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multiple discounts shopify

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

Multiple Automatic Discount at checkout in Shopify | Shopify Automatic Discount Tutorial

[Music]. hello friends, in this video i am going to show you how to create multiple automatik discount in shopify. by default, shopify does not support multiple automatik discount. this website is created for one of our pet shop client. the client requests us to create two automatik discounts at checkout. the client want to separate the automatik discounts of 15 percentage for all the products and for royal cannon products. they need to have only 10 percentage. so we have achieved this by using a public app and little customization. so let's check how this works. so now i'm going to add one royal canon product and one origin product is a card. let's go to the view cart page. in this page, by using the help of app and a little customization, we have applied the discount code to show the discounted price. let's go to the checkout page. in the checkout page, you can see that there are two discount codes, which is automatikally applied, which is not possible in shopify by default. so you can see that the first 15 15 coupon, which gives 15 percentage to all the products, is applied. also the rc10 discount code, which is only for the royal current products, which gives 10 percent discount to the customers. you can see the. you can see that the two discount codes are automatikally applied to the card. now let's check how this is done in the back end. now i'm in the backend. let's check the app which is used for creating the automatik multiple discount. i have used discount campaign app, which is cheap as compared to other apps. you can get the premium or the paid version for 9.95 dollar per month, or you can also, if you are a small shop, you can test it using uh, the free plan. even so, let's go back to the store as a step. as a step one, we have to go to discounts and go to automatik discount and we have to create the discount code here. so, for creating the automatik discount, i can go to this discount and i'm going to add the discount name and i'm going to add the percentage, i'm going to set the minimum place and i'm going to save this. okay, and i'm going back and i'm going to create the next, just going to create the next discount code. okay, if i create the next discount code, it won't work because actually, by default, shopify won't allow us to create more than one multiple, more than one automatik discount code. so let's go back and disable the discount code. let's go back and disable the automatik discount. now i'm going back and i'm going to create the next discount code, test 10, and i'm going to add 10 discount and i'm going to save this one. as soon as i do this, i need to disable this discount code too. now i'm going to the apps area and going to the discount campaign app where i need to enter the discount codes, what i have created. now, okay, and let's save it and you're done. now you can have multiple automatik discount at checkout in shopify. hope you enjoyed this video. if you have any questions or something, let's contact us. we also help you to customize the app or we will create, will help you to create custom discount app for you. so please let us know. bye, [Music] [Laughter] [Music], [Music] you.

How to Get Multiple Discounts on Shopify | Shopify Combined Discount New Feature 2023

hi, friends, hope all of you are doing good. today I will show you one of the new feature of Shopify, which is combined discounts. so this feature was not available in Shopify before, so we had to use third party apps for that. but now Shopify has released this feature where you can actually combine different discount coupon codes and also automatik discounts. let me show you how to actually combine a various discount codes and automatik discounts. so to create multiple discounts, you have to make sure uh what discounts you want to give your customers. to give you an example, I am actually creating a free shipping discount coupon code as well as a welcome 10 discount code. so the free shipping discount code they can actually use for getting a free shipping uh on all orders above 80- 100, and the welcome 10 discount code they can actually use for getting 10 percentage off on their total order value. so these are the two coupon codes that we are uh giving to our customer, and now they can actually use both of these uh multiple discounts, and then it will work. so for that you need to come to the discounts tab on your admin panel and then click on create discount. so let us create the first discount, which is a welcome 10 discount code that we are going to be sending to our customers. so that is an amount of the order. so I'm going to create a discount code called welcome 10.. okay, and that it will be a 10 percentage of uh. then, um, so I'm just giving it. they actually purchase any one product from the, from my store. then uh, to all customers. then I want to be it limited to only one use per customer. then we have to enable this. so this is the new feature that is coming, uh, which will be there in your uh discounts tab where you can actually combine the discounts. so this welcome 10, I'm going to say that I want it to be combined with the shipping discounts. okay, so you have to enable this check box and click on Save. okay, so our welcomed and discount coupon code is created. now let us create the free shipping discount code. okay, so I'm going to create a shipping code for free shipping. so I said it's the code is free shipping, and then I'm giving it for all countries. uh, so these things. there is uh, no minimum. yeah, let me give a minimum purchase amount. so for those who purchase above 80- 100, I wanted to give this a discount coupon code, then it's eligible for all customers. uh, I'm not limiting the use, uh. and next, coming to this here, also, when you create this discount code, you have to select: free shipping can be combined with order discounts. if you have, because the first discount welcome, then I created it as an order discount, so you have to enable this. if you create any discounts- apps, products discounts- then you can actually enable the check box over here called Product Council. the free shipping can be combined with your product discounts as well. now let us click on Save Discount, okay, so, uh, two of our discount coupon codes are created and here you can see: uh, See, this combines with uh order discounts and this discount combines with shipping discounts. now let us see. now let us see how it will work on our store friend and how our customers can use these multiple discount codes on their checkout page. so let me choose any of the product and add it to the cart- foreign, okay, and then I'm going to check out. now we are in the checkout page. so now here we can see that, uh, the total price of the uh product and the shipping cost, these have added upon and the total cost have become this: now let us try using the shipping coupon codes that we have sent to our customers. so our customers, what they can do is they can actually type in the uh code that we have sent, for example, welcome 10. they can enter this coupon code and apply over here foreign. let us wait for it to get applied. okay, now you see, the welcome 10 discount code is applied, so they are getting actually a 10 percentage off from the total card value, from the total order value. now we also have a shipping code that we have sent them earlier, called free shipping. so if they apply this free shipping coupon code, this is the next coupon code that we are giving. so, you see, the shipping rate have become free for them now. so multiple discount codes can now be combined in Shopify. uh, using these new uh feature of combining discount, by generating these kind of combination discounts, you can actually increase the total order value from your customer by encouraging them to add more products to the cards and to buy more. please don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and give us a like if you like the video. thanks for watching.

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The Perfect Way To Setup Discounts For Shopify (Stackable Discounts)

hey everybody, justin cener here. how's it going? this video is all about the perfect way to set up discounts for your shopify store. i'm going to show you some really, really cool discounting strategy, and that's the real whole idea of this video. there's a lot of power in discounting if you do it with a purpose. you need to discount with a purpose. you need to implement a strategy, not just running random kind of discount codes that are floating around out there on google. you want to have a real strategy in mind, because discounting plays a massive role in your conversion, your conversion rate, the number of sales you're going to make every single day, and small changes can lead to really, really big revenue increases. like i said, especially when you do it the right way, and the built-in discounting functionality with shopify- very weak, doesn't really offer a lot of things. you can't even do basic things like stackable or multiple discount codes. so you're going to need to have an app, use an app, to add the functionality that we need in order to run these kind of smart, strategic opportunities with discounting. and, of course, the app needs to be easy to use. it needs to work with any theme. it needs to work with any product as well. print on demand, drop shipping. it doesn't matter. you need to make sure that the app will work with all these products and we need to have different types of discounting available: automatik discounting, stackable, multiple quantity, brand breaks, buy more, save more. there's a lot more as well, and that's why i'm going to show you stackable. this is what i use for discounts, this is what my students use as well, and it's a really powerful shopify app that allows you to kind of take your discounting to the next level with these really, really smart promotions and strategies, and we're going to go over the shoulder. i'm going to show you exactly how i use stackable. but here's the actual app. this is stackable discounts, and you see over here, first of all, 75 reviews at the time of this video, all five star review here on the average incredible app here. it does exactly what i was describing, allowing you to kind of take your discounting to the next level. you're going to have multiple discount opportunities from stacked discounts, fixed amount discount, percentage discount, buy one, get one, free quantity breaks, volume discounts- all these great ways, all these promotions that are proven to work, and they're all really easy to set up inside. we're gonna go over the shoulder. i'll install this in a store and go step by step so you can set one up yourself, but the bottom line is we're looking for that conversion uplift and with all these different types of promotions and discounting strategies, we're going to be able to do that. there's really also a cool shop by promotion feature here which is all about driving those conversions, making the sales, and this is going to kind of be the look and feel of what we're seeing in the back end over here, and we're going to set this all up. we have all the different options in terms of how we want it to display for our customers, of course, customizing everything from color scheme, logo, branding, all that great stuff. and i invite you to read more about stackable over here. you see the link directly below this video. it's highly recommended, but we're gonna go ahead and install this in our store and i'll show you step by step how to use it. all you need to do is press the add app button. this is going to send you back into your shopify store where we're going to grant permission for stackable discounts to install right over here. we've got this green install button and that's all that we need to do in terms of getting the app installed. there's no code or tiknical skills at all. we're going to get this in there in just a few clicks and we're gonna be sent to. next is our onboarding dashboard for stackable discounts, and you'll be able to get back here at any time, coming over to apps and, of course, clicking on stackable discounts. so a couple things to get started. step one: we're gonna enable stackable in your theme. all we gotta do really just press the theme button. they're gonna bring us into our theme editor automatikally and you'll see over here on the right-hand section. we're gonna simply toggle on the button. you'll see different apps that you have installed in the app embed section. we're coming right over here for core and we're going to save. this is the core setup over here for stackable discounts. just need to turn this on. that's step number one. step number two: we're going to come over here to create your discount codes. this is going to bring us over into shopify's built-in discount code section where we just need to create a couple of discounts. you see, i've already created 10, 15, 20 for 10, justin, 15 justin, 20, just, and i'll create another one. these are just going to be some codes that i'll have set up in our store here are going to be 25 just, and you can set the different types of discount. here's percentage and we're just going to do 25.. so we have a couple different ones to choose from. we just need to have these exist inside of the discounts area. so just go ahead and create them. then we'll be able to move on into our next step, where we're going to import our codes into a group. so all we need to do from the dashboard, click add group. we can give this a name if we want over here, and then all we need to do is start adding in the codes again. we've already created the codes in shopify. now we're going to add them into groups, so stackable is going to be able to access and use them. so once they're all in here, you could select a couple to be automatik, or you could just give one as automatik. i'll set this 10 off one to be automatik over here. here's going to be the channels where we want to have this on here and we can preview it at, or you can preview them here. i'm just going to show you it live. we'll come over and save this and we already have stackable live enabled. so i'm going to come over and show you a little sample product, but actually, before we do that, we'll go into settings. so i want to show you some of the settings over here, especially the widget, and we can go through all the different settings over here to kind of understand how it's going to work: allow discount codes, allow discount groups, manual code limits in terms of how many they can enter in there. but what i want to show you is the widget here. this is where we want to give some look and feel. so we have some preset themes over here that are going to be able to go with what we want, and we could also change color scheme over here. i'm over here with that red, black and white. we can change some other icons as well, different sizes and types. so we can go with the rounded square- we'll come over here under the sail- or we could even do something like that. we could either have a bar or a floating button. really depends on how you want to have it set up. we'll try the floating button over here and, again, you have full control over how you want this to be displayed: left or right. right, we could show the checkout button in the widget or not. we can disable promotions on the app if we wanted to just have the- uh, the discount pop-up showing, but really, really powerful in terms of what we have here: full look and feel control. there's also analytiks, of course. we just installed this app right now, but you're gonna see a total number of discount uses, how many times it was applied to an order, so you actually see exactly what's working and what's not when it comes to these stackable discounts. so we'll come and take a look at our site over here and you'll see. i set the settings to show the widget on top over here. so we have this really nice store promotions bar and this is actually going to automatikally update once we start to add products into the card. i'll show you that as well. but here's where we have our pre-activated discounts. right, we already had the 10 justin checked off as pre-activated. we can come over here and enter in more disc.

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How to SELL MORE Products with Shopify Volume Discounts!

in this video, i'm going to show you how to sell more products and boost your revenue by offering volume discounts to your customers. you can get this set up in about 10 minutes. we're using a free app and there is no coding required. anyone can do this. let's get started before we get into the video. if you like videos about winning products, drop shipping, shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. if you sell any type of product with different color variations or styles or types, or even products where they may want one for themselves and one for a friend, you should definitely set up volume discounts for your store and start taking advantage of the extra sales you could be having. the way it works is when a customer visits your product page, you'll have an offer displayed. it could be a percentage off or a dollar amount. when the customer meets the criteria for the volume discount, their discount is automatikally applied at the checkout. now let's set it up from your shopify dashboard. install the app bundler product bundles. once your app is installed, click create bundle volume discount. now there are a lot of great options and customizations you can do if you want. i'm going to keep it pretty simple in this tutorial, but the options are there if you need them. also, anything with a green lock means it's a premium feature, which is a part of their paid plan. not to worry, though, you will be able to do everything i'm showing you here today on the free plan alone. the product i want to create a volume discount for is this one here. as you can see, i have lots of different designs to choose from, so it's very likely that the person ordering these would like to have a few different ones. the discount that i'm going to offer for this one is buy three, get one free. for anyone thinking that offering these types of discounts will kill your profits, the original price of this product is around three dollars. i've marked it up to 9.99, so even with the offer of buy three get one free, i'm still making around 20, and the price of the product that i'm giving away is only valued at three dollars. it's much more likely that a customer will purchase multiples if there's a discount, so it's better to sell three at twenty dollars than just to make a single sale. all right, so for the name, i'm going to call this buy three, get one free. we are going to leave the title and description as is for now. scroll down to the volume discount section. change the quantity to three, change the discount from percentage to your currency and then, for the discount, change it to the price of the product. for me it's 9.99. then scroll down and we are going to select. apply only to specific products you could choose. apply this discount to all products in the shop, if that's what you wanted. click select products. then use the search bar to find the product you want to offer the discount for. it will automatikally select all the variants available for the product. but if you don't want to make a certain variant part of the offer, you can unselect it. this is optional, but i'm going to select automatikally. add new product variants. this way, if i add any more variants in the future, i don't have to come back and manually add them to the volume discount offer. the last thing you need to do for now is scroll down and click save bundle. we will need to make some tweaks later, but for now we're going to add this to our theme so that you can see how it looks and make your adjustments from there. click online store. click customize on your theme and then, from the drop down, select products- default product. this is going to allow us to add the volume discount to all of our product pages. if there's no discount available for the product, nothing will show. all right. so under product information, click add block and then, under apps, select the volume discount element. after that, drag it up to wherever you want it to appear on your product page. unfortunately, we don't get a visual here of what it looks like, and that is because i haven't set a discount for this partikular product, but you will see it in a moment. the last thing i want you to do is click theme settings, select app embeds and then make sure the switch is turned on for this app. all right, save your work, and then let's take a look at our product. so here's what it looks like by default. you are likely going to want to make changes to your text, so that is what we're going to do. next, how you edit this is completely up to you, but here are the main areas you want to look at. if you don't want a title or description and just want to leave this part, you can erase the text and leave it blank. the other text you might want to change is down here in these two places. they have code in these brackets. you can choose to change the text around it or erase it and change it completely. it's up to you. here's what i've done for mine. i've erased my title and description, and here are my other settings. before we finish off, there are a few things you should be aware of with this app. first, the discount isn't calculated until your customer reaches the checkout. that means when they view their cart, it won't show the discount. this may cause confusion and they may decide to take items out of their cart. the paid version of the app does allow the customer to see the discount at the cart level, so it can be fixed. you just need to pay their monthly fee. the other thing is that the discount is taken evenly out of every product. so for this example, we are advertising buy three, get one free. you would expect to see a 9.99 discount, but instead that discount is broken down and applied evenly to each product in the cart. there's also an important note when you are creating percentage discounts, so let's cover that really quickly. if you were doing a buy one, get one fifty percent off, you wouldn't put the discount percentage as 50, because the app applies that 50 off to both products, which means they would get a free product instead. what you want to do is enter 25. then, when the app applies it to both products, your total is now 50 percent. so, whatever you desire your total discount to be, you will have to divide it by the number of products and then enter that amount, not the total desired amount. does that make sense? if not, just let me know in the comments what you're trying to achieve and i will do my best to help. if you like this video, do me a favor and give it a thumbs up or leave me a comment down below, and if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe. we post a lot of time sensitive content, such as winning products, on this channel, so make sure you have notifications turn on, so that you can be one of the first to market when we post those videos.

How to Create Multiple Automatic Discounts in Shopify | All in One Automatic Discounts (2023)

today I'm going to be showing you how you can make more sales with your Shopify store by using bundles, quantity discounts, buy one, get one, freeze, free gifts and cart conditions such as 10 off when you spend 100, as well as creating a cart draw system that will prompt customers to make further purchases, to receive extra discounts, and they will be able to see all of the discounts applied in one place, as well as those free gifts, before they check out. and I'm going to be showing you how you can do all of this by using one app called All-In-One Automatik discount. so let's get straight into it. so, as I mentioned, the app that we will be using to implement these different discount strategies is called All-In-One Automatik discounts, and I will leave a link in the description to the app. the app does start at just 9.99 per month, so that is very reasonable for you to be able to go and add these different discount strategies, such as bundled products, buy one, get one, freeze, free gifts and cart conditions, and these types of energies work really well with allowing you to make more sales from each individual customer instead of having to try and find new customers to make more sales, and these strategies work really well around the holidays, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas time, as well as other sales that you want to run throughout the year. the app does also have a 4.9 star rating on the Shopify App Store, with over 150 reviews, and they have really amazing customer service that will help you get the app set up on your store. so, like I said, I will leave a link in the description to the ulimon automatik discount app, and all you need to do from here is simply click on add app. once you have done that, then you just simply need to click on install app and then you can select your plan. so I'm just going to start with the singular plan and click on select plan, and then you simply just need to approve this subscription. you will then be brought to the setup instructions. so from here we are going to click on installation and you are going to choose your theme and then you're just going to click on install. it should then pop up script installed successfully so we can close use this and now we can scroll down and click on Next Step. from here you can create your first offer. so we are going to start with a bundle offer so you can see we've got all of the different offers here. so we're going to start with a bundle offer. so we're going to click on create offer. firstly, you can decide whether you want your bundle offer to be a percentage discount or a fixed amount discount. I'm going to leave it as a percentage discount and then you can choose your bundle name. so just name it something appropriate to your products. so I've just called mine pivotod plus tripod set, because I'm going to be bundling this pivot pod product plus this tripod set together as a discount. so you can go and name your bundle. then you've got your bundle widget title so you can go and decide what you want this to be. but buy it together and save sounds fairly fine, so I'm just going to leave that as the default. then you can go and choose the discount. so, as I say, you can choose a percentage or you can go and choose a fixed amount. so I'm going to go for a 10 discount if they purchase both of these products together. then you can add a short description. as you can see, it says for internal use only. so that just helps you know which products are being bundled together. then if you scroll down, you will have a description of the bundle so you can go and add a short description to let customers know what they will be getting as part of this bundle. so I've just put: purchase our pivot pod and tripod set together and receive 10 off your order. you can then choose a start and end date of your discount. so, for example, if it was a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal, you could start it on Black Friday and end it the day after Cyber Monday. so it's totally up to you what dates you want to choose. once you have chosen the dates, you can scroll down and it will say offer sales channel. so you can just go for online store and point of sale. I recommend just to leave that as the default and then you will have your bundle setting. so this is how it's going to actually look on the store. so this is basically if you have more than one bundle, this is how many bundles will show when people click on the discount. so I recommend to just as the default. as a matter of fact, I'm going to change this to 2 because I'm not going to have that many bundles on my store. so it's going to look a little bit weird with two empty spaces. so if I only have two bundles, then I'm just going to show a grid of two and, on a mobile, a grid of two as well, and then you can go and choose the bundle type. so if you're creating your bundle based on the product as a whole, or you can go and select a variant of a product, so it could be, for example, a full black outfit, so that could be a black jacket and a black T-shirt, as of two variant options that can be bundled together. so you can go and do that as well. I'm just going to leave it as the full product. then you can go and add your products to your bundle so you can click on add products and then you can go and choose your products and then you can go and click add. then it will show you what the total cost of the products are and how much your customer will pay with the discount, so you can see they're getting that 10 off. and then what you can do is you can have a look at your bundle preview. so this is how it's going to look, and the customer can click on add to cart so you can see it looks really great. so once you have gone and added your bundle, you can click on Save. once you have saved your bundle offer, you can then go and preview it on your store now. just remember that if you have set the offer start date in the future, you won't be able to preview it until that date because the offer isn't actually live and running on your store. so make sure it's set to today's date so that you can preview it straight away. so we are going to right click to view our online store and just open this in a new tab and if we scroll down on our product so go to your product page. I have my product on my home page. so if we scroll down, we can see buy it together and save. so we have our bundle offer ready and the customer can see how much they're going to save and they can see the two products. we also have our description and our title. now you might see that The Branding is slightly different to the rest of my store, so I'll show you how you can go and change this in a moment. however, if you can't preview your offer right away, you can go and contact all in one automatik discounts customer service and they can help get everything set up if you can't view it. so they have really great customer service. so we need to do is just go back to your dashboard, click on installation, and then you will see manual installation. just right click where it says click here and open this in a new tab and you will be bought over to their customer service page. and what you can do is you can then just go and click on the chat and then you can just go and say that I can't see my offer on my page and they can help you get it set up. if you are struggling- and that's just because sometimes you'll have a different theme, so you might need their help to get everything set up- so, as I said, you can go and have a look at your offer and now you might want to go and change The Branding of your offer. so in order to do this, what from the actual app itself, we can go to settings and then, under general settings, you can go and change the fonts so you see that we have the fonts. then you can also go and change the font size, the font colors- so I'm going to go and change this to the color of the rest of my store- and then you can go and change any of the buttons and things like that. so just make sure that you go and change to the color of your store so that the branding stays consistent. so I've just gone and changed everyt.

All In One Automatic Discounts Shopify app | Bundle Offer

in this video we can learn how can we create a bundle offer. so, just under the offers, you need to click on the create offer and the first offer is a bundle offer. so by default it's selected. now you have to go for the bundle, the name of the bundle, like i just make it as a panda, the add to cart button, or you can just make it like add together or something like that, based on your requirement. okay, this is the bundle title and here is the percentage. how much percentage you want to go for with the bundle? one? okay, so here i just make it like, for example, 10 off with this one short description description. this is just for the internal use, so you can use the description here. description. okay, then after the start and end, it is that. so, for example, if you schedule this offer, then just choose like 21st, then it will start on the 21st and 2nd. you see off day like that. okay, i'll just make it as enable now, and here is the bundle. more settings like if display: two a row, three per row or something like that. four, and here is a mobile one: two per row or one button: okay, just make it here: add product, and here i select like one, two and three products are there with single bundle, okay, and add it. so here you can see it's look like this. and now it's look like this with the bundle. so let me just go for save this offer and paste it with the bundle how it's look like. so here is a product. i just need to copy it, find it here and this one is that. so you can see bundle is loading here after end of the page and it will display like this: now, if you want to reposition this partikular bundle just above this you may also like- then you have to go for the product template here and you can see here bottom, the aortik glass is there with the bundle, so just cut it and paste it just above the recommendation here. okay, so now you can see we are just making the reposition of this bundle from bottom to the top. let me replace the page and you can see here: okay, i hope that it works. and now the thing is: when someone click this product with single active card, all three products is added in the cart with the bundle one and it applies the discount on this bundle. you can see the 10 percent off is there now if i remove one of the product from the car, then bundle is not completed and in that case discount is not applied. okay, so that's the thing. and one more thing you said, like if you re add this product manually from the card then the bundle is not created, because bundle needs to be applied only if it added from the widget. okay, so here you can see the bundle is not applied. so just make sure if you want to go for the discount should be add from the widget. okay, so i just clear my card from here and add the product again from here. it will apply the discount with this bundle. okay, so here it is like, if you want to go for the update the position, just make sure, you just need to paste this code where you want to display the bundle, okay, and here you can see the discount is applied. 1990 with a bundle: ten percent off. okay, now with the bundle. we have two options here. for example, when you go for the offer, if you want to display this partikular bundle inside the page or block, not with this partikular one, the product one, it will display for all three products if that product is include this bundle. but instead, if you want to display it inside the page or somewhere else, like the blog post or somewhere, then just need to click on this code button, copy this below code: okay, and paste it where you want to display it. for example, in my case, i'm creating a blog post- okay, and add that partikular bundle with that blog post. so let's test it now. so i'm just going for the blog post, create a blog- this is test blog- and here is a description- and i add this bundle. like, just click on the show editor button here and paste your bundle, okay, and now save it. okay, let me make it as a visible save and go for this one and you can see it's on the blog post and bundle is display here. so user can add that bundle from here blog post as well. like that. and one more feature we have: like, if you want to display all the bundles together with a single page, then what you need to do is just copy this code, okay, and paste it inside the pages or bundle, like if you are creating a page for bundles, okay, so just go for the pages- add blog, add page and here bundles- okay, and just paste that code here, save it and now when you view the page. it will display the bundle here like this: okay, now let me create one more bundle for the testing so it can be easy for us to go for. let me go for the apps all in one- automatik discounts offers- and create one more bundle. so we have two offers here with the bundle two. okay, and let me add here other products, like other three products. are there one, two and three or four? okay, add it. so this is the another one bundle. okay, and let me save it. okay, it's like we have to make it higher percentage, okay, and uh, you can see, here we have option like percentage off or fixed price up. so if you want to go for the fixed price, let's just make it fixed price instead of percentage. currently i just make it with the percentage off. so we have two bundles here. bundle one is display with the block paste and bundle one and two is display with the pages. so here you can see we have bundle which is- let me just refresh it- and you can see, here one bundle is display and here is another one. so both the bundles are displayed with the bundles page. so all the bundles will be displayed here and here it display only the bundle, which is with the reference id with the bundle, so you can see here it's only display a single vendor. so if you want to display a bundle inside your blog post or somewhere, then you can just use the below one, that is, the data of ride. is there, okay? and if you want to display all the bundles together with a single page, then just need to copy this code and paste it on the page so it will display all the bundles. i hope everything is clear with the bundles for you now so you can just create your bundle based on your requirement. and if you need any help then i am here for that. you can just connect with us with the live chat.