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My Girlfriend Tried Dropshipping For 24 Hour Challenge | Shopify 2020

Published on: December 8 2022 by Ac Hampton

My Girlfriend Tried Dropshipping For 24 Hour Challenge | Shopify 2020

The above is a brief introduction to My Girlfriend Tried Dropshipping For 24 Hour Challenge | Shopify 2020.

Let's move on to the first section of My Girlfriend Tried Dropshipping For 24 Hour Challenge | Shopify 2020!

My Girlfriend Tried Dropshipping For 24 Hour Challenge | Shopify 2020

today my girlfriend is going to try drop
shipping for 24 hours
i've done a couple challenges on my
channel and you guys have been asking me
to drop
more challenges so today we are
challenging my girlfriend to start
and seeing what she could be able to
achieve within 24 hours
so let's go ahead and meet the
and as you guys know i give out a free
consulting call every single week and
the winner of last week will be
announced at the very end of this video
if you guys want the chance to win a
free supreme econ consulting call this
all you have to do is three simple
things the first thing you must do is
challenge and tell me what another
challenge you would like to see besides
just this one the second thing you must
do is follow me on instagram
ac underscore hampton and the third
thing you must do is smash that like
button below
and subscribe to this channel this is my
girlfriend go ahead and introduce
yourself babe
what's up guys i'm sadie a little bit
about her
she's out here in dallas with me she's
been making this wi-fi money by doing
airbnb and she's been absolutely
crushing the game
i don't know guys she might be a little
bit better than me at this point
i don't know if you guys think she's
better than me comment in the comment
section below
say sadie's the winner but if you think
i'm the best go ahead and say ac is the
and toking about absolutely killing the
as you guys know i opened up brand new
spots for my case study slash mentorship
for the month of december i'm only
taking seven more of you guys to
absolutely kill it and test build and
scale up a profitable ecommerce brand
if you're that type of person and you
want to go ahead and apply all you have
to do is go to my instagram
ac underscore hampton and dm me the word
case study or
you can apply at supreme
make sure you guys apply before it's too
late and as i was mentioning my girls
already hip to making this
wi-fi money with airbnb but she's also
dappled up into doing a little bit of
affiliate marketing so she's been doing
affiliate marketing
for the past couple years so she's been
pretty good at making this wi-fi money
and really working with a couple brands
but yes she's making wi-fi money with
yes she's making wi-fi money with
affiliate marketing but she's never
got into dropshipping so today i'm
challenging you
it's time i'm about to challenge her and
we're gonna go full sin
she's a complete beginner she's never
even built a store before so this is
literally from scratch
i'm challenging her from the ground zero
and we're starting from the very
beginning phase
yeah i am a complete beginner he's right
but i'm determined to show him i can do
just like i'm already doing better at
him at airbnb i can be better at him in
this as well
well i mean she might not be better than
me but
you know i'm gonna throw in that little
bit of sauce to make sure she absolutely
kills it
all right babe so being around myself
being around my team
seeing all the things i do with supreme
ecom and doing all the things i do with
my students
run me through what actually
dropshipping is run me through the steps
and what you need to do to take action
okay so step one is super easy because i
hear you say it all the time
it's validation and that basically means
we're going to validate our product
to see what's working on the market and
make sure it's working for ourselves
so we're not reinventing the wheel yes
ma'am and then step two
is going to be to build your website
three is going to be import your
products from aliexpress onto oberlo
okay okay and then step four is going to
to market through facebook ads and also
google ads
yes ma'am and then step five is going to
be when somebody buys your product
you fulfill it on oberlo and then they
send it directly to the customer
yes ma'am and then the last step is
going to be
make that money yes man
this girl had to say something about
traveling but
obviously miss sadie is subscribed to my
channel because
she knows a lot of information i don't
know if she knows a cheat sheet
if it's me or she's just been studying
on the side i don't know
she's got me over here thinking she
might know it all hey but i knew she was
gonna say traveling we love to travel
that's my main goal to be able to see
the world
we just got back from a trip from where
we go we went to mexico we traveled all
over mexico and it was so much fun
we went to three different islands one
my favorite cozumel which is the most
beautiful place
ever um we went to isla morares i think
that's how you say it
is i don't know cancun and we went
somewhere else where was the last one
we're about to go to paris in february
so we're going to keep that traveling
so like she mentioned the first thing we
have to do is choose a product but not
just choose a product
but validate a product so that's what
we're going to go ahead and do real
quick and if you guys are interested on
basically what you just saw
how i was able to use ad spying to go in
depth about this i did drop a video
about how this tool
made me 13 000 in one day so make sure
you guys go ahead and check that out
all right so we just did some extensive
really in-depth product research
and i think she found a product for her
so i chose this hook that you can put on
the seat of your car
because if you're anything like me i am
definitely that girl that has to
move like 15 things out of the front
seat until someone can sit down i'm
totally that mean
that's me i deal with this every day
from her she's got her purse or bag
everywhere max anything ever in my front
seat so
i chose to hook and now i can just hang
my stuff up and i don't have to have
that problem solves a huge
huge problem and it's going to be a huge
wow factor
so i think this is going to be the
product for you i think this product can
work for a lot of people
so we'll see with that being said let's
not waste any more time i think she's
about to go
strap in lock in and go build this store
up to go ahead and kill this challenge
little boys
all right it's been a couple hours she's
been hustling her butt off
creating the store she just got her
creatives back from dropshipmedia.com if
you guys are looking for a high
converting creatives
all you guys have to do is go to
dropshipmedia.com and use the code
alexco 10
to receive 10 off your first order just
like she did
all right so she got her store made
she's now got her creatives and we're
about to go into her first
facebook ad campaign babe are you
no i'm excited like i told you i'm about
to show you how it's done
oh really you're gonna show me i'm gonna
show you all right we're gonna go ahead
and get into it
all right her first campaign is
officially set
up she's targeting the big six countries
united states united kingdom australia
canada new zealand
and ireland she's got five interests in
a cbo
and she's ready to take action babe
oh i'm excited all right for the rest of
the day as you guys know i have drop
shipping stores but e-commerce brands as
well so i'm gonna go ahead and work on
those e-commerce brands
get on a couple calls with some students
and i think we're gonna do date night
tonight so we're gonna bring you guys
into date night
and we're gonna go ahead and have these
ads posted for midnight tonight
and we'll go ahead and give you guys the
results tomorrow and i'm gonna go
check out my airbnbs make sure they're
all doing okay i'm gonna maybe do some
not the shop and then i'm gonna go get
ready for date night so wish me luck
tonight guys i'm super excited about
this and i have to show him up
hey we're out for a casual date night
and we had to go to our favorite spot
the crab station but there was no glove
sadie had to go on a little adventure
she found some gloves but
she got the gloves for free but they
made her buy tofu
i've never had tofu in my life so i
think it's time let's try it let's try
oh no i'm gonna eat them
12 seconds later
later that same evening so it's the end
of the night
she finally finished testing out and i'm
not gonna lie
she ended up getting some sales i was
actually very surprised so
i don't know babe go ahead and show them
show them what show them what you got
i ended up getting two sales
but one person ended up buying two
things off the frequently brought
apps so i always tok to her all the
time i tell people all the time like
give yourself the opportunity to succeed
by using complimentary upsells so
she had other items that you saw when
she was adding them to the store
so that she could be able to get her
average order value increase so
i'm actually pretty [ __ ] proud of you
like i'm like okay i see you
getting sales off of her first day i did
and like i say every single week there's
a free consulting call so
the consulting call winner of last week
is right here
congratulations reach out to me on
instagram at ac
underscore hampton we're going to cover
all things to finish q4 strong
what i could be able to help you out
with facebook ads what yeah i can help
you out with product research
and so much more and as i mentioned at
the beginning of this video there's only
seven spots left so make sure that you
go ahead and dme the word case study if
you're looking to be able to scale
a profitable e-commerce brand babe i'm
proud of you thank you
she's out here killing it and i'm
excited to see where we're gonna take
this this is ac
and say dude

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