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netflix tells employees ads may come

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Netflix stands up for freedom of speech and artistik expression with a new culture memo targeting woke workers who may be offended by content. The document warns that they will not censor specific artists or voices, and employees who find content harmful can leave the firm. The company also calls on workers to tighten their belts and reign in spending as the platform struggles financially. Despite losing millions of viewers and cash, Netflix is not backing down and is determined to keep its content diverse and provocative, with ratings and content warnings to help viewers make informed choices. This approach to entertainment has been praised by comedian David Lucas, who supports the principle that art should not be censored, and that viewers should be allowed to decide what is appropriate for them. He hopes that more companies will follow Netflix's example and support freedom of speech and artistik expression.

Dexys Midnight Runners, Kevin Rowland - Come On Eileen (1982 Version)

Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners is a popular song that has been loved and sung by many. The lyrics of this song tell a story of love, growth, and rebellion, and have resonated with people for decades.

Verse 1:

The song begins with a reference to Johnnie Ray, a popular singer from the 1950s. The lyrics describe how his music touched many hearts, and how people would sing along to his songs. The nostalgia is palpable, as the mothers of that generation are mentioned and the singers sing along with them.


The chorus of the song is perhaps the most recognizable part. The singer implores Eileen to come with him, promising her that he means everything to her at this moment. The reference to a pretty red dress adds to the romanticism of the song.

Verse 2:

The second verse of the song describes the people in the singer's community. They are resigned to their fate, beaten down by life. However, the singer and Eileen are not like them. They are young and clever, and they refuse to give up on their dreams.


The chorus is repeated, emphasizing the singer's desire for Eileen.


The bridge of the song highlights Eileen's growth. She is now a full-grown woman who has shown her strength and resilience. The singer acknowledges that things have changed, but his feelings for Eileen remain the same.


The chorus is repeated once again, with the singer confessing his dirty thoughts about Eileen.

Come On Eileen is a timeless song that has captured the hearts of many. The lyrics tell a story of young love and rebellion, and the catchy tune has ensured that the song will be hummed forever.

Behind the Numbers 5/19/22: The Impact of Netflix With Ads and Peacock's New In-Scene Ads

Netflix Considers Ad-Supported Tier

Netflix has announced plans to introduce a new ad-supported tier within the next year, a move that could significantly impact its business and subscribers. But what will the effects of this new model be for Netflix, consumers, and advertisers? Let's explore.

Netflix's Potential Game Changer:

- A well-executed ad-supported model could boost Netflix's business and put them in the billionaire's club of advertising revenue.

- It could increase average revenue per user and appeal to those who couldn't previously afford Netflix's more expensive subscription model.

Moderate Impact on Netflix:

- Subscription revenue is still expected to outpace advertising revenue for the foreseeable future, and Netflix's higher price point may limit the uptake of the ad-supported tier.

- The move to add ads may affect Netflix's brand image and content production, which has traditionally been edgier and more artist-friendly.

- The rollout may be rushed and haphazard, potentially affecting the user experience and global partners necessary to make the ad-supported model successful.

Negative Impact on Consumers:

- The introduction of ads could negatively impact the user experience for subscribers and lead to less edgy content.

- The ad-supported model may appeal to those who couldn't previously afford Netflix, but the crackdown on password sharing could limit its reach.

Netflix's decision to introduce an ad-supported tier could be a game changer if executed well, but it could also negatively impact the user experience and brand image. The effects on subscribers and advertisers remain to be seen, but it's clear that Netflix is under pressure to innovate and find new revenue streams in a competitive streaming landscape.

Netflix To Employees: Go Woke, Go Home!

Netflix has published an update to its corporate culture memo, stating that the streaming platform will not censor specific artists or voices even if employees consider the content to be harmful. This comes after employees staged a walkout over Dave Chappelle's specials on the platform. Netflix has given employees an ultimatum: If you'd find it hard to support our content breadth, Netflix may not be the best place for you.

The position that Netflix is taking is similar to that of social media platforms when they were held accountable for their content. The pressure for this move came from both woke employees and public pressure. However, Netflix is taking a stand by saying love it or leave it. This move is a shift in corporate posture towards the mob and a neutral stance, which many other companies have taken after dealing with internal HR situations internally.

Netflix's move is not surprising, as many people canceled their subscriptions due to the influx of woke documentaries and films. The competition has also increased with platforms such as Hulu, Apple, and Amazon Prime. However, Netflix's shift towards free speech and a neutral stance is a breath of fresh air for many viewers who are tired of hearing woke voices.

Overall, Netflix's decision is a positive one that is welcomed by many viewers. While some may argue that increased prices and competition may be the reason behind the shift, it is clear that Netflix is taking a stand and staying neutral towards content, which is a positive step forward.

Netflix Tells Woke Employees To LEAVE If They Can't Handle It After Their Stock PLUMMETS

Netflix has faced a challenging month after losing subscribers and projecting to lose even more. The loss of content, price hikes, and increased competition are just some of the factors contributing to this trend. Additionally, Netflix's woke content has not been performing well, and some employees are pressuring the company to censor certain content.

Anti-Censorship Memo:

In response to employee protests, Netflix has included an anti-censorship section in its company culture memo. The new section warns the company's vocally woke minority that they should expect to encounter content that they might not agree with. The memo emphasizes that Netflix supports artistic expression and creators and will not censor specific artists or voices.

Diversity of Stories:

Netflix acknowledges that viewers have different tastes and points of view, and it offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies. The company lets viewers decide what is appropriate for them by providing ratings, content warnings, and parental controls. Netflix believes that supporting a diversity of stories is important, even if some titles may be counter to some employees' values.

Response to Dave Chappelle Controversy:

While the new memo is a response to employee protests, it is also likely a response to the Dave Chappelle controversy. However, the memo emphasizes that employees should be prepared to work on titles that they perceive to be harmful. If employees find it hard to support Netflix's content breadth, the company may not be the best place for them.

Netflix's loss of subscribers and projection to lose more has prompted the company to send out a memo to its employees. The memo emphasizes that Netflix supports artistic expression and creators and will not censor specific artists or voices. The company encourages diversity of stories and lets viewers decide what is appropriate for them. While the memo is likely a response to the Dave Chappelle controversy, it is also a response to employee protests. Netflix is putting its foot down and saying that if employees don't like the content, they don't have to work there. However, it may be too late for Netflix to turn things around.

Elon Musk on Fixing Twitter (Free Speech, Shadow Banning & Being CEO)

In a recent podcast, Elon Musk discusses his first six weeks as the owner of Twitter. He talks about the new features that have been added and how the views on the platform are increasing.


- The new views feature was a lot harder to implement than anticipated due to the sheer number of transactions per second required.

- Verified accounts are now a revenue stream for Twitter and a way to identify real people from fake accounts.

- Organizational affiliation is a new feature that helps users know if someone is an actual professor or if a particular handle is actually affiliated with Disney.

Product Iteration:

Elon Musk believes in swinging for the fences when it comes to product iteration. He acknowledges that there may be more mistakes in the beginning, but the net output will eventually improve. He also recognizes that the batting average will improve over time.

Efficient Frontier of Employees:

Elon Musk believes that anyone who is exceptional at what they do, where the role is critical and has a positive effect on others, should stay. He also believes that employees who put the company's interests before their own should remain.

Number of Employees:

Elon Musk believes that the minimum number of employees needed to keep Twitter operational is in the hundreds. He acknowledges that Twitter currently has around 2,000 employees and 5,000 contractors. He also notes that the company is doing a lot more to take down hate speech.

Incentive Structure:

Elon Musk recognizes that the incentive structure previously was to create as many accounts as possible. He believes that this led to a focus on monetizable daily active users and turned a blind eye to fake accounts. However, the company is now focused on reducing the number of bots and fake accounts on the platform.

Elon Musk is excited about the future of Twitter and the new features that have been added. He acknowledges that there may be more mistakes in the beginning, but the net output will eventually improve. He also believes that the company is doing a lot more to take down hate speech and reduce the number of fake accounts on the platform.

if smartphone commercials were honest.

Passionfruit introduces the new iPhone Me Iphoney 24 Max Pro Plus 5G Music, their best phone ever. The phone has three beautiful finishes, solar eclipse, lunar solstice, and ashen volcano. Passionfruit also offers three stunning case designs, starting at just $50. The new model is four percent faster than the previous one. The phone has 128 gigabytes of ram and 76 pre-installed stock applications that will not stop running in the background. The phone has six cameras on the back, four of which are macro cameras. The phone features Direct Sun, their new fast charging technology. Passionfruit offers the Passion Adapter for users to use their existing headphones. They also offer Air Pods Max, their own wireless earphones. The phone has AI that learns intelligently from the user's behavior. Passionfruit offers iPhone Me for just $499. The phone comes with a no qualms return policy.

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