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New Rite Aid Ads: Big Savings this Week!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey there, Ravi here with the Rite Aid deals for the week of December 11th to the 17th, 2022. This week we don't have any earn bonus cash coupons, but there are still some great deals to be had. Let's take a look!

This week at Rite Aid, we have some great deals on health and wellness products, gift cards, and more. Keep reading for all the details!


- Buy one, get one 40% off on Neutrogena, Aveeno, and Lubriderm products. Plus, get $10 in bonus cash back when you buy $40 worth of

My CVS w a SPLASH 💦 of Rite Aid Coupon Shopping Haul For Sale Ads Ending December 17, 2022 💰Maker!

CVS and Rite Aid Coupon Shopping Haul

In this video, the speaker shares their CVS and Rite Aid coupon shopping haul. They got some good deals but also had some setbacks. Let's take a closer look at what they purchased.

Items purchased:

- Toothbrushes: On sale, buy two and earn back $5 in extra bucks. They used a $6 off three digital coupon and a $3 off $18 or more coupon. They spent $18.76 before coupons and earned back $10 in extra bucks, making it a 24 cent money maker.

- December Beauty Club item: Free with a CVS coupon.

- CVS Health vitamins vitamin C: They used a rebate offer to make it an 81 cent money maker.

- Nareva sleep: On sale for $6.49, they used rebate offers from Ibotta and Coupons.com to make it a $3.51 money maker.

- Gain laundry detergent: On sale for $10.99, they used a $2 digital coupon and it counted towards a monthly bonus cash challenge. They will get back $9.47, making it a 48 cent money maker.

- Olay beauty set: On sale for $5.99, they used a $5 Ibotta rebate offer, making it 99 cents.

- Zicam product: They had planned to use a $5 off $25 coupon but found out the rebates were no longer available. They ended up returning it, getting $2.50 off instead of $5 off $25.

The speaker was able to get some good deals and make money on some purchases. They also experienced some setbacks due to low inventory and rebate offers no longer being available. It's important to keep these things in mind when coupon shopping.

Rite Aid Haul - Week Of 12/18-12/24/22

Title: Rite Aid Deals for December 18th-24th

Hey friends! Welcome or welcome back to my channel. Today, we're going to Rite Aid to take advantage of some great deals for the week of December 18th through December 24th.


1. Jason Body Wash - Buy one get one half off. No bonus cash, but with Ibotta, get $4 back for men's and $4.50 for women's. Total cost for 2: $1.98.

2. Nexxus Hair Care - Buy one get one half off. With Fetch, get $5 back on two Unilever hair products and $4.50 back on two Shea Moisture products. Max limit of 5 each. Total cost for 4: $10.46. Profit: $8.54.

3. Suave Men's Body Wash - Clearance for $1.86. Use $1 off one printable from email. Total cost: $0.86.

4. Dial Hand Wash - Starter kit and refills both 50% off. With Ibotta, get $3 back for each starter kit and $2 for refills. Total cost for 3 starter kits and 1 refill: $14.41. Profit: $3.41.

5. Hershey Cocoa Bombs - 2 for $5 with $2 bonus cash back when you buy 2. Limit of 2. Total cost for 4: $10. Add a Cinnamon Toast Crunch bar for $1. Total cost: $11. Profit: $3.

Final Cost:

Total cost for all items: $25.90. Use $5 off $25 flu coupon and $2 in coupons. Total cost: $18.90. With Ibotta and Fetch rebates, get back $19. Total profit: $0.10.

Overall, these deals were a great success with a total profit of over $22. Thank you for watching and happy holidays! Stay in coupon mode!

Rite Aid Ad Preview 👍

Hey guys, it's raining kimono and I am here to give you a preview of the Rite Aid deals for the week of October 1st to 7th, 2017. There are some amazing deals with rebate apps and various coupons, so it has the potential to be a great week at Rite Aid.


1. BOGO Sale: Be cautious with BOGO sales as often, prices are jacked up for the first item.

2. Theater Size Candies: Nerds and Laffy Taffy are $1 each. Use a coupon from Coupons.com for 75 cents off two and pay $1.25 for two.

3. Purex Laundry Detergent: Buy 11 for $21.89 and use 11 $1 off coupons from Red Plum 10/1. Pay $10.89 out of pocket and receive $20 back on Saving Star. Final price point is 62 cents per detergent.

4. Garnier Hair and Skin Products: Buy $15 worth of products and receive 500 points. For shampoo, buy 6 for $21 and use 3 $3 off two coupons from Red Plum 9/10. Pay $12 out of pocket and receive 500 points. Final price point is $1.16 each. For skin products, buy 4 makeup wipes for $19.47 and use 4 $2 off one coupons from Red Plum 9/10. Pay $11.47 out of pocket and final price point is $1.61 for each makeup wipe.

5. Listerine Deal: Buy 6 for $30 and use 6 $6 off one hangtag coupons. Pay $20 out of pocket and receive 1000 points. Final price point is $2.33 each plus receive a limited edition US soccer scarf if you buy 20.


1. Keep an eye out for printables on Sunday morning for additional deals.

That's it for now. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. Stay tuned for additional videos as the week progresses.


Welcome back to my YouTube channel! Today's video is all about my recent shopping haul at Rite Aid. I found some amazing deals and money maker offers that I couldn't resist, and I'm excited to share them with you all.

Deals and Offers:

- Dial soap on clearance with Ibotta rebates

- Aquafresh toothpaste deal with bonus cash offer

- Suave body wash on clearance with internet printable coupons

- Shea Moisture hair products on clearance with Fetch Rewards and Ibotta rebates

- Nivea and shaving gel deal with bonus cash and Ibotta rebates

- Buy one, get one 50% off Pampers diapers and wipes with bonus cash offer

- Jason body wash deal with Ibotta rebates

- Bonus cash challenges and point system at Rite Aid


- Completely free and a $9.21 money maker after taxes

- Used bonus cash to pay for tax

- Earned bonus cash challenges, points, and rewards from various apps

Rite Aid proved to be a great shopping destination with its clearance deals, bonus cash offers, and rewards system. I was able to

Rite Aid 11/24 ad preview

Hey everyone, it's Michelle with Michelle's Frugal Living and thanks for watching my videos! Welcome to my new subscribers, and yeah, it's time for Black Friday. We have a preview for Rite Aid for November 24th through the 30th. This is the week-long ad, and I'm going to do a completely separate video for the three-day Black Friday sale.

Let's take a closer look at the Rite Aid deals:

- Black Friday deals at Rite Aid

- Preview for November 24th - November 30th

- Separate video for three-day Black Friday sale

Bullet Points:

- Spend $30 and get $15 back with P&G deal

- Tide pods and liquid on sale

- Covergirl cosmetics 25% off (all face and lip)

- Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste free with coupons and UPR

- Hershey kisses on sale with coupons

- Tresemme products on sale with UPR

- Suave products on sale with UPR

- Dial products on sale with printable coupon

- Physicians Formula makeup on sale with UPR

- BOGO 50% off artificial nails

- Gas-X on sale with coupons and UPR

- Dr. Scholl's products on sale with UPR

- Band-Aid products on sale with coupons

- LA Girl and Simple nail enamels on sale with UPR

- Kiss impress or nail design on sale with UPR and coupon

- Gift cards on sale with UPR

- Holiday music CDs on sale with UPR

- Ghirardelli chocolate squares on sale with coupon and UPR

- Look for potential double dips with Black Friday sale

- Compare deals to Black Friday sale for better prices

- Don't forget to use coupons to save even more money

- Happy shopping!

Rite Aid 4/6 ad preview

Hey everybody, Michelle with Michelle Sfergal Living here. Thanks for watching my videos! Today, we'll be discussing Rite Aid for April 6th through the 12th with coupon matchups. While it may not be an exciting week, you never know what coupons we might get!

Deals and Coupons

- Buy one get one free on select items.

- Video value coupons on Cadbury and Reese's eggs.

- $1 off 2 Peeps with Rite Aid Facebook coupon.

- Deals on Easter candy.

- $5 back on American Movie Classics gift cards.

- Monthly deal on Huggies and Johnson & Johnson baby care products.

- $3 off BIC razors with coupon.

- Limited time coupon for Anacin 50 count, making it a money maker.

- Monthly deal on Garnier Fructis, with potential to get 6 items for $0.15 each.

- Sales and coupons on cosmetics, such as NYC and Noxzema.

- Trash bags and Ziploc bags included in monthly deal of spend $5 get $2 back.

- Palmolive dish soap deal with video value coupon and manufacturer coupon.

- Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Foamer included in monthly deal of spend $15 get $5 back, with potential Catalina deal.

- Brita pitchers on sale with manufacturer and video value coupons.

- Tresemme products included in monthly deal of buy 2 get $3 back, with potential to use $2 off coupon.

- Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush deal with potential coupon.

With so many deals and potential savings, it's definitely worth taking advantage of Rite Aid's offerings this week. Don't forget to check for coupons and monthly deals to maximize your savings!

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