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NBA Ads: Jersey Sponsorship

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

In this episode of Man Cave Stuff, our host Jack Box Creations discusses the topic of ad patches on sports uniforms. He explores the pros and cons of ad patches and shares his own method of creating a custom ad patch.

Main Points:

- Jack Box Creations is not a fan of billion-dollar groups defacing sports uniforms with ad patches.

- However, he acknowledges that ad patches may be necessary to make uniforms as close to what the players wear on the court as possible.

- Instead of sublimated ad patches, he uses heat vinyl with a matte finish and presses it into a piece of twill fabric.

- He demonstrates how he creates a custom ad patch for the New Jersey Devils using this method.

- He also shares his opinion on the best throwback jerseys in the league and asks his viewers to share their thoughts.

While ad patches may not be everyone's cup of tea, Jack Box Creations shows that it is possible to create custom ad patches that are more visually appealing than sublimated ones. As for the best throwback jerseys in the league, that is up for debate and depends on personal preference. Nevertheless, it is always interesting to hear different opinions on the matter.

NBA Advertising on Jerseys?!

The NBA Approves Advertisements on Jerseys

The NBA Board of Governors has approved advertisements on the front of NBA jerseys, making it the first American sport to approve this for the 2013-2014 season.


- The advertisements will not be as prominent as those on soccer jerseys abroad.

- The patch will appear on the right side of the jersey.

- Teams will need significant time to sell the patch and manufacture the uniforms.

- The patch on the players' uniforms will also appear on the jerseys.

- The advertisements are expected to generate roughly $100 million.

- The WNBA has already instituted advertisements on their jerseys.

Examples of Advertisements:

- Oklahoma City Thunder: Urban Outfitters

- Miami Heat: Halliburton

- Los Angeles Lakers: Herbed Make

- San Antonio Spurs: Total Cereal

- Orlando Magic: Unavailable

- Charlotte Bobcats: Less Valuable


- Some find the advertisements ridiculous, while others believe it is a smart business move.

- Other sports, such as the NFL and MLB, may follow suit and have sponsorships on their jerseys.


An NBA team's uniform is more than just a piece of clothing. It represents the history of a region, a franchise, and even the movies that franchises' fans like. While it currently represents hundreds of millions of dollars in business, it hasn't always been this way. In fact, the evolution of NBA uniforms has a rich history that spans over several decades.

The Evolution of NBA Uniforms:

1. McGregor Sandnita Company:

- The NBA's first-ever exclusive uniform supplier.

- They provided uniforms for a top North American sports league.

2. Champion:

- Invented the hoodie.

- Exclusive uniform supplier deal with the NBA in the early 90s.

- Ushered in an explosion in the replica jersey sales market.

3. Reebok:

- Signed a league-wide deal that extended to both authentic and replica jerseys in 2004.

4. Adidas:

- Bought up the box signing a new exclusive deal with the NBA.

- Put sleeves on NBA jerseys.

5. Nike:

- Locked up a new apparel deal with the NBA worth a reported 1 billion dollars in 2017.

- NBA teams now have an association jersey, an icon jersey, a classic jersey, a statement jersey, and the city edition jersey.

- Nike gives urn jerseys to teams that made the playoffs the previous season.

6. Evolution of NBA Uniforms:

- Some teams base uniforms are treated as sacred and hardly ever change.

- Some teams continue to evolve their look and rebrand themselves.

- The Raptors are one such team that has evolved their look over the years.

The evolution of NBA uniforms has come a long way since the days of the McGregor Sandnita Company. Today, NBA teams have a plethora of uniform designs to choose from, ranging from association jerseys to city edition jerseys. While some teams prefer to stick to their traditional looks, others continue to evolve their branding, such as the Raptors. As NBA fans, we have a lot to look forward to in the future of NBA uniforms, and we can't wait to see what Nike and other uniform suppliers have in store for us next.

Will NBA Jerseys Have ADS on Them Now?

Hey y'all, my name is Dawn and I just woke up from a nap. I'm tired, but we're going to the gym at Asian Sam Uley's venue. Don and I are the Soul Brotherz and we're back with some hot gossip. A hot guy came from the NBA and we're going to talk about it.


- The NBA is proposing to put advertisements on jerseys to generate more revenue.

- They may face backlash from fans who don't want to see ads on their favorite team's jerseys.

- Soccer already puts ads on jerseys because they don't have ad breaks during games.

- NBA players may benefit from the increase in revenue through higher salary caps.

- Some fans may prefer the classic look of jerseys without ads.

Overall, the NBA's proposal to put advertisements on jerseys may be a controversial move. While it could generate more revenue for the league and its players, some fans may not want to see ads on their favorite team's jerseys. It remains to be seen if the proposal will pass and if fans will embrace or reject the change.

ADS ON JERSEYS Are Coming To The NBA [Will Other Sports Follow?]

The NBA is introducing a new strategy of placing small advertisements on their jerseys starting from the 2017-2018 season. This move is expected to generate substantial revenue for the NBA. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of this strategy.

The NBA's New Strategy:

- Small patches of advertisements will be placed on the jerseys of NBA players

- This move is expected to generate a significant amount of revenue for the NBA

- Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, hopes that this move will allow companies to connect directly with consumers through team jerseys

Polls and Reactions:

- Sports poll Twitter account shows that 81% of voters are not okay with the NBA putting ads on jerseys

- Many American sports fans are outraged about this move

- However, this is a natural progression for the most corporate sports country in the world

Humorous Sponsorship Ideas:

- Fans have come up with hilarious ideas for advertisements on jerseys, such as sponsoring the Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose or the Oklahoma City Thunder with Sonic

- Memes and popular culture references could also be used as sponsorship ideas, such as the Crying Michael Jordan meme sponsoring the Bulls

The NBA's new strategy of placing small advertisements on jerseys has caused quite a stir among American sports fans. However, this move is expected to generate significant revenue for the NBA. As the most corporate sports country in the world, it is not surprising that this strategy was implemented. Fans have even come up with humorous sponsorship ideas, which could add a new level of entertainment to the games.

Top 100 Funniest Commercials feat NBA Players

My Life in Basketball

Growing up in the heart of the Midwest, I learned the value of hard work and the importance of family and friends. My mom always taught me to catch what was thrown to me and to never give up. These lessons would shape my career as a basketball player.

I remember playing with my idols, watching the old school legends play on the court. But as I grew older, I realized that to be successful, I needed to develop my own style and skills.

I started training harder, watching film, and practicing every day. I learned to be picky and to strive for excellence in every aspect of my game. Love for the game became my driving force, and I realized that it was not just about winning but also about the joy and passion that basketball brought to my life.

As I made my way through the ranks, I was blessed to have a team that was always with me, supporting me, and pushing me to be my best. I became an idol to young players, and it was a humbling experience to see the impact that I had on their lives.

But as I look back on my career, I am reminded of the small things that made all the difference. The after-dinner talks with family and friends, the heart-to-heart conversations with my teammates, and the simple joy

Ad Patches On NBA Jerseys, Will This Ruin The League?

The NBA has recently allowed teams to have sponsors on their jerseys, which is not a new concept as the All-Star game jerseys have had sponsors for a few years. However, now each team can have a sponsor on their jersey. The sponsors range from companies such as GE, Goodyear, and Disney, to lesser-known companies such as Qualtrics and Blue Diamond Almonds.

Team Sponsors:

- Philadelphia 76ers: Partnered with StubHub and their logo is simple and unobtrusive.

- Cleveland Cavaliers: Partnered with Goodyear, but the logo on the regular jersey is not impressive. Alternate jerseys with the Goodyear logo may be more appealing.

- Boston Celtics: Partnered with GE and the logo on the jersey clashes too much with the team's colors.

- Utah Jazz: Partnered with Qualtrics and their approach to incorporating a mantra on the jersey is unique and interesting.

- Sacramento Kings: Partnered with Blue Diamond Almonds, but the logo is overpowering and clashes with the team's colors.

- Brooklyn Nets: Partnered with Infor and the logo on the jersey is obnoxious and does not blend in well with the team's colors.

The addition of sponsors on NBA jerseys may not be everyone's cup of tea, but some teams have done a good job in making the logos unobtrusive, while others have failed in making the logos blend in with the team's colors. It remains to be seen how fans will react to the addition of sponsors on their favorite team's jerseys and if it will affect sales.

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