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ne furniture mart black friday ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Nebraska Furniture Mart

black wednesday at nebraska furniture mart. somebody else went into effect at eight o'clock this morning. they're closed tomorrow for thanksgiving but open again at friday at six am. that's right. these are all important details if you plan to take advantage of what we're toking about this morning. the year is hot holiday- get Rebecca Ritter, bush and bits of fisa. nor with Nebraska Furniture Mart. good morning. oh. yeah, it's heavy air to bring in more treats. shopping for all of our viewers. where do you want to start? Bose has some other systems down there, yeah, so what we're looking at from Bose is: this is a nice introductory level of Bo's. it has a nice price point that starts right around hundred thirty dollars. okay, um, Bluetooth, soundlink, easy, accessible, move it around, a bunch of fun colors, so it's. you know you get that sounded quality with bows, but, um, a nice price point to start out, i love that. well, a lot of their systems are, you know, well headed box or whatever would write, which is great for the house. but if you're looking at your college, the sound, the sound, those things crank out. my mother-in-law bought that exact same unit and it cranks out some major sound for device that small. okay, we love the bows brand and we love Canada. what do you have here? so this is um DSLR. canon has come out with basically new, a new video recording system. so you actually get a microphone that will attach on top of your camera so you get emphasized sound, so you can basically do your own home movies all from your camera. price point on this starts about 699 and that was kind of is outside of those sdl cameras. they just didn't have the microphone. microphone, that's that. that works great. the radio: gorgeous. these videos, gorgeous. you have that 4k capability. plus you can do videos. okay, let's keep moving, lady. what do we have up here? okay, so beats, obviously a big, you know, preteen, teens, adults still 02 from beats. the great thing with this is that beats normally around two hundred dollars, the solo two sitting right around about 130, so nice introductory price over the year. fun colors: so pink, black, redwood, over your choice, and then obviously to we have the you know in ear. so if you're active, um, waterproof sweat, so you don't have to worry about if you're an active person. it's amazing how popular those have been over the last few years. around the holidays, yeah, they're still popular, right, because otherwise you've got your music device in your pocket and a cable that's string into this getting caught in your arms over the web today. whatever, don't hurt yourself and be a family. transition to a fashion accessory. so while we do a lot of athletes wearing that, we do that. okay guys, let's keep coming on. yeah, so go pro. this is huge this year. I mean every bit. GoPros been on the Christmas list for years, but what's cool with GoPro is they've come out with a lot of great accessories, some fun stuff. this is called. this is a little handle so you can obviously selfie stik. great thing is it's a floater too, so if you're out in the water, it floats so it keeps your camera up, so you're not gonna lose your camera. you're like the story: again: dropped his hero for in the water, fell to the bottom of the river and they found it like two years later and not captured all kinds of underwater stuff. anyway, that's what you don't want to do. the other great thing with this is this is actually the new hero session that came out. it's forty percent lighter, fifty percent smaller, it's more rugged, it takes video and then what it's sitting on is a three-way tripod. it can basically do anything and everything. um, you can have it be a selfie stik. you can put it where it needs to be and these are great for mounting- and speaking of mounting, because it's light. um, for all the fishermen or hunters out there, you can now attach your GoPro to your fishing rod or your rifle or your bow is so the great thing with that is it's it's about. you know all the prices. on the range of the go frozen, the accessories range about forty to sixty dollars. the new session is 299. your hero blacks and Silver's are about 399 to 499 in price, but a lot of great accessories. so if everybody already has over eyes, I've got a girl porn. I've been accessorizing for the last two years. well, okay, can we show what's really happening right now? because my kid, I've been building my sonos- oh my, so mentally sound system at home for the last couple years. notike is amazing, so brings that theater sound, brings music to your whole house, runs through your phone, through your tablet and they can all interconnect so you can have all your sonís speakers playing them to say music, or each room you go tune is different. this is amazing deal. they normally run 199 by themselves, 349 for the pair. so, ratios, you're getting fifty dollars. I'm started with this high- yes, way to get started. good starter kit right here. get some Star Wars stuff. yes, forms of holidays, Star Wars, this huge. we're looking at Disney infinity. this is really kind of revolutionized gaming. so it works with ps3, Xbox, all of your gaming systems and its interactivity for kids. so they basically are putting the chapters run to the gamepad and then they come in life in the game. um, so you can add characters and kind of do different missions in bill Wow and, of course, Star Wars, yeah, top this holiday season to all. right, let's move down lego, lego dimensions. so now we're combining building of lego into that kind of interactive play with puzzles. you're doing that same interactive pad. you put the character on there. it comes alive in the game. so it's kind of a fun piece for kids and definitely going to be hot items this season. yeah, and Legos are good for kids at all ages, but this is probably age of 7 to 14 is what they recommend for this. yes, yeah, a little bit, a little bit older kids. I don't think about Nebraska Furniture Mart- it looks. I thought this was fun, so, so cool. personally, adult coloring books have come alive, um, and we have them. so the great thing is, you know, it's relaxing, it's fun for all ages. yes, I have a ten-year-old daughter and she loves these. you know, it's a little bit cooler of a version of coloring but of course, for all the Game of Thrones fans, yes, you can color your own. so we're adding a Brassica furnish Mart. do we go to get these eyes? they actually have actually a huge gift session in logan section. where is it? well, it's in the electronics department. um, we're kind of like, you know, we basically have the coloring books, we're bringing in books. we have melissa and doug toys that have come in. so we've really kind of stepped up for the season. so we're not going around everywhere. you've taken some of these cool idea and i'm in one central. they're all in one spot. come to the clients electronics department, nor store and you're gonna get to see it. I've really done sobbing gently getting in a new West Oak top. yes, great, great. and the great thing I mean with this season is our low price guarantee set. we guarantee everything until June. we've got a digital tag, the digital, thankfully. every day you're updating those to make sure that it's the best deal around. yeah, so we're shopping. amazon, your target your lo's, your home depot. we're shopping. everybody there told us we ought to wrap this up. I want to get to the black friday stuff. okay, you're open black black friday six am and then you have deals. had already started today as well. yes, so we started Black Wednesday until noon so you're able to come in and shop those door crasher items. our ad does not, you know, sign up for email because we have kept our ad secret. it's not out there, but we're opening at six am on friday. so definitely shop us. thanksgiving a check tomorrow. your clothes tomorrow. we're close, sure families. yeah, Emily, thank you so much. all right. next, the youngest American to visit every single country, what he uses on every trip, no matter where he's going, will solve that riddle coming up.

Nebraska Furniture Mart 1997 VHS Advertisement/Infomercial

in the next few minutes, you're going to learn about the most amazing, unbelievable shopping experience in home furnishings available and in. there's a destination that's closer than you think and well worth your time. if you enjoy spectacular selection, incredibly low prices, top-name brands and friendly expert service, then sit back and discover the home furnishing shopping treasure of the Midwest. welcome to the new Nebraska Furniture Mart. there's lots to see, so let's take a little tour. you'll arrive to four hundred seventy thousand square feet of home furnishings and flooring, containing over 85,000 furniture items, including all of your favorite brand names. you'll be amazed by more than 100,000 square feet of appliances, electronics and computers, displaying thousands and thousands of state-of-the-art appliance and electronic items on a campus that stretches over 75 acres. now you can experience the ultimate shopping adventure at the largest single home furnishings complex in North America. we've made it easier, faster and more fun to shop the Nebraska Furniture Mart, a completely unique home furnishing store, and more. we set ourselves miles ahead of the competition by offering you everything you need to furnish your home all in one convenient both service locations, from the basics to the vet. in every department we carry all the brand names you trust at legendary low prices. you just can't find anywhere else. our newly remodeled store is worth the drive alone. fresh displays, interactive kiosks and the most exciting merchandise available means you'll fill your wish with. our limitless selection will take you to a whole new level: a shopping environment that's fun again. here's how we do it. follow me. the Nebraska Furniture Mart has been in business since 1937. that means we've been beating deals and offering customers an unmatched selection of quality brand names for over sixty three years. founder Rose blumpkin started the business from a shop basement with only five hundred dollars. her motto- sell cheap and tell the truth- has been the cornerstone of the Nebraska Furniture Mart philosophy ever since. her vision was to bring it all home to you. today. mrs B's family and the Nebraska Furniture Mart team carry on mrs B's legendary reputation for honesty. and we still have our famous legendary low prices, the kindnesses beats made famous. every day we pass along special deals from our manufacturers right to you. it's just one way we can offer all the top name brands you trust at such incredibly low prices. we also feature good, better and best merchandise display to help you compare product quality and get the greatest value for your money, no matter what your price range. most importantly, Nebraska Furniture Mart beat any price on any item every day guarantee we always have, always will. it's a tradition you can count on. so you'll come to Nebraska Furniture Mart for one stop home furnishing shopping and you'll find exactly what you've been dreaming of. shopping here is fast, easy and fun. everything you need is arranged in its own easy to shop area. if you're looking for a dining room set, you'll find all the brands in one accessible area of the store. you can compare hundreds of styles and prices without ever leaving that area. it's bigger, better and brand new. our open, bright environment, then wider aisles, will make it easy for you to get around so you can compare colors and see all of the products in the store. plus, when the brass, the Furniture Mart has its own dream room that make it easy to see and take home an entire look. our dream rooms will show you how to put it all together. it's the way we show you how good your home can look and how you can easily afford such great style. beautiful accessories are selected and coordinated to suggest ways to match the furniture. plus, there are more styles and more brand names than ever before- a selection nobody can beat. we've got a lot going on. Nebraska Furniture Mart proudly presents the largest flooring selection in the Midwest. over 6,000 samples of ceramic tile, vinyl wood floors, carpeting and area rugs are beautifully displayed, so you don't have to guess at prices and worry about making comparisons from store to store. there are more brand names, more Styles at our legendary low prices. plus, we offer state-of-the-art conveniences more than twice the size of any competitor. our appliance department is filled with the name brands you can depend on our fully equipped demo kitchen. give you a sense of the exciting possibilities that take place when form and function are joined to enhance your lifestyle. [Music], electronics and computers take center stage here as well. our displays and interactive demonstrations show you how different tiknologies was together in your home. glimpse the future as well with HD TV, and see how it all comes together in our home theater dream room. plus, our shelves are packed with thousands and thousands of 3d titles, video games and movies, so you can always find a bed to complete your home entertainment selection. don't forget we've also got amazing computer packages, digital cameras, digital camcorders and almost 3500 software titles for you to choose from. it's a digital future, and at nebraska furniture mart the future is here today. that doesn't mean we prompt remise. our personal service, our sales staff, is always professional and personable. ongoing factory training programs keep them up-to-date with accurate, helpful product information to help you wait all the options before making a buying decision. but if, for any reason, you've shopped all four hundred seventy thousand square feet of showrooms and still can't find what you're looking for, stop by. our design center will help you narrow down a selection, custom order a piece of furniture or even put together an entire plan to update the look of your home. once you've made your selection, our Nebraska Furniture Mart card makes it easy to buy this very same day. with a Nebraska Furniture Mart card, you pay no interest for 60 days and make no payments until your purchase is delivered. we service 2500 cities across a five-state area and delivered to most locations within a 300-mile radius of the soul. even if you're taking home, your purchase is on the same day. our convenience drive up customer pick up areas forced to get you back on the even better. when you bring this tape back to the store, we'll give you a free gift to thank you for making the trip. remember, we've got today's most sought-after style and no one beats our selection, from the basics to the best. it's very easy to shop, so be one of the first to experience the newest shopping adventure. you'll see it all here. Nebraska Furniture Mart is the benchmark against which all other furniture stores are compared, and no one comes quote everything you need for your home. it's all right here. see you here soon. [Music].

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Nfm Black Friday 2020 (Nov) Believe This Or Not? | Scam Adviser Reports

[Music]. hello everyone. i welcome to all of you in this new video. today, i am going to discuss about the nfm black friday 2020 deal, so do watch this video till the end and stay tuned with us. i will share its silent and interesting features. also, do not forget to like and share the video and subscribe to our channel, as it works as a motivation to bring more such informative and exciting news for you. so, without any delay, let's move further. nfmr nebraska furniture mart is a furniture and electronic retail store with specialization in home furnishing. the company sells full room sets and high-end appliances. nfm was founded in 1937 and has total four renowned stores in united states. like every year, the store provides great deal on different occasions for the customers, providing large discounts and coupons on different days, along with often sales our major holiday. the nfm black friday 2020 deal is one of the most popular winter deal with best manufacturers. the cost of top selling nfm toking about. nfm black friday 2020 dale is the friday immediately after thanksgiving, when retailers begin the holiday shopping season. this deal is so impressive among the customers that they literally want to crack the door of shop before it's open. some of the top equipments available for black friday with maximum profit through discounts and promo codes are: wincraft, ncaa, university of nebraska wood hence sign black nba golden state warriors fuel comforter sets. has director black 9 pool table cover. some sofa bed, couch, recliner, sofa for living room set, bedroom furniture with mirrored dressing table and white makeup table with 4 drawers, and so on. nfm black friday 2020 deal can also allow you to save up to 40 easily. to check about this deal, you need to visit the official website of nfm and then you have to land on its customer service page to get the information about the black friday 2020 discounts, promo codes and free shipping deals. some of the top deals are: 10 off on orders over 249 dollars, up to 40 off on small appliances, free shipping on electronics over 49, up to 80 percent off on patio furnitures, up to 50 off on video games, up to 76 percent off on table lamps and free shipping on drugs over 49. also, if you are eager to purchase the all-new nfm by amazon, then purchase through the black friday days and earnings 2020 and save your valuable bucks. hence, an fm black friday 2020 deal is one of the best deal of winter, which one should not miss. i hope you like this video. please share your views on this video in the comment section. do not forget to like and share the video, and subscribe to our channel if you haven't yet. also keep commenting, as we love to read all your responses in the comment section, so be informed and be safe. [Music] you.

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Nebraska Furniture Mart FULL STORE WALKTHROUGH & TOUR 2022 | Largest Store of its Kind in the USA

[Music]. what is going on everyone? welcome back for another video. today we are in frisco, texas- tiknically, the colony texas- but most of you who are not from texas may have heard of frisco- were right next to it. anyway, today we are going to go inside. take a look at nebraska furniture mart. do you know that nebraska furniture mart is not only the largest store in the state of texas- because you know everything's bigger in texas- but nebraska is also the largest furniture, flooring, appliance, electronics store in north america of its kind? google it. i've been here a few times with my wife. we actually bought our couch from here and, uh, it's, it's pretty incredible. now, before you click off, you know you're gonna say, well, it's just a furniture store, i don't, i don't need to look at that. i, i get it, i get it. um, i, i may do the same thing, but just give me a chance. there's so many cool things in here. wait, so you guys see the size of this store- crazy. anyway, enough toking, let's head inside. come along for the ride, let's go before we head in. just want to give you guys a better look at the outside, just so you can get an idea. straight ahead there, that is the massive outdoor parking garage and then, of course, the parking lots are huge to go along with it. then we have the store that starts heading into the main entrance. now, of course, got that texas flag flying- nebraska furniture mart, america's home furnishing store, and it keeps going. so, without further ado, let's head on. [Music] in been a minute since i've been here. [Music] wait till you guys see the main entrance here. [Music] yeah, i don't think i've ever seen a store this quite massive and, like i said, this is just the main entrance. [Music] got two fours escalators up and down. pretty cool stuff. we're going in the main entrance. we're gonna go directly to the right, to the outdoor section first, and we're gonna check out everything. the outdoor section- this is probably my favorite. to be honest with you, i really love the chimneys- hopefully going to buy one of these this spring. of course we got the grills. it might be easier for you guys if we just show what's going on in here and just fast forward a little bit. zoom time. [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so [Music] [Music] [Music]- so [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Applause] [Music], [Applause] [Music], [Applause] [Music] so [Music], [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause], [Music]. [Applause], [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. well, everyone that's going to do it for me in this video. hope you enjoyed, if you did give it a thumbs up. pretty big, huh, pretty massive nebraska furniture mart, crazy, big, crazy. so anyway, have a good one. guys catch you in the next video signing off here from nebraska. see you later.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Helps Customers Create Their Dream Homes

[Music]. welcome back. one of the highlights of the holiday season is sharing a delicious meal with family and friends, but preparing that meal from scratch takes energy and time. there is an alternative: let someone else do the cooking while you focus on more important things. [Music]. really, one in ten hams are good enough to be a honey baked ham and good enough for our customers. 26 points they have to pass in order to even get to be a honey baked ham. and then our whole process. as far as how our hams are prepared. our hams are slow smoked and cooked for 24 hours. honey baked ham has been in existence for over 60 years. hairy Hans ler invented the spiral slicer back in 1957 and we still, to this day. every ham is spiral slice on this slicer. the hams are all fully cooked to slice lays, ready to eat, so it's really just open up our gold foil and and it's ready to go. you don't have to do anything to it, and people appreciate that, especially at Holiday time when they're busy doing other things, that they can count on honey baked- and they do. this year for our holidays, we upgraded our all of our sides to new recipes, higher quality. we also have this: new ones are loaded smashed potatoes, which I've tried, which are really good. we have our all of our sauces that we have here in store that we use on our sandwiches, like our Hickory, honey, mustard and savory meal, which are my favorite. we have a cafe, so we do do sandwiches and soups. we also do business to business catering gifting for the holidays, where customers or companies will call and order hams for their employees or their clients. we do gift cards. of course people love to give gift cards to for the holidays. we get a lot of new people coming in to try us for the first time and then our regular customers that come back every holiday and hopefully we'll get some new people in to try honey baked ham this holiday. we have a local website that people can go on and they can reserve their hand for pickup in the store and then they come in here and actually pick it up, since we're the only location here in the state of Nebraska. numerous times I've hand delivered hams to people here in town or outside of town. I actually live in Lincoln, so I go back and forth and do that as well: two customers down and Lee and anything we can do to help people enjoy honey baked ham for the holidays. my favorite part of the job is being part of people's holidays or special occasions. it's just nice to be able to watch them walk out the store with the smile on their face, knowing that we're providing them with the best quality meat or sides that we can offer, whether it's just their centerpiece or their meal or snacking along the way throughout the whole holiday. it's just nice being a part of their holiday and that's my favorite part. [Music]: that looks delicious. you? we have another time-saving tip for you: Nebraska Furniture Mart. with a vast selection of appliances, tiknology, furniture, toys and gifts of all kinds, it may be the only stop you need to make for your holiday shopping list this year. [Music]: now, we're always trying to offer customers something new and we want to try to make nfm a one-stop shop. we've got a great new selection and it's new to us, but I think people be surprised of all the things that we have. we've remodeled this area specifically to the entrance, so when those kids come in they are justly decided. you know, it's like a Disneyland for them. so we really wanted to capitalize on all ages of the family and fun, not just- you know- homestyle, but also to kind of enjoy for the kids as well. Gaming is really big this year. a lot of things going on: the new 4k TVs, computers- there's a lot of things going on. what's been going on over the last number of years is home entertainment. home entertainment has been exploding as people are going out less less and spending more at home. this is their entertainment piece. over the last year, we have made a concentration in making sure we have high performance machines that'll work for gaming, but also for advanced video editing and photo editing, 3d CAD and modeling design for those nerds like myself that enjoy gaming. machines that are used to building their own machines, with our long term no interest financing and with our warranty that we have available and it's just a ends up being a better deal when all said and done. here's a great thing about Nebraska Furniture Mart: there's something new and different every day. we are continually looking for new things to offer to our customers. so in every store, every area, there's something different and interesting, and it's not just the styles and the electronics and the furniture, but also, to continue on, the traditions over and over. so again we have Legos, but we also have family board games. so, in addition to that toys is going to be there from when they start as a baby to when they're leaving for college. [Music]: people know you're going to get a good deal here and we've got all the stuff, but you're also going to have a nice shopping experience and that's really important to us. two things I love: holiday shopping and a great deal.

NFM Texas Tuesday: Sneak Peek - The Showroom

welcome back to Texas. Tuesday ashanti here with Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas and this week it's the sneak peek you've all been waiting for. it's finally time to take a look inside. our 560 thousand square foot showroom is so big it'll take to sneak peeks to show you everything. this week I want to take you on a personal tour with our GoPro. let's go. our flooring Department has a wide variety of carpet, tile, hardwood surfacing and area rugs. we'll have over 7,000 area rugs in stok. that's enough to cover six city blocks. looking to redesign your home office? we've got the perfect color and style waiting just for you. need an upgrade shop? all of our amazing tik products, including cameras, portable audio, home theater and more. for that perfect game, dare watch party browse our home theater wall with more than 150 TVs on display, building your dream kitchen. Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas has a wide variety of ranges, dishwashers and refrigerators. and to keep up with all of your laundry, we've got over 76 pairs of washer and dryer sets on our showroom floor. take a break and boost your energy with a Subway sandwich or delicious chocolate from See's Candies. catch your breath. we haven't even seen our amazing furniture selection vlog on next week when we head upstairs here at Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas. you.