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named brands dropshipping

Published on: June 20 2023 by pipiads

- Dropshipping name brands is a popular topic in the industry.

- Many people wonder if it's possible to dropship well-known brands like Apple, Nike, and Adidas.

- The answer is yes, but not in the way you might think.

Examples of High Ticket Dropshipping Brands:

- Motorcycles: Helmets can be a high-end item for those passionate about motorcycles.

- Bicycles: There are many brands of bikes that enthusiasts are familiar with.

- Breaking Bad: The show features a scene where a character chooses a high-end water heater.

Thinking Outside the Box:

- Everyday items can have a high-end version that people will pay for.

- Look for international brands that are not well-known but have a following.

- Successful dropshipping stores can focus on niche markets.

- Dropshipping name brands is possible but not in the way most people expect.

- High ticket dropshipping requires thinking outside the box and finding niche markets.

- Check out the online asset PlayBook and dropshipping playlist for more information.

Sell Copyright/Name Brand Products??? (shopify drop shipping)

Selling Copyrighted Items: The Legalities and Risks

- Discussing the legality of selling copyrighted and trademarked items

- Mention of popular name brand products such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton

- Noting the prevalence of knockoffs and replicas on websites like Aliexpress

- Acknowledging the market for buying fake items

Can You Sell Copyrighted Items?

- Short answer is no

- Risk of getting caught and facing legal consequences

- Cease and desist letters from companies who own the rights to the product

- Explanation of cease and desist letters and their purpose

- Companies invest a lot of money into building their brand and do not want others piggybacking off their success

Selling Copyrighted Items Illegally:

- Acknowledgment of people who have done it and made money

- Warning of potential consequences and legal troubles

- Mention of different experiences and outcomes for different people

Enforcement of Copyright Laws:

- Explanation of how copyright laws work in China where Aliexpress and suppliers are located

- Suppliers are not concerned with enforcing copyrighted laws

- The seller is taking the risk by selling products overseas

- Reminder to be careful and aware of the risk

Other Copyright Issues:

- Discussion of copyright for images and content

- Warning of using images without permission from photographers

- Suggestion to use stock images or search for images available for commercial use

- Advice to be safe and avoid illegal activities

- Reminder to be safe and avoid selling copyrighted items

- Acknowledgment of the market for buying knockoffs and replicas

- Promotion of the 0 to 1 K challenge and link provided

- Call to action to like, comment, and subscribe

- Reminder to check out social media for updates and giveaways.

Business Name: Choosing a Name for Your Dropshipping Store

Coming up with a business name can be difficult, especially when you consider the products you sell, your target audience, and your plans for the future. In this article, we will share 8 ways to choose the perfect name for your dropshipping store, as well as 3 mistakes to avoid.

1. Use your own name

- Many iconic brands have been built using the founder's name.

- Consider whether you plan on being the public face of the company or prefer to remain anonymous.

- Think about the implications of naming your business after yourself, as it may be difficult to sell later down the line.

2. Name your business after the problem you solve or the desire you fulfill

- This is a great way to draw attention to the benefits of your products.

- Every business either solves a problem or fulfills a desire, so incorporate the benefit you provide into your business name.

3. Use alliteration

- This is a simple and effective way to come up with a catchy business name.

- Take the industry you're in or the core thing you provide, then add another word beginning with the same sound and which adds meaning.

4. Use a normal word

- This is hard to do well, as you have to find a word that's free to use and work hard to own that word in the mind of your target customers.

- However, a single word business name can be a powerful way to establish your brand.

5. Put a twist on a normal word

- If you struggle to find a single word that represents your business and is not already in use, try changing the word slightly.

- Be aware that there's a chance people might spell your name wrong or have trouble finding you online.

6. Mash two words together

- Simply take two words that represent your business and combine them to create a new word.

- Walmart is an example of this, as founder Sam Walton took the first part of his last name Wal and combined it with mart.

7. Use an acronym

- Many businesses choose to shorten a lengthy name into just the beginning letter of each word.

- However, acronyms are often difficult to remember and can be difficult for SEO.

8. Use a business name generator

- If you're still struggling to come up with a great business name, check out Shopify's Business Name Generator.

- It's a great way to find inspiration and spark ideas for your dropshipping store.

Mistakes to avoid:

1. Not doing your research

- Always do your research before choosing a business name.

- Make sure no one else is using the name, and check if your name means something different in another language.

2. Not being culturally sensitive

- Avoid names that could be interpreted as mocking someone's race, ethnicity, sexuality, physical abilities, etc.

3. Using more than two words

- Keep your business name to one or two words, as longer names are hard to remember and aren't as catchy.

Choosing a business name can be challenging, but it's important to get it right the first time. Consider the different options available to you, do your research, and be culturally sensitive. Remember, it's not just the name that matters, but what your name comes to represent.

Branded Dropshipping: How It Works And How To Make Money With It In 2022 (Step By Step)

Are you looking to start a successful branded drop shipping business on Shopify? Look no further, because in this video, we will discuss everything you need to know about branded drop shipping, how it works, and why it's the best strategy to start a successful Shopify store and e-commerce online business.

What is Branded Drop Shipping?

Branded drop shipping is a strategy that involves creating a Shopify store that sells a valuable product to people in a specific niche and building a worldwide brand out of that slowly expanding your product line. Instead of just dropshipping random products that you find online, you are creating a brand around one specific product that gives people enough value to pay great money for it.

Why Branded Drop Shipping?

1. Start making profit within a week to a few weeks after watching this video.

2. You take zero risks upfront because you don't have to order a bunch of product.

3. You never do any shipping, and you never even see the products.

4. You get paid before you have to pay your supplier anything.

5. It's the best strategy to build a real online business with Shopify.

How Does Branded Drop Shipping Work?

1. Open a Shopify store with one product that fits all of the product research criteria.

2. Contact your supplier on Alibaba or Aliexpress to order a sample of your product.

3. Build out and design your store on Shopify.

4. Start marketing your product using Facebook Ads, Instagram Influencers, and Google Ads.

5. Once you start making sales, your supplier will ship the product directly to the customer.

Branded drop shipping is the future of e-commerce, and it's fully possible and realistic for you to start this business today and make great passive income with it. With every single step along the way, we have covered everything you need to know to start a fully functional and profitable store that is making about a hundred thousand dollars in sales per year. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey to success now!

How to choose the perfect name for your dropshipping store

- The importance of having a strong name for your dropshipping store to create brand identity and stand out from the competition

Tips for Finding the Perfect Name:

- Keep it short and memorable

- Check availability of domain name

- Link domain name to store name

- Incorporate keywords for SEO advantage

- Avoid offensive or confusing meanings in other languages

- Ensure uniqueness to avoid legal consequences

- Naming your dropshipping store is a crucial step in creating a successful online business

- Following these tips can help you find the perfect name and stand out from your competitors

- Don't forget to also focus on technical elements and cost-effective strategies for starting your dropshipping business.

How To Find The PERFECT Domain Name For Your Dropshipping Brand

In this video, we will discuss how to find the perfect domain for your Shopify store or any website. People often overcomplicate or underestimate the process of getting a name for their brand, but with two simple steps, you can get yourself a new domain that your brand needs in just five minutes or less.

Step 1: Use NameMesh.com

- Go to namemesh.com

- Enter your seed keyword (e.g. fishing)

- Click generate

- Look through the results, categorized by short, new, extra, fun, mix, and SEO

- Choose a domain that suits your brand (e.g. printfish.com)

Step 2: Use Google Domains

- Go to domains.google.com

- Search for your chosen domain (e.g. printfish.com)

- If available, click on the domain and check the insights provided by Google

- Confirm that the name is grammatically correct, easy to pronounce and type, and not too long or short

Branding is important, and choosing the perfect name for your store or website is the first step towards successful branding. By using NameMesh.com and Google Domains, you can find the perfect domain for your brand in just two simple steps.

Shopify Brand Name — Selecting A Good Brand Name For Your Dropshipping Store (Only In 3 Mins Max!)

How to Choose a Good Brand Name for Your Drop Shipping Store

Choosing a good brand name for your drop shipping store is essential for increasing trust and getting conversions. In this computer training module, we will show you how to choose a great brand name step-by-step.

Step 1: Comparative Research Stage

• Look at the different competitors who are selling the same products.

• Look for their brand names and come up with something similar.

• This removes the guesswork and helps you get it right.

Tools for Competitive Research:

1. iSearchform.com – a spy tool for Google Shopping ads.

2. Facebook Ads Library – select the country (preferably the United States), and search for the product name.

3. Amazon.com – put the product name in the search bar and check out the brand names for similar products.

Brainstorming Ideas:

• Come up with a list of potential names.

• Make sure the name is one to two words max.

• Don't use a name that is too broad.

• Make sure the name is trustworthy and looks like a brand.

• Go for a dot com or dot co domain name, or if not available, go for dot shop or dot store.

Choosing a good brand name is essential for increasing trust and getting conversions. By following these steps and using the right tools, you can come up with a great brand name for your drop shipping store.

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