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new black friday ads 2021

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Black Friday 2021 Ads: NEW Walmart Deals Stockpiling PlayStation 5 Consoles

Every year, Black Friday is a big event that attracts many shoppers. However, this year is different due to the pandemic and supply chain constraints. Walmart is changing the game by offering Black Friday deals every Friday of November, and many other companies may follow suit. There is also speculation about Walmart stockpiling PlayStation 5 consoles and the possible role of their Walmart Plus membership program.

Key Points:

- Black Friday deals are different this year due to the pandemic and supply chain constraints.

- Walmart is offering Black Friday deals every Friday of November, and other companies may do the same.

- There is speculation about Walmart stockpiling PlayStation 5 consoles and the role of their Walmart Plus membership program.

- When buying a TV on Black Friday, it is important to do research on the model before purchasing.

- Chromebooks are suitable for children, but not for productivity or gaming.

Black Friday may be different this year, but there are still great deals to be found. It is important to do research before purchasing to ensure that the item meets your needs. Additionally, Walmart's possible stockpiling of PlayStation 5 consoles and their Walmart Plus membership program may change the game for Black Friday shopping.

The Only 3 Ad Creatives You Need for Black Friday

Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) can be overwhelming for marketers. However, there are only three ad creatives that they should be running during this period. In this article, we will discuss these ad creatives and answer some common questions about BFCM.

Ad Creatives:

1. Simple Image Graphics: A simple image graphic with a clear message about the brand, the discount code, and the best-selling products can be effective during BFCM. This is the only time of the year when people are actively looking for things to buy on Facebook and Instagram, and CPMs tend to be lower on image creatives.

2. User-Generated Content (UGC) with a Gifting Angle: A UGC ad with a gifting angle can be effective during BFCM. Brands can reach out to their top-performing creators and ask them to create gifting content for their brand. A compilation video with content from multiple creators can also be effective.

3. Top Performing Ad Creative with a Headline or a Dot Whack: Brands can simply take their top-performing ad creative from the past year or six months and add a headline or a dot whack to highlight their offer.

Additional Ad Creatives:

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) and Retargeting Campaigns can be effective during BFCM. Brands can run DPA ads with specific copy about their offer and launch new campaigns for retargeting.

Common Questions:

1. When Should You Launch Your Ads? Most brands will launch their ads during the week of Thanksgiving, with some launching on Thanksgiving or Black Friday itself.

2. Should You Change Your Ad Copy? Brands should keep their ad copy simple and put their offer front and center.

3. Should You Do an Auto Discount or a Promo Code? It is a brand decision, but an auto discount can provide a better user experience.

4. What Type of Offer Works Best? An offer that provides a significant discount or a bundle deal can be effective during BFCM.

By running these three ad creatives and using retargeting campaigns, brands can have a successful BFCM. Keeping the ad copy simple and putting the offer front and center is key.

New Walmart's 2021 Black Friday Catalog! (1st Black Friday Ad)

Black Friday Deals Starting Early with Solid Offers

Black Friday deals are starting early this year, with the first wave of deals beginning on November 3rd. While some of the deals may be more expensive compared to last year due to inflation, there are still some solid offers to take advantage of.

Notable Deals:

- 55 inch 4k TCL TV for $228 (previously as low as $150)

- Chromebook 4 for $87

- Toshiba One Terabyte Portable Hard Drive

- ONN 2.0 Bluetooth Sound Bar for $29

- 65 inch 4k Smart TV for $568

- TV Mount for $39

- Samsung Smartphones and iPhone on sale

- Toys and Board Games for $5

- Hanes Men's Six Pack Socks for $10

- Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus for $59

While some of the deals may not be as good as in previous years, there are still some solid offers to take advantage of. It's important to keep an eye out for deals that fit your specific needs and budget.

Top 10 Walmart Black Friday Deals 2022

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, and Walmart has already released some amazing deals for 2022. Here are the top 10 deals to keep an eye on!

1. 4K Ultra HD TV for $149:

This is an amazing deal for a 50 inch TV from an on-brand. The display looks great in store and the thin bezel and profile make it a great option. Walmart is being aggressive with its pricing this year, so expect more TV deals.

2. Gateway Notebook for $149:

This 11.6 inch touchscreen 2-in-1 laptop is available in multiple colors and is great for basic tasks. It was popular last year and is back again.

3. Kids Tablet for $69:

Walmart's on-brand kids tablet has a surprisingly awesome screen and is discounted by 46%. It's a challenger to the fire tablets at this price.

4. Samsung Tablet for $139:

This 10.5 inch tablet is discounted by $60 and is a great option for teens or adults.

5. MSI Gaming Laptop for $500:

This gaming laptop has 8 gigs of RAM, a 256 gig solid state drive, and an Nvidia graphics card. Expect better deals on laptops with 16 gigs of RAM later this week.

6. 65 inch Class 4 Series Ultra HD Smart Roku TV for $228:

This is a high-end TV brand and a great deal at Walmart's Black Friday price.

7. Vizio 70 inch Class V Series Smart TV for $448:

This is one of the least expensive 70 inch TVs you can find anywhere this Black Friday.

8. Full Motion TV Wall Mount for $32:

This mount accommodates TVs 50 to 86 inches.

9. TCL Soundbar Package for $59:

This soundbar package is better equipped than the one at Target, and you get a standalone wireless subwoofer.

10. 6.5 Foot Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree for $49:

This is a great deal for a tree of this size and matches the low prices at Home Depot.

Walmart has some amazing deals this Black Friday, and it's worth keeping an eye on their website for more. These top 10 deals are sure to sell out fast, so act quickly if you want to take advantage of them!

Facebook Ads Black Friday Strategy & Ideas [2022]

As the sail season is approaching, it's important to have a well-planned strategy to make the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this article, we will discuss the offer creatives, account structure, and overall strategy to help you crush it this year.

Creative Ideas:

- A simple image with a price slash of the original price and the new price can be very effective.

- A skiff slideshow showcasing different products with a sticker that highlights the sale can also perform well.

- Using a video that has performed well throughout the year and adding a sticker that showcases the sale can be a simple yet effective strategy.


The primary text and headline should be clear and straightforward, highlighting the sale and any discounts or promotions. Capitalized letters and emojis can be used to make it more eye-catching.

Account Structure:

The strategy should focus on building brand awareness and assets before Black Friday hits. This can be done by switching from a conversions purchase campaign to a lead campaign, where customers can submit their email addresses for exclusive access to the sale. Drip email marketing campaigns can be used to keep them engaged and informed leading up to the sale.

By using these creative ideas and implementing a strong account structure, you can make the most out of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Building brand awareness and assets ahead of time is crucial, and keeping customers engaged through email marketing campaigns can lead to loyal customers in the long run.

New Black Friday 2021 🎄 🎅 Home Depot AD

Black Friday 2021 at Home Depot is here! In this video, we will be going through some of the best deals you can find on tools and home improvement products. Don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more reviews and updates. Let's get started!


1. 62 Combo Kit 1.5 Vampire 4 Empire Battery Kit - $199

- Not a bad deal, similar to last year's.

2. 42 Inch 10 Drawer Steel Mobile Work Bench - $298

- Possibly the lowest it will go, free two-day delivery online for tools and storage.

3. Power to Access Retailer - $149

- Includes compact drill driver, impact driver, two batteries, and charger. Brush tools, not fuel or brushless.

4. Brushless Atomic 20 Volt Max 2.2 Comic 1.3 on Barbarity - $149

- Good tools, but small batteries with no fuel gauge.

5. LXT 18 Volt Sub Compact Brushless Two Tool 1.5 Amp Power Kit - $169

- Includes drill driver, impact driver, two batteries, charger, and bag. Good for professionals starting out.

6. Chainsaw - $68

- Good for DIY at home.

7. Blower - $68

- Good for DIY at home.

8. Parodies - $7.88

- Check availability at your local Home Depot.

9. 270 Piece Mechanics Tool Set - $99

- Includes a quarter inch, three-eighths, and half an inch ratchet sockets, wrenches, and accessories in a case.

10. Vacuum - $49.88

- 16 gallon NXT wet and dry vacuum with robust dual flex seven feet hose locking accessories for large cleanups.

11. Inflatable Characters - $68

12. 100 Lumen Headlight - $9.97 for a pack of three.

13. Step Stool - $14.88

- 225 pounds, great for DIY at home.

14. Security Light - $29.97

15. Digital Inflator - $49

- Cordless inflator, 150 psi for car, RV, and truck tires.

16. Motion Activated Rechargeable LED Light - $19.88

17. Reaction Tiedowns - $6.88 for a pack of four.

18. Fastback Flip Utility Knife Set - $14.97 for a two-piece set.

19. Combination Rain Set - $24.88 for a 28 piece set.

20. Paint Sprayer - $34.88

- Great for painting projects at home.

21. Mechanics Tool Set - $49.97 for a 55 piece set.

22. Hold Dozer 11 Piece Socket - $99

23. 60AM Portable Compressor - $119

- 2.6 gallon CFM s CFM at 90 psi with two universal push to connect couplers.

24. Five Tier Storage Shelf - $169

- 48 by 78 and 24 in depth.

25. Compound Miter Saw - $119 for a nine amp seven and a quarter compound miter saw.

26. Table Saw - $138.88 for an eight and a quarter table saw.

27. Extensions - $9.88 for 15 feet, $16.88 for 50 feet, and $19.88 for 100 feet.

28. Buy One Get One Free - select kits and tools.

29. M18 18 Volt 5 Vampire Kit - $199 for a two pack, includes charger and bag.

30. M18 18 Volt 5 Vampire Kit - $399 for a two pack, includes hammer drill, impact driver, two batteries, charger, and case.

31. Impact Wrench Kit with Ratchet - $199

32. 5 2 Complicate - $299

33. Packout - $199 for a three piece toolbox system with a milk crate.

34. 120 Piece Driving Bit Set - $24.88

35. Oscillator Multi Tool - $49.98 for a 20 piece set.

36. Rafter Square or 25 Foot Tape Measure - $14.87 each.

37. Pneumatik Framing Nailer - $229 for a 21 degree nailer, or $299 for an 18 gauge brad nailer.

38. Dewalt - $199 for a free power tool and two batteries.

Home Depot's Black Friday deals have a lot to offer for both DIYers and professionals. With discounts on tools and home improvement products, you can find everything you need for your next project. Don't miss out on these great deals and make the holidays yours!

Get Black Friday Ready with Google Ads in 2022

Every year, businesses rely heavily on the two to three months leading up to the end of the year, as this period sees an increase in spending in the e-commerce and retail sectors due to various sales and holiday periods.

Top Four Tools for Google Ads Campaigns:

1. Countdown Timer: Creates urgency in ad copies and lets users know exactly how many days or hours are left for a sale or promotion.

2. Promotion Extensions: Allows for a monetary or percentage discount on products and increases ad real estate.

3. Price Extensions: Displays product prices and descriptions in ads.

4. Ad Scheduling: Allows for specific ads to run during specific times or dates.

How to Use Countdown Timer:

- Edit responsive search ad headlines and type in the squiggly bracket or brace

- Choose the countdown option and add the end date and start time

- Add text before the timer to create urgency

How to Use Promotion Extensions:

- Go to ad and extensions, then click on the blue plus button to add promotion extension

- Choose the account, campaign, or ad group level

- Select the occasion and type of discount

- Add in a URL and extra details, including start and end dates, minimum order amounts, and promotion codes

- Use advanced options to schedule the promotion to start on a specific date

How to Use Price Extensions:

- Choose the currency and type in prices and descriptions for each product

- Add in extra information, such as whether the price is per hour or per day

By using these tools in Google Ads campaigns, businesses can optimize their e-commerce campaigns and see higher levels of success and profits during the busy holiday season.

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