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native ads network

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Native Ads: ClickBank's Recommended Traffic Source

- Native advertising is a great way to start affiliate marketing and make money online.

- Native ads are ads online that look like they belong in the medium you're viewing.

- Facebook and Google are big enough to be treated separately, so we're talking about ad networks that have publishing rights across different content sites.

What are Native Ads?

- Google ads, search engines, and Facebook ads are technically native ads.

- Ad networks distribute ads across their content sites, making them look native to viewers.

- Examples: MSN.com, Taboola, Bing, etc.

How to Use Native Ads:

- Taboola, Outbrain, Rev Content, Verizon Media, and MGID are some of the biggest ad networks.

- Taboola is highly respected but strict with policy guidelines.

- Outbrain is a great mix of easier policies and good traffic.

- Rev Content is easy to use and has good traffic.

- Use a third-party tracker to manage campaigns and track results.

- Native advertising is a great way to start affiliate marketing.

- Learn the basics of a good campaign, ad, and lander with more surety.

- Use a third-party tracker to manage campaigns and track results.

Most Affiliates Fail With Native Ads - Here's the Truth About Native Ads

- Native ads can be challenging for affiliates

- Most people fail and lose money

- This video will cover basic ways to improve odds at native ads

Offer Selection:

- Clickbank offers are difficult to find

- CPA affiliate offers are preferred

- Look for earnings per click above $2 and CPA rates above 40%

- Straight sale offers and high-paying financial lead generation offers work well on native ads

- Examples of successful offers on Max Bounty: crypto, antivirus, e-commerce, diet and health

Market Research:

- Use Adplexity to research successful ads

- Filter ads by keyword and time period

- Take notes on successful ads and consider targeting and landing page ideas

Landing Page:

- Creating original landing pages is crucial for success on native ads

- Use own images and photos for copyright protection

Campaign Creation:

- Use affiliate-friendly platforms such as MGID

- Bonus money available through Powerhouse Affiliate link

- Carefully consider targeting and ad placement

- Success on native ads requires careful research and originality

- Follow these basic steps to improve odds of success

Best Native Ads Networks For Adsense Arbitrage

In this video, the speaker lists out the best native ad networks for AdSense arbitrage. The purpose of this video is to help viewers increase their Google AdSense earnings by using native ads. The speaker mentions different native ad networks that can be used to do arbitrage and increase return on investment. The following are the native ad networks mentioned in the video:

1. Redirect.com: This is a platform where you can run native ads to your Google ads and arbitrage. It is easy to sign up, and you can choose to monetize your traffic or be an advertiser.

2. Adbrain: This is a native ad network that can increase your Google AdSense earnings. It has been featured in popular press release websites like CNN. Adbrain approves a particular site only if it has a high amount of traffic.

3. MGID: This is another native ad network that can be used to run Google AdSense arbitrage. It is easy to sign up, and you can fund your account with a minimum of $100.

4. Exterra: This is one of the best native ad networks that can be used to run Google AdSense arbitrage. It is easy to use and can increase your return on investment.

5. Adkeeper: This is another platform where you can run native ads to your Google AdSense website. It is easy to sign up and join as an advertiser.

6. Taboola: This is the most powerful native ad network mentioned in the video. It only approves sites that have a high amount of monthly page views. To sign up, you can click on the get started button on their login page.

In conclusion, if you want to increase your Google AdSense earnings, using native ads can be a good option. These six native ad networks mentioned in the video can help you run Google AdSense arbitrage and increase your return on investment.

CRAZY Cheap But High Converting Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

In this video, the presenter talks about five cheap traffic sources that are affiliate-friendly and can convert well for affiliate marketing. The goal of affiliate marketing is to get people to click on your links and drive traffic to your affiliate links. There are two ways to do this - free organic traffic or paid traffic. The presenter has experience with both strategies but currently focuses on paid traffic as it is the easiest way to make money from affiliate marketing. The video introduces a competition to win a copy of the presenter's six-figure affiliate marketing bootcamp training program.

Traffic Sources:

1. Smartoh via Volume DSP - A mobile traffic source with native ads inside apps. It is very cheap and has billions of impressions in the last 24 hours. However, it is not super targeted and works best with generic mass appeal affiliate offers and CPA offers.

2. Propeller Ads - An ad network that offers push notifications to a large database of people. It is beginner-friendly, easy to get started with, and very cheap. However, it can be hit or miss and requires testing and tracking software.

3. Zero Park via Volume DSP - A traffic source that owns parked domains and redirects them to ads. It works well with certain types of offers, such as CPA offers, and can be very cheap starting at 0.0003 cents per view.

4. PopAds - An ad network that specializes in pop-up ads. It is cheap and can work well with certain types of offers, but it can also be hit or miss and requires testing and tracking.

5. MGID - A native advertising network that works with major publishers and can offer highly targeted traffic. It is more expensive than the other options but can be worth it for the right offer.

The video provides a range of options for cheap traffic sources that are affiliate-friendly and can convert well for affiliate marketing. However, it is important to keep in mind that these sources are not super targeted and work best with certain types of offers. Testing and tracking are also key to maximizing their effectiveness. Overall, these sources can be a great way to drive traffic to your affiliate links without breaking the bank.

Native Ads - 10 Best Native Advertising Networks for Publishers

In this video, we will discuss the best native advertising networks that can help you increase your overall earnings from 10 to 50 percent. Native ads not only monetize your website but also provide useful traffic arbitrage, resulting in high-quality traffic at a lower price.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is the use of paid ads that look, feel, and function like the media permit in which they appear. Native advertising works better than the display advertising model and has provided up to three times higher CTR and two times higher conversion rates.

Best Native Ad Networks:

1. PowerInbox: The best native ad network for email and web monetization, PowerInbox offers different ad formats that help you earn more revenue and build subscriber trust.

2. Spoutable: Another excellent native ad network for similar purposes, Spoutable offers various ad formats and a referral program to increase revenue for your website.

3. Taboola: A good native ad website that provides different ad formats and weekly payment options, Taboola is an excellent alternative for publishers and advertisers.

4. Google AdSense: Google AdSense offers different native ad formats and shows ads related to your website content, achieving a great user experience.

5. MGID: A popular native ad platform for medium-sized publishers, MGID pays good CPC rates for both US and worldwide traffic.

6. Outbrain: The most popular native advertising network that works with only premium publishers or websites with more than five million pageviews per month.

7. Content.ad: The best native ads for small publishers, Content.ad provides high-quality advertisement and higher CPC rates for Taiwan and other countries.

8. Rave Content: A great alternative for Taboola and Outbrain, Rave Content delivers high-quality ads and higher CPC rates for medium-sized publishers.

9. AdBlade: One of the oldest native advertising networks that provide reasonable earnings for publishers from countries like Taiwan, the UK, the USA, Canada, and Australia.

10. Revcontent: A great platform for publishers and advertisers that gives higher CTR and CPC rates, Revcontent is an excellent choice for those looking for a Taboola alternative.

There are many native ad networks out there, and each has its pros and cons. Choose the one that suits your website and goals the best and start monetizing your website with native ads.

Introduction To RevContent Native Ads Network

Hey everyone, it's Ross McFarland from agency3980 and in this video, I'm going to give you a first look inside the native advertising platform Revcontent. Let's dive straight in!

- Revcontent is a direct native advertising source

- Before signing up, it's important to know how much traffic they have, which vehicles they run, what kind of support they offer, and what bidding models they use

- Native advertising is a popular and profitable way to advertise

- Native ads are designed to blend in with the website and look like news articles

- Revcontent buys placements on websites and sells them to advertisers

- Native ads are picture ads with headlines that are designed to stand out and get clicks

- There are different types of landing pages that come with native advertising, such as VSLs and advertorials


- Revcontent partners with leading media brands and power marketers and brands of all sizes

- They drive highly engaged audiences on premium publishers

- They have a list of premium publishers with a lot of traffic, many of which are based in the US

- They run traffic in verticals such as lead gen, app downloads, brand awareness, ecommerce, and editorial

- They offer granular target and site placement, device and operating system targeting, zip codes and DMA, and a self-service platform

- They have world-class support with a dedicated account manager

- Revcontent is a great option for advertisers looking to run native ads

- Their partnership with premium publishers and their granular targeting options make them a strong choice

- Native ads can be a powerful and profitable way to advertise, especially in the ecommerce and editorial verticals

- Thanks for watching, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos about affiliate marketing, native advertising, and making money online.

Make $80/Day CPA Money Running Native Ads | (Top 3 Platforms)

In this tutorial, Razvadro introduces a money-making opportunity with CPA marketing and native ads.

Razvadro encourages viewers to follow the tutorial and subscribe to his channel for more money-making opportunities.

To run native ad campaigns, viewers need to create an account with a CPA affiliate network and find gift card related CPU offers to promote.

To promote the offers, viewers need to build a landing page using a free tool like Bridge.cloud.

Razvadro recommends three native ad platforms: Roller Ads, Push House, and Propeller Ads.

Roller Ads is known for its high performance and low cost, with a minimum deposit of $50.

Push House offers four formats for running ads and a team to help target audiences and analyze the advertisement process.

Propeller Ads offers various ad formats and targeting options, making it a versatile platform.

Viewers should choose a platform that fits their needs and budget and run their ad campaigns to promote their CPU offers and make money with CPA marketing.

Overall, CPA marketing and native ads can be a lucrative opportunity for those willing to put in the effort and follow the tutorial's steps.

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