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New Pet Dropshipping Products

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the author showcases a successful Dropshipping store on AliExpress that has made over half a million dollars in the pet Niche. The author believes that everyone has the potential to achieve this level of success and offers tips for building on this business.

- The author presents a successful Dropshipping store that has made over half a million dollars in the pet Niche.

- The author believes that everyone has the potential to achieve this level of success and offers tips for building on this business.

Best-selling products:

- The author examines the store's best-selling products and suggests looking for more expensive products with higher profit margins.

- The author provides ideas for products in the pet Niche in their previous videos.

Store layout:

- The author examines the store's layout and offers feedback on how to improve it.

- The author suggests being honest and upfront about shipping times to build customer trust.

Facebook page:

- The author stresses the importance of keeping the Facebook page up to date to maintain a professional image.

- The author highlights the value of social media engagement in the pet Niche.

- The author encourages viewers to take what they've learned and build on it, while also making it their own.

- The author reminds viewers to focus on products with higher profit margins to achieve greater success.

Top 10 Pet Niche Winning Products For Shopify Dropshipping | Sell This Now in 2022!

Hey everyone, it's Morrison! In this video, I'll be sharing the top 10 pet niche products for Shopify drop shipping that are hot and trending right now. So, let's get started!

1. Smart Sensing Interactive Snake Toy for Cats:

- Interactive snake toy for cats with a realistic plastic body texture, cobra-style look, and segmented body.

- Turn on the switch and the snake will start moving when hit by any obstacles.

- The tongue can be stretched, and the tail swings, making it a great gift for children and pets.

- It will enter the dormant state after playing continuously for about one minute.

- Tap the snakehead to play again.

2. LED Glowing Pet Collar:

- Adjustable LED collar that keeps your dog in sight in dark conditions.

- Made of polyester ribbon, translucent fabric, and light-conducting fiber that is durable but safe and skin-friendly for pets.

- Available in different colors and flash modes.

- It is also waterproof.

3. Cats Massage Self Groomer Comb Brush:

- Designed according to the cat's lifestyle, this cat corner massage comb is a cat care aide that plays the role of the friction object for the cat to make it comfortable.

- The stiffness of the bristles has been adjusted after many experiments, making it safe for cats.

- Made of an eco-friendly plastic base and softer plastic bristles.

- It can be easily mounted on flat surfaces or corners with double-sided adhesive or screws.

- This corner brush helps to remove and collect loose cat hairs.

4. Interactive Smart Cat Ball:

- A premium cat toy that's packed with smart features.

- It has a unique wavy design that rolls around the floor to provide endless exercise and entertainment for cats.

- The ball even comes with catnip, making it irresistible to cats.

- The unique design means it will never roll under furniture.

- If your cat is craving some exercise and entertainment, this is a must-have toy.

5. Retractable Dog Leash:

- Give your dog good reach and freedom of movement.

- This belt is suitable for small to medium pets.

- One-handed braking and locking system keeps pets from moving forward.

- It has a telescopic design, which means the belt can automatically stretch and pull out.

- The large handles are easy to grip.

6. Premium Pet Petition Net for Cars:

- Insulate pets or children on the rear seat from the front driver to prevent distractions.

- The stretchable pet net can be used as a storage bag to store loose toys or items and keep them from moving around inside the vehicle.

- With the stretchable material, this net can fit most cars and trucks.

7. Super Absorbent Pet Bath Robe:

- If you are worried about your dog catching a cold after a bath or shower, the super absorbent pet bathrobe has super absorbency and can be used as a towel to dry your pet's fur or as a nightshirt for warmth and comfort.

- You will save extra time taking care of your pet after taking a bath, shower, or walk on rainy days.

- Its convenient magic tape design makes it easy to put on and take off.

8. Pet Bed for Cats and Dogs:

- Give your furry one a place to enjoy themselves in maximum comfort.

- Made of coral fleece, this sleeping tent is ultra-soft and snuggly to hang out in.

- It's perfect for cats and dogs alike.

- It features two modes; you can use it as a pet cave where your loved ones can have their privacy and cover themselves from the light, or you can turn it into a mat on which they can just lie.

- It's extremely versatile, perfect for small and medium-sized pets which fit comfortably in this furry sleeping haven.

9. New Pet Bathing Tool:

- This pet grooming tool combines a bath brush and water sprayer.

- It can take a shower for your pet and also massage.

- It is like giving your dog a mini-spa experience.

- Professional-grade dog shower with a unique contoured shape designed to wash dogs of all sizes and types.

- This handheld sprayer comes with a 7.5 feet long hose and two hose adapters to fit the standard faucet.

10. Pet Dog Hoodie Clothes:

- Go on a leash up your favorite lovable pet for some furry fun in the new addie dog hoodie.

- This stylish top is perfect for any face-licking family outing that might stand to benefit from an extra layer of warmth, style, and universal love.

Bonus Product: Smart Rooster Laser Cat Toy:

- This product is a multifunctional electric cat toy that integrates multiple functions such as infrared light, squeaking cat call, self-weight balance movement, swing forward and backward, etc., which can effectively attract the cat's play interest.

So, that's it, folks! These are the top 10 pet niche products for Shopify drop shipping that are hot and trending right now. Let us know in the comments which product you like the most, and don't forget to subscribe to Morrison for more awesome videos. Thanks for watching!

Pet Store Dropshipping (Step By Step)

In this video, the speaker shares strategies on how to find winning pet products for dropshipping. The aim is to find products with high demand, great pictures, and potential for virality, to generate three to five times the investment.

Steps to Finding Winning Pet Products:

1. Start by typing pets on Aliexpress and sort by orders to see products with high demand.

2. Look for products with great pictures to make compelling videos.

3. Try to find products that have the potential to go viral on Facebook, as it will lead to cheaper clicks.

4. Instead of just searching for pets, go into sub-niches like dogs, cats, dog collars, and dog toys, etc.

5. Launch the product using a tool that creates videos and automates targeting and campaigns.

6. Compete with yourself by monitoring the results of each product launch.

7. Upsell other products and capture customers' email addresses for future marketing.

Winning Products:

The speaker shares two winning products: toddler socks and a 173 parabolic car. These products have high engagement and low costs per click, making them ideal for scaling.

Finding winning pet products for dropshipping requires finding products with high demand, great pictures, and potential virality. By launching products using automated tools, upselling other products, and capturing customer email addresses, entrepreneurs can build a successful dropshipping business.

11 Best Pet Dropshipping Suppliers (With Trending Pet Products!)

The pet niche is one of the most popular categories in the e-commerce world. In this article, we will share the fastest and most reliable suppliers for quality pet products. Before we dive into the list, let's explore why dropshipping pet products is worth your time and money.

Why Dropship Pet Products?

- High demand: Around 67 percent of people in the US have at least one pet, and pet ownership is increasing globally.

- Online pet product sales covered 30% of the total market in 2021, making it the most popular ecommerce category.

- It generates serious revenue for online stores.

Top Pet Suppliers:

1. Chewy: A top-rated online pet retailer that sells a large selection of pet supplies, including food, flea treatments, toys, and more.

2. Petco: The largest pet supply retailer in the US with a massive variety of products, free shipping on orders above $35, and easy returns and exchanges.

3. Petsmart: Offers over 10,000 products, loyalty and incentive programs, and rewards for every dollar spent online.

4. Wholesale Pet: Connects wholesale pet suppliers with store owners and retailers, offering hundreds of wholesale vendors, affordable prices, and streamlined order processing.

5. Pet Stock and My Pet Warehouse: Geographically specific for Australia, offering a smart price guarantee or price match policy.

6. Amazon: A vast selection of pet products with quick delivery and great customer service.

7. Walmart: Quality pet supplies with next day delivery for orders above $35 and top brands like Vibrant Life and Special Kitty.

8. Banggood: Offers affordable prices, worldwide shipping, and drop shipping agreements for drop shippers.

9. Target: High-quality pet supplies, adding at least 30,000 new pet products to their inventory every year, and a loyalty card with rewards.

10. Fair: An online wholesale marketplace that connects retailers and manufacturers worldwide, offering great prices and high-quality merchandise.

By using multiple suppliers for your business, you can have a larger product selection, compare prices, and have backups in case one supplier doesn't work out. Now that you have found your suppliers, it's time to find the best pet products to sell. Check out our video on the best pet products to sell for more information. Thank you for watching, and happy dropshipping!

The Top 10 Pet Dropshipping Products To Sell | Top Products Ideas | Sell These Now

The pet products market has seen a huge rise in sales due to the events of 2020, and 2021 is expected to be even bigger and better for e-commerce stores. In this article, we will provide a list of the top 10 pet drop shipping products to sell on your store.

1. Paw Plungers: These products clean your pet's paws and come in different variations. Work with multiple suppliers to have access to more products.

2. Novelty Pet Beds: These beds come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, and are popular among dog and cat owners.

3. Dog Raincoats: Dog owners buy these raincoats to keep their dogs dry while walking them outside.

4. Doggie Travel Bags: These bags are used to carry dog accessories and supplies while traveling with your pet.

5. Cat Litter Mats: These mats help keep your cat's litter area clean and are in high demand.

6. Pet Car Seat Protectors: These protectors keep your car seats clean when traveling with your pets.

7. Pet Grooming Products: This is a trendy niche, but it's important to micro-niche it with products such as brushes, combs, and electric trimmers.

8. Pet Motorbike: This product is good for your pet's hygiene and makes them happy while playing.

9. Pet Fur Removers: These products are always in demand and offer many different variations.

10. Treat Dispensing Ball: This is a fun and creative way to give your dogs treats and motivate them to play.

By adding these top 10 pet products to your drop shipping store, you can expect to see an increase in sales and profits. Remember to work with multiple suppliers to have access to more products, add at least 20 of each product to test and analyze, and micro-niche your products to stand out from your competition. Happy selling!

Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In 2023 (Shopify Dropshipping)

Today, I'm sharing the top 10 products you need to be selling in 2023. These products are proven and validated to be going viral, and I've handpicked each one so you can succeed in your DropShipping store. In this article, I'll be showing you the ad that's currently going viral, the competitor's website, and the product price on AliExpress, so you have all the information you need to crush it.

- Sharing top 10 products for 2023

- Handpicked for DropShipping success

Product 10:

- Scooper with weight measurement

- Great for food prep and pet food

- Competitor website needs improvement

- Competitor selling for $19.99

- AliExpress price: $4.31

- Potential to sell for $39.99

Product 9:

- Heated gloves for winter

- Classic Click bait marketing

- Great potential for organic and paid content

- Competitor selling for $45

- AliExpress price: $18.32

Product 8:

- Device to unfreeze windshield and act as portable heater

- Great two for one product

- Paid ad with 10,000 likes and 3,000 shares

- Competitor selling for $29.99

- AliExpress price: $13

Product 7:

- Five in one curler advertised as 10 times cheaper


Hey guys, it's Kamil Sanon, the Con King, and in today's video, I'm going to be sharing my top 10 favorite products for the month of January and Valentine's Day. These products are going to be New Year bangers and hidden Valentine gems that are forever green.

- These are my top 10 favorite products for the month of January 2023 and Valentine's Day.

- All the products on today's list are going to be New Year bangers and hidden Valentine gems.

- In this video, I'm going to be sharing the products that are not saturated and have massive potential to the upside.

Product 1: Gesture Sensing Smart Robot

- AliExpress link with almost 600 orders and 4.8-star reviews.

- Smart robot based on gestures.

- Price recommendation: sell for $44.99, cost $24.37, profit margin around 20.

- Shopify dropshipping store example.

- Facebook video and tick tock video examples.

- Recommended countries, interests, and ad copy.

Product 2: Thick Knitted Turtleneck Shirt

- AliExpress link with almost 2,000 orders and fur interior to keep warm.

- Price recommendation: sell for $44.99, cost $11.71, profit margin around 23.

- Proven product for female fashion market.

- Shopify dropshipping store example.

- Facebook image ad and recommended interests and ad copy.

- Importance of shipping times and supplier choice.


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