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My Windows 10 Review

Published on: December 6 2022 by Craylor Made

My Windows 10 Review

The above is a brief introduction to My Windows 10 Review.

Let's move on to the first section of My Windows 10 Review!

My Windows 10 Review

hey guys what's up drum rocker 365 here
and today I'm going to be giving you my
opinion on Windows 10 now i know i'm a
bit behind the curve but i just
installed windows 10 tiknical preview
last night on one of my computers I
wasn't planning to it all but there I
was just tapping along doing my school
work and I thought hey i'm going to try
windows 10 because i've never tried a
tiknical preview and i want to and then
I almost didn't because I didn't want to
risk it on my new computer which is my
daily driver it's my nice one but then I
remembered I have a second computer just
laying around so what did I do I
installed it on that now I thought this
is probably going to go terrible it's
got four gigs of ram and it's only dual
core it's definitely lower specs than i
am used to using it's probably going to
be a wreck but i decided to install it
anyway and i was actually really
surprised at the results let's start
with speed it was definitely faster than
windows seven before it had windows 7
ultimate on it and that took about three
minutes to boot up and Windows 10 took
about twenty six seconds so it is
definitely blazing fast I was really
impressed at the speed considering the
specs look wise it definitely looks a
little different from Windows 8 it's
more than just windows 8 with a start
menu added it definitely does look a bit
different there there are just some
minimal differences like I'll show you
guys right now on the taskbar with
programs open or some differences there
but I was like okay that's it right I
mean the start menu couple graphic
differences that's it we're done I can
go back to work now that's it and then
that's when I really started to dig in
I'm like all right there has to be more
I quickly discovered Cortana which is
very cool
like that um but I was like all right
there still is something missing there's
got to be more to this so that i
discovered the app store which was then
really when i started having fun now I
know they've had this on Windows 8 but
I've never had windows 8 i'm going
directly from seven to 10 so that was
really a lot of fun for me just trying
out all the apps that they have to offer
in reality i probably will never use
these on a daily basis but I was really
also impressed that they let the mail
client connect to other stuff besides
juice outlook.com accounts however even
though the graphics were great I'll not
be using it because i still prefer the
functionality of thunderbird better even
though thunderbird doesn't really have
that flat Metro feel to it so that's it
for their um the only other thing that I
would change well it still needs some
work the Spartan browser isn't added yet
and there are some programs that just
aren't even flat at all I don't know why
but I wasn't too happy that Microsoft
forces one drive on there and they
forced it to run in the background out
of box I was able to disable this but
you cannot uninstall it and I wasn't
super happy about this because i have my
cloud platforms that i prefer and
onedrive is not one of them and i really
didn't want this on my computer so that
would be cool of Microsoft could change
that I've already submitted some
feedback on that but basically what i
would say is if you have a second
computer just laying around you should
try it out now I wouldn't try this on
your only daily driver because there is
a possibility that it could train wreck
since it's still in beta but if you have
a second computer lying around I would
definitely try this because I wasn't
just really impressed I'm actually
recording the audio on Windows 10 right
now just to try it out but I think guys
if you liked this video leave a thumbs
up if you hate
leave a thumbs down but at least tell me
why it was so bad but anyway please
subscribe rate and comment

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