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My Puerto Rico HOME TOUR ($2.1 Million Dollars)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

My Puerto Rico HOME TOUR ($2.1 Million Dollars)

My Puerto Rico HOME TOUR ($2.1 Million Dollars)

three two one
boom absolutely insane view all right
and just like that the first workout is
done here
in my new condo in puerto rico
let me give you a tour growing up in
minnesota i
always wanted to be on a beach i wanted
to be somewhere where it wasn't
negative 30 degrees every single day in
the winter so after 17 years of living
there i found myself in california i
lived on the beach for a while and i
absolutely loved it then i have found
myself in arizona for pretty much the
two years now obviously as you can tell
by the title of the thumbnail
today i'm about to be giving you a tour
of my brand new condo here in puerto
which is a big change to say the least i
mean this is thousands of miles away
from where i've lived previously and i
just packed up everything and moved
so you can watch my moving to puerto
rico video if you want to see exactly
why and some more details but today i'm
going to give you a tour of the piece of
real estate
that i have here it's a lease that i
have for the next 12 months
specifically in san juan puerto rico and
we start right at the elevator which
opens directly up into your unit i've
got all my shoes right there i'm not
really a clothing person
to the left you got kind of a formal or
informal whatever you call it living
room in the kitchen
over here to the right the main living
area i really haven't spent a lot of
time here the couch is really
the place came furnished which was
definitely one of my criteria
i brought my xbox a few little random
things some of my skydiving gear
the rest of it is sitting in arizona so
i got one rig
absolute beauty i actually did go
skydiving here i believe it's called in
arecibo is the name of the town
beautiful spot beautiful view you got
some artwork on the wall and stuff in
i'm terrible with interior design so i
was really glad it came furnished that
was definitely definitely a criteria of
i didn't want to deal with that we
walked through the kitchens got i mean
pretty normal stuff a fridge a sink two
little islands
you got a some extra seating there that
never gets used more so for decor
and then of course the main selling
point for me which was the view you know
as i work from home
especially during the pandemic and i
don't have an office down here yet and
don't have a need for one at the moment
definitely wanted to work with a great
view that was a big criteria for me so
i've been loving the main areas so far
and condos turning out great
now fun fact for you i never actually
saw this condo
in person until literally 1am this
morning when i landed in puerto rico so
i was a little nervous to say the least
but it came out right i'm super super
happy with it it's gonna be an amazing
space so
let me take you through the layout of
the bedroom so as you guys kind of saw
the main area
let me now walk you through the three
separate bedrooms and
three and a half baths that are here
okay we're gonna go in this direction
over here we have i guess you would call
it the powder room but
officially the half bath for just
standard guest usage and whatnot you
walk down here and you have two bedrooms
but first you've got the most
interesting room the laundry room
but it is actually nice that it's not a
stackable and it's got its own room i
put some of my extra bags over there
so it's great to have a little bit of
extra storage space
now over here we've got the master
bedroom which is insane i'm going to
show you that in a second
then we've got an additional kind of
guest bedroom style
going on here brand new bed which is
great they brought everything brand new
it brought it all in
curtains on the window i'll show you the
amazing view soon now
what's kind of unique this has a huge i
mean i kind of consider this a pantry
but it's got a big walk-in closet
as well as another little closet over
so super great to have again extra
storage space and for whoever's in here
they can just have additional space as
well as
each room has its own walk-in bathroom
a full complete bath which is cool hello
drop a like down below
sink it's got a toilet obviously and
some interesting spanish
thailand it's really the only pop of
culture and flavor
in the apartment honestly and as you can
see the view right through there
you got a nice view of the bay now as we
go back
out you can see there's obviously the
big curtains here which is just going to
provide you with
yet again another view of the bay and a
little bit of the city
so this room is absolutely gorgeous it's
a great size as you can see
it's pretty much i think it's a queen
bed here and you've got all this extra
space you could easily put
a desk and you could have two queen beds
in here if you wanted to so
if anyone wants to move in let me know
then you've got the master bedroom over
now i'm going to kind of take you guys
through this first and just walk through
each piece because this is kind of crazy
so you walk in and what i notiked
there's multiple light controls so you
have the entryway over here which is
just ridiculous
hello and you've got like four different
light controls like it took me literally
like three minutes just to turn on all
the lights it's kind of annoying to
figure out
but here is the master bedroom again
super grateful they put in brand new
love the bed with kind of the
contemporary style going on a little bit
of gold
flare on the nightstands now the crazy
in here way too much storage for anyone
i don't know who possibly has enough
clothes or whatever to fill
all of this it's got a big standing
mirror so you can check the fit for the
day or post a tiktok or
whatever it is these young kids do these
days tv on the wall it's the only room
that has a tv on the wall which is great
i don't
personally watch tv myself but
nonetheless it is there
walk into the bathroom now if you guys
have ever been to miami
this is pretty much what it feels like
in like the newer condos
super super cool big echo kind of
double rainfall in the shower with two
separate controls so
absolutely massive and again same side
wall as the other room you've got a view
the bay so cool it's also got its own
freestanding tub which is great just
kind of looks really really nice
and a separate little room with not only
a toilet but also
a bidet so i've never used one of those
but hey
might as well give it a shot now this
wall has
huge huge windows and i'm gonna show you
the view i just don't know if you guys
are ready
drop a like if you're ready i'm gonna
set the camera up okay three
two one boom absolutely
insane view let me kind of walk you guys
over there
huge windows there was just a big
rainstorm so they're all a little dirty
but we can open this up and let a nice
breeze in here but it is just
absolutely gorgeous i mean you've got
views past two separate bridges
it is just gorgeous gorgeous outside
so let's close this up because it's a
little humid very slightly outside and
i've got the ac
cranking because i'm working all day but
that's the master bedroom so i hope you
guys enjoyed that little walk through
now there's one more room and the cool
thing about this room it's on the
complete other side so i
always love real estate especially for a
place that i'm living
where it's kind of i don't want to call
a split level because that's a type of
but it's a completely split layout on
the floor plan
in terms of living okay so over here on
this side of the house
or side of the condo i guess you've got
those two rooms then completely separate
if you wanted to you could have it as an
office but there's an additional
bedroom again more mirrors hello drop a
but just super cool like i've been
working from here uh
like all morning and it's just an
absolutely phenomenal view it's a lot
wider of a view than i had previously
thought so
looks gorgeous here is the third and
final bedroom
which has some nice little decor as well
as a
queen-size comfortable bed nightstands
super cool that this is obviously like a
matching set everything just kind of
flows really well
nice and modern it's got its own ac unit
in here which you can control that
little remote
and then again its own little walk
through bathroom i think called an
ensuite small closet inside of here
nothing crazy um does have a little bit
of extra storage right there
but you walk over here into the bathroom
it has got
sink toilet bathtub shower obviously the
hello again so nothing fancy but
definitely it does the trick this place
actually took quite some time to find i
fell out of two separate condos that
were a much more reasonable price in my
that just didn't work one of them i'm
now after seeing some other listings
definitely definitely glad i didn't go
through with it because i think it was a
scam it was priced way too low
i almost sent the full year's rent in a
wire up front
and that was the problem the lease that
they sent me i knew it would be a little
wacky because it's puerto rico and yeah
it's tiknically the u.s so it's
standard but
there's obviously a little changes so i
sent it to two separate attorneys that i
work with
and they both one of them called me
screaming don't sign it don't sign it
please tell me you didn't sign it and
that scared the hell out of me
but they weren't willing to change two
very simple clauses
and here's how i explained it to them
and this made them very uncomfortable
with me as a tenant this is just
hilarious so i'm gonna tell the story
but i basically told them look the way
that your wording is
in this lease agreement is that if
someone throws a grenade
up onto my balcony and it damages my
property like the condo that i'm living
i'd be liable that was like the weirdest
wording that i had ever seen
it was like they were trying to remove
me out of the insurance company
and it was just a really concerning
clause and the fact that they weren't
willing to change it
i obviously didn't move it but
nonetheless i'm super super glad that i
got this place
all the furniture is very comfortable
i'm obviously still unpacking
just got the wi-fi set up today for any
of my internet people
i will throw up a quick snippet of what
those speeds look
like it's absolutely ridiculous which is
one of the reasons why i chose this
building i can have direct fiber optik
as well as some crazy plug-in speeds of
500 up and 500 down
so super super grateful for that but i'm
excited to work from here live here for
a while
and uh eventually i don't know keep it
or move into another spot
we'll see what happens oh and i almost
forgot to mention kind of over here on
this side of the wall
it's really really cool that they add in
like some color pops because i myself am
terrible at decorating so if this was
none of this would ever be here but two
cool tables there
got you know kind of really cool artwork
i did bring in
my license plate from uh you know my
favorite og car if you guys are
following the channel at all but
nonetheless just kind of made it feel a
little bit like home as i start to get
things dialed in again i've only been
here for
maybe 15 hours so today's adventure is
to go to the grocery store pick up some
basic groceries waters and food and
stuff to eat
because i've been ordering food and
postmates like 35 bucks a meal
and that's just not economical so
nonetheless gonna go to the grocery
store and get a bunch of stuff
but i hope you guys enjoyed this condo
tour um it's an absolutely beautiful
place super grateful to be able to have
not only found it
but also have obviously secured the deal
because places like this
i've never seen anything like the luxury
real estate market in san juan puerto
places like this move within 24 hours
like it's absolutely crazy
i saw this the same day didn't even come
on the market the same day a realtor
said it would be available
and i had to sign that same day because
there were already people interested so
it was
truly crazy i missed out on a lot of
properties because of that
but here we are everything's good to go
and i'm super excited to live here so
if you guys enjoyed the video make sure
to smash a like down below be sure to
subscribe as well i'm gonna be showing
you guys a lot more adventures
for myself as well as my friends here in
puerto rico i have about five or six
other friends who live here
which is super super cool some of them i
can pretty much see their building
all the way down there so that's fun
maybe i'll wave them from the balcony or
something but
yeah super excited for it hope you guys
stik around on the channel if you have
any questions about this crazy
or this specific piece of property which
again i am renting i just want to
disclose that but it's absolutely
if you guys have any questions about it
leave it in the comment section down
below hope you enjoyed this video
and i'll see you in the next one peace

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