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native display ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Native Advertising vs Google Display Ads: The Showdown

In this article, we will be comparing native advertising and Google display ads, and analyzing which one is better.

Main points:

- Native advertising is a general term with multiple traffic sources, while Google ads is dependent on Google and its backend.

- The biggest differentiation between the two is that display ads are shown on the left or right-hand side of free pages, while native ads are implemented on news pages.

- Native ads give users more articles to read, and can convert cold audiences to warm, ready-to-buy leads.

- Google display ads are great for retargeting, while native ads are perfect for prospecting.

- Combining both native and Google ads can create a successful network.

In conclusion, it ultimately depends on the purpose of the ad campaign. Native advertising and Google display ads both have their unique advantages, and using a combination of both can lead to a successful advertising strategy.

Native Advertising Explained + 5 Examples of Campaigns

Native advertising is a unique type of digital advertising that combines advertising with content. It seamlessly blends into the website or platform it is hosted on, appearing as organic content itself. However, it should always have an indicator that it is an ad. There are many tools and platforms that can help you activate your native ad campaigns.

There are three major forms of native advertising:

1. In-feed or in-content ads - integrated into content pieces and social feeds, these ads try to blend in with native content and create a non-disruptive user experience.

2. Content recommendation ads - usually displayed alongside editorial content in a recommended format, these ads feature many different suggested ads or content.

3. Branded or native content ads - these ads function as unique content on a publisher's website or platform.

Here are five examples of the different forms of native advertising:

1. Spotify and Stranger Things - partnered up to create a truly original native advertising campaign after the premiere of Netflix's Stranger Things series. Spotify users could enter into Stranger Things mode on the platform and listen to a Spotify playlist exclusively for them based on a character from the show.

2. New York Times and All Birds - a sponsored post on the news website was promoted on the platform's regular news feed with a sponsored tag. When users clicked on the article, they were taken to a unique page on the New York Times website with beautiful graphics and supporting sound effects.

3. The Message podcast and GE - General Electric partnered with Panoply to produce a science fiction podcast named The Message. This podcast featured General Electric technology naturally in the storyline, but never explicitly named General Electric in the content itself.

4. Social media ads - the quickest way to find an example of native advertising is to open up any of your social media apps and look at the in-feed ads that appear there.

5. Instagram filter in Nickelodeon - Nickelodeon showed that not all native ads on social media have to be in-feed advertisements with their fun Which Spongebob character are you? Instagram filter.

In conclusion, native advertising is a powerful tool for brands to connect with their audience by seamlessly integrating their content with the platform they are hosted on. The key is to ensure that the native content aligns with your brand but not necessarily be about your brand. By following the examples provided, you can create your own successful native ad campaigns.

Why you should use Native Banner Ads Instead of Simple Banner Ads in Facebook Audience Network

Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. Today, I want to talk to you about why you should use native banner ads instead of simple banner ads in Facebook Audience Network. In this video, I will compare these two types of ads according to their eCPM in Facebook Audience Network Manager.

- Native banner ads vs simple banner ads

- Comparison based on eCPM in Facebook Audience Network Manager

- Request for viewers to like and subscribe

Why use native banner ads:

- Same size as simple banner ads

- Move components to create space

- Remove sponsored option

- Comparison in monetization manager

Comparison in monetization manager:

- Statistic of banner ads

- Low eCPM (0.03)

- Native banner ad eCPM (0.44)

- Use native banner ads instead of simple banner ads

- Warning against using banner ads

- Short video on topic

- Request for topic suggestions

- Reminder to like and subscribe

- Announcement of upcoming video on Mop-up ads and Twitter's More Pub ads

- Goodbye

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid when Running Meta Ads:

- No information provided on this topic.

How to Add Amazon Affiliate Native Shopping Ads - Banners On Wordpress Sites

Hello and welcome to another tutorial from How To Webmaster. Today, I'm going to show you how to set up Amazon affiliate ads on your WordPress site.

- Demonstrating how Amazon ads can be set up on a WordPress site

- Example of site about dog training with Amazon ads on sidebar and within posts

Native Shopping Ads:

- Native shopping ads are constantly updated and relevant to the content of the website or page

- Three types of native shopping ads to choose from: recommendation ads, search ads, and custom ads

Recommendation Ads:

- Recommendation ads are similar to search ads but larger with more products

- Name the ad and select a tracking ID

- Choose an add format, emphasis categories, and fallback mean

- Preview the ad on different screen sizes

Search Ads:

- Search ads are displayed on the sidebar and are relevant to the keyword chosen

- Can be displayed on every post and page

Product Banner:

- Product banners are not targeted or relevant

- Categories are general and not specific

- Can be used by copying and pasting into the WordPress sidebar or post

- Amazon affiliate program dashboard offers a variety of ads to choose from

- Add inserter plugin can be used to insert Amazon ads into posts and pages

- Amazon ads are a great way to earn money through affiliate marketing

What is display advertising?

- Display advertising is a type of online advertising that allows businesses to pay for their ads to appear on websites where their target audience is likely to be browsing.

- It is the digital equivalent of a billboard, print ad, or TV commercial.

How it Works:

- Businesses pay for ad space on websites, hoping to attract customers and turn them into paying customers.

- Ad space can be purchased directly from website owners or through ad networks.

- Ads can be targeted to specific web pages or to specific groups of people based on interests, demographics, and behaviors.

- Display advertising can be used to build awareness, drive traffic to websites, engage with visitors, and win new customers.

Difference from Search Advertising:

- Search advertising targets people who are actively searching for specific products or services.

- Display advertising targets people who are browsing websites related to their interests.

Elements of a Display Campaign:

- Ad creative: The visual or written content of the ad.

- Ad placement: The location on a website where the ad will appear.

- Targeting: The audience criteria for who will see the ad.

- Bidding: The amount a business is willing to pay for the ad space.

Targeting Options:

- Demographic targeting: Age, gender, income, education, etc.

- Interest targeting: Based on browsing history and online behavior.

- Behavioral targeting: Based on previous interactions with a website or brand.

- Contextual targeting: Based on the content of the web page where the ad will appear.


- Retargeting allows businesses to show ads to people who have already interacted with their website or brand.

- It can be used to remind visitors to complete a purchase or sign up for a service.

- Retargeting can be customized with special incentives or promotions to entice customers to take action.

- Display advertising is an effective way for businesses to reach their target audience and achieve various marketing goals.

- By using targeting options and retargeting, businesses can engage with potential customers and increase conversions.

Native Advertising | Everything you need to Know about Native Ads in 10 Minutes

In this special episode, we will be discussing Native Advertising, a new concept where advertisers use contextual pieces of AD and promote via content marketing strategy. Let's find out how Native Advertising works and its pros and cons.

- Native Advertising is a form of advertising where the ad copy or media is native to the platform where you are running the ads.

- Different platforms have their own native format for advertising, such as infographic ads for Pinterest and carousel ads for Instagram.

Types of Native Advertising:

- Listing Ads

- Feed Ads

- Personalized Ad Filters

Why Use Native Advertising?

- Consumers are more likely to interact with native format ads.

- Native ads provide higher ROI than normal advertising.

- Running ads in native format gets the most coverage across different digital channels.

Benefits of Running a Native Advertising Campaign:

- People interact 53% more with native ads rather than display ads.

- Native advertising reduces ad fatigue.

- People prefer ads that provide relevance to the channel they are searching on.

How Native Advertising Works:

- A native advertising agency runs ad campaigns on different platforms individually by distributing the total budget.

- The agency chooses the best platform for promoting the content and provides an aggregate report on all the results obtained.

Native Advertising is an effective way to promote content across different digital channels. By using the native format of ads for a particular platform, businesses can get the most coverage and interaction from their audience. Running a native advertising campaign through an agency can provide a cost-effective way to get the best results.

Native Ads vs. Display Ads: Which Are Better?

- The question of whether Google display ads and native ads are the same is a common one

- Marcel Zatler, founder of Purple Black, a native advertising agency, compares the two in this video

Native Advertising vs. Google Display Ads:

- Native advertising is a general term with many traffic sources, while Google display ads are dependent on Google

- Display ads are banners shown on the side of web pages, while native ads are implemented on news pages

- Native ads are often disguised as regular news updates, giving them an advantage in building trust with users

- Display ads are effective for retargeting, while native ads are better for prospecting and converting cold audiences

- Native advertising and Google display ads have their own strengths and are effective in different situations

- Combining them can create a strong advertising strategy

- Marcel Zatler's agency specializes in native advertising and he invites viewers to follow his channel for more insights.

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