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narvar shopify

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

How To ADD Order Tracking Page For FREE On Shopify | In Just 2 Minutes!

hey guys, welcome back to the channel. in today's video we're going to go over how to add tracking your Shopify store. this process hundred percent free, no need to download any apps or anything whatsoever. so without further ado, let's go straight to the video. alright? so once you've log in inside your Shopify store, the first step is to create your order tracking page. so to do that, click online store, then click pages, then click Add page. so now we have to name our page, type in track your order, then click Save. so now that we are done with creating our order tracking page, the next step is to edit the script for, or order tracking page. so to do that, you have to copy the script from the Google document, which I'm going to link below in the video description. all you need to do is click on the link below and save it as your own copy. so inside the Google document you would scroll all the way down on the tracking page script. click over here and make sure you copy all of this too. right click copy. so let's go back to a Shopify store, click show HTML, right-click and paste, then click Save. alright, so now we have to go to our store to make sure that everything was modified and updated properly. so click view page. ok, good. so now, as you can see, this is our new order tracking page where our customers need to add their tracking number. click track here. are going to see all the updates for a package straight from this page. so before we move onto the next step, what we need to do is copy the direct link for the tracking page. copy and open a new tab. click here, right click paste. just leave it here for now. you're gonna see why in a second. let's go back to a Shopify store. ok, so now that we've created our order tracking page, the next step is to add or order tracking link in our main menu. so to do that, click navigation, then click main menu, then click Add menu, then click over here on the link, click pages, click track your order and then, as you can see, it automatikally generates the name for us. click Add, click Save. and now let's click on our store to make sure that the link is shown properly. so click here and, as you can see, there it is. now the last step is to modify the scrip for order shipping confirmation email. so to do that, let's go back to a Shopify store. click settings, click notifications. now scroll down all the way to shipping. click shipping confirmation. so this is the original shipping confirmation email that our customers get before we make any changes to the script. so let's click preview. as you can see, this is what it looks like. let's close. so now let's update an ad or new script. so let's go back to our Google document, scroll all the way up. as you can see, in this section right here I have this part highlighted as your store comm. so this is the reason why we needed to save the direct link run or auto tracking page earlier. so let's go back to where we save that link. click here, right click copy. and let's go back to the Google document, select all of this over here and do control V. ok, so now that we've added the direct link for auto tracking page, let's go back down and select here from the bottom and go all the way up until you reach on the replace confirmation email, right click copy. let's go back to a Shopify store. click inside here to control a or command a if you're on a Mac or Apple computer- and delete. then do right click. then we go into paste or new script. scroll all the way up, click Save. okay, so now that we've added the new script, let's click preview and see how it looks. okay, so this is our new order shipping confirmation email. as you can see, it's showing the new tracking number and this is the track your order length. once they click, that link from the email is going to send them directly to our order tracking page. at the bottom it reads: if your tracking number isn't working, please wait five to ten days and try it in. in most cases, your order is underway, but the system information is delayed. so before we end this video, we just got to go back to our website to make sure that our customers can track your package without any issues. so right click open like a new tab. click over here. let's click on track your order. so ok, now that we are inside or order tracking page, I have a tracking number over here that we did test. right click copy. let's go back to our auto tracking page. click here. right click paste and then click track and then, as you can see, everything is working properly with no issues. this is very convenient for you in the customer. once you fulfill their orders and they've received their orders shipping confirmation page, you can just click on the track your order link straight from the email. it will go straight to this website. paste in their tracking number, which is already showing in the email. click track and they could see all that information straight from the page. also, always make sure to send yourself a test email. just click send test email and it's going to send it straight to your email. and make sure they click track your order. go through all the process to make sure that everything is working properly. all right, this video is so. make sure to smash the like button and subscribe. hit the notification, though, see, don't be silent or videos really obsessive. the YouTube algorithm is free. also, make sure to comment and come slide in economies and come scribe. for a chance to win a free one-on-one call would be, Chris, where we're going to go over your store. if your amazing tips, income secrets and much more also, you can let us know below in the comments. without like to see on this channel we have a lot of amazing fire video coming up from the best part of research that's working right now in 2022, a proven Facebook ad and much more. all right, guys, hope you all staying. see cancion nsv.

Narvar Returns vs Optoro vs ReadyCloud vs ReverseLogix vs Return Logic 2023 🔶E-CASH S3•E90

want to tok to you about my favorite topics these days. fantastik, we're toking about returns management software, okay, so we want to compare and contrast five players in today's show. we have a navvar, returns of toro ready cloud, reverse logics and return logic. so we're toking about five top players in the industry. so which returns management software is really kicking ass? this [Music] to me year. i'm just the kind of flowers. [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. welcome back, folks, to another edition of the awesome sweetie q show. how are you today? i hope you are doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous, if you already asked me. if you are doing as great as i am, go grab a cup of coffee or tea or vodka and let's roll in today's conversation. i want to compare and contrast the top returns management software. okay, and we have here navara, returns of toro ready cloud, reverse logics and return logic. okay, let's start with network. so when you think about navra, one thing that i want you to think about is you want to go beyond the buy button. they actually provide a whole, a whole set of processes and solutions to help you not only ship. in other words, you are setting clear delivery expectations via what they call predictive delivery dates to drive increased conversion. right, because the bottom line here is you want to drive, increase conversion over the long run. so you are going beyond the buy button. okay, you want to think about your post purchase platform. you want to think about the strategy. you have to make sure that you you have, uh, you drive delivery confidence before the purchase. that's number one chip, number two track. in other words, you want to deliver contextual own brain, order tracking experience to drive customer engagement and incremental value. what does that mean? in other words, you are making sure that your customer is confident in your ability not only to uh, to to get the product they want this time but in the long run. so basically, you are increasing customer loyalty- very important- and you want to notify also the customer. in other words, you are making every moment count right in what we call the customer journey via multi-channel on-brand messages. that actually is built to drive engagement and own branding is very important because you want to, you want to put your brain everywhere strategic so that the customer can remember you, the customer can actually be close to you. so when we tok about novar here, you want- did they do a stellar job? a, still a job when it comes to giving you shipping updates, account updates, return updates, order updates- very important. so the bottom line is: you want to keep consumers coming back for more, right. you want to turn delays into moments that build trust, that are important. you want to contact consumers on their terms. you want to let them shop while they wait- don't- actually don't- stall on refund updates. you want to select the moments that matter, and so the bottom line is: you want to easily craft new branded messages, and novart does a great job also in terms of return and exchange. so you are providing returns experiences with, uh, consumer convenience, right, you know, and you're doing that while you reduce cost and recapture revenue. that's what we want. so, when you think about novel return and exchange, you want to think about the ultimate, in our view, the ultimate place for returns convenience. so you are giving consumers the best returns experience they've ever had- fantastik, okay, and this is a platform that's built to grow with you, that's scalable. that's what we want, right. so you want to pay attention to that. and so, in terms of pricing- though, navarre is not really a transparent with pricing- you got a contact sales to get a custom court. let me tok to you about octoro. one thing we love about actuarial router bat is they are constantly innovating. they're constantly, uh, kicking ass, okay, and they help you actually delight customers. they help you drive revenue, improve processing of your orders and enable sustainability- okay, so the thing here is that they have done the job for you. you have to stop piecing together your return solution. optoro will provide that to you, okay, and one thing we have is that they have three products on their platform that you want to pay attention to, so you have the returns experience. in other words, they help you actually uh, put the power in your customers hands with a personalized, fully configurable returns experience that'll keep them coming back. so, basically, what they're helping you is that they're helping you do a bespoke craft as bespoke experience for each customer. that's number one. number two: they pay attention to returns management. in other words, apturo has, uh, after has- an artificial intelligence powered tiknology that automates receiving, sorting to vendors and fulfillment, and they do this in their facilities or yours, depends on how you want to do things, okay, and so this is really good, and so, when we tok about returns management, they help you adapt, to help you adapt to inventory influxes with data-driven solutions, the, the reduce or handling and human error. okay, and they keep an eye on efficiency. they also also cut vendor complexities with vendor management and smart return to vendors- we're toking about rtv, and so that's the second thing they do to help you out. and the third thing they do is they call it re-commerce. in other words, you are instantly listing return goods back on your channels or sell them on their own on apturos pro battery b2b marketplace- what they call bulk. okay, so this is really good because you don't want to lose money at all. right, you want to instantly transform returns with into inventory, with express return to stok. this is what you want to do, and and what we love about the re-commerce offer of october is that you can unlock profit by reselling items on bulk, which is their proprietary marketplace. okay, and this is really good. and also, you can increase your cons, your customer base, while protecting your brain. think about that. so you are expanding your, your ratios by enabling resellers to offer your items or more than 20 secondary marketplaces without competing with your primary channels. okay, and it's all about making sure the money comes in, okay, having the right strategy in place. so, overall, when you think about optoro, think about those three things and think about an innovative platform. so returns experience, returns management and rate commerce. in terms of pricing, you need to contact sales to get a custom quote. they're not really transparent on that front. you just gotta keep, you just have to give them a call. i want to tok to you quickly about ready cloud. now ready cloudy is is really good now. what we love about reddit cloud is that it's not just the internet a returns management software. it is basically a very powerful- and we really have researched this. they are very powerful- crm software, so cust customer relationship management. so basically, they have the crm software at the beginning and over time they incorporated other compo. they put in the other uh modules to expand into returns management software- right, so they have the ready shipper and the already returns plugins. those are the two plugins they put in letter one, okay, and so with uh ready cloud, you have what they call. where they really excel is in something called action alerts. so they basically you need to know what gets your customers attention right. so action alerts is growth marketing. it sends a focused email or text based on your customers shopping behavior, right so, and ready cloud will help you craft that action alerts. so an action level alert can automatikally send a unique message based on an order delivery to crossover an item, a free, a 30-day follow-up, a return receive and more. okay, this is really good. so basically, you are changing the way you think about post purchase marketing with reddit cloud. okay, and the the cool thing is you have to understand that nothing gets it done quickly and gets it done properly, like a friendly sms or text p.

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Narvar Insights: Looking Beyond the Curve Towards Retail Recovery

hello everybody. my name is Amit Sharma. I'm the founder and CEO of Nar var and today we have and the opportunity to speaking with some of our friends at McKinsey in terms of sharing, where are we in terms of the the latest COBIT crisis and financial impact and making this conversation very relevant for our retail community, how they can learn as well as plan in the coming months and coming quarters. Brian, do you wanna kick it off and and introduce you and your team? happy to, and thanks I'm it for having us. it's such an important time for all of us in the retail community to come together and and really get through this as leaders together. so appreciate the opportunity. just a quick introduction: my name is Brian Gregg. I'm a senior partner in McKinsey, San Francisco office, where I lead our West Coast retail practike in our North American marketing sales practike. so very excited to share some thoughts today. Kelsey Robinson: I'm a partner with our San Francisco office. we spend my time focused on growth with b2c companies in partikular- thank you- through growth opportunities with retailers. excited for today's discussion. hi everyone. I'm Hannah Intellivision associate partner out of Minneapolis office and focus all my time on what I love to call the good market. so everything from sketch to Rack and everything that you need when it comes to designing a product, getting that product to market as quickly as possible and then dealing with the inventory, I'm back in. great, I mean. I mean this is the best thing that you get in retail, all the way from. you know, highest level of planning and strategy, all the way to execution across the value chain. so let's jump right in, Brian. just bring us up to speed, because you know scenarios are changing essentially week by week basis, and retailers are trying to come up to speed with the latest on a global level, because markets in Asia are very different then, and then in Europe or here, but in a weird way, everything is connected because supply chain is also so much intertwined. so you know as you speak to your customers and clients and also do your research. are we in terms of the latest crisis? well, that's the million-dollar question. isn't, and I'm it. I mean, I think it's probably important to start by just saying that you know the kovat situation is, first and foremost, a human crisis in one globally that we're all wrestling with. so I think just first starting with acknowledging the situation we're in is not, is not one we've ever really dealt with in in many, many years. I think, with that as the context, we do have a global response team that is publishing every Monday results on trying to get their hands around you. the question you just asked, our latest team and and data suggests that published just 48 hours ago, which, as we all know, can be a lifetime in this, in this kind of a journey, but is really looking at sort of two bookends of the scenarios that were that we're looking at playing out here. I think it's important to note that the single biggest linchpin right now and the biggest unknown assumption in all the models is really a question about how resurgent or not will this virus be? obviously it's. it's very early days on in the side of China and parts of Asia, where there, at least on the other side of the curve- and there's a real question mark on, you know, will hurt immunity stand. is there a chance that this virus will be one and done? and so I think maybe the thing to really focus on- which I know you want to, you'd like to get to today- is: what can we be doing today to prepare ourselves for the now and also get ready for this next normal, because it will look. so one thing we can all agree on is it will look different than what it looked like before the virus hit. yeah, I mean- and that's a good point, I mean, you know, some of these things are gonna stay with us, especially on the consumer sentiment and consumer behavior. right, so some may come back as ignore economics. come back, let me come back. you know we will go back to somewhat of a normal consumer behavior, but what are you seeing in terms of sentiment that is gonna stik around with us, you know, for in the future and some things that retailers need to be aware of in in as they plan for rest of the year or next year, that they should be. yeah, and for the past three weeks, we've been doing a weekly pulse, really around the globe, because we think one of the key leader and leading indicators of demand is gonna be exactly what you asked on it, which is, you know what is the consumer sentiment and how are they thinking about the outlook, on how they're gonna change their behaviors and/or their spend? right, and I, you know, I think right now we're thinking about it in three, three ways. so one, you know what's the picture of sentiment overall. how is that evolving to? how do we look to China as an instructive central? you know, future case, we can tok about why that's more or less perfect. and then three, the question you just asked around: if some behaviors are changing, do we have any indication of what might stik, which is a big question on everyone's mind? when it comes to overall optimism, you know there there is still some optimistik feeling out there, especially in the us. actually, you know, the last week, just this past week, poll is 41 percent of Americans are saying they're optimistik. right, they think the economy is gonna come back within, you know, two or three months and be in a good place. um, we see that's highest for higher income populations, also higher for kind of a younger population too. but at the same time, forty percent of households are saying there's a real impact to their household income. and so, while there's some optimism on the economy, there is clear evidence that- and we see it now in the discretionary spend- there's been an impact of household income. and you know, when we look at, we ask consumers in the us: how are you gonna spend money over the next two weeks? categorically, category after category after category is down right. the intent is to significantly decrease spend, accepting categories like grocery, household supplies, entertainment, right, um, you know, one interesting view we had is, you know, if you believe Amazon is an indicator of demand. there are a little bit of green shoots there, right? so we see some interesting signals on outdoor and sports and beauty categories, where there's a self care at home category that could still be seen and is seen, actually a pretty positive comp compared to other categories right now on Amazon's marketplace. so that's, I think, China. you know, in the US last week, 60% of Americans said they were being careful with how they spend their money. that members now only 39% in China, and that was a 15 percentage point difference over the course of two weeks. so you saw a real change as they're starting to come out of recovery in terms of how they think about, you know, spending money, cutting back. you know they're more optimistik and that optimism is translated into, you know, potentially a demand indicator, right, you are seeing some categories like personal care, skin care- 30 percent of customers saying if any more on those things in China, and so I think we're starting to see some really good signs. I think question to Brian's point is: how much of an indicator is it right, it's the best one we have, but we have to stay really close to understanding. you know, how does, for example, in the US, or the geographies, how does code the 19 evolve and are we on the same path? is fine up or not right? and so how will we follow these exact same indicators? you know in, specially if you compare and contrast Asia, China specifically, with the US, model is quite different. you have two dominant place in China. how retail and e-commerce is done in the us is is. you know, you have Amazon and potentially Walmart, and then you have lot of these players, especially with lot more on the channel presence. once one is to you, as you are indicating, like the understanding, the consumer sentiment, and the second is that fall out of that and how do you capt?

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Code Returns & Exchanges app demo

[Music]. hello, my name is effie and in this video, i'm going to introduce you to the code returns and exchanges app. as a shopify plus partner, we know that a smooth returns process is key to limit lost revenue and put a smile on your customers faces. we created the code returns and exchanges app for shopify merchants who want to spend their time efficiently, reduce returns and increase exchanges. when purchasing code returns and exchanges, you will get access to a branded self-service returns and exchanges portal for your customers and a simple dashboard to handle returns in bulk within the shopify admin. it is a plug and play, native shopify app, so you can install it yourselves and go live within just a few moments. one of the key features of the app is the extensive option to exchange products instead of returning them. current app users experience up to 35 return reduction. so how does it work. let's start by taking a look at the customer facing portal i have open over here. by changing the image, logo, colors and font, you can customize the portal to your brand. to return or exchange an item, your customer will need their order number and their postal code, so i've got my order number handy and i'm just going to type that in over here and my postal code, so 613 cc, and i'm going to press start. so here i can see an overview of the products i've ordered and the date until which i can return or exchange them. now let's say i'm not happy with this product and i want to return or exchange it. unlike most return apps on the market, our app allows customers to not only return but also exchange for other sizes, colors and even differently priced products. these product, these options, make it simple and attractive to exchange. so now let's say i would like to exchange this product for another color. i can check if the color i want is available. so let's say i want short green and let's say i want it in size small. now all i need to do is just specify the reason why i'm exchanging. so let's just say the color was not as expected, and here you can see that the product has been marked as exchange. now let's say i also want to return an item, and let's say that item is this one. all i need to do is just is just click on return and refund, specify the reason. let's say it's too large, and that's it. so now here you can see that this item is marked as return because i want to return it. this item is marked as exchange. if all looks good here, you can go ahead and continue with return. so if you're finished with creating your exchange or return order, the app will show you an overview of the returned and exchanged products and their value. you'll also see the address your exchanged products will be sent to and, if you want, you can also edit this address. if it looks good, you can go ahead and submit your return. now the shipping label will be generated and you can see the instructions uh to return your items, and these instructions will also be emailed to you. by default, your clients will receive a non-postage paid shipping label, but you have the option to integrate with nshifcom and connect with over 800 plus carriers around the world. there also is an option for paperless returns. so now that we've seen the returns portal for your customers, let's take a look at the dashboard, where you can manage and process your returns and exchanges. so, since this is a native shopify app, you will find an overview of all return requests in a dashboard within the shopify admin. besides the return status, you will also find the date, customer name, refund amount and the amount of returned or exchanged products in this overview. in the details of a return you will find the returned and exchanged items, their value and the reason for their return. on this page you will find a timeline of the return order with important dates like when, the when the return was submitted, when the shipping label was obtained and when the customer received the confirmation. if it all looks good, you can go ahead and process the return by clicking handle and process return now. alternatively, if you have a lot of items that you want to return and you want to process them all in bulk, you can do so by selecting them all all together using the check marks over here and clicking handle and process return in bulk. so not only does this app allow you to handle and process the return individually, by individual orders, but it also lets you bulk handle them all together. now, on the return over view page, you might also notike. some return orders have a red flag that shows a return order needs some extra attention before it can be refunded. in the return order there's room to add an admin note. so if i click on this order over here with the flag, you can see that i have added an admin note. if a note is added a return will will automatikally get a red flag. there's orders. these orders will not automatikally go through the process flow and will not be refunded until you unflagged them. so now let's imagine that that my return order is checked and ready to be processed, so i will click the check mark over here and click on handle and process return, click through the confirmation and that's it. it will now be marked as processed. now, as you can see, the dashboard has updated and my return order has been marked as processed. and finally, if you go to the dashboard tab, you will find an overview of the amount of submitted returns and exchanges and their value. see how many of your return orders are exchanges and how many revenue you have saved by optimizing your returns and exchanges experience. and that's it. i hope you are just as excited as we are about the code returns and exchanges app. international web shops like mud jeans and mr marvis are already using this app successfully and have managed to increase the amount of exchanges to up to 35 of all return orders. do you want to optimize your return journey? start our 30-day free trial and set up your return and exchanges portal within just a few minutes. you.

Best Loyalty Program In Shopify - How To Use Smile.io | Smile.io Tutorial Shopify

hey there guys, my name is marcus and in this video i'm going to teach you how you can easily use smile eo, or just smile- for rewards and loyalty as application in shopify. so the first thing, what i'm going to do, i'll just click here: add application. when i'm going to click add application, i'll just install it and let's go so. when it's going to load, i created a fake store so, as you can see, i will just guide you through it all. i'm just going to click get start here. enter your email, like this password: create account. tell your customer experience to your brand. let's start by giving your program a name. let's say, let's just write here, copy x, and then you just select a language. your customers will see english. click next, let's choose your uh brand color. i'm going to leave it as it is, like let's say: widow, is this blue color? no, it's not, maybe it was, i don't know, but let's go with this color. i like it. now select a color for your icon and text. i'm going with the white and let's click next what kind of product do you sell? and you just select an industry here. so let's go with. i will go with the food and drink. click next, you just choose your. what is your average order volume? let's go from 15 to 25 and you just choose yours here and just wait. and now preview your points program. so customer journey: creates a store account. earns points on every order, redeem at points for discount at your store, uses the discount on their next order. and now ways to earn: place an order free: points for every one euro spent. ways to redeem orders: discounts: 100 points of one euro. and now what he can do, so a ways to earn: you can edit then, so points amount for every one year spent. it's going to be, let's say, five, then waste to redeem or the discount: click edit custom redeems: increment of 100 points. customer gets one euro: okay, we can have it. you can edit it by yourself. then communication email: reward redeemed: you can preview it. you will unlock reward congratulations. you're under the reward reward name and this will be the reward code and they can use it. and then points earned: you've earned. this would be his name or her name. nice work you got and earn, let's say, 50 points. then we can click here, launch points and let's say that i like how it is okay, and here we go. so when you would enter. a welcome to your smart home page. this insight into program partikipation show your progress towards a happier model. lower customer base. new members with a smile points program member can earn points with every purchase. rewards given understandable brand. advocate: traffic is a count of visitors sends your website view through referrals. this is an indicator that you are growing your community, but at almost no cost done so. how it actually works, uh, when you're gonna have a referral, uh, you will just give a link or something: 10 off and they'll refer to someone else. so, first thing, first, let's enable it and that's how we're going to start with our referral customer journey. advocates your referral url with a friend. friend claims five euro of coupon. friend places an order with their email or uses the five euro of coupon. advocate gets five euro. so now you get a reward. and now friend claims discount value: 5 euro. minimum requirement: minimum purchase amount: 20 euro. so when they are going to get 20 euro, they will have the reward value of 5.. okay, advocate gets also five of coupon and i can enable it. your customers can start referring their friends and i can add also view different recommendations. so this is how we can do it and what you can achieve. let's click here on program. so first you're going to see the points. i see the y one point here: add a ways to earn. and now you can add multiple ways to earn: celebrate a birthday, sign up or social. we're not going to share on twitter, follow on instagram. so let's say follow on instagram and now i will just add of instagram follow here and they would get 50 points. so that's how we can work with instagram. again, let's say sign up. so when they are going to sign up, they will get 200 points and i can create it. okay, and you can see right here ways to earn. sign up again. i can add like on facebook, share on facebook, follow on instagram, share on twitter. reading points. i can add multiple ways to redeem, so i can redeem it as amount, discount, percentage of free shipping or shopify post, post amount discount or post percentage off. i mean, that's pretty much it. i mean it's straightforward. so i can add the free shipping and now point cost to 25. euro is the maximum shipping amount and you need 1 000 points for that. and now i can just simply create. when i go to points, i can see the reading points for free shipping upon 1000 points and they will get a coupon. points branding. name your points currency to match your brand: smile pawns- you just edit it. i'll just leave it as it is, but you just edit your like the currency. how it called points expire, expiry- manage when customers points expire, expiring points is an effective way to engage customers. this is a really great thing and i recommend upgrading your account for it only because- let's say that they are going to save it only for two months and believe that this is going to be convert so much because people are so heavily focused on when- okay, i have only two hours until it's going to get off. i need to buy it immediately. it works for me. it works for people. you should definitely use it. referrals and a coupon: this is what i was toking about: that you can create and edit your referrals here. so this is pretty straightforward and pretty easy. you can really play around it. then you get like vip. here i need to upgrade. give your best customers the vip treatment so when they are like top notch and they're ordering a lot, you can upgrade it and then you will like activity here, where you find the data etc. customers. you can adjust points total performance branding: this is something that we added in the beginning. so changing the colors here, placement where you want to have it. visibility: you can hide it on mobile. so launcher customer email and now points earned: this is something that you can edit how it looks like in their email. now just send on site reminders to increase program engagement and integrations. and these are the integrations that you can use with small eo- pretty easy and pretty straightforward. so if you're gonna have any questions, guys ask me down below in the comments. i'm really happy to help you and provide you some guidance. you know how it goes, you know how it works. so, yeah, thank you very much and have a great day and goodbye, see ya.

"The secret to high NPS"- Narvar

good morning guys. have you guys doing today? yeah, guys at the back, I can't hear you guys. come on, show me some love. okay, the tiknical today's presentation is a secret to high impedance. what leads to happy customers and what types loyalty? right, the idea of putting secret there was just to pique your interest. everybody knows what NPS is. do you or don't you? MPs? okay, good form. nectar motor score: how was it calculated? you're looking at remote, so they're looking at the tractors and increase is equal to the percentage of promotoras - detractors. now, what is how? what is the definition of what? the question that's asked anybody to define or in case alright, of the scoring, is: how likely are you to recommend a partikular company or product or service? we have to lead by a friend. now the guys are going to answer 9 and 10. I have promoters and the folks who are from 0 to 6. I had attracted ITV. in any business you want to be somebody who has lots more promotions. now your NPS tends to be high, purely because if you promote, as a higher NPS tends to be high. if these factors are high, we tend to have a negative NPS. the idea of any business is to have high energies. simple is there right now. it indicates how well your company's growth is and how healthy a company's relationship with the customers. are simplistik: some data points you'd like to know that we've seen across multiple surveys across the years of our existence an organization is that retaining customers is much more important than acquiring new customers. you take the spent 5x move by new customers. thank you, toking about the. I experience you're toking about any kind of Spain. to acquire the customer is more, almost 5x. the second aspect: since all of you are able to e-commerce business, 9 or 10 customers will not do a repeat purchase if they'll be satisfied. what you need to keep in mind is you have to ensure that the kind of service is providing to your customer gets them to be happy and permits and that's why they tend to become loyal and tend to become more repeat customers, right? the third aspect: if you retain customers, we've seen the 60-person are more profitable by this- again, more customers. so why don't you get your customer in? ensure that you keep them with you, don't let them go right. iein fierce leads to a higher-end TV, which in love like lifetime value for customer. so the longer customer stays with you, the more money you think you make from that single tasking right and, the most important thing, what is most discreet? so, William, like something there's a high chance you're going to be telling its friends- is why, and all the other contacts that look, you know you gotta be looking at this partikular company in this partikular product. keep that in mind. that, when it comes free of fun right now, what are the factors that impact in peers especially come an ecommerce perspective. if you look at it, you, looking at online shopping experience, has affected purchase. that's in your control. you decide the look and feel of your website. you is what kind of categories I stopped? you decide what is the flow of the partikular website that I have. is that convenient in terms of music user experience perspective, right once you progress from there. the next time that's important is the product quality expectation, which is reality in terms of what you promise, in terms of what you've sold, in terms of what finally reaches the customer. if there is a gap, there is a problem. the third aspect you need to keep in mind it'll be expectation. when you're an e-commerce, if you're calling out a partikular date, you're saying, look, you all that by putting the product, this is going to lead to another three days if it reaches them inside a to the product. this is intended as a problem and a time it leads to enough in a day. that's the problem. so you get as accurate as you can be to actually, when it comes to various communities we give in the e-commerce business, it's easier said and then, but some there are people who can help you out to certain extent. and the final aspect, also that's gonna impact NPS- is Porsche Liberty: engagement versus reality. customers may not be happy with what they've got at times. right, it's about how you engage with them in those scenarios. if they have to swallow an email 100 times over, that's getting the bad experience. but keep these four aspects in mind. this would impact how loyal your customers that come with you and how much they take you. become evangelists of your partikular brand or your product with their go service. I have this standing in it. I don't know when I'm going to stop, but I will stop it there. but the important point: got people covered this earlier? wait right. ecommerce in India is growing and growing at a track with rapid pace. right in 2020, you're going to have 329 people here. 29 million people are currently shopping use on e-commerce and each one of you out there. I'm gunning for these guys to actually come onto your website and purchase right. the second aspect: if you look and we're looking at 1.2 million transaction on a daily basis and so equal right and it you guys- I mean some of them- will come pretty lovely- is actually actually because you're looking at getting a small piece of that business right. so what's happening is the digital shoppers are thoroughly, and so on, the retailer- everybody knows this. I mean there are bunch of guys and there are budget category that can be sold online. if you want to be would think of the phenomenal right with that. what's happening is this: dissatisfaction is square and it tends to be an expectation from a customized right in terms of what they expect when they buy one. because what certain certain aspects that we come from is the way that we did globally last year- was that this is serving like. people want the easier online return solution. today, a lot of people are focusing on getting the product sold, but what's important for the customers perspective is also give him on earth an option to be able to return back in an easier fashion. right that we just include the satisfaction that means that they have. second, a spectacle. the lack of visibility, because, at the end of the day, if you look at the difference between of drinking water and online, is this that your online shopping is more delayed gratification. you go to a store, you buy a shoe, you buy a shirt you can wear in the next after by the same thing online they're looking at to create four days, 60 days, before. treated you based on which part which? what I mean that you are the longing start up. it is the customer expects to be informed about where they're putting the product is a little bit the psyche of the customer. customer is someone who is doing they will feed money right, quite anxious about the money and P and where is my product? the D Commerce, yes, you will realize that you are having truckloads of where is my order calls coming into your call center and that's all your the points that otherwise it's an Indian touch small, especially got the last 90-degree elevation. get them. so keep in mind how do we get transferred as he possibly can, because we be the visibility. the anxiousness comes down and thereby the side effects intensive walk right. yeah, they want an option to track their order anytime and the correct. they won't take the information about when it dries up, right. so, that being said, why are these problems happening? purely because the leaders have made it easy to buy online type today smooth- he toked about by mobile and you know why- put people buying. and the issue is this: the post purchase angle becomes the pain. they push the customers to office waiting for sport, inexperienced golly. if someone wants to know where your orders are, so also be a journey. that could potentially increase the variety that you mean with the customer right? the first point is Union touch, the way that we are into it. so this, the first angle, is what you have in control. the second, prospects about product quality. was the expectation really one expectation? and post engagement expectation?