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N26 Dropshipping: Streamline Your Online Store

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

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Quelle banque pour un autoentrepreneur en dropshipping ? N26 ou Boursorama ?

Choosing a Bank as an Auto Entrepreneur

As an auto entrepreneur, it is necessary to have a distinct account for business transactions. There are both traditional and online banks available for this purpose.

Advantages of Online Banks:

- No maintenance fees for cards or accounts.

- Free and unlimited transactions for certain conditions.

- No restrictions on international payments and transfers.

- Quick and easy account opening and card validation process.

- No hidden fees.

Types of Online Banks:

- N26: offers a basic plan with no monthly fees and minimum commitments.

- Boursorama: offers a range of plans with free cards and conditions based on income.

Traditional Banks:

- CIC, Credit Mutuel, and Banque Populaire are some examples.

- They may offer attractive deals, but there are maintenance fees and transaction costs.

Online banks are a convenient and cost-effective option for auto entrepreneurs. However, it is important to choose a bank based on individual requirements and financial situations.

La meilleure banque pour le dropshipping - N26

In this video, the speaker talks about their favorite bank, N26, and why they love it. They highlight the simplicity of the application and the ease of signing up for an account.

Reasons for Loving N26:

- Hate for administrative tasks

- Quick and easy sign-up process

- Free Mastercard

- Notification for every transaction

- Intuitive application

- Easy to make transfers and receive money

- Option to set daily and monthly spending limits

- No need to contact a banker for account changes

- Free account with minimum transactions per quarter

Features of N26:

- Secure application with fingerprint access

- Contactless Mastercard with no foreign transaction fees

- Option to lock the card in case of theft

- Notifications for all transactions

- Business card option with cashback feature

The speaker highly recommends N26 for those in Europe looking for a simple and easy-to-use banking option. They suggest using their referral link for a bonus of 15 euros for both parties. Contact the customer service team for any technical issues. Overall, the speaker believes N26 is a top-notch bank with many useful features.

N26 : La Meilleure Banque Pour Le Dropshipping ? 💳

- In this video, the speaker talks about their love for bank number 26 and why they recommend it to others.

Reasons to love bank number 26:

- No administrative hassle

- Easy sign-up process

- Documents scanned with smartphone camera

- Notification for every transaction

- Mastercard (free/classic) or black card (5.28 euros/month)

- Secure mobile application

- Ability to make and receive transfers and payments

- No fees for transactions abroad

- Free to use, except for black card fee

- Option to set monthly spending limits

- Intuitive and user-friendly application

- Business card available with cash back

Other details:

- Bank number 26 is based in Germany and only available in Europe

- Affiliation link available for referral bonuses

- Contact service client for technical questions

- Bank number 26 is a great option for those who want a simple and user-friendly banking experience. With features such as no administrative hassle, easy sign-up, and secure mobile application, it's no wonder why the speaker loves this bank. Additionally, the option to choose between a free Mastercard or a paid black card, and the ability to set monthly spending limits, make this bank a practical choice.

💰 N26 : Ce SCANDALE M'a Fait QUITTER Cette BANQUE ! ❌

- Unexpected video discussing the best banks for 2022

- Mention of n26 and controversy surrounding its ranking

- Explanation of video content and purpose

- Request to subscribe to the channel


- Discussion of n26 as the best bank for the author

- Mention of issues faced by n26 in 2017-2018

- Explanation of recent rumors and concerns

- Personal experience with n26 and lack of issues

- Concerns about recent articles and red flags

- Explanation of affiliate dashboard and lack of payments

- Analysis of articles and concerns about n26's financial stability

- Explanation of recent account closures and issues with accessing funds

- Criticism of n26's response to these issues

- Advice to diversify and not put all funds in one bank

- Announcement that author no longer recommends n26

- Regret about leaving n26 but necessity to protect funds

- Encouragement to be cautious and diversify

- Promise to discuss other business topics in future videos


In today's world, traditional banks may not serve the needs of online businesses such as drop-shipping and Amazon selling. With high expenses and transaction limits, they may hinder the growth of your business. However, new online banks like N26 have emerged as game-changers in the industry.

Advantages of N26:

- Completely digitalized bank

- 100% free to use

- Easy account creation process

- Rapid delivery of Mastercard

- Real-time notifications for all transactions

- Customizable spending limits

- Free from hidden fees and charges

- Locking of card from mobile app in case of theft or loss

Comparison with Traditional Banks:

Unlike traditional banks, N26 offers a quick and easy account creation process that is free of cost. It also provides real-time notifications and customizable spending limits, making it ideal for online businesses. Moreover, it does not charge any hidden fees or transaction charges.

N26 is a revolutionary bank that has changed the way online businesses operate. It offers fast and easy banking services that are free of cost and without any hidden charges. With its customizable features, it has become a popular choice among online businesses worldwide.

Meilleures Banques en Ligne pour le Dropshipping ( N26 / Revolut / Bunq / Transferwise) / Speed Ecom

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of having a good business bank account, especially for entrepreneurs who are involved in drop shipping. When starting out, using a regular bank account may not be a viable solution in the long term, and having a good business bank account can help with managing finances and making payments more efficiently.

Below, we will present five different business bank accounts that have caught our attention, and we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. N26 Business:

- Free business account with a free debit card

- 5 free ATM withdrawals per month

- Cashback of 0.1%

- No fees on card payments in any currency

- Spending limit of up

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