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newsletter pop up shopify

Published on: February 11 2023 by pipiads

How to Set Up Shopify Newsletter Popup

Setting up a newsletter popup on your Shopify store is an effective way to collect email addresses and grow your subscriber list. With this guide, you can learn how to set up your own newsletter popup and boost your marketing efforts.


1. Install an App:

There are several Shopify apps available to help you set up a newsletter popup. Some popular options include OptinMonster, Privy, and Sumo. Install the app of your choice and follow the prompts to create a newsletter popup.

2. Design Your Popup:

Customize the design of your newsletter popup to match your branding and website. Include eye-catching visuals and a clear call-to-action to encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

3. Determine Popup Timing:

Decide when your newsletter popup will appear on your website. Consider setting it to appear after a certain amount of time on a page or when a visitor is about to exit the site.

4. Offer Incentives:

Provide an incentive for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, such as a discount code or free resource. This will increase the likelihood of visitors sharing their email addresses with you.

5. Test and Analyze:

Test your newsletter popup to make sure it is functioning properly and analyze its effectiveness. Use metrics such as the number of subscribers and conversion rates to make adjustments and improve your popup's performance.

Setting up a newsletter popup is a simple yet effective way to boost your marketing efforts on your Shopify store. By following these steps, you can create a compelling newsletter popup that will help you collect email addresses and grow your subscriber list.

How to Add Popup Newsletter on Shopify Store? (With Customization) | Step-by-Step Tutorial

Welcome to our tutorial on how to add and customize a newsletter pop-up on your Shopify store. By the end of this video, you'll be able to create and personalize newsletters to your liking. Let's get started!

1. Accessing the Newsletter Modal

- From your admin page, click Online Store and then click the Customize button in the theme section on the left-hand side.

- Search for Newsletter Modal and click on it. This will show you all the settings.

2. Enabling and Disabling Your Newsletter

- You can enable or disable your newsletter by checking the appropriate box. If you want to disable the newsletter until you finish customization, uncheck the box and click Save. To enable it later, check the box and click Save.

3. Choosing Newsletter Frequency

- You can choose how frequently visitors should see your newsletter, from 1 to 30 days. We suggest keeping it to one day.

4. Setting Newsletter Pop-up Time Duration

- You can choose at what time duration your newsletter should pop up. The format is given in milliseconds. For example, add 5,000 milliseconds (5 seconds) and save it. Visitors will see your newsletter only after 5 seconds.

5. Customizing Overlay Background Color and Transparency

- You can change the overlay background color, but make sure to choose the right overlay transparency so that it's pleasing to your visitors.

6. Aligning Text and Adding Images

- You can align your text to be on the center, left, or right side. To add images, upload them from the system or choose one from the gallery.

7. Choosing Newsletter Style

- Shopify theme offers five different newsletter styles. Test them out to see which one works best for you.

8. Editing Newsletter Content

- Edit the newsletter's main title, subtitle, content, and additional text to convince your visitors.

9. Enabling or Disabling Social Icons

- You can enable or disable the social icon by checking the appropriate box.

10. Customizing Individual Section Colors and Hover Colors

- You can change the individual section colors and hover colors for the title, subtitle, button, and social icons.

In conclusion, with Shopify's Boom theme, you can easily customize and personalize your newsletter pop-up to your liking. The theme offers many customization options, and we hope this tutorial has given you a complete idea of how to add and customize a newsletter pop-up on your Shopify store. If you have any doubts, please leave us a comment. Thank you for watching!

#1 Pop-up for Shopify | Start Growing your Email Newsletter List FAST!

Email marketing is a crucial way to grow your online audience and build trust with potential customers. With pop-ups, you can quickly accelerate your email list growth and drive more traffic to your Shopify store. However, it's essential to do them right to avoid annoying your visitors and losing out on potential subscribers.

Here are some tips for using pop-ups effectively:

- Target new visitors: Use pop-ups to capture the attention of visitors who are unfamiliar with your brand and entice them to sign up for your email list.

- Time it right: Don't bombard visitors with pop-ups as soon as they land on your site. Wait until they're about to leave or have shown some interest in your products.

- Offer value: In exchange for their email address, give visitors a discount code, exclusive content, or other perks to entice them to sign up.

- Use an app: Justuno is a great app for creating and customizing pop-ups on your Shopify store. With a free 14-day trial and easy setup, you can get started in just three minutes.

Now, let's dive into creating two types of pop-ups with Justuno:

1. Lead capture pop-up: This pop-up targets new visitors to your site and encourages them to sign up for your email list. Choose a pre-built theme, customize it to fit your brand, and offer a valuable incentive to entice visitors to sign up.

2. Exit intent pop-up: This pop-up targets visitors who are about to leave your site and offers them a discount or promotion to entice them to stay and complete their purchase. Customize the pop-up with a compelling offer and set it to trigger when visitors are about to leave your site.

By using these pop-up techniques, you can quickly grow your email list and build trust with potential customers. With Justuno, it's easy to set up and customize pop-ups that work for your Shopify store.

How To Create A Smart Discount Popup On Shopify

Hey there, Christian here! In this article, I'm going to show you how to create a smart pop-up on your Shopify site using the Sumo app. Let's dive in!

- Some Shopify themes offer a basic pop-up feature, but it lacks customization options.

- Adding the Sumo app allows for more control over timing and placement of pop-ups.

- We will also create a cart abandonment pop-up to offer discounts to customers leaving the checkout page.


1. Add the Sumo app to your Shopify store.

- Click Customize your store and search for Sumo.

- Install and sign up for the app, then copy the code provided.

2. Insert the Sumo code into your Shopify theme.

- Go to Online store and select Themes, then Edit code.

- Find the closing body tag and paste the code before it.

3. Customize your pop-up form.

- Click Start using Sumo in the app.

- Edit the automaker form or create a new one.

- Choose a pop-up form type and design your form.

- Use the visibility options to control when and where the pop-up appears.

4. Customize the success message and email responders.

- Edit the success message to match your branding.

- Use Sumo's email automation features to send responders to subscribers.


- Avoid using disruptive welcome mats.

- Pay for the pro version to access more design templates.

- Use the smart mode for easy pop-up visibility control.

- Customize the success message to match your pop-up form.

- Utilize Sumo's email automation features for efficient subscriber communication.

By following these simple steps, you can create a customized and effective pop-up on your Shopify site using the Sumo app. Take advantage of its features to improve your site's conversion rates and enhance customer experience.

How to create and add Klaviyo pop-ups to your Shopify Store [2021]

Adding Signup Forms to Your Website with Klaviyo: A Guide for E-Commerce Businesses

In this video, Jared from Email Experts will show you how to add signup forms to your website that connect to your Klaviyo account, allowing you to grow your email list and increase sales through email marketing.

Why Signup Forms are Crucial for Organic List Growth:

- Strategically adding signup forms and pop-ups to your website prompts visitors to join your email list, giving you permission to email them and nurturing them into buying customers.

Two Types of Signup Forms:

1. Embedded forms, commonly found in the footer of a website or on landing pages.

2. Pop-ups, which are more effective for growing your email list and collecting more email addresses.

How to Add Signup Forms:

1. Install the signup form code snippet in your website's theme.

2. Create a list within Klaviyo to collect subscribers.

3. Design and customize your signup form or pop-up.

4. Edit behaviors to determine who should see the form and on what devices.

5. Activate the form and test to ensure it works properly.

Tips for Success:

- Give discount codes in the first email instead of on the success page to train subscribers to open your emails.

- Be sure to link your pop-up to an existing welcome flow and test it before going live.

By adding signup forms and pop-ups to your website with Klaviyo, you can grow your email list and increase sales through effective email marketing strategies.

Shopify Popup Tutorial: Grow your email newsletter list with popups that convert

Creating Highly Converting Pop Ups for Your Shopify Store

If you are interested in creating highly converting pop ups for your Shopify store, then you are in the right place! In this video, we will show you how to create perfect pop ups for your business and how to back them up with irresistible offers.

First, we need to understand that people will not give you their emails unless you give them something in return. This thing could be a discount code or a special offer.

Types of Forms:

There are three types of forms that you can use to capture your customer's leads: pop up, flyout, and embedded form. The pop up form usually has the highest conversion rate and is the most direct one.

Email Marketing:

We recommend using Clavio for email marketing. However, most of the things we will discuss in this video will remain relevant, as we will also show you how to design your pop ups and offers to attract your customers.

Creating Your Pop Up:

To create a pop up in Clavio, click on create a new form and choose a pre-made template. We recommend picking the one that looks the most like the pop up you want to create. You can then change everything, including the style, image, background color, input field text style, and input field style.

By following these steps, you can create highly converting pop ups for your Shopify store. Remember to always give your customers something in return for their email, and consider using the pop up form for the highest conversion rate. Don't forget to like this video, subscribe to our channel, and sign up for our free workshop to learn more about creating a sustainable ecommerce business.

How To Add Custom Newsletter Popup in Shopify - Without Any App

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to add a pop-up to your Shopify store without using any app. You won't need any paid or free app, we'll be using custom code. The pop-up will show up on load and we can add a time delay and multiple entrance animations to it. Let's get started!


1. Edit the code by clicking on the three small dots and then on Edit Code.

2. Add the GS code in GlobalJS, which is the file where we will be adding our JavaScript code.

3. Include the jQuery CDN in Theme.liquid.

4. Add the CSS code for the pop-up in base.CSS.

5. Add the pop-up code in our theme load liquid file.


1. The pop-up can be triggered on page load or on idle.

2. We can add multiple entrance animations like fading, fly in right, left or up.

3. User session can be defined to show the pop-up only once per user.

4. Delay time can be adjusted.

By following these simple steps, you can add a pop-up to your Shopify store without using any app. The customization options allow you to create a unique and attractive pop-up for your customers. Don't forget to subscribe and comment on the video for more tutorials. Have a great day!

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