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news observer classified ads

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss the findings of a recent investigation related to sex trafficking and prostitution. The investigation involved safeguarding and welfare visits, which revealed shocking evidence of organized sexual services and control over prostitution. We will delve into the role of a particular individual who was found to be controlling prostitution through a popular online platform called Viva Street. Through this article, we aim to shed light on the prevalence of such activities and the role played by platforms like Viva Street in facilitating them.


- Numerous messages on the suspect's phone indicated the organization of sexual services and the pricing for various activities.

- The messages, spanning from August until now, were filled with explicit references to sexual services and arrangements.

- The suspect was arrested for controlling prostitution, as the evidence suggested that he was the one orchestrating these activities.

- The suspect's phone was used to place advertisements for these services on Viva Street, indicating his involvement in the platform.

- Viva Street is a well-known platform for arranging sexual services, and the more ads are placed, the more money the platform makes.

- The ease of arranging sexual services on Viva Street has made it a popular choice among individuals seeking such services.

- The platform offers a wide range of options, allowing users to specify their preferences for physical appearance and services provided.

- Viva Street is just one of the platforms used for advertising sexual services, but it has gained significant popularity in recent years.

The investigation revealed the extent of control exerted by individuals involved in prostitution and sex trafficking. Platforms like Viva Street have become a convenient avenue for arranging these activities, allowing individuals to advertise and arrange sexual services with ease. It is crucial for authorities to continue monitoring and taking action against such activities to protect vulnerable individuals and combat the exploitation associated with prostitution and sex trafficking.

Is this safest place in the world? BBC News

In the punishing cold of an Arctic mountain in the remote Svalbard Islands, there is a doorway that leads to what is meant to be the safest place on earth. Thankfully, they have bricked up the road to keep it isolated. Scientists are on their way, approaching through this hostile terrain, and I am with them, as we carry a precious cargo of seeds to be kept safe from the impacts of climate change. How often do you get deliveries like this? Well, we deliver three times a year.

The box of seeds is about to go through the first line of security. There are half a dozen security checkpoints in total. I have just come down the access tunnel that is cut into the mountain. This facility is situated 130 meters above sea level, ensuring its safety even if the polar ice caps melt due to global warming. As we go deeper inside the mountain, the temperature drops. This store is designed to survive any natural disaster, and the seeds can last here for a very long time. The duration depends on the crop, but some seeds may survive for more than 4,000 years.

Now, you may wonder if this place can really function and keep the seeds safe for 4,000 years. Well, it's difficult to say. The pharaohs probably thought their pyramids would last long, and they did. The last barrier to the store itself is inside here, where the temperature is minus 18 degrees Celsius. The rows of shelves are filling up with seeds from all over the world. There are samples of nearly half of the most important food crops, brought here just in case.

In the past, samples of seeds were held in glass test tubes, but now they are kept in little plastic packets. There are more than 800,000 of these packets in this vault. Everywhere you look, there are examples of why this place matters. For instance, there are seeds from Syria, plants that are resilient to drought, and some have just been returned to the Middle East when harvests were ruined by extreme weather. Having backup copies of key seeds is essential.

Another threat is flooding, which can damage national stores of seeds. This has already happened in the Philippines. With industrial-scale farming, most of our food comes from just a dozen varieties of plants. So, keeping different genetic types helps guarantee supplies. This is crucial for the survival of mankind in the future. We need diversity in our plant materials to ensure a stable food supply. We are facing numerous challenges, such as climate change and environmental problems. To tackle these challenges, genetic variation is necessary.

In these remote mountains, this place is meant to be a safeguard against an apocalypse. It is an insurance policy for a warming world. Reporting from Svalbard in the Arctic, this is David Truck Mont for BBC News.

Multi city Ad Placement 12 30 2015

Welcome to Thrifty Nickel! Here at Thrifty Nickel, we offer the opportunity to place multi-city national ads in mini print publications across the country. Our network of print and online ads reaches millions of viewers each month. Whether you're looking to place a print and online ad or an online-only ad, we've got you covered.

Placing a multi-city print and online ad on 30nickel.com is easy. Simply click on the Place Ad menu option at the top of the homepage or the Place Print Ad button near the categories tab. From there, you can select whether you want to place a non-business or business ad. It's important to note that if you select the non-business ad option for a business ad, the individual publication may choose to exclude your ad from their weekly edition. To avoid any issues, make sure to read the deadlines for placing a multi-city ad.

For online ads, you must select your ad two weeks in advance to run in the second week's edition. This gives the publications enough time to receive and review your ad. If there are any issues, they have plenty of time to make corrections. For multi-city display ads, you will need to contact the individual publication for costs and recommendations on building your ad.

When selecting the cities to place your ad into, you can use the advanced settings to sort by distance, name, state, or publication name. This ensures that you select cities in a specific area or closest to your designated marketing area. Once you've selected five cities or more, you can move on to the next step.

On the Select Ad Type page, you will see the national multi-city ad button. Here, you can review the options and prices for each city. After verifying your city selection, click the national multi-city ad button and proceed to the next step.

In the Build Ad page, you can select a classification and start date for your ad. If you want your ad to run for more than one week, you will need to contact the national marketplace or your local print publication. Make sure to include all necessary contact information and price details in the ad text.

Images are crucial for attracting viewers to your ad. To add images, simply click the Browse button, find the image on your computer, open it, and click Upload. You can upload up to 10 images for free. Images are free online and do not add any additional cost to your print ad.

If you want to add a video to your ad, you can upload it to your YouTube account and place the video ID or URL in the Add Existing Video field.

Before submitting your ad, review all the information on the Review Ad page. Make sure everything is correct and that you have included all necessary contact information.

Once you're ready to submit your ad, fill in your credit card information on the Submit Ad page and click Pay Now. You will receive a confirmation email once your ad is submitted.

If you encounter any issues or need assistance with the ad placement process, don't hesitate to contact customer support at Thrifty Nickel. We're here to help from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

So why wait? Start placing your multi-city ads with Thrifty Nickel today and reach millions of viewers across the country. You can be the best you can be, just like King Kong banging on your chest. Move mountains with your ads and achieve your goals.

GONE VIRAL: The Political Ad Women Have Been Waiting For

Political Campaign Ads: Breaking the Mold

- Political campaign ads are a common sight during election seasons.

- They are often generic and formulaic, featuring candidates with their families.

- However, sometimes a new ad comes along that subverts expectations and speaks to the current moment.

- Katie Darling, a Louisiana Democrat running for Congress, recently released an ad that did just that.

The Ad:

- Katie Darling's ad focuses on Louisiana's Draconian abortion ban and the lack of support for pregnant women.

- The ad features footage of Darling going through labor on her family farm.

- She highlights the concerns about climate change, underperforming public schools, and the abortion ban.

- Darling emphasizes her background as a bartender turned CEO and her work organizing health records for nurses.

- She presents herself as an outsider who understands the struggles of everyday people.

Why the Ad Stands Out:

- The ad breaks the mold of generic campaign ads by showcasing Darling's personal story and connection to the issues.

- It speaks to the moment by addressing current concerns such as climate change and restrictive abortion laws.

- The ad resonates with viewers because it highlights the real-life impact of legislation on families and communities.

The Importance of Representation:

- Darling emphasizes the need for diverse representation in government.

- Women with experiences like hers can bring unique perspectives and advocate for policies that support healthy families.

- Currently, with a majority of men in office, dangerous legislation can be passed without considering the impact on women and families.

Kitchen Table Matters:

- Darling's ad connects with voters on a personal level by addressing issues that directly impact their lives.

- She shares her own experience of not having paid leave during her first pregnancy and the challenges it posed.

- The ad resonates with viewers because it highlights the reality and impact of these circumstances.

Overcoming Partisan Politics:

- Darling is running against Congressman Steve Scalise, a senior Republican.

- Despite the appeal of Republicans taking control of Congress, Darling argues that Scalise's voting history does not align with the interests of Louisiana.

- She emphasizes the need to put aside partisan politics and focus on what is best for the constituents.

The Right to Privacy and Bodily Autonomy:

- Darling believes that every person has the right to privacy and bodily autonomy.

- She supports individuals making decisions for their families and consulting with medical professionals.

- Legislators should not be the ones making decisions about pregnancy and birth, just as they should not be making decisions about Roe v Wade.

- Katie Darling's campaign ad breaks the mold of generic political ads by addressing current concerns and sharing her personal story.

- She emphasizes the need for diverse representation and the importance of individuals making decisions about their own bodies.

- The ad resonates with viewers because it highlights the real-life impact of legislation on families and communities.

The Fight for Local News | SXSW 2021

Hi everybody, I'm Michael Luo, the Editor of NewYorker.com. I'm really excited to bring you this conversation today about the fight for local news. Let's start with some data points to frame our conversation. According to a report by the University of North Carolina, in the past 15 years, over a quarter of the country's newspapers, which is 2,100 newspapers, have disappeared. This has left at least 1,800 communities without a local newspaper in 2020. The number of local journalists in the country has been cut in half during this time. COVID has only accelerated this trend, with at least 30 newspapers closing in April and May 2020, and many journalists losing their jobs or being furloughed.

I recently read a deeply reported piece by one of our writers, Charles Pathe, about Jones County in Eastern North Carolina, which no longer has a newspaper. The situation is similar in other parts of the country, where local news outlets have been so heavily impacted that they are no longer producing substantial content. Even in places like North Carolina, where there used to be a great newspaper like The Raleigh News Observer, the newsroom has shrunk significantly. From 250 newsroom employees, it is now down to around 60.

I'm excited to have Zahira Torres, Mandy Jenkins, and Sewell Chan here with us today. Each of them is deeply involved in the fight for local news. Zahira, as the Senior Editor for an Investigative Reporting Initiative by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune, can you tell us about the state of local news in Texas and how your current project fits into addressing the problem?

- Zahira Torres explains the challenges faced by local news in Texas, particularly in El Paso, where the newsroom has dwindled to fewer than 20 staff members for a county of 800,000 people.

- She discusses the need to balance bringing in new readers while not losing the traditional loyal readers who have supported the newspaper for years.

- Zahira talks about her work at ProPublica and The Texas Tribune in funding investigative projects in local newsrooms across Texas and expanding coverage to regions that lack investigative resources.

Mandy, you have been running two different startups in Ohio and Colorado. Can you tell us about the genesis of Mahoning Matters and the other projects you're working on? How are you trying to address the lack of local independent news in these communities?

- Mandy shares the story of Mahoning Matters, which was launched after the closure of the Vindicator in Youngstown, Ohio.

- She emphasizes the importance of bringing in the staff from the Vindicator, who were familiar with the area and the players involved.

- Mandy explains the Compass Experiment, a collaboration between Google and McClatchy, which aims to build sustainable news outlets and provide lessons for the industry.

- She also mentions another project in Longmont, Colorado, which focuses on serving communities with limited sources of local independent news.

It's clear that the fight for local news is crucial, and these initiatives are making a difference in addressing the challenges faced by local journalism. By funding investigative projects and creating sustainable news outlets, we can hope to fill the gaps left by the decline of traditional local newspapers. The battle for local news is varied, but with efforts like these, there is hope for a stronger future.

In conclusion, the fight for local news is a battle that requires innovative solutions and collaborations. The decline of traditional newspapers has left many communities without a reliable source of local information. Initiatives like the Investigative Reporting Initiative by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune, as well as the Compass Experiment, are working towards filling this gap and providing sustainable models for local journalism. By supporting local newsrooms and investing in investigative reporting, we can ensure that communities have access to important news and information. The fight for local news is ongoing, but with dedicated individuals and organizations working together, there is hope for a stronger future for local journalism.

Suspicious0bservers is a Pseudoscientific Doomsday Cult

Hey everyone! So a while back, I made a debunk video on something called the electric universe. I thought it would be a one-off thing, but the toxic reaction I received from certain people made me realize I struck a nerve. The majority of the backlash came from followers of a guy named Ben Davidson, who runs a channel called Suspicious0bservers. I had never heard of him before, but he angrily reacted to my debunk and slandered me on Facebook. He even sent thinly veiled physical threats by email. Talk about overreacting!

I made my own response video to show that Ben is just a lawyer pretending to understand astrophysics to make money on the internet. Despite his threats, he never contacted me directly again. I then debunked another scam called the SAFIRE project, followed by a channel called Sky Scholar. Turns out, Sky Scholar is Ben's protégé in fraudulence. His minions attacked again, but they didn't even watch the response video.

Now, let's dive into Ben's history of fraudulence. His YouTube content is garbage. He puts out a video every single day, pretending to keep the viewer up to speed on recent developments in astrophysics. But here's the thing: he always misrepresents the papers he flashes on screen. Sometimes he twists a few words, and other times he flat out makes things up. He's a con artist, giving off an air of industriousness and transparency, but never actually communicating what's in the papers. His viewers are more interested in the story than the science, so they never bother to fact-check him.

Let's look at a few examples. In one video, Ben claims that a paper about pre-earthquake electromagnetic signals supports his claim that the sun causes earthquakes. But in reality, the paper has nothing to do with the sun. It's about microwave frequency emission from the earth's surface. Ben either didn't read the paper or is deliberately lying about its contents.

In another video, Ben peddles a scary 12,000-year death cycle surrounding solar activity. He tries to upsell the effects of magnetism in celestial dynamics to keep his followers within the Electric Universe bubble. But the papers he references don't support his claims at all. One paper is about local magnetic fields shaping interstellar dust clouds, while the other is about calculating the resulting magnetic field from charged particles in a galaxy. Neither paper mentions his wacky 12,000-year death cycle.

Ben is just a pseudo prophet, pretending to have insider knowledge about the end of days. His claims are no different than what you'd hear from any other apocalyptic cult. He twists scientific papers to fit his narrative and preys on gullible viewers who don't bother to fact-check him.

In conclusion, Ben Davidson is nothing more than a grifter. His YouTube content is full of lies and misrepresentations. Don't fall for his con.

Talk Of The Town 8-27 2

Welcome back to Talk of the Town! I'm here with my guest Vic Marcucci and we're discussing the early stages of the presidential campaigns for both sides. Hillary Clinton is facing some challenges with emails and her personality. It seems like she's struggling with how to handle the questions and the stress that comes along with it. Her judgment in using personal servers for her email has come under scrutiny.

One aspect that confuses me is that as the Secretary of State, she dealt with top matters of foreign affairs. How could she not have classified material on her personal server? The issue here is that having a private email server goes against White House policy. President Obama's administration made it clear that all government business should be done on the government email system, which is more secure. So, what she did was a violation of policy.

Furthermore, Clinton never explicitly says that she never transmitted classified information. She only states that she never transmitted information that was marked classified. However, leaked information suggests that there were at least 300 emails that should have been marked classified. The Clinton camp tries to muddy the waters by arguing that there is no clear definition of what is classified, but the fact remains that classified information was being transmitted on a private server.

Beyond the legal aspect, there is also a political issue at hand. Clinton has not handled this situation well and it has damaged her image. She appears to be hiding something and not being forthright. This has caused a significant loss of trust among the American people. Over 57% of Americans believe that she is not trustworthy and is not telling the truth. This is a hurdle that she needs to overcome.

As for the strategy of getting this issue out early, it seems to have backfired on the Clinton campaign. Unlike her husband, who was relatively unknown when he ran for president, Hillary is a well-known figure. People have already formed opinions about her, whether they like her or not. This is not something that can easily be changed.

In terms of qualifications, Clinton's experience as a Senator and Secretary of State is often touted. However, experience alone does not qualify someone for the presidency. It's more important to assess how she performed in those positions. For example, during her time as a Senator, she failed to fulfill her promise of creating 50,000 new jobs in upstate New York. When asked about her most significant accomplishment as Secretary of State, she couldn't come up with one. Her record is not particularly impressive.

Looking ahead to a general election, I'm not optimistic about Trump's chances against Clinton. Presidential elections are decided by the electoral college, and right now, the Democrats have a head start with about 237 electoral votes compared to the Republicans' 217. The swing states will play a crucial role, and many of these states have a growing population of minority voters. Trump's rhetoric is unlikely to resonate with these voters, and he needs to find a way to appeal to them.

While Trump is a known brand and doesn't have much room to grow, candidates like Ben Carson have more potential. Carson's message is less inflammatory and could have broader appeal. Additionally, the Republican field as a whole is strong, with candidates like John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Carly Fiorina. They are younger than Clinton and have a chance to appeal to a wider range of voters.

As for Joe Biden, there's a possibility that he may enter the race. Some believe that he could be a strong candidate, but others think that he may not have much room to grow. The Democrats seem to be in a bit of a bind, with limited options. Al Gore is also rumored to be considering a run, but it's unclear what he brings to the table. The extreme wing of the Democratic Party, represented by figures like Elizabeth Warren and Martin O'Malley, leans towards a socialist view, which may not resonate with the majority of voters.

In conclusion, the early stages of the presidential campaigns have brought several challenges for Hillary Clinton, particularly with regards to her emails and her trustworthiness. The political landscape is shifting, and the demographics of the electorate are changing. The Republicans need to find a way to appeal to minority voters, while the Democrats are facing a limited pool of candidates. It will be interesting to see how the race unfolds in the coming months.

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