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newspaper ads from 1920

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, welcome to a new series I'm doing called Percussion in the News, where I'm going through this awesome binder full of vintage drum news ads and articles that my friend Jerry Ryman has sent over to me. This thing is a gold mine of vintage drum-related content that he's put together from different archives. Today's episode is all about Ludwig drums, to kind of go along with the recent episode I did with Uli Salazar on the podcast about the Ludwig Super Phonic and that whole history. We learned a lot about it. I want to keep these kind of short, so let's jump in.

- This first newspaper clipping is from the Chicago Tribune in 1921. It says, Give the boy a Ludwig drum. They had professional models specially priced for the holidays. You could get a snare drum for six bucks back then, which is like 96 dollars today. It's a pretty good deal. The Ludwig drum had the same quality and caps can head as you would expect from any Ludwig drum. The Ludwig drum is a great aid in training the boy's sense of music and will develop ambition to become a musician, which became a profitable profession in 1921. It says, Come see it at your nearest dealer or at our big plant. Come in today.

- This one is from Lacrosse Tribune in 1923 in Wisconsin. It's a newspaper clipping about Ludwig Juvenile Trap Drums. It says, Trap drum outfits for the young folks and the home orchestra. A trap drum outfit is necessary to complete the now popular home and school orchestra. They are easy to play and ideal for accompaniment and practice with piano and phonograph. They're simply great for the young folks and for the dances at home or parties and entertainment. The Ludwig Juvenile Kit is $20, which was about $380 in 1923. Other outfits were $66 and $96 and up.

- This ad from Joplin, Missouri in 1925 says, Play yourself into popularity. The young man or girl who can play some kind of instrument will never want for the right kind of friends. They have extraordinary bargains in used and shop-worn instruments. It also mentions Ludwig Tango Trap Drum Outfits for $57.50, which is around $949 today.

- Lastly, this little ad from the Chicago Tribune in 1927 says, Who wouldn't want to be a drummer? They have Ludwig professional outfits for $57.50, which is about a thousand dollars today. The outfits consist of a Ludwig bass drum, all-metal snare drum, stand, junior pedal, brass pedal, Chinese crash symbol and holder, one pair of hickory sticks, and an instruction book.

I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Percussion in the News. Thank you to my friend Jerry Ryman for putting together this incredible book of vintage ads. Subscribe, like the video, and comment below on what you think and which brands you'd like to hear about in the future. There are tons of them in this binder, and I appreciate you watching.

Vintage newspaper ads from the abandoned farmhouse

Before leaving the abandoned house, I decided to film the old newspapers. Let's quickly go over them. Many of these stores are probably no longer in business. There's cheap ice cream and boxes of 6 for 25 cents. Never heard of the store Kings. The old papers are scattered all over the floor. What else did we find?

Whenever I explore abandoned houses, I make videos of interesting things I come across. I never take anything with me. In this house, there was a 1961 refrigerator for $269. Nowadays, even a cheap fridge costs around $700. The prices back then were so much cheaper. Many of the papers are torn and damaged from water because they were left on a leaky back porch. It's amazing how durable newspapers used to be.

There are also old TVs, like a cool 23-inch one. Well, in my opinion, it's cool. There are old washing machines too. I've never heard of the appliance store JM Fields. It must have been really old. They had back to school savings of up to 37 percent off.

I'm just trying to give a quick overview of all these items. Some of the papers are destroyed, and others are wet. I'll wash my hands before leaving. I always carry hand sanitizer in case I touch something gross. I have gloves, but it's hard to handle papers with them on. That's just my personal preference.

There are also roofing shingles and other things. Thanks for watching, everyone!

Sexist PSAs From The '40s and '50s Show How Far Women Have Come | NowThis

In this article, we will explore the importance of music in conversation and the impact it can have on the overall dining experience. We will discuss how certain elements, such as hairstyles, clothing choices, and personal hygiene, can affect one's perception of a person's behavior. Additionally, we will delve into the significance of skincare and maintaining a good appearance during mealtime. Lastly, we will touch upon the spread of emotions and its connection to anger, as well as the concerns surrounding body image and physical energy in the workplace.


1. The Role of Music in Conversation

2. The Influence of Hairstyles and Clothing Choices

3. The Significance of Skincare and Appearance

4. The Spread of Emotions and Anger

5. Body Image Concerns and Physical Energy in the Workplace

1. The Role of Music in Conversation:

- Music should not monopolize the conversation, as it can quickly ruin the charm of a meal.

- How excessive talking without breaks can disrupt the dining experience.

- The negative impact of distractions like hair, clothing, and socks on conversations.

2. The Influence of Hairstyles and Clothing Choices:

- Observing one's appearance, including hair, blocks, skirts, and socks, can affect how they are perceived in terms of behavior.

- Examining the correlation between personal style and social interactions.

- The significance of personal grooming in creating a positive impression during mealtime.

3. The Significance of Skincare and Appearance:

- Highlighting the importance of maintaining clean skin during meals.

- Exploring the need to eliminate body odors caused by sweat, skin scales, and dust.

- Emphasizing the connection between clean skin and overall attractiveness.

4. The Spread of Emotions and Anger:

- Noting how anger can spread from one person to another, affecting their behavior.

- Acknowledging the possibility of becoming angry due to someone else's anger.

- Discussing the induction of behavior or emotions in response to others.

5. Body Image Concerns and Physical Energy in the Workplace:

- Addressing concerns about body weight and the mental anguish it can cause.

- Recognizing the shift from less physically demanding jobs to more active roles in industries.

- Encouraging the adoption of healthy eating habits to sustain increased energy levels at work.

In conclusion, this article has shed light on various aspects related to conversation, appearance, and emotions during mealtime. It is essential to strike a balance between music and conversation to maintain the charm of a meal. Personal grooming, including hairstyles, clothing choices, and skincare, plays a significant role in how individuals are perceived and can impact their behavior. The spread of emotions, particularly anger, can influence others' responses, while concerns about body image and physical energy in the workplace need to be addressed. By considering these factors, individuals can enhance their dining experiences and overall well-being.

Is there life on other planets? (1962) | RetroFocus

Do you think there is life on other planets? This question has intrigued scientists, researchers, and ordinary individuals alike for centuries. The possibility of extraterrestrial life has fueled countless debates and discussions. While some firmly believe in the existence of alien life forms, others remain skeptical. In this article, we will explore different perspectives on this fascinating topic and delve into the reasons behind these beliefs.

Main Points:

1. The Existence of Alien Life:

- Is there life on other planets?

- Personal opinions vary, some are unsure, while others are convinced.

- Is there scientific evidence to support this theory?

- The role of religious beliefs in shaping perspectives.

2. Experiences and Sightings:

- Individuals claiming to have witnessed UFOs or encountered alien life.

- Diverse accounts and their credibility.

- The possibility of shared hallucinations or mass hysteria.

3. Characteristics of Extraterrestrial Life:

- Imagining the nature of life on other planets.

- Differences in physical form and environmental adaptations.

- Speculating on the presence of advanced intelligence.

4. Exploration and Discovery:

- The importance of space exploration in the search for extraterrestrial life.

- The possibility of finding life on planets like Mars or Venus.

- The excitement and potential implications of such a discovery.

The question of whether there is life on other planets remains unanswered. While some are hopeful and believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life, others remain skeptical due to the lack of concrete evidence. Regardless of personal beliefs, the exploration and discovery of alien life forms continue to captivate our imagination and drive scientific endeavors. As technology advances and space exploration progresses, we may eventually find answers to this age-old question.

1914 | Sainsbury's Ad | Christmas 2014

In this article, we will explore the lyrics of the song Jenkins Oakley Knight Holy Night and discuss its meaning and significance. We will delve into the various phrases and expressions used in the song, including contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms. Through an analysis of the lyrics, we aim to understand the emotions and messages conveyed in this classic Christmas carol.

Lyrics Analysis:

- Jenkins Oakley Knight Holy night All is calm All is bright Holy infant so tender Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly Jim Jim No don t do it Halt My name is Jim My name is Otto Pleased to meet you Otto Rose she s called Danke Happy Christmas

1. Contractions: The lyrics include contractions such as don't and she's to convey a more informal and conversational tone.

2. Idioms: The phrase All is calm, all is bright is an idiom that expresses a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

3. Transitional phrases: The use of transitional phrases like No, don't do it and Halt adds a sense of urgency and interruption in the lyrics.

4. Interjections: The interjection Jim Jim indicates surprise or concern, while Danke expresses gratitude or thanks.

5. Dangling modifiers: The phrase Sleep in heavenly peace could be seen as a dangling modifier, as it does not clearly specify who should be sleeping in peace.

6. Colloquialisms: The use of Pleased to meet you and Happy Christmas are colloquial expressions commonly used in casual conversations.

Through the lyrics of Jenkins Oakley Knight Holy Night, we have examined the various linguistic elements employed in the song. From contractions and idioms to transitional phrases and interjections, these techniques enhance the overall meaning and emotion conveyed in the lyrics. The use of colloquialisms adds a relatable and familiar touch to the song. By analyzing these elements, we gain a deeper understanding of the message and significance of this classic Christmas carol.

1966: Children imagine life in the year 2000 | Tomorrow’s World | Past Predictions | BBC Archive

In the year 2000, I imagine a future filled with advanced technology and automation. Here are some of my thoughts and predictions:

- The year 2000 holds many possibilities for the future.

- Technology and automation will play a significant role in shaping our lives.

1. Population and Overpopulation:

- The world will be overpopulated, leading to conflicts and wars.

- Nuclear explosions and radiation will make the Earth uninhabitable.

- Measures must be taken to address the population problem.

2. Automation and Job Market:

- Computers and automation will take over many jobs.

- People with high IQs will be in demand for computer-related jobs.

- There will be a shortage of jobs for the general population.

3. Living Conditions:

- Recreation areas will be designated in specific parts of the country.

- Urban areas will become densely built and visually unattractive.

- Some people will live underwater or in domes due to the population increase.

4. Housing and Design:

- Houses will be smaller and more compact, with a focus on artistic design.

- Flats will be stacked on top of each other to accommodate the growing population.

5. Agriculture and Livestock:

- Livestock will be kept in buildings instead of grazing in pastures.

- Animals will be artificially reared to increase food production.

6. Climate Change and Sea Level Rise:

- Interference with the weather and rising sea levels will impact the Earth.

- England may be partially submerged, leaving only islands and highlands.

7. Potential Ice Age:

- Some believe that the Earth might experience another ice age.

- The sun may burn out, and an ice cap will cover the Earth.

8. Health and Equality:

- Medical advancements will lead to more cures and better health.

- Racial and socioeconomic divisions will diminish.

- Despite advancements in technology, the future may not be as pleasant as imagined.

- The world seems to be in a terrible state now, and it is uncertain what the future holds.

The Nations Biggest Collection Of Racist Objects Are All In A Michigan College Basement

As a teenager, I began collecting racist objects that were prevalent during the Jim Crow era. Over time, my collection grew to thousands of pieces, leading me to contemplate the experiences of people of color during this dark period in history. Although I never intended to create a museum, the collection continued to expand, and in the 1990s, I decided to give it to the University. After 15 years of hard work, we finally opened the museum in 2012. Unlike other museums celebrating African American history and accomplishments, my goal was to create a space solely dedicated to exploring racism and its impact on our history.

Exploring Racist Objects:

- The collection consists of various racist objects, such as postcards and mammy images, that have been used to reinforce stereotypes about black people and white people.

- One of the most thought-provoking discussions in the museum revolves around the word nigger and its meaning in society. While words themselves have no inherent meaning, the shared meanings attached to them shape our understanding and discussions about racism.

- It is important to note that individual objects are not inherently racist; rather, it is the society that creates and racializes these objects. For example, a watermelon is not inherently racist, but it has been racialized due to historical contexts and associations.

- Different individuals perceive racist objects differently. Some may view them nostalgically, associating them with good times spent with family, while others see them as reminders of slavery and segregation.

Collecting and Learning from the Museum:

- The museum has received support from many friends and continues to receive hundreds of new pieces each year.

- Collecting these objects helps us initiate conversations about racism and understand its historical and ongoing impact.

- The museum has become a place of relief for many collectors, as they can finally let go of these objects, allowing others to learn from them.

- The personal experiences of being outsiders and facing bigotry due to sexual orientation also contribute to our understanding of racism and the need to combat it.

The Jim Crow Museum:

- The Jim Crow Museum offers a safe space to confront the truth about racism and its persistence in modern society.

- The collection includes objects from various eras, even as recent as 2015, reminding visitors that racism still exists today.

- Some visitors are shocked by the level of racist rhetoric they encounter at the museum, prompting them to confront uncomfortable truths.

- It is important to acknowledge that while we are not in the Jim Crow period, there are echoes of that time in the current political climate, with racist rhetoric reminiscent of the past.

The Jim Crow Museum serves as a powerful reminder of the history of racism and its ongoing impact. Through the collection and preservation of racist objects, we gain a broader understanding of how racism has persisted throughout history and into the present day. It is crucial to continue challenging racist ideas and creating spaces for dialogue, where diverse perspectives can be shared and bigotry can be confronted.

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