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naruto shippuden free no ads

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

How to Watch Naruto or Naruto shipuden english dub 100% free

welcome back to my channel. my name is manuel and if you're here to watch naruto shippuden, all for free, i can tell you where exactly you can download naruto. not to do, leonardo, just watch naruto for free, hundred person. please, i'm begging know, don't skip any of this video. if you want to find out where can you download up, i have some several apps that i used watching or to have some website that i use watching our, and i stay tuned into this video. if you want to see exactly where i'm toking about, don't skip one bit, or is it gonna miss out information that i'm giving you. so, due to my youtube analytiks, i see that, uh, there are a lot of people, uh, one, really want to watch naruto, and i did a lately video where i see actually there's more traffic coming from there. so i thought why not, uh, actually do a video basically of that, um, give you more stats and more information about where to watch naruto shippuden or naruto itself or even other animes overall on youtube, and my youtube guide is: you can use websites, you can use apps, you can use even youtube itself. you have channels that upload or naruto full episodes on it. uh, i know a couple channels, but unfortunately i cannot put any link with the channels. but i think i can put a link to naruto itself, the website i'm going to give you. but wait, wait, before clicking on the link there's something you need to know, okay, uh, you have several apps. you have show box, first up, we have show box. your show boxes are up where you can find and play store. you can find on google, i think, and download it up. when you actually download the app now you can actually search there and you can see there's a ton of movies, tv shows and all that stuff. but my the thing with sho uh t uh, showbacks, i think you guys might not gonna like the epoch ads that is running on the the, the app, i think so. uh, probably that, probably that is not your best option, but i'm just saying showbox is one app. i watch naruto and i watch naruto shonen jump. i watch naruto shippuden also on that app. so let's skip to the next app. and the next app i have on the list is tuna mania. tuna mania is a really cool app. uh, i usually have this app. i usually could able to download naruto, or naruto should put in all episodes in, just using this app. uh, unfortunately, i don't think that app is working anymore because i've been trying using it and it's not. it's not like it's working. i don't know what else is going on so you can check it out and see what's going on there. number three: we have uh kiss anime. yeah, that is kiss anime, where you can actually watch all animes, not only naruto and art or ship um. you can watch uh in english and you can watch in sub as well. i think this, the don't fall with this uh website is that it has too much ads and and i can't take the heap of ads that's running on the video. it's kind of distracting. i mean, a lot of you guys supposed to know that and and well, i guess that's not the best option, but that is another website. i actually watch naruto on um and it's really cool. it's really cool uh. and we have uh. we have number four. we have uh next website called um. keep on saying off. we have this next website called watch cartoon online. man, that's, that's the most best website i've ever been on. uh, it's. it gives you every single episode of naruto or naruto shippuden in english. i suggest this in my last video, where i actually see where the traffic is coming from. so i need to do similar videos to this because you guys really want to watch naruto, especially in this pandemic. you can just sit down, grab popcorns and just sit down and enjoy, relax the show channels. know, i have. i see this youtube channel upload, uh, some couple episodes of naruto. i think you upload a couple episodes in just one video. you get from one to ten in just one video. that is like three hours. that is so awesome. but i saw that he doesn't upload. it's like uh, his channel was terminated. i don't know. he delete the upload on. probably youtube blocked him or something like that. uh, and i see him re-uploading the episode. so i don't know, i don't know. he uploaded a naruto ship within naruto and boruto itself. so there you go, uh, i know this. uh, just type in naruto. when you type in naruto, you just go on the channel itself and then you will see the rest of these channels, like you will see borrow. so you see, in order to strip it, then you will check it out and see if you find what i'm trying to. as you type in art, you're going to see all the episodes and it's uh, i think it's really cool, man, um, i, i, this is the information that i really have towards what i know and what i'm going to tell you, and this is- this is really elf, i, i, i guarantee this is helpful for you guys- where, exactly, when you want to watch the naruto or any other anime, just check out these totally cool website, these apps, and try it out. you never know. so, uh, please, i'm begging you, i really need the help right now, so i'm begging you just to subscribe. you know you don't have to share the video, but it, yeah, i, i want you to watch this video even more than just just a couple seconds, just more than even two minutes, one minute. okay, so, if you, if you, if i'm really supportive in any way, you can comment down below and tell me what do you think and what, what you don't think of the app and websites, and well, let me know. so, see you out. and also, before i go, i know, i know netflix, but netflix doesn't actually bring the full episodes. probably i'll do a different video about that. uh, uh, out, watching uh north on netflix. i, i watch naruto on netflix and i, i, i see some kind of option. don't fall, but i'll let you know in the next video, so subscribe.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 1 Dubbed – Full-screen – No cuts!

foreign. [Music]. [Music]. [Music] foreign. [Music]. how are you? we've come so far after all this time. where are you? how are you? [Music] foreign. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]- what's up, okay? [Music]. [Music]. [Music] foreign. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. true, I have no idea what it's like having parents or a brother, if that's how you felt. why? [Music]? far from it, because this is the first time I've ever had a bond like this. that's why I'll do anything I can to stop you. true? why? if that's how it is, I'll just have to sever that Bond. why didn't you kill me that day? weren't you gonna break our bug? reason is simple: [Music]. it's not that I couldn't break it. [Music]. break it. like me, you may be one of the few who can use manga. kill shotgun is [Music]. take the life of your best friend. you must kill him. I just couldn't stand the idea of obtaining Power by following in his footsteps. I spared your life on a whim, nothing more. [Music]. how did you do that? you know, come to think of it, wasn't it always your dream to become Hokage someday? tell you, spit, chasing after me would have been better spent in training, wouldn't you agree, Naruto? but this time, my win is telling me [Music] to finish what I started. [Music]. how could I ever be Hokage? I can't even save one friend, isn't that right, Sasuke? [Music]. [Music]. you know what you have to do. [Music]. [Music] it I remember. [Music], thank you. [Music]. do you want to kill you? without me, you couldn't do anything at all. [Music] completely, if you would do all of my power. [Music], how did you? I can see everything. it's so this is where all that power is coming from. interesting, I never would have guessed. you had this inside of you, guys. [Music]. [Music]. shooting guard. [Music]. your first, I take it. this isn't your first time seeing the shotgun. so you're the nine tails. [Music], with that vision of yours. [Music]- never heard, as opposed to care. [Music]. all clear over here. foreign. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. wow, sorry about that. I'm making a quick delivery run. [Music]. sorry, Pop, Naruto, you little bit. [Music]. we've got the Target in a corner. hurry up, it's gonna get away, no problem. [Music]. that's a little rascal. I'm still moving over right here, no doubt about it. you guys in custody looks like another mission, complete foreign. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music] just made getting Level. no one's going to assign you to higher end missions right out of the gate. all you begin is d-rank. for now I'm not taking no for an answer. after all, you're looking at the Seventh Hokage- the seventh. what about the sixth Hokage? that spot's taken, Naruto's gonna get it. yeah, speaking of Naruto, I wonder where he even is right now. I bet when he comes back he'll become an awesome Shinobi. I believe in him 100 percent. age- definitely a second Naruto. I hope you're doing okay out there. I don't care what it takes. I'll get stronger and bring Sasuke back. it's been quite a while since he spoke those words and left to train with Master Jiraiya. yes, it's about time for him to come home, isn't it? Leaf Village needs him to return. there's too much happening for him to be away now. [Music]. do I think it is? it is uh-huh, no doubt about it. hey, stop it off. oh, hi Konohamaru. so where are you? off to the main gate, I have to pick up this morning's pedestrian traffic Ledger for lady Tsunade. do you want to come along? it's been about two and a half years, so it has. I have a cat, went nutso and started scratching my face off. we had missions, just like. that brings back a lot of memories. hey, by the way, have you gotten murder anything from Naruto. no, nothing yet. oh too bad. you shouldn't be popping up around here pretty soon though. hey izumo, hey tetsu, how are you today? well, look who's here. huh, something's waiting for you back in town. yeah, you have to see it to believe it. what are you guys toking about? no way. [Music]. thank you, always rambunctious. [Music]. now this takes me back. Village hasn't changed a bit. I'm home. everyone. Naruto Uzumaki has returned to the hidden Leaf Village. I'm feeling so nostalgic now. [Music]. the attik Grandma tsunade's face up there is it. is it really him? huh, looks like. [Music] Naruto. Naruto, is that you? when did you get back to the Village, Naruto? oh, just now. long time, no see. huh, Sakura. [Music]. wait a minute, you've gotten taller than me, haven't you? huh, yeah, I guess I have seems more grown up since the last time I saw him. so, um, what do you think? do I say more like a woman to you now? you kidding? not really. you haven't changed at all, kid. could you be any more oblivious? hey, Naruto. [Music]. well, what do you think? not too bad in the curves Department there, huh? [Music] aru, I'm not that scrawny little kid anymore, and you shouldn't be using Jutsu like that either. it's beneath, you know I'll be. it's not just the outside that's changed. I kind of missed the old Naruto, but you've turned out pretty well, haven't you? knowing you, I bet you've got a whole slew of incredible Jutsu to show us. is that all you've got now? step aside and get a load of my friends, make a new bird right, all right, Harvey ninjas [Music]. yeah, foreign [Music]. [Music]. it's been a long time. you two training proved to be fruitful. I hope you think we would have come back without producing any results. mission accomplished, grandma huh, I'm glad to hear it. show me what you got, kid, right now I have someone I'd like you to go up against. I've kept him off missions the last few days so he'd be ready for just this moment. your opponent will be come in.

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Naruto 4th Great Ninja War FULL FIGHT English Dub 60FPS

[Music]. so, [Music], so [Music]. [Music] [Applause]. oh no, are you all right, guys? sensei, the fighting hasn't even started yet. you know what did you do to yourself? now then, gara, you're the commander-in-chief of the main battle regiment. please address everyone once they settle down. they're on the move, and there's a whole lot of them too. appear to be the next plane. it appears that someone has summoned us back to the corporeal plane in order to have us do their bidding. you will be our commando unit. go by, air yakotsky, aren't you? let me make this clear. if you think you can make us do your bidding, it can be a little bit difficult to control the reanimated shinobi when there are so many of them. and that really, you mastered on. yes, it is world's going on. why has this happened? i've got a bad feeling about this. going to take black and white. zetsu will stay behind. is sasuke's guardian. it's time for us to head out too, but first the sensation. is it no multiple? so who is in charge here now? [Music]. what's wrong? muta ranka, go. the two of you keep moving. i'll stall them. can someone who's so young really handle being commander-in-chief? listen, lord, gara is not your average young man. the sand was still behind the plot to destroy the hidden leaf village. that means, if it weren't for them, your third one, a rogue ninja from the hidden leaf village, attacked lord killer bee, as well as the five cargo. why you, the hidden stone? hey, you from the mist, what did you do? what yosuke pass? you're seriously bringing up ancient in order to honor master gone? are you who wishes for peace from inside the prison where he's been gonna fight? yeah, you bet i do. you hidden stand joke. [Music]. in the past i was hatred and power and a gingery, but then a single shinobi from the hidden leaf village. stop, the feeling of being all alone. i know that feeling. it really is almost unbearable. he sure had us worried there. he cried for me. i was his enemy, yet still he. between those who have experienced the same pain, there can be no hate. [Music]. the mist and the cloud are no the looks on their faces and i want to protect this entire. i am too young and inexperienced to do that, so i listen. i'm sorry about before. thank you, but i was in the wrong conrie. all shinobi who have felt the same pain must come together now, shinobi. yeah, that's right, all of us are gonna work together as one and we'll defeat [Music]. all those who feel as i do follow me. [Music]. we will stand united as one and fight till our last. [Music]. this is not what i wanted at all: a war in my lifetime. [Music]. and what if i i'm captured or worse? [Music]. oh boy, hey, omoi, are you listen? get your head in the game. we're heading down, we're above. [Applause]. we can't shake them. these insects are so annoying they keep moving and hiding. these infiltration and recon unit guys are good over. they'd better not underestimate this artful. damn it. i got separated from wrong. it's hq. go quickly, all right, gather round. we're already inside enemy territory. we'll make our stronghold right here and we'll build a mini base. psy. you're going to remain on aerial surveillance. tongo set up a chakra communication antenna. kabuto uses orochimaru's ninjutsu, known as the reanimation jutsu. all units have been ordered to make finding and capturing kabuto top first company. come on, you're with me. [Music]. a jamming jutsu. what is it? something's coming. wait, that's muta. it's him, i can tell by the chubby yoku gone, get away from me, uh. [Music]. now that is art. did they all blow? [Music]. i couldn't say the other. huh, just hope the enemy's coming. nice side stealth. you're quite the puppet master, aren't you? you're a commander. know why? because we are immortal. there's no what you'll pay, brother. clown style, he severed all my chances. now this is the first time that i've seen you. hmm, it appears that fate is decided. you and i. not for a moment have i ever forgotten? [Music]. surround the injured with protective rock, kiri. focus on getting them healed up. too late now. secret black tiknique, salamander, everyone's alive. can't believe we survived that. he surrounded the bomb with a defensive puppet. he'd hidden underground. but she, my brother, you really don't want to have to hurt. you psy race together from the time you're young, like siblings, and then forced to fight and kill. there's a drawing i want to show you, brother. good job, emily, let's settle now what we couldn't back then. you want to settle our last match. sorry, you doing all right, but you know it's not necessary. and it's as though your drawing has freed my soul from all of its bindings. thank you, what's going on? the true source of your power lies in your soul. not mistaken, you were using kabuto as your, but the tables have turned. now he's hey, quit messing around. don't listen. art is a solitary flash of light. true art is an explosion. [Music]. looks like it's over. no, it's just. oh, it's nothing at all. madara, you head out to the front line. i'll stay hidden and concentrate on the jutsu for now. moon is still alive. can't kill her yet. no, you must finish her off here. and my body is essentially lordorochimaru's right. cora is critikal if i'm to expand my power and increasing our battle strength, doesn't that further your cause? so it appears that you still don't trust me. tell me all of its secrets, include- and, as i told you, this woman is off limits. [Music]. just so you know. this is categorized as a type of summoning: any tissue that contains personal identification material. without it, the reanimation this tank suppresses free will. that is the most brilliant part of this jutsu. there is no risk to the all. right, i'm leaving now. we academics are better suited to being anyway. this conversation is over. i told you all that you have to do. did you stik a white zetsu spore on him? uh, there's new. there's approximately 20 000 enemy underground accordions 25. it's really quite a feat to control this many souls at one time. they told us to rendezvous with you guys here, so does that mean the enemies appears to be marching right past us deep underground you all. right after that, master zabuza looks like you wasted a jutsu haku snow. [Music] secret jutsu crystal ice mirrors. what is this? what's going on? they're just. [Music]. you're a lifesaver celebrating, yet all of these got back on the bridge. you were supposed to finish me off and send me to hell. when living, you should other lad doing well. he defeated us and probably famous too. yeah to both of you. naruto was able to find his ninja way. have you reminisced enough? because now we need to get to work. main act starts now. my mind's growing foggy. he is unparalleled at silent killing. stop us once again. you must also means that i can't protect him now and, worse, i can't even do his bidding anymore. kakashi, just shut your mouth already. ninja art hidden miss jutsu. assemble battle groups with sensor. zabuza can locate targets using sound only. so watch your backs, everyone. leave it to me. i combined them slightly. now that i have a rochimar that left the binding weaker so their souls could rebel against me, which allowed them to doctors. i think it'll be to my advantage to let some of them retain explosion style lands, mine fish. it's okay. i'm beginning to understand the enemy's strategy. [Music] ninja swordsman reason there are a lot fewer guards around. [Music]. gonna be my turn. former members of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist ready and sweet platoon, i still need a bit longer. no use, no matter how many times we attack, it has no effect. the animation shoots. you can still be stopped by sealing away the soul or immobilizing the body. isn't any sound, with silent killing, so we can't even hear them. i need you to start by following my moves with a loose shadow possession, jutsu. okay, what right mind transfer jutsu. the rest of us will guard captain kakashi. nice, he hasn't notiked me. i got him. style keeps them concealed and is the keystone to this battle of number. captain kakashi now [Music]. so i can't freeze his movements yet. [Music]. i'm glad that you two were naruto's. [Music]. you hesitated in slicing throug.

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How To Watch Naruto Shippuden On Netflix!

what's going on, guys, welcome back another video on the channel. in this video, I'll be showing you, guys, how you can watch Naruto Shippuden dubbed on Netflix. so, yea, you do not need who for this or like any other service besides and Netflix. this is for people who have Netflix and wanna watch Naruto Shippuden, basically. so, guys, if you open up Netflix, wait for it to load. we're gonna go on to the profile and we're gonna type in Naruto Shippuden. so, yeah, nothing know now our Toshi polluted naruto shippuden movies. but no, no, I throw Shippuden. let me got the first naruto, of course. so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna close out of that. alright, we're gonna head over to the app store and you're gonna just type in free VPN right here, Rae VPN, type that in, and I got this one, the VPN super unlimited proxy, I think it's called. yeah, but you can really, any VPN works for this, so you can down this one or this one. really matter. I got VPN super limited proxy. so, once you get a VPN, you're gonna open it up, okay, and you're gonna wait for it. to some, the most likely that free VPNs will have ads, just because they have to make money somehow, I guess, and you're gonna come over to change your location and they're gonna change it to Canada. so somewhere in Canada we see here let's change to the first one- I guess Canada before- and you're gonna wait for that to connect. there probably will be an ad, just because- yeah, we said before, but just X out of that, it's fun. and bam, we get connection success. so now we connected into Canada. see you, in the top left corner next to the Wi-Fi says VPN. that means you're connected to the VPN, such as good. so you're gonna go back onto Netflix. all right, you're gonna wait for that's a load. go one to your account again and now we're gonna type in Naruto Shippuden. see you guys, now you got knocked off Shippuden on Netflix and it got ten seasons. cease, completely legit. there's probably like works on the computer also, for when I watch netflix on your computer, just got a. download a VPN on your computer, then switch it to Canada. I have not tried that, so do not like 100% quote me on that, obviously, because I haven't tried it yet, but let me know in the comments if it works on computer also. it might have been working like your xbox or ps4. if you can download a VPN on there, then it probably work. as long as you can VPN to Canada and then go back on Netflix, it will work and you'll get Naruto Shippuden on Netflix. so yeah, guys, if you like the video, make sure you like the video. obviously, subscribe to my channel. we're on the road to a thousand subscribers. we just hit 100 subscribers. so, yeah, if you want to see more videos like this, like more tutorials- it could be that for anything. basically, come below. we want to see you do.

BEST FREE ANIME WEBSITES to watch ANIME in DUB/SUB and 4K/1080p FULL HD Quality !!!

what's up guys? otaku overflow here. so today i'm gonna show you five websites where you can watch anime in high quality, full hd and absolutely free. so of course these are not legal websites. and a few months back his anime got taken down, which is the largest illegal anime website. so i made a list of five anime websites which are just as good, maybe even better, and i hope this them to miss helps. number five: yes, anime. so of course there's not the kiss animal that got taken down. there's another version of kiss anime and it's called kiss anime free. dot to here it is. also, you don't need to make any sort of account on this. you can just open up and watch an email. so the only reason i place this website at number five is because of the ads. this website has a lot of ads, so i recommend you to visit this website only if you have an ad blocker. so even now i have an ad blocker enabled. so to show you, let me just remove my ad blocker there. you can see ads are coming here. pop-ups are coming here. if i open any anime episode, a lot of ads will start coming here. so let me just re-enable it and reload the site so, as you can see, there are a lot of ads. so if you're going to, or if you're going to visit this website, i recommend you to use an ad blocker. number four: anime frenzy. so actually there are two versions of anime frenzy. one is anime frenzy dot org and one is anime forensicnet. now, to be honest, both of them are exactly the same. they have the same number of anime, they have the same layouts. the only difference is that, for example, i write anime frenzyorg. this funding comes. now, if you want to go to the website, you can press details and visit unsafe site. but uh, i've been using this website for like over a year now and they don't ask for any information, anything like that, and it's completely safe to watch anime. you can literally just press on a button. and so the other version is animefrenzynet. now, it's the same layout, same everything. and, just to clarify, this has no registration, no ads and it's absolutely clean. now, to prove you, i will disable ad block and i will reload the site. you can see there are no ads, nothing, literally nothing. i can just play the anime number three: anime heaven. so let's search anime haven dot. are you here, and uh? so just to clarify a few things here. this anime might have a few ads, but they are pretty less than the kiss anime. so, uh, so why so? why this is ranked above anime frenzy is because it also has anime 1080p. one more thing that i like to address here is that sometimes- for like this is a really rare case for some people- it might show an error while opening the site. it might so that you cannot. you are not able to reach the site, so that is an issue with your dns, that it's not able to connect to the server. so it's a really simple solution: you just need to open your vpn and connect and the site will open, so and you can switch it off when you start watching the anime. so yeah, so let's get right into it. uh, i'll search naruto, for example, here, and i don't know why it's showing boruto. overall, both still trash, so let's just open naruto sub, and this website is also really clean. so i open naruto server. here is in ova. you can see comments here and i'm gonna play a little high volume. play it, for example, you can see. it's the full episode. also the really the the thing that i like about this website is it has literally every single ova of any anime in sub and even in dub, which are available. so like, it literally has everything that is not available on anime frenzy. so, yeah, so that's why i like it. i personally like it better. so this was anime heaven number two and a mix play. so so this website is called animx play and we will search animx play dot to and, uh, just so you know, this website has anime in 1080p, again full hd, and this website, no registration needed, no ads. so, to prove it, i'll just pause the ad blocker and i'll reload the site and, uh, as you can see, no ads. uh, so, and of course, this, this gets. all these sites get updated, like really fast. for example, an episode came like 30 minutes ago. it will be updated till now. uh, so, let's see the mugen train movie. i'll open it up and i'll play it. i'll just reduce the volume. no cam, of course, no camera, and uh, yeah, this is dynamics number one, simply a weeb. so before we get into the website, i just want to tell you that, according to me, this is the best free anime website. so no ads, like literally no ad, zero ads, no registration needed and you get anime in 4k, right, so the website is simply a webcom. we'll just open the website and, uh, yeah, so you can actually customize this website according to you, so i can literally, like, change colors, any color, right, any color. i can do it how i like it. so we'll keep it read for right now. and, uh, and to prove you about the ads thing, i'll just unpause this and, uh, i'll reload the site, of course. so, know, as lit, no, as right. so thing i like about this website: it's like a five in one website. so they have compiled anime videos that are on youtube of a lot of anime creators and they've compiled them here you can. they are unlimited, you can just see here, like, like, you can keep seeing the videos. now, music, this is anime music, animated music. again, just scroll down, you can see as many you can like, listen to as many as you like. and the one that is really really important, right, really important- memes- is really important. again, memes, memes, really really important, at least for me. really important, oh, really important. so infinite, infinite, literally, infinite means infinite, right, just see as long as you want. now, series, uh, series, you can watch sub dub, generals, genres, and gets, of course, updated really fast, like all of these websites get updated, update really fast. so, and another thing that is really important for all the manga readers out there: manga, free manga, free, online manga you can see here. you can, uh read the manga also, and so let's just get back into the series part. so, for example, let's just see the mugen trend movie, right, so i'll just open it. uh, the normal one. the dab is also available, so just select the episode number you want. so episode one. so i mean, there's only one movie, so episode one, and uh, just watch the movie. you can watch the movie here [Music], right, so the speed. everything is up. so the tools here: you can make it invisible. also, there are, there are a few two tools here that you can try to remove the video. just press on the x, right? so, yeah, this is simply a weeb and, again, according to me, the best website to watch anime for free, for 4k. it's a 5 in 1 website. you can customize it according to your own like, how you like it, right? so, yeah, thank you for watching this video. i, if you liked it, do like and subscribe, and if you liked it a lot, you can also subscribe it from my grandfather's account. so, guys, just a quick note at the end of the video. i'll not be able to put all the links in the description because some of them go against the youtube guidelines, because the sites are illegal and stuff. so so if i'm not able to put the links of some websites, i'll just i'll just put the names and you can see them and you can search them in google and, uh, yeah, you can watch anime. so so i'll try to put as many links i can on the description in the description, but, uh, there might be one or two websites for which i'm not able to, so for them i'll put the name in the description. again, thank you for watching. do like and subscribe if you liked it, also from a grandfather's account, if you really liked it. [Music].

How to get Naruto shippuden dubbed (without ads or nord vpn.)

hey guys, welcome back to another video. today we're going to be watching naruto shippuden. well, actually, we're not going to be watching it. i'm going to be showing you how to get, for free, dubbed and no ads. i'm this is without nordvpn or all that crap. it's gonna be easy. all you need is: uh, you don't even need to pay for it. all you need is an account login and that's probably all you need. yeah, okay, so let's, let's get right into it. okay, so what you wanna search up is z o r o dot to t? o, and then you want to press search or click search or whatever, doesn't really matter. okay, and then, if it's all kind of animes, uh, there's one piece, there's naruto shippuden, which we're going to be looking at. there's boruto next generation. there's naruto, uh, black clover, bleach, jiu jitsu i, i can't say that. demon slayer, uh, demon slayer, can i? i can, i can't do my hero, academy, academy, uh. so you want to search n? r o, no, n? r [Music]. n? a r u t o s, h? i, p p ship [Music], uh, u d e? n. and then you wanna press enter. then you're there. you'll see this login. you'll see login right here. i'm already logged in and you want to press that and then register, unless you already have account, which probably wouldn't be watching this video if you had an account. i knew about this, but, um, you're gonna be watching this video if you don't know how to get naruto shipping sub and for free, no ads. anyways, we're looking for naruto, so we're gonna click that. oh, this is the best part. i love this. it's free, no ads. oh, i, i'm saying it a lot, but, guys, you gotta check this out, because youtubers [Applause] but, um, i don't get it. yeah, okay, so one sec, i'm gonna get back to home screen, okay, and that is the tutorial. so, and it's only three minutes, okay, so see you in the next video. peace.