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My Exact SMMA Client Onboarding Process | +15k SMMA Clients

Published on: December 9 2022 by Jason Wardrop

Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) is not an easy task, but with the right process and strategies, it can be a successful business. In this article, I will share my exact SMMA client onboarding process that helped me acquire 15k SMMA clients.

Step 1: Qualifying leads

- Determine the ideal client by creating a client avatar

- Use social media platforms to find potential clients

- Ask qualifying questions to filter out unqualified leads

Step 2: Initial meeting

- Schedule a discovery call to understand the client's needs and goals

- Provide information about the agency and its services

- Discuss pricing and contract terms

Step 3: Proposal and contract

- Create a proposal that outlines the services offered and pricing

- Customize the proposal to fit the client's needs

- Send the proposal along with a contract for the client to sign

Step 4: Onboarding process

- Schedule a kickoff call to discuss the onboarding process

- Set up communication channels and project management tools

- Collect necessary information and assets from the client

Step 5: Campaign launch

- Develop a social media strategy that aligns with the client's goals

- Create social media profiles and optimize them for search engines

- Launch the campaign and monitor its performance

Acquiring 15k SMMA clients is not an easy feat, but it is achievable with the right client onboarding process. By qualifying leads, having an initial meeting, creating a proposal and contract, having an onboarding process, and launching the campaign, you can successfully onboard clients and grow your SMMA business.

My Exact SMMA Client Onboarding Process | +15k SMMA Clients

In this video, Jason Wardrop shares a simple system for automating the onboarding and client fulfillment process for digital marketing agencies. He uses four free softwares to ensure accountability and systematize the process.

The Four Softwares:

1. Trello - a task management software used to create boards, lists, and cards. It is used to manage new clients, create checklists, and track progress.

2. Slack - a business communication software used to communicate with team members. It is used to assign new accounts to account reps.

3. Zapier - a software used to integrate all software online together. It is used to create triggers that automatically create cards in Trello and send Slack messages.

4. Stripe - a payment processor used to process payments. It is free and takes a percentage of payments processed.

The Trello Board:

The Trello board is divided into columns, each representing an account rep. New clients are created as cards and assigned to an account rep. Each card has a checklist with steps for the account rep to complete, such as sending a welcome email, signing an agreement, and scheduling a phone call. Notes and timelines can also be added to each card.

Accountability and Payment:

The manager of all account reps assigns cards to each account rep and monitors progress. Slack messages are sent to alert account reps of new cards assigned to them. Account reps are paid based on account completion, incentivizing them to complete tasks efficiently.

This system is a simple and effective way to automate the onboarding and client fulfillment process for digital marketing agencies. By using free softwares and creating a checklist for account reps, accountability is ensured and progress is tracked.

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