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newspaper wanted ads

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How to write the perfect want ad

what does it take to put together the perfect team? it takes the perfect one, dad. but how do you write the perfect one tab? most of us take out ad in the newspaper and Craigslist and we say what we're looking for- an account executive or personal assistant, something like that- and we get inundated with responses. but that doesn't guarantee that the people that we're going to hire are great fits, because what makes a great team are people who believe what you believe. if somebody believes what you believe, they're going to work for you with blood and sweat and tears. if they don't believe what you believe, they work for your money. the example I love to use is of Ernest Shackleton. Shackleton was a turn-of-the-century English explorer and what makes him famous is that he and his team were stranded in the Antarctik ice for 22 months. but what makes Shackleton expedition famous is that no one died. no one died after 22 months being stranded on the ice. this was not lucky. Shackleton hired the perfect team and, just like us, he took out an ad in the newspaper. he took out an ad in the London Times. now, it didn't say what he needed. it didn't say men needed for expedition must have five years experience and know how to hoist the mainsail. that's not what he said. and think about how we write one tides. account executive needed minimum five years experience, must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, and we get inundated with responses. what Shackleton's ad said was something different. he was brutally honest about what the conditions were like to work aboard his ship and on this expedition, and his ad in the London Times went like this: men needed for hazardous journey: long hours, bitter cold, dark nights, survival doubtful if success, Honor guaranteed. the only people who were applied for the job were people who loved insurmountable odds. the only people who apply for the job were people who read that ad and went cool, and that's why Shackleton and his crew survived on the ice for 22 months. he hired people who were great fits. now, when we take out ads or when we're interviewing people, we sometimes butter up what the job is going to be like. we're not brutal honest. if your office is chaotik, tell people that it's, that it's chaotik. if you're in office environment is one where everybody works late, say that in your ads. say that in your interview, because if you don't, you're going to hire people who fall in love with the job that you're selling, but not the job that they get. be brutally, brutally honest what it's like to work for you and what you believe, and you'll find it amazing the kinds of people you can recruit for your team. I did this recently when I hired somebody to join my team and if you look below, you can see the exact one tad that I use to find somebody on Craigslist. I wasn't inundated with responses because I said exactly what I believed and I was brutally honest about what it was like to work for me. the amazing thing was I found the perfect person in just four days, somebody who believes what I believe. so go ahead, uses the template and see how well you do and don't forget: find somebody who believes what you believe, not just who does what you need them to do.

WSJ News | Anti Modi AD By WSJ Sparks Outrage On Indian Social Media | Latest News | English News

again. there's been a full page advertisement in the Wall Street Journal against India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, Finance Minister nirmala Sita Raman, key figures in the Judiciary and top officials of investigating agencies, which has led to an upro on social media as well. senior advisor to the government of India, kanchan Gupta, has slammed American Media for the advertisement, which alleges that those named decimated the rule of law by weaponizing the institutions of the state to settle scores with politikal and business rivals, making India unsafe for investors. for more details, let's quickly go across to Abhishek Jah on the phone line. Abhishek, this is not just one artikle that we are toking about. repeatedly, there's been the kind of projection that India has been battling in Western media. days ago, Spain's News Daily had used a caricature to tok about India's uh economy. we've seen the kind of artikles that have come in the New York Times as well. uh, also this the. the timing of this is significant, as India's external affairs minister, Dr SJ Shankar, had also raised the matter. uh, as far as the entire Narrative of India in Western media is concerned, of course, and uh like, if you may, as you mentioned the statement where he has clearly said that, uh, there are predictability in Western media as to what they are going to report, on which issues and how are they going to give a spin or what would be their perspective or various issues? uh. however, if you tok about the current issue, which is the full page advertisement in Wall Street Journal, uh, where it is uh the. the advertisements say that the rule of law is being dissemitted in India and there are pictures of uh for finance, Mr nibla sitaraman and other key government functionaries, and that is clearly an anti-india campaign. that has been given a full page space in Wall Street Journal and this is the government agencies are. sources are saying that this is apparently being financed and promoted by one of the uh key accused in Devas money Landing uh money laundering case, vishnathan, and who is the? he is behind this advertisement. that is anti-india campaign. we must tell our viewers that vishwanathan is currently a fugitive. he is being uh sought by Indian agencies into the probe of deva's corruption case. uh and uh. so he is behind this whole uh scheme of things where Indians are senior Minister and India's government as a whole is being portrayed as something which is not based on Law and which is against Judiciary, and uh also being asked not to go and invest in India. so clearly it's a civilian campaign against India, and agencies and the government should reciprocate and retaliate in some civilized manner as to how a media or Nation can be used as a front for an anti-india campaign. also, there's been lot of anger on Twitter uh by Indian users. they they've, of course, been slamming this entire write-up. if you could take us through how uh Indians have reacted on social media? of course there has been, like you you mentioned about Gupta. there have been other Twitter handles also, because we don't know exactly when this ad was published, but you know, almost like Puritas, that this mean this news has been on social media, whereas Twitter Handles in India are trying to tell uh the the audience that how this ad is a campaign against India and who are the people behind it. there is no Bonafide uh person or institution or an organization who is running this campaign. vishnathan he himself has been a person who has been charged in corruption cases. he's uh being sought after by uh, by uh enforcement directorate, in the money laundering cases involving Devas corruption case and he's The Fugitive and he is behind this whole uh anterior campus. so we can clearly establish how people who are being sought by Indian investigative agencies have play, have played from India, and now they are sitting across the uh the the world, maybe in the US uh. they are launching this anesthesia campaign and asking the Global Investors not in this in India, especially in the light of latest IMF ranking, where the world economy has been operated to be slowing down. India's economy is going to be uh have been predicted to have a robust uh comeback. so in that context, it really doesn't augerville absolutely, Abhishek, very rightly pointed out by you that the IMF has, in fact, uh forecast that India will continue to remain one of the fastest growing economies, and that is why this artikle is only making a mockery of its own publication. many thanks to you, Abhishek, for bringing in all those details and with that,

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Newspaper Ads

all right, stay on the real estate guy coming through from the Home Office once again with yet another tiknique to buy property at a wholesale level, or what I call the cash value, or well, well below the retail value- low in apps- that you can resell that property for a profit or perhaps keep it and generate some positive cash flow. that partikular method is an interesting one because it's so simple. it's just simply called the newspaper ad. you know it's been used for many, many years. in fact, when I started learning a little bit of these tikniques from my mentor, I had to agree not to use the newspaper ad because he was using that partikular method. he enjoyed that method and he bought usually two properties and month from those calls, just like the non owner-occupant letter. if you've watched that video, taking that call is very similar to that program. it's how you handle that call. that's very, very important. you're going to get some calls if you have an ad in the paper, even though there's going to be multiple investors with the same ad. I remember that they always play games to be on the top, all right. so I had to agree not to use this method when Maya mentor was teaching me a few other methods and then one time he went on a long vacation. I think it may have mentioned this on another video, but he went on the long vacation and offered to put my phone number on the egg while he was gone for three and a half weeks and I got one of my best transactions that year- probably was my best transaction that year- where i paid around 100 and 200 and 3,000. property happened to be a pre-foreclosure. so you can look at that method. that's probably where i mentioned this. they've been a pre-foreclosure a few times. a guy in and out, but he called on the ad. I received the phone call sounding too good to be true. this guy, I could tell, was motivated one out, but I put that transaction together for somewhere around a hundred and two hundred. 3000 sold it for 199,000. now that there was a lot of work to do, I probably put somewhere in the neighborhood of probably around 30,000 into that property. might have been a touch more, but either way it was a great transaction. it was very profitable and it was a win-win. this guy need it out. all right. he was on the edge of basically losing his family over this property. he didn't want that. his wife and his daughter meant more to him than this pile of wood. the house was torn apart and couldn't go on the retail market so I stepped in, I do 30,000 and work and solve his problem. he's the guy that came back two years after that. he was back on his feet, got a new job, happened to retraining computers. at the time computers were taken off and he was ready to buy two years later. very neat story. anyway, it's just a simple real estate ad that says: i buy houses. usually newspapers will have an area called real estate wanted. that's usually where you run those ads. you can play games of start a mathematikally, you know, you know a one real estate buyer or something to defect to get yourself on the top of that list. and I remember back in those days looking at his at and yeah, he would move up and down town who played the game to get on the top of that. he ran it consistently 30 days out of the month. you know the entire month. if you think about it, one good transaction pays for an ad like that for many, many years. even in a good-sized market probably pays for quite a few years. so he was getting about two on average per month and paying around fifty cents on the dollar on those properties in that market. remember, not all the tikniques will work in every market, but I know there's folks running these ads right now. in today's market it just might mean that a lot of people that call or upside down and don't have equity. so you have to get very good at going through those phone calls quickly looking for the guy who you can solve this problem and make it a win-win. you win by buying below market. he wins by getting out of the situation quickly. so you run the ad continuously. I, if it's one of your lines in the water- we toked about that like fishing- you got it line in the water. maybe you work in a couple other methods. you're looking for it. you've got some profits and you're looking for more volume. maybe you continue with the methods that are working for you but then put the ad in the paper as well- the feet. that picks up another transaction or two. I know there's folks using this method today, like I said in my marketplace, some very successful people using it today. there might be modern versions of this. I don't know because I don't use the tiknique right now, but there might be some online places you can advertisers. now, going back to the newspapers: the, my mentor, rather than that in the number one newspaper in the area- we only had two papers and one eventually, I think, dropped out. but you can also run these in free newspapers like the penny saver and things like that, trillian expensively and perhaps get calls there to remember the. any condition, any area is important. I know you. there may be a few areas that you don't buy, but why don't you wait for that call to say no if you want to do that? that way, you don't eliminate all the other areas that might be transition areas between your favorite places to buy and the least favorite places to buy. you're going to want to mention that you have cash and can close fast. I believe if you look at the ads, that will give you some clues. these days, because of online, you might even be able to look at other papers from surrounding cities that are similar to your city and look at people kind of adds people run. if they're running continuously, then they're leaving them in there because it's working for them. so if you check that, you know these days online you might be able to check some papers and find out if people are running these ads consistently. getting back to handling the call: same with some of the other programs: once you use a tiknique to get the phone to ring and you get that call, you're going to want to get all the information you can. in a logical sequence you're going to get that person toking telling you all about the property. they'll tell you. I used to always ask if there's problems with the property and then just listen to what they say. don't tell you. you know. they know you're out for a bargain. they need cash and want to close fast and they want to be. if you're open and honest with them, they'll do the same with you. you might from time to time get some folks so there's letting you try to figure it out. they won't tell you anything, but be careful of those. in those cases you need to inspect that property closely. I would always expect it closely, but there's a lot of times we can gather enough information and have enough good feel for that seller to let them know right on the spot. you might be able to run your comps while you're toking to them and you may be able to make that offer on that first call, just with the the condition that after you look at the property. if it's what you think it is, then this is what you can pay. if thats, you're letting them know this is the ballpark that I'm going to be in. if it's what you say it is, i can pay this much for it. if they- if that's in their ballpark and they're agreeable to that- they say you know that might work for me, then you just make an appointment and get to that property and look it over. if you're brand new and it's a heavy fixer, get your contractor to come with you. all right, you're going to notike that. the types of people that call on these ads are motivated. they have got a reason. so if they've got a timeline, I want you to make sure you can meet it. make sure they're realistik in their timeline. you know, I know that the person i told you that i know he bought propers from people that were leaving the country. they needed to leave the country. they wanted to sell a couple of properties fast and leave the country. I know that that happened before. I also know that one time we purchased a father from someone that got himself in a little.

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Creating a simple newspaper ad for a church using Adobe Indesign

we're actually going to create an ad for a church, church group, and it's going to be in the middlebury sutton chronicle and i know they're typically a quarter page ad three and a half by point seven, five. yeah, we're going to go with that size there. so we're using indesign, we're going to create a three and a half wide by 4.75 tall space using indesign. um, okay, so let's do that. i'm gonna go to my email. uh, let's see, i want to grab some of that, some of the text. okay, close that text email here and i'm gonna rough it in here. uh, okay, so this is the rough text that the church group wanted to have. i bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people, for unto you is born this day in the city of david of a savior which is christ, the lord from luke 10, 11.. i- like that's pretty. uh, needs to have the name of the church. join us for an advent on sundays at 10 am. christmas eve service at 6 pm. okay, so here's what we know. so we know that we need the name of the church, which i know is the first congregational, congregational church, and what i? what i do. okay, so i'm gonna go to the website. uh, sutton first church, church dot, i think it's dot dot, uh, dot net. sunfirstchurchnet. yep, there, it is okay, and this is the first congregational church of sutton. let's have the address here. okay, so we're gonna grab the address 307 boston post road. we'll put that in here. we'll center this. uh, let's go to type and then we'll change case. we'll go to uh title case, so it's not all upper lower case. we'll do sunfirstchurchnet, because if they need more information, let's just do a space space, bullet space space, and then we'll do the web address there. okay, we'll kind of position that over here. so we have the address there and i like to center the text box, so i'll position it over the entire thing right here. that's cool, okay, so we know that. uh, we know it needs to have the church. join us for an advent on sunday. so i'm going to say this: join us for an advent on sundays, 10 am. okay, this is gonna be text here. this is sort of like an action item text. um, so i'm going to keep that kind of here in people's focus. um, this here. this is interesting. so this is a quote from the bible. i'm gonna kind of put that in here we're gonna add like kind of a cool image. so what i like to do is i like to have- well, that was weird. you see my face just glitch out over there. that's really weird. i don't even know why i have my face here, but hey, why not? so what i like to do is kind of position a color block, sometimes just a black block. so i'll go over here to swatches and i'll take a color fill black, i'll put that in the background and then i'm going to make the text white. okay, so let's do that. and and then what you do in indesign is you can go to, um, my microphone- here you can actually hear me. um, let's go to view. let's go to screen mode preview. that gets rid of the, the lines. here in indesign what you do is you do command r on your keyboard, you drag your ruler down and it goes back to that view here. um, so that's kind of like how you toggle. you can go screen mode normal to preview normal. to preview normal gives you all of the outlines and guidelines and things like that. i like to look at it in preview, preview here. um, you know, first, church of sutton. i'm going to lower case that here we're going to play around with the typography too. that's going to be important, and we want to have this quote on something very pretty. so we, you know, i have various stok agencies that i use. um, i happen to love shutterstok myself, so i'll go to shutterstok and i think currently i don't have a subscription with them. i usually do, um, but anyway i'll do. i'll do, i'll do research here. so this partikular ad for a church has to do with the bible, it has to do with an advent, and so we'll do join us for advent on sundays at 10 am, christmas eve service at 6 pm. okay, so we know it's gonna have to do with jesus. so what i'll do is something cool, like i'll do a search for, uh, jesus manger night time, and i'm going to be looking for some royalty free stok images that i can buy. um, and these are all really pretty. so you know, some, some are going to be usable and some aren't going to be usable. um, oh man, these are really pretty. so maybe something like you know, looking through these, i'd probably go with something like: i mean, these are already kind of mocked up already, which is kind of neat. um, boy, boy, it's hard to decide, i'd probably go with something like this. let me look at this one here. what i do is, before i purchase the images, um, i will sometimes grab this sort of as a mock-up and put this, put this roughly in position in that black box that i made the text box in the background. so i will, um, drag that right inside of here and double click it and then i will hold my command and shift key to make the size proportionate just to see if i like it. you know, i mean, obviously we don't want the watermark there, shutter stok and all that, but we'll kind of play around with that here. yeah, see, it's kind of hard to read, and looking at it at an ad in a newspaper, it's going to be really hard to read that. so i don't think i am going to use that image. so what i do is i go back to the drawing board and i look for other images here. this is kind of cool. i like this one, i'll drag this one down, and sometimes i like creating my own artwork too. in fact, quite often i'll. i'll do that, but for now i'm just going to focus on looking at these. these are really cool, some of these, so maybe this one. let's see, we got this one here. oh, wait a second. you know what i like this one, and i'll tell you why i like this one here. this one here. see all the space there for text. yeah, i kind of like that one there. so what i'll do is i'll drag this one down here, minimize this, okay. so we got this one here. that's the one i liked, right? yeah, this one's a little too tight. this one's a little too snug. this one, this one's a little too dark. it actually looks like a- uh, like an asteroid's coming down, and i know it could be the, the, uh, the christmas star or something, but that that looks a lot like an asteroid. so i don't think i'm gonna use that. um, let's try this one. yeah, this is the image that i liked. yeah, this is kind of cool. yeah, this is really cool. okay, so maybe i'll do that there. um, the shutterstok thing will be out of the way, so that's not going to be an issue. i'm not sure if i like, though. i mean, we're kind of losing the wise men, so i might actually have to do some customization here in photoshop of this image, but, but for now, let me position that in, and this here is going to be certainly going to be a lot easier, um, a lot easier to read if we change this typeface to to more of a. let's see, let me go with a bold, sans-serif font, so it might be easier to read. we'll go to paragraph uh. we are not going to hyphenate because that makes nice clean, clean breaks here. we're gonna go over to character, we're gonna spread it out, spread out the leading a little bit, um, to have the saying there. i'm gonna definitely do a little bit of work on the uh, on the image, and then this here. i mean, i i guess it's kind of a pretty font, but you know, let's play around with some of these fonts. so we have gotham bold, that kind of matches what's up above. there too, join us for advent sundays at 10 am. christmas eve service, 6 pm. yeah, so maybe we'll do that and then we'll we'll kind of space out the uh, the paragraphs. we'll do a soft return here because they kind of go together. so we'll do that. this here will will match the same thing. now, here's the thing, here's, here's, here's what i like to do. so you know, this is this sort of a standard kind of humdrum font. it's not humdrum, i mean, it's bold and easy and what? what we got to realize is that when people look at this in the newspaper, you know we could do something really, really fun and cozy and all that. so let's say, for example, we want to get clever and do something with this bikram script pro. i love this font right. this works really well for advent, but you see how hard it is to read as an ad and a paper. we want it to.

Ripple - To The Good Samaritans In Our Lives: Thank You. // Viddsee.com

هل يمكنني الحصول على هذه ؟ اممملا, لما لا تأخذين شيئاً مميز لجدك? ؟ أنا اسفة. ، هل يمكنني اعادة الكيك? ؟ بالطبع, يمكنك. أريد الكيك. أرجوك, لن أطلب منك مرة أخرى في المرة القادمة ، جيد? ؟ عندما يمكننا من تحّملها. في المرة السابقة ، قلت ذلك. هم لا يريدون ذلك. ؟ سوف اخذها اذاً هيه مرحباً. ، هذه لك لا ، لا يمكننا قبولها, أرجوك, هل يمكنك? ؟? ليس هنالك سبب يدعوك لشراء هذه الكيك لنا? حسناً, عندما كان عمري 7 سنوات, والدتي أرادت شراء كيكة لي. أمي أريد تلك, لكن لم يكن لديها ما يكفي من المال. هل يمكننا الحصول على شيء أخر, لكن عيد ميلادي اليوم. هل استطيع اختيار كيكتي? ؟ أنا أسفة عندها. ذلك الرجل لم التقيه من قبل. تفضل هذه الكيكة. عيد ميلاد سعيد. لم أعلم بأسمه. لم أحصل على فرصة لقول شكراً. أنا لم أنساه ابداً. الرجل في محطة الانتظار. شكراً لك, لا, ، شكراً لك. هل يمكنني الحصول على رقمك? ؟ اسمح لي ان ادفع لك عندما يكون لدينا المال. أوعديني بشي, جيد ؟ يوماً ما, عندما يمكنك مساعدة شخص ما ، هل تفعليها? ؟ هل يمكنني معرفة أسمك, سيدي? ؟ حسناً, ، انا الرجل في محطة الانتظار. جدّي, لقد اخترت هذه الكيكة لعيد ميلادك. وااو ، انها المفضلة لدي. شكراً, دعونا نضع بعض الشموع تمهلوا. لم يكن عليك اضاعة المال, في الحقيقة ، رجل ما قام بالدفع. لقد اعطاني هذه المذكرة. أرجوك ضع عنوانك. سأقوم بأعادة المال اليك لاحقاً. عمل بسيط من الاهتمام يصنع موجه. لا نهاية لها. هذا سوف يعود اليك, شكرا لك. عيد ميلاد سعيد. "موجة". ترجمة عبدالاله كعوات.

Episode 39: Why Newspaper Advertisers Keep Buying

print. readership is in Decline, the newspaper itself is shrinking and newspaper companies are diversifying. do local ad buyers still care about the newspaper? we'll find out in about 30 seconds. welcome to Corey's local marketing minute, an enlightening and entertaining look at what's happening in the world of local marketing. Corey's local marketing minute is brought to you by ad celerant. tiknology and marketing that make the complex simple. focused on generating results and growth for businesses of all sizes, ad celerant offers best-in-class tiknology and software, award-winning customer service, expert education and exceptional Operational Support to ensure campaign performance for customers. learn more at adcelerantcom or book a demo by emailing info. adcelerantcom- and now the shaman of local marketing, Corey Elliott. welcome back everyone. and if it's your first time, shame on you. you should subscribe and comment and hit that like button and all the other Social Media stuff I'm supposed to say for this episode. let's tok about newspapers. I do this myself anyway. newspapers, like all traditional media companies. they've been going through Rocky dimes for a while, so we wanted to understand: does anybody care about the newspaper anymore? and by anybody, of course, in this context we mean local advertisers. so we really wanted the thoughts from those local businesses who are still currently advertising in a local printed version of a newspaper. what do they think? let me show you. it's cruel. Health leading good art is. so in our local Advertiser survey we screened out the people who said they bought newspaper ads and we wanted to ask them Effectiveness questions about those newspaper ads, but maybe not the typical questions you're thinking of. well, one might be typical, but let me show you. the first thing we asked about was driving action, sales, traffic response leads: how effective was the newspaper ad or ads? you're advertising a newspaper, you get it. so this is the percentage that said very or extremely and the percentage that said not at all or slightly: 19 said very extremely. 37 said not at all or slightly. well, there we go, we're done. I'm kidding. obviously there are people advertising in a newspaper, but maybe it's not for this. that's why we ask more questions like building awareness of the company I work for, Branding. 36 percent said very extremely. 22 said not at all or slightly. aha, this is becoming interesting. what about this one supporting my community? now, remember, it's not about the newspaper being perceived as that, it's about them being in the newspaper. let me read you the question. please rate how effective, in your opinion, the newspaper advertising bought by your company performed in the perception of supporting my community: 43 said effective, only 18 said not effective. and finally, to bring this whole thing together, was it effective in having the company I work for being viewed as part of the community, a little different than supporting the community? 45 said effective, 18 not effective. so look what's happening. newspapers are being perceived by newspaper advertisers. it's less about driving action and more about branding and being seen as part of the community and go. a lot of local advertisers see the newspaper as integral to the local community. who wouldn't want to be a part of that? in fact, we went one step further with this idea and we ask: if your local newspaper stopped publishing, how would it affect your community? let me get that up there. okay, if your local newspaper stop publishing, how would it affect your community? this has nothing to do with your ads. this is asking local newspaper advertisers: how would the paper going away affect your community? would it be a large positive impact, small positive, no impact, small negative or large negative? I want to concentrate on these. what percent of newspaper advertisers said the newspapers going away would have a negative impact on the community? 83 said negative. and remember, these guys seem to be in the newspaper, to be associated with the community and have a positive reflection. so some of you naysayers out there would say: well, of course it's going to be high because they're newspaper advertisers. so we asked non-news paper advertisers this same question. what percentage of them said it would be a negative impact? 55 over half, because that's how math works. of non-newspaper advertisers say the newspaper going away would be a negative impact on my community. all right, as marketers, what can we take away from this? are the days of saying that the printed newspaper is all about driving the bottom of that funnel over? I don't know if they're over. it can still do that provided the audience is right. but all this suggests there's another functionality to newspaper that may be untapped in some markets. maybe your Market's got it, I don't know. so, to answer the question at the top of this thing, local businesses care about the newspaper, both newspaper advertisers and non-newspaper advertisers. who should I draw another newspaper? no, you've been watching Corey's local marketing minute sponsored by our friends at adcelerant. learn more at adcelerantcom, remember. if you'd like to hear more of Corey's insights, check out the local marketing Trends podcast. just Google Burrell podcast or look for the podcast link on burrellassociatescom.