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new reality kings ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Evony the Kings Return ads ARE LYING TO YOU!!! ~ Gene Machine

my [Music] howdy. this is the jean machine coming at. you live from the corner of my room and hey, real quick. before the video starts, i just wanted to give a big thank you for 10 000 subscribers. that's like at least 10 000 more than i thought i'd be getting, if i'm being honest. so this is pretty cool. but anyway, let's have a little tok. last month i made a video on ebony- the king's return, and i showed quite a bit of ads in that video. but, wouldn't you believe it, that only scratches the surface on how many ads this game has. so today i thought we could take a look at more of their ads, but this time i would like to put a focus on the ones that have an actor toking during it. if you would like to watch the first ebony video before this one, i'll have it linked in the time card up above. but with that being said, let's take a look at the ads, shall we? i want to save the girl. get down there first. oh no, lava there. water first. oh, the lava's frozen. oh yeah, the girl is safe. ah, stupid orc, try again. freeze the lava first. there you go, orc. slide the key. here comes the treasure. oh no, i failed again. download and solve the puzzles now. so, to start these ads off, i thought i'd show this one, because this is the only ad i have for today that isn't someone trying to convince you that the game is real. i want you to notike that in both instances of gameplay, the water and lava graphics are completely different within the own ad. they can't keep the graphics consistent, despite the fact that in so many ads, they try to convince you that what you're seeing is real. speaking of which, let's take a look at those ads, guys. i know you think all those puzzle ads are fake, but today i finally found the game ebony the king's return. that's right, guys, the same game. you've seen those ads. i haven't seen enough of those videos today. i'm going to play it. oh no, no, no again. oh my god, i lost my treasure. all right, look it. it's a little bit more challenging now, though, you know, i at least want to give this guy credit where credit's due, despite the fact that he's yet another person lying about the game. this is the only person in the video who's actually gonna put ever in their lines. so shout out to you: chinese mobile game ad guy. what's with that ending clip, though, [Music]. for some reason, they, either intentionally or unintentionally, added an echo to him. oh and, by the way, yet again, the water and lava and treasure and whatnot, they're all different yet again. pay attention every time i show a new ad and see if those graphics are different, because they switch them up in almost every single ad. guys, don't you all believe that all those puzzle ads were fake and there's no such game? but today i finally found the game: ebony the king's return. that's right, guys. that's the exact game. you always seen those ads. i've seen enough of their videos. today i'm gonna play it. to be honest, i'm gonna use my brain to play this. oh, i failed again. look, now i'm stuck on this level. oh, my god, i lost my treasure time to test your brain. download now and give it a try. oh, okay, okay, they're switching it up now. this time they brought in a woman. she reads off the same script they have in 99 of the ads, but this time we get to listen to pretty woman. deceive us, and again, i gotta bring up those graphics. they show nine different instances of gameplay in this ad and in every single instance it's a completely different looking game: different water, different lava, different treasure, different environments. there is absolutely zero consistency. got tricked by pop-up ads again. well, this one tells no lies. ebony, the king's return- this game looks just like it's advertised. i've got to use my brain to play this today. i'll try it out. how come my treasures are gone? let's try it one more time. i've got to get the treasure. i failed again. it seems a bit challenging, but really fun. download it now and give it a try. download and solve the puzzles now. did you hear this guy? he said this one tells no lies and then he goes on to say: this game looks just like it's advertised. no, no, no, it doesn't. it doesn't at all. this is the problem with youtube letting their ads be so unmoderated like this. you can just blatantly lie to the person watching. you can say whatever you want. it doesn't matter how outright wrong it is. i feel now is a good time to mention. actually, if you want to report any of these ads, i have all of the ads, as well as the google ad report page linked in the description down below. finally, i don't know about you guys, but i really don't know how much i want to download a game after a guy who's trying to market the game towards you gets pissed off at the same ad. those fake ads really drive you mad, huh? oh god, not this guy. again. the game looks so fun in the ads, but when you download it it's a totally different game. that's crazy, right. but today i finally found a game that is exactly the same as it's shown in the ads. you don't believe me? alright, let me show you. i want that treasure. oh, not the right move. treasure, treasure. ah, it really takes some wisdom to pull this off. ebony, the king's return. let the battle begin. so let's point out the obvious. this guy is in a lot- and i mean a lot- of ebony ads. he's basically the spokesman for the game. i've found enough ads with him in it, to the point where i can pretty much make the rainbow with all the shirts he wears. actually, here's another ad from him. so this is that hottest game lately that everyone's been toking about. let's try it today. [Music]. oh, what an exciting opening. oh, no, what, i'm alive. oh, there's treasure. let's go up there and take a look. lava, bye-bye, i'm coming. treasure, what an orc. help you want to venture in extreme situations? come and join me. and ebony. i love how he says: oh, what an exciting opening. as if that's in the game either. spoiler alert, it's not. and again, they can just say whatever they want. oh, here's the hardest game everybody's toking about. no, no, no, nobody's been toking about this game. no, actually, i lied, i've been toking about this game, nobody else. everybody just hates your ads, i want to point out, by the way, because once i do, you won't be able to unhear it- this guy sounds scarily similar to one of those guys from game ranks named falcon. the consumer electronics show hits every single year and it's always got something great for people who love video games. hi, folks, it's falcon. and today, on game ranks, i can guarantee you that they're not the same person, though just thought it was funny to point out. [Music]. guys, didn't y'all believe that all those puzzle ads were fake and there's no such game? but today i finally found the game. that's right, guys. that's the exact game that you always see in those ads. i've seen enough of their videos. today i'm gonna play it. let's see how it goes. oh, i failed again. look, now i'm stuck on this level. oh my god, i lost my treasure. to be honest, this is way more challenging than i thought. download now and give it a try. these ads are almost getting meta at this point, and now we have multiple people lip-syncing the same script with the same overlaid voice. but this time we have mr pineapple man over here to tell us that we're idiots for not realizing that we're looking at real gameplay. i pay close attention to this guy's movements. you'll notike that he couldn't get the lip syncing in exactly right, so they had to speed him up at parts to keep him lined up. guys, didn't y'all believe that all those puzzle ads were fake and there's no such game? but today i finally found the game. that's right, guys. that's the exact game that you always see in those ads. i've seen enough of their videos today. i'm gonna play it. let's see how it goes. oh, i failed again. look, now i'm stuck on this level. oh my god, i lost my treasure. to be honest, this is way more challenging than i thought. download now and give it a try again. it's the exact same voiceover and the exact same script, just a different guide- lip syncing this time. and wouldn't you believe it? none of the people who are in these ads are the actual person behind the voice, the voice over g.

Evony The Kings Return is RUINING YouTube. ~ Gene Machine

my [Music] howdy. this is the jean machine coming at. you live from the corner of my room and hey, can we tok about this game? you know this little known game that just happens to be the bane of my existence, known as ebony the king's return. listen, i was sitting pretty in retirement, you know, sipping martinis on the beach and i thought, hey, let me watch my favorite youtuber, moist, critikal tok about buttholes for 10 minutes. but when the video starts, boom. i gotta see this steamy pile of doggy doo doo of an ad. but i mean, hey, fool me one time. shame on you, right? so i'm thinking, okay, i'll just get off youtube and go watch tv instead. the ads at least cannot reach me there. so i go to watch some good ol american football and boom, espn's gotta lay it on me too. but of course, fool me twice, can't put the blame on you. so these ads show up on youtube and on tv, but at least that's the extent of it. it's just an ad showing fake gameplay. surely it can't get any worse. such as showing the ad with a person dubbed over the ad trying to convince you that you're watching real gameplay, right, guys? didn't y'all believe that all those puzzle ads were fake and there's no such game. but today, three times the peace signs load the chat. so, yeah, there's a bit of a problem on youtube right now, and that's the abundance of ebony ads being littered on everybody's phones right now, and i mean, it's not like this is anything new. these ads have been mass-produced since at least january of 2021.. at least that's the oldest ad they have from the game on their channel. and when i mean mass-produced, i literally mean mass-produced. i'm just gonna let the footage of me scrolling through all their ads play in the background. but, to put it bluntly, ebony has almost 6 000 ads on ebony running on youtube in the span of one year, and that's just one of their channels, one- and, mind you, most of these ads are just re-uploads. it's just the company re-uploading the same ad over and over and over again. now, this alone should obviously get this company removed off youtube, but i'm guessing there's- there's gotta be some kind of factor that goes into why youtube hasn't done anything about them. there's got to be something. i just i just can't put my finger on it. alright, so now you understand the general idea of what's going on with ebony and their ads, so let's go ahead and take a look at the ads themselves and tok about what's so bad about them. here's the part where iq a cool little transition. so please enjoy. if you can't do the time, don't do the front. okay, time's up. [Music]: now that i've grasped your attention with a funny spongebob clip, i'm going gonna use this opportunity to do a little, uh, self-promoting. so, uh, hey, if you're new here, i'm the jean machine. i dog on mobile game ads and take the piss out of them for a living. so if that peaks your interest in the slightest, consider dropping a sub, maybe. oh and hey, if you are into pokemon as well, i do also scream at pokemon cards with my best friend for another living. so if that does interest you as well, consider checking out my other channel, geodudes. i'll have it linked in the description. i'm gonna be honest. i just really want followers. so if it means anything, your follow has made me slightly happier, which, considering i just had to spend the past two days absorbing myself in the likes of this stupid mobile game, i could. i could use a bit of that happiness, man, you know, you know. anyway, what i'm gonna go ahead and do now is show the footage from the ads, uh, then switch it to actual gameplay, then back to the ads, and then back to the gameplay, and so on and so forth. so in this ad, which is their most popular one, by the way, with 20- 24 million views- sorry, let me. let me recoup myself there for a second good lord. in this ad, which is their most popular one, with 24 million views, they show a puzzle game where you have to use the properties of water and lava to get to the treasure. right now, you may have notiked a dead giveaway in the fact that the water, lava and the treasure assets all seemingly change between the two levels they show, which leads me to believe two different groups were tasked with making these ads and both of them grab different free unity assets. but disregarding that, let's go ahead and switch over to the gameplay. first off, i'm so sorry that you have to watch this guy run at two frames a second, but this is obviously the capabilities of a company that apparently has a hundred million downloads worldwide. but what's worth pointing out is that, yes, this game does actually have puzzles, believe it or not. so when i say the ads are fake, i'm not saying that because there's no puzzles in the game. i'm saying that because those puzzles are not in the game. the actual puzzles in the game are not combining the properties of water and lava, but are actually- hey kid, have the character walk on this platform and uh, well. well, that's it. so back to the ads. the rhetorical question i want to ask everyone is: why would you not just show the actual puzzles from the game for their ads? why would they show fake puzzles with physics instead? well, i'm sure most of you came up with the common answer that you know this looks better and that's really all there is to it. this puzzle with water and lava physics looks much better than this puzzle where two frame guy walk on platform and avoid rock. whether you want to call this misleading or fake, that's up to you, but i'm gonna be calling it fake for the rest of this video. so, now that we understand that this company is deceiving people and making them think that the game looks better than it actually is, would you believe me if i told you, however, that this is not the main intention of their ads? it is an intention, yes, but it's not the primary one. the main intention with these ads are actually a more psychological reason. if you've seen plenty of these ads, you've probably notiked that the person playing the level fails every single time. that's the psychological aspect we're toking about and the main intention. a lot of people will watch that and go: how could you possibly fail something like that? that's so dumb. even i could do it. and then what ends up happening is that same person will download the game just to prove themselves right. that's what 99 of the people who download this game do. now i don't feel like this bit of information is important to the overall video, but i wanted to bring it up anyway. so i don't know, cry about it. [Music]. another quick thing i want to tok about before we get into some more juicier bits of information is this question that has been posing throughout the entirety of this video: why don't they just make the game look like the ads? i mean, after all, they're likely a million dollar company at this point. surely they can replicate the ads right, and i mean, yes, that certainly would be correct, but there's one glaring problem in the way: the game won't be able to do that. the next bit of gameplay i'm going to show you is what 99 of the game really is. the puzzles are not the main part of the game. they're just a side mini game that the company added just so that they don't get hit with a lawsuit, like gardenscapes did. what you're seeing now is what ebony actually is. it's a town building rts game. you see that little button there called mysterious puzzle. that's the button that takes you to the puzzles. everything else on the screen is what the other 99 of the game is. now, to go back to the main point, this game and its engine was built off of a town building rts game that runs off of two frames a second. this is just a theory. this is not a fact of what i'm about to say. don't, so don't take this as a fact, but i personally think that the puzzles were an afterthought during the game's development cycle, hence why it looks and runs so poorly. so when we look back at the ads, where it looks- clean, smooth animations and physics galore- you think they're going to be able to do that in a game that runs like this? no, no, no, they're not. they're not going to be able to do that. they would have t.

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The DISGUSTING State of Mobile Game Ads (and why YouTube LOVES IT)

this video is brought to you by warby parker. see how easy that is: just a logo and a quick shout out. that's it. i don't have to clickbait you all with fake promises and bosoms and stolen assets. i don't have the sink that low youtube does. i'm sick of it. [Music]. mobile game ads are a plague upon the internet and with every passing day it gets worse. it gets so much worse. they're everywhere: youtube, facebook, google, twitter, in your videos, in your news feed, on the sidebars of every website you visit. they're misleading, deceptive, pandering. you can't trust any of them. what you think might be a cool game with hot girls and fun gameplay is, oh god, no, another candy crush clone. where are the hot girls? you promised me hot girls. this isn't an fps at all. oh, can i solve this puzzle? sure, let me try. oh, um, this game is nothing like the advertisement. i've been bamboozled again. the majority of these mobile game ads rely on fraudulent claims that depend more on shocking and slimy promises than actual quality when it comes to their product. they don't care if most people turn the game off after trying their free to play game, as long as these mobile games can get their hooks into a handful of targeted users and squeeze them with microtransactions, they'll get their money's worth, and then some like to a mind-blowing degree. the mobile game industry practikally dwarfs every other facet of the gaming industry when it comes to revenue. consoles, they wish. pc gaming, oh, not even close. allow me to put it into perspective for you. in-game, one of the highest grossing films of all time made around 2.7 billion dollars worldwide. when it comes to box office revenue, monster strike, a mobile game, has grossed nearly 8.7 billion dollars worldwide. that is three times the amount of end game. that is insane. so now we're stuck in a very precarious situation: low quality mobile games that cost virtually nothing to make, that utilize predatory tactiks in order to track down consumers with addiction problems and then get them hooked on microtransactions by promoting deceptive and manipulative advertisements with false promises. so that's the situation: awful games that cost a fraction of what console or pc games require, while instead funneling money towards marketing in a very misleading manner. the entire system is corrupt and so many websites are complicit in the process, especially youtube. the audacity of youtube to police the videos of content creators and fire off punishments blindly, while claiming that actual human beings have reviewed said content. oh, yeah, yeah, sure they have. look at this one. oh, this thumbnail of your samba spock. it's too raunchy. it violates our community guidelines. shame on you. now you're not gonna get paid now, excuse us- while we take money from a company that is breaking the exact same rules, while also using stolen art of an underage character while advertising towards children. i'm going crazy, i'm losing my mind. how is this so brazenly allowed? i even had my own thumbnail format, stolen by a company and then promoted all my videos. so, yes, i have a problem with mobile game ads, mobile games themselves and the websites that allow these crimes against humanity to flourish. so why don't you all join me as we take a deep dive into the corrupt and disgusting world of mobile game ads? oh, don't worry, youtube, i won't show anything in my video that you haven't already promoted on your own website. so we cool. and if my video does get age restricted or possibly unlisted, then i don't know what i'm going to do. the irony might make me explode [Applause]. so what are the origins of mobile game ads? when did they start? what were they first initially like and when did they descend into the state of madness that we suffer today? for the record, a big part of the story is unsurprisingly related to the history of mobile games as an industry and its meteoric rise in popularity. now that is a topic that can be its own video. which, ta-da, there it is. i recently launched a new channel with my friend where we tok about video game stuff, so go check out what's ruining mobile games right over there. link is in the description: saber spark 64- like like the old mario game- god, i'm old. now for this video. i'll bring up some of the main points from that video in order to better explain the state of mobile game ads, since the two topics are interconnected and have one without the other, unfortunately, so long ago, like i'm toking, 10 years ago, there used to be a time when mobile games required upfront payments in order to play the game. we saw this in the early 2010s, but then mobile game companies decided to scrap this model of business and instead go for in-game microtransactions. the games are free, but you can spend money in the game in order to buff up your stats and whatnot, whatnots. you don't have to wait five minutes to play the game. you can just spin tokens with actual money and boom, you're back into the fray. thanks bubble witch saga and candy crush. you all ruined everything. this business model would eventually become the main form of generating revenue for the mobile game industry. not only can you sidestep apple or google when it comes to their fees for using their app stores, but these companies now have access to customers who might spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a free-to-play game, instead of paying three dollars for an entrance fee like before king. the company that owns candy crush and bubble witch saw their revenue increase from 62 million dollars in 2011 via facebook to 1.8 billion dollars in 2012 from ads and in-app purchases on mobile. it was abundantly clear now to mobile game companies: there was some big, lucrative money to be made via microtransactions. said money would be used to unleash a tidal wave of advertisements. now, i remember the first wave of mobile game ads back in the early 2010s. there was actual effort at first with stuff like clash of clans- nothing mind-blowing but leagues above the trash we see nowadays. i often wondered when why things started to change with the tone of mobile game ads. we went from somewhat decent commercials to the insanity of mafia city and hyper sexualized ads, for like every other mobile game advertisement out there. why did this happen? well, these mobile game companies are running into the same issue that traditional television ads ran into in the mid-2000s, where people started to become numb to regular ads so they had to start getting increasingly bizarre just to get the attention of people. until, oops, now all the ads are bizarre, which means people are starting to tune them out again due to overexposure. now mobile games face far stiffer competition than traditional tv ad slots. since buying ads on social media is cheaper, more companies can afford to do it, and since mobile games are cheaper to produce, more companies are vying for attention in these slots. mobile game ads only have a few seconds to make an impression on viewers, so they have to go super hard. unlike a tv ad which has like 30 to 60 seconds of air time, mobile game ads only have like five seconds of pre-roll on youtube, or a fraction of a second to grab your attention while you're scrubbing on your twitter newsfeed. so poor animation, outlandish scenarios, imitations of popular properties or blatant sexual imagery are all powerful tools to stop you dead in your tracks and force you to pay attention. another common tactik is to bait the viewers. creativity or intelligence- oh. only three percent of people can solve this or 96 of people will fail. these are common titles to poke at your ego and make you stop and take a look. and the opposite tactik can also be used with false gameplay on display making obvious mistakes. well, guess what? it causes viewers to stop and gawk at the stupidity on display. your brain is just trying to figure out what the hell it's even looking at. but that is enough for the advertiser to make an impression on you. they got their split second. now you're familiar with their brand. some companies don't even bother to take the


I lost brain cells watching these TERRIBLE mobile game ads

today i'll be reacting to some more terrible mobile game ads. you probably will be losing some brain cells watching these mobile game ads, so viewer discretion is advised. don't say i didn't warn you guys. anyways, let's get this video rolling. what the heck? no, okay, no, no, no, no. i literally just bolted out of my seat and knocked over my entire drink all over the floor. that was disgusting. what is this game? king's choice- more like my choice- not to play this game ever, and she's actually proud of that. god, it's so gross. yes, let's strike back by reading this book. how is that getting your revenge? i don't get it. spam the dance button too. okay, yeah, that definitely got your revenge, didn't it? so you decided to get your revenge by reading a book, changing your outfit and dancing. i don't see how the two like equate to each other. [Music]. wait, are they giving you lives here? like you have to choose the right outfit or else you lose a life. what happens if you lose all your lives? you die. [Music] yo, that outfit is fire, though you can never go wrong with the dino dress. nothing is more attractive on a girl than an outfit with a bunch of colored dinosaurs on it. i don't think that's a fail. i thought they chose the right outfit there. and look at him shocked in disbelief. he's like dang, is she wearing that dino dress and hold up. that's a completely different guy. and then her kid's gone. where did the kid even go? are you even trying to get your kid back? what's more important to you- getting married or getting your kid back? i don't what. what a creepy spying on her as she's skinny dipping. that's so creepy. what a stoker, my hero. you saved me. that's not like the dragon did anything. the dragon didn't do nothing. i think the dragon deserves a little bit more love here. the dragon did all the work. the guy was just there stoking her and sicked his dragon to do all the work for him. [Music]. whoa, what, what the what is this? now the dragons are making out. oh my gosh, i think i just got scarred watching that ad. so it seems like we have one of these home renovation games or something like that. wait a minute. this is a game about renovating your home, not renovating your outfit. and shouldn't she be more concerned with sheltering her baby from the cold, harsh weather instead of worrying about her outfit so much? what kind of mother are you? [Music]. is it just me or i don't see the connection with solitaire in renovating a house. oh, the ant ads are back. i can't believe these are still a thing. what a pathetik. ant can't even stand up straight, geez, how's he going so fast? okay, so the ant just got magical abilities out of nowhere. he's able to transform into like a lightning bolt, to jump and then somehow ground pound on a frog. and now the ant has telepathic powers to communicate to his fellow aunt friends. [Music]. oh, [Music], god. [Music]. [Music], that's a little weird. so he was making out with the blow up, but with the picture of his boss's wife's face on it. that's really awkward. wait, did he just jump out of a skyscraper? his legs should be broken and there happened to be a damsel in distressed right where you jumped out the window. okay, so you can either choose a help or not. oh my gosh, i'm pretty sure that was like stolen from a video game. [Music] doesn't make any sense. you can just customize your secretary. i don't get it. and what does proud look like? cute, curvy, mature, those are actual physical traits. but proud, what does proud look like? ah, that's what proud looks like. okay, just making sure, kill them. that's a little extreme. listen, all he did to you was get angry that you were pretending to make out with his wife. i mean, that's a completely fair excuse to get angry at someone. [Music]. playing tug of war over a steak- what? why is the beetle happy about that? hey, you lost the steak too, buddy. you wanted it just as bad as the ant did, so joke's on you too. [Music]. oh so this time the ants don't have telepathic powers, they have a whistle. okay, this whole ad just defies the laws of physics. there's no way the ants are able to do that. [Music]. and now they're out to get their revenge- to kill the beetle. i mean, what if the beetle was just trying to get the steak to feed his family? i mean, you can't blame him for that. you don't know his story. holy elevator, ow, 20 million power. teach me, hold the elevator, because i'm really important, since i'm really good at this mobile game, said no one ever. ah man, you chose the wrong civilization to begin with. if you want the upper hand from the get-go, you can't go wrong with the vikings. why does everyone sound like alvin and the chipmunks in this video? so these people live in a world where their social class is fully dependent on how good they are at this mobile game. okay, so the aunt's hungry or something. [Music]. wait a minute. wait a minute. those ants just make a tower of themselves to steal the honey. and second of all, are those wasps shooting honey out of their stingers? is that what wasps do you know for a game about insects? you'd think they have a little bit more knowledge about the biology of those insects that they're making the game about. and those ants are firing what are they shooting at those bees? some of the designs for that anthill made absolutely no sense. he just killed a zombie with a toilet plunger. how does that little rubber piece of toilet puncher kill that zombie? he barely even whacked him that hard. okay, this dude's getting a haircut. [Music] whoa, okay, jackie chan. i don't know where he does somersaults. backflips 360- no scope drop kicks at zombies face. how good he found a wig. i don't understand why he had to wear a wig. he could have just shaved his head. [Music]. i'm pretty sure those plants don't just grab, pick up and eat those ants just like that. and if they do that ants really stupid for taking a nap right in front of those plants. okay, you can either run or attack the plants to avenge the other ants. ants are really evolving guys. they know how to control fire. now they're plants. you have fire, just hold the fire up in front of the plants and the plants can't eat you, you don't need to sneak up on it. [Music]. this poor girl is literally being strangled by this bar here and these dudes think it's funny. oh, so now she's able to lift up the bar. perfectly fine, she got some strength out of nowhere there. how do you do a three-way handshake? did they really have to zoom into her butt and then animate the fart gas coming out of her butt right in front of the viewer? that was just really weird. so you failed at the game because you tried to go to the bathroom. so the correct solution was to forget about it and just your pants and then repair the window first. all right show. [Music]. okay, if it was that easy to make a cure for her husband, then they wouldn't even be in that mess in the first place. if they were able to come up with a cure that fast, there wouldn't even be a zombie apocalypse. why isn't this woman using her power to create a cure for the zombies? yo, how were those five people able to push that ginormous rock? and they were really, really close to hitting those other survivors. yo did this fat dude really just out swim a shark, and he wasn't even using his arms, he was just using his legs. well, guys, despite me losing half my brain cells watching these mobile game ads, i hope you all still enjoyed the video. thanks for watching, guys, and stay tuned for more react videos in the future.

Reacting to the CRINGIEST mobile game ads ever

today i hand pick some of the funniest and worst mobile game ads i have ever seen. [Laughter]. wait, was the jail cell unlocked the whole time? what kind of prison forgets to lock to sell doors? [Music]: okay, first of all, the cell door was unlocked. you didn't need to break it open. you could have just opened the door. second of all, how does this guy have enough strength to be able to truck through and break through the prison bars? also, the l on that block is upside down. and lastly, it's save her, not save them. the grammar is completely incorrect again. and then another shark just flies out of the water to attack him. yeah, i don't think sharks jump out of the water to attack people like that. of course this guy's gonna simple over saving the mermaid. of course he will. wow, this guy's got moves. look, he's doing all these backflips and somersaults just to stab the guy a little much. don't you think he could have just stabbed the guy normally in the back? why did he have to jump off them like that? what is this? a first person shooter? now, you can't just put a modern day sniper scope on an 1800s musket pistol. and these pirates are something else. they're all bleeding green blood. they're not aliens, they're pirates. these guys are terrible assassins. just slide open the door. there's no lock on it, just open it. [Music]. wow, she makes 82 dollars a year and her husband makes 76 in one year. yeah, girl, you better flex to your ex-boyfriend how much money you're making, because you know, i guess 82 is more than zero dollars. most people make more money in a day. okay, so you have to choose a female to marry, either the beautiful or the rich one. [Music]. why would you be opposed to marrying a rich girl? i don't care if she's the ugliest girl on the planet, if she's rich, i mean, what's the harm in that? [Music]. this guy's really upset. this dude's really that upset that he's crying after. there's literally no guy on this planet who'd be upset to be in this position. [Music]. oh, but now when you see the money, you're completely okay with it. this guy is literally the male definition of a gold digger. you have become a viking chief. what is a chife pig snot? ew, what the heck this is so disgusting. what is this? what does this have anything to do with the game? hey, mom, can we get squid game? no, we have squid game at home. squid game at home. this adds copying squid game to the doc. it has the piggy bank, it has the soldiers, it has the uniforms. it even has that little school girl robot thing. why would you fold if you know you're going to lose? if you're going to fold, that's the stupidest decision you can make. you might as well just play out the hand, because if you fold, you automatikally lose. [Music]. he's gonna die, isn't he? [Music]? okay, that was actually kind of funny. i'll give him some credit for that ad. that dude has an arrow stuck up his butt. all right, that was. that was actually kind of funny. what see? i reacted to a video a long time ago where a bunch of zombies fuse themselves into a ball. but no, this is next level. these zombies fuse themselves together to make a giant monster zombie. [Music]. and i love how the army man just hands her a rocket launcher. yeah, you look pretty qualified to handle a weapon. here you go. here's a rocket launcher. barbarians attack, run. damn, i destroyed my buildings. i can only clean up the ruin myself. whoa, there's a gold mine in the room. oh my gosh, that's oddly convenient, isn't it? how did no one, after living there that entire time, spot a gold mine that big. now i can upgrade, dang it. my entire kingdom was destroyed. oh, there happened to be a giant mountain of gold right next to me. pretty nice, bless or dance. [Music]. why didn't you wait for the first girl to give the lord the cake before she started dancing? i mean, isn't it awkward to just show up and then dance out of the blue, out of nowhere, in front of everybody, like what was she thinking? oh, she's gonna screw it up again. i'm calling it right now. okay, that wasn't even that bad. that dude just has anger problems. i mean, he just had a couple of leaves on his hair. it's nothing to get that upset about to throw her in jail. for how did i become a king with a hoe? i'm wondering that too. how do you become a king with a home? that was actually really funny. that was hilarious. uh, arabia, what the hell? well, never mind, this voice actor is so funny. yeah, petroleum, unlock the petroleum tiknology and extract it now. uh, i don't think arabia had that kind of tiknology back then. okay, i thoroughly enjoyed that ad just because of the voice actor. i think this picture right here is absolutely perfect, because it perfectly encompasses what every mobile game added: a giant pile of dog. [Music]. okay, she's gotta be the most unluckiest person in the entire world. lily, you've gotta fight for that last ice cream girl. i mean, that's your own fault. if you really wanted that ice cream, you should have just shoved that boy to the side and, taking it yourself, break the window. obviously, you can use anything to break the window, it doesn't really matter. like, how does the baseball not break the window and lily the hammer the hammer. lily, pick the hammer. [Music]. guy, you've got to be so stupid not to be able to beat that level. oh my gosh, this is so annoying. all right, lady, if you want to get paid, you got to be as obnoxious and loud and annoying as possible for this act. oh my gosh, so annoying and loud. she's like rupturing my eardrum. she's so annoyed, i can't do it anymore. i can't do it anymore. ah, wow, she's lucky. throwing that laundry basket did absolutely nothing to that zombie. why did you even try? okay, was that dive really necessary? you could have just ran in normally. and of course, she just casually accesses her hidden vault of an arsenal of weapons because, you know, any normal person has an arsenal of weapons in their house, right? how many times have you seen a game that looks completely different all the time? literally every single mobile game ad is different than the actual game, including this one. i'm sure this one is too. i know this game looks exactly how you're seeing: amazing graphics, amazing graphics. the game looks like it was made 15 years ago for the ps2, like storyline, and, most of all, it has the perfect balance of enlightenment, adventure strategy, amazing storyline, adventure strategy- and all this stuff in a mobile game. i highly doubt it. yeah, yeah, i see what you're trying to do there. i'm not gonna download it and prove you wrong, because i know you're wrong already. how did she get herself tied up there in the first place? it's not like the zombies know how to tie her up to a ceiling fan. [Music] wow, that trash bin really did a lot of damage, didn't it? [Music] geez, they're running so fast. every single one of them missed with the throwing axe, even though they were like one foot away from the guy. and what are they? on ice or something? they literally slid like 30 feet. [Music] screw those guys. why would you even consider helping the people that kicked you out of their kingdom in the first place? you think those weak guards are going to stop me. no, admittance, are you kidding you? what's this terrible voice? act so bad. fireworks. open fire, gang. don't let the money rings. why do they think it's a good idea to charge directly at some mobsters with fully loaded weapons when you only have a baseball bat? oh, and, apparently, mafia members don't bleed human blood. mafia members bleed pure money when you shoot them. [Music]. ah yes, nothing feels quite at home like steel bars for the window. [Music]. her decision making was so bad that even the baby was questioning them. of course they had to zoom into her butt there. wow, this guy must have incredible strength to be able to take down a zombie with a volleyball. [Music]. what's this? some sort of magical pickaxe? how are you able to make a bed, tile, flooring, lamps, a television with only a pickaxe and some dirt? [Music]. how do you not see the other baby in the box? and it's not like the baby's going anywhere. you think at some point, when they walk out of their front door, they'd see the other baby, ther.

Evony: The King's Return - ads vs gameplay | Badvertising

hello, it's been a while, it's been a hot minute since i did, uh, one of these old advertising videos where i take a look at some mobile games ads and compare them to the real thing. but i'm back again and i've got more passion than ever to find out if these ads are truthful, which almost certainly they aren't, because whenever are they? but today we're looking at what's it? bloody cold again. ebony, the king's return is the name of the game. it's a terrible name, i'm gonna say it straight away. what kind of name is that really? but regardless, let's see what it's like, um, by looking at some ads. yeah, look at this already. it's one of these fully levery um games which are never, never what they seem. already we can see it's got the same kind of vibe as they often have, where whoever's playing it is just plain garbage, like hot garbage, and they fail every time, even though it's really obvious and it's infuriating and it makes you want to play it. look right now. what would you do? just pour lavin so it turns to to rock, or just burn the treasure? yeah, these ads are just like designed to piss you off. that's all their air force. it's this psychology thing that game developers seem to think they're really smart at coming up with where- oh, look at this guy, he's failing the level, but you can do it. and you think, oh, i could, i could beat ebony the king's return level easily. but it's probably not even the real game. let's be honest. like this one, for instance: what do you do? you free him? no, you don't release for golden bear. that's foolish. look, but they stopped. they saw what they were doing wrong instantly and they stopped us. very good, so he's got the water in. good, get valve in there. get rid of it. oh, oh, no, that's not quite. no, no, no, that was a mistake. look, in this one he's got a bloody, saber-toothed cat coming at him. oh, it's okay, we murdered that. now just crush the minotaur with this. no, that was, that's the wrong way. so yeah, i think we've got the gist of it. but there the thing about ebony the king's return is, there is actually a few other different kind of ads. they put out ones for a little bit more interesting, i suppose, for example, this one which i think is one of these ads you get. you know the start of the youtube video. believe that all those puzzle ads were fake and there's no such game. but today i finally found the game: ebony the king's return. that's right, guys, i've seen enough of their videos. today i'm gonna play it. right, be honest, i've gotta use my brain. he's gotta use his brains to play it again. he failed again. i'm stuck on this level. oh, my god, i lost my treasure, he lost his treasure. what is the point? i don't. i spat their invisible frustration because i just, i just don't understand why you're meant to believe that, like this is him playing the game. but look how fast the levels are going on the right here, they're racing for you. and i mean, like, obviously he's not playing the game anyway, is he? because, like you know he's doing, he's just some dude and then they've just put a voice over him. he's probably not even playing this game. he's probably playing like tetris or some other good, okay game. but like, really, this is just bizarre. this is just really mental effort. i don't. i don't know what they're going for. i don't know if they just thought it: let's fire stuff in and see what happens. let's see if we get clicks. they've clearly got the budget for it. i mean, just look at this game place. it's fantastik. and i will say now, we did have, um, very similar ads to this beforehand when we did fish them. i think it was called. was it fishtum, that game with the fish? yeah, it was a game with a fish and you, you know, you would pull the levers and there would be a shark and it would eat the fish. but, um, most of it was just a match free game, which was so i'll be interested if you know ebony actually lives up to what's showing according to its ads, because i mean, again, it's all this pulley levery bit, did he? i thought he would break his legs there. well, they've actually solved it. oh, my god. oh wait, it's a bloody. solutions and gamepl. we have a little compilation courtesy of coco emeralds. amvs, you ready this? this is good. this is yes, yes, yes, it says a lot. that's the same one. oh, that was good, wasn't it? just yes, yes, just yes. are we going to play this game? yes, are we going to like it? yes, yes. is it going to be the same as the ads? yes, he's wrong. okay, we're in ebony, the king's return. spin the wheel of fortune and get lucky. don't mind if i do. okay, what have we got? we need to select our culture. it's very loud. i need to turn that down. jesus, okay, good culture features bianco romano. um, oh wait, can we change europe? do we have to be europe? i think we have to be europe. that's a shame, isn't it? oh wait, no, we can't. we can be china. oh, is that real chinese? could someone check that please? can we can we fact check the chinese fair please? great, oh, i like the music for each one. but, um, different kind of stereotypical music. i like that. where should we go? should we just be british or europe? europe seems like the biggest. it's like a collective, not just a single country. you know, maybe europe's way to go. i don't know, it shouldn't really matter if we're just moving pegs around, should it? oh, we're in, are we? yes, this apricot. okay, that's fine, we've just continued. i don't mean, it doesn't matter. my liege should be in city. okay, we gotta go collect some resources. we can do that. i can collect resources. um, this is looking an awful lot like: oh, the pegs. we have pegs. look, we can do it. remember, we got- we kind of accidentally solved a solution to this one, um, which is a shame, but look at that, we got him across. wow, we did it, victory. that was a tough challenge, but the first puzzle of the game is done and it was a peg puzzle. i'm mildly impressed. right, the number of puzzles? okay, whatever, let's do it, let's enter. please be careful, it's dangerous here. okay, you must move the object, is that right? okay, that's fine, thank you. random night. i appreciate the advice. oh, here we go. look we are, we're in it. oh god, oh no, now i need to actually do a puzzle. that's a problem. oh, i didn't want to do that. um, let's get rid of that. i guess, get him. oh, wait, no, no, no, i know what i need to do. i need to get you boxed down, right, okay, and i need to get you like that. yes, here we go, i'm going to crush him. you ready? oh good, i thought i missed him. turns out we're all good. should i have done that? i don't know. oh, maybe i think i've done it, you know, yes, he's, i like he just keeps running. i've done it. oh, bloody, solved it. i can't believe it. that was just pure, pure luck. i'm a genius, thank you. good night, oh, i cannot wait, friend. what should we call him? um? [Applause]. sure, okay, and you, fandango um, are telling us that we can tok to the scout captain daley. is that shmeegle? or is this the scout captain? oh no, it's kenneth the butcher's boy. my liege. i found a group of ancient ruins. oh, who cares? just get on with it. show me what i need to do, right, okay, what does this do? oh, oh, it's timing based. is it go? oh, oh, i, i couldn't get him. can i try again? yeah, i can. can i hold it? is it a hold thing? oh, it's a whole thing. i was trying to time it, right. okay, that's fine, i can hold it. good, now, turn around. uh, ram, yes, go. yeah, we did it. look at that. this is okay. oh god, fandango, what do you want? uh, her voice is quite echoey. it feels like it's in my brain, feels like she's like in here, directly in my brain. i don't like it. build a barracks to begin training our ground troops. okay, i will do that. will it take one second again? yes, it will. great job, we built the barracks. we're training. oh, this is like every other. there's so many games like this. i'll tell you right now. i think i've done at least three games on this channel, but just the same game but with different mini games in between. it's getting kind of old guys. oh. but look, we have action, do we? yes, that's yes, robber. oh, attack, we need odds extremely high. that's that's good. yeah, generals, who gives a toss slope to general? are they all half naked ladies? oh, no, it's, it's, it's charles or schmiegel to friends of.