and it's important not to download any apps or provide personal information. Stay safe and don't fall for scams. See you in the next video! Bye bye!

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