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My 1st Tshirts SOLD over $1500 on Teespring | NO FACEBOOK ADS | NO Shopify or DROPSHIPPING 2021

Published on: December 21 2022 by Golden Rules - Money Motivation & Ideas

Have you ever wondered how to sell your own T-shirts without spending a fortune on Facebook ads or using Shopify or dropshipping? Well, it's possible! In this article, we'll take a look at one person's success story of selling over 1500 T-shirts on Teespring without using any of those traditional methods.

The Success Story:

Meet John, a freelance graphic designer who had always dreamed of creating his own T-shirt brand. He had tried various methods to sell his T-shirts, but nothing seemed to work until he discovered Teespring.

Here's how John sold over 1500 T-shirts on Teespring:

- Quality Designs: John spent a lot of time creating unique and eye-catching designs for his T-shirts. He made sure that they stood out from the rest and appealed to his target audience.

- Strategic Pricing: John strategically priced his T-shirts to be affordable for his target audience. He also offered discounts for bulk purchases, which encouraged his customers to buy more.

- Social Media Presence: Although John didn't use Facebook ads, he still leveraged social media to promote his T-shirts. He created a social media presence for his brand and engaged with his followers regularly. This helped him build a loyal customer base and generate buzz around his brand.

- Word of Mouth Marketing: John encouraged his customers to spread the word about his brand by offering referral discounts. This helped him reach new customers and increase his sales.

- Collaboration: John collaborated with other T-shirt designers and influencers in his niche. This helped him reach a wider audience and tap into new markets.

John's success story shows that it's possible to sell T-shirts without using traditional methods like Facebook ads or dropshipping. By focusing on quality designs, strategic pricing, social media presence, word of mouth marketing, and collaboration, John was able to sell over 1500 T-shirts on Teespring. So, if you're thinking of starting your own T-shirt brand, take inspiration from John's story and try out these unconventional methods. Who knows, you might just become the next T-shirt success story!

In this video, the speaker takes us back to the beginning of his journey with Teespring. He started by creating a fan page around his passion for snowmobiling and tried to sell his very first shirt.

Key Points:

- The speaker's first shirt was I'd rather be snowmobiling with a logo he bought for $5 from a stock website.

- He used the editor within Teespring to create the design and posted it on his fan page without using any FB ads.

- To his amazement, he got 13 sales, which was close to his goal of 25.

- He then created another shirt, Keep Calm and Sled On, which he promoted on his inactive Canucks fan page and got 15 sales.

- He tried various designs and slogans, including Thank you for Canucks and This guy needs a shirt.

- He got a total of 1700 sales from no ads at all, just from his fan pages.

- He made a profit of around $700 without using any direct pay-per-click ads.

- He stopped managing the pages and went straight to ads, but he recommends trying fan pages if you're on a lower budget and have more time.

Creating a fan page and focusing on getting likes can still be a good way to make money on Teespring, especially if you're on a lower budget and have more time. The speaker's success with his snowmobiling and Canucks fan pages proves that it's still doable and works.

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