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next week ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Television trailers have always been a great way to lure audiences into watching the next episode of their favorite shows. From exciting adventures to thrilling mysteries, TV trailers have never failed to create anticipation among viewers. In this article, we will take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most tantalizing TV trailers from times past.

Scenes from Next Week's Shows:

- Jigsaw: Starring Robert Stack as Elliott Ness, Flores Leachman, and Bruce Gordon with special guest star James Gregory

- Route 66: Marty Milner takes you on a preview of the next episode where a generous day turns into tragedy for Buzz

- Spider-Man: A battle against the unbeatable Doc Ock and the deadly stolen weapon

- The Twilight Zone: A story called Caesar and Me featuring Jackie Cooper as a ventriloquist and his dummy

- Checkmate: Guest stars David Jansen and Susan Lloyd in the exciting story of a rodeo champion fighting for both a girl and his life

- The Fugitive: A frightened woman, a troubled boy, and the fugitive pursued by a hate-crazed executioner in a desert city

- The Defender: An exciting case starring EG Marshall, Susan Oliver, Joseph Anthony, Ben Piazza, and Bob Reed

- Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Admiral Nelson retraces time to save the Seaview

- Lost in Space: John Robinson is inadvertently transferred into a strange unreal anti-matter world where he is confronted by an exact counterpart image of himself

TV trailers have come a long way over the years, but the goal has always remained the same - to entice audiences to tune in to the next episode. From the exciting adventures of Jigsaw to the suspenseful mysteries of The Twilight Zone, TV trailers have always been a great way to create anticipation and excitement among viewers. So, the next time you see a TV trailer, remember the classics that paved the way.

What Surprises Does Walgreens Have For Us Next Week | Walgreens Weekly AD Preview 10/9 - 10/15-

Walgreens Weekly Ad Preview for October 9th-15th: Deals of the Week and More!

Welcome back everyone! We're excited to bring you the latest deals and offers from Walgreens for the upcoming week. Let's take a look at what's in store for us!

Deals of the Week:

- 7Up, 3 for $12.99

- Pistachios, $5.99

- Dunkin Donuts Coffee, $6.99

- Scott Paper Towel/Toilet Paper, $5 each

- Downy Unstoppables/Bounty/Gain/Sherman, $10.99

- Gillette/Secret/Old Spice Deodorant, 2 for $13

- Crafts Disposable Razors, $8-$11

- Irish Spring/Soft Soap Body Wash, $5

- Garnier, $7.99

Other Sales:

- Tide Laundry Care, Buy 4 Get $6 Store Reward

- Purex, 2 for $5

- All/Snuggle Laundry Care, $7.99

- Ajax, Buy 1 Get 1 Free

- Viva/Cottonelle/Kleenex Products, $4.99 + Spend $30, Get $10 Store Reward

- Angel Soft, $10.99

- Walgreens Paper Products, $3.99/$4.69

- Complete Home Aluminum Foil, 2 for $2

- Tumblers, Buy 1 Get 1 50% off

- Paper Plates/Bowls, Buy 1 Get 1 50% off

- Cleaning Products, Various Sales

- Sally Hansen, Spend $12, Get $3 Walgreens Cash

- Olay Skincare, Spend $20, Get $5 Store Reward

- Garnier/Whole Blends Hair Care, 2 for $8

- John Frieda/Dove Hair Therapy, Buy 1 Get 1 50% off

- Tresemme/Pantene/Aveeno Hair Care, Spend $20, Get $5 Store Reward

Additional Information:

- Digital coupons available on P&G Everyday for select laundry care items

- Check for insert coupons for Garnier items

- Dove deodorants will be Buy 1 Get 1 50% off next week

- Amino lotion included in Spend $20, Get $5 Store Reward next week

That wraps up our preview of the Walgreens weekly ad for October 9th-15th. We hope you find these deals and offers helpful and don't forget to check for any additional coupons or promotions to save even more! Happy shopping!


CBS Ad Preview for January 24th-30th: Say Goodbye to Early Paper Ads

- Starting January 31st, CVS will no longer release paper ads early and will only be available online.

Bullet Points:

- $10 gift card deal continues

- Centrum vitamins and Hall reliefs included

- Colgate Spin 15 get 7 with coupon

- Garnier Fructis 2 for 7 with 3 off 2 coupon

- Valentine's Day cookies buy 1 get 1 free/buy 2 get 3rd free

- Irish Spring body wash or soap 3.99 buy 2 get 3

- Neutrogena spend 3 get 10

- NYX spend 12 get 5

- Physicians Formula spend 15 get 6

- Paparazzi nail polish kits buy 2 get 4 ECB

- Aveeno buy 1 get 1 40% off with $10 reward

- Eucerin spend 20 get 10

- Dove get $10 gift card when spend $30

- L'Oreal Ever Pure shampoo and conditioner 2 for 15 with $5 off 2 coupon

- Pantene 3 for 15 get $5 ECB

- Colgate toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrushes spend 10 get 5

- Kotex buy 1 get 1 50% off plus buy 2 get 2 ECB

- Boost 9.99 buy 2 get 4 ECB with $4 off 2 coupon

- Ricola buy 1 get 1 50% off

- Revlon and other cosmetics deals

- Great deals on vitamins, cosmetics, and personal care items

- Take advantage of buy 1 get 1 free deals and coupons to save even more

- Remember to check for CRTs and use the CVS app for additional savings.

CVS AD PREVIEW Deals for next week! 6/7 - 6/13/2020:LOTS OF FREEBIES AND MONEY MAKERS!! UPDATES!

Music lovers, get ready for an exciting CVS ad preview for the week of June 7th through the 13th, 2020! Vitamins are a big focus this week, with many being offered at buy one get one free or buy one get one 50% off. Make sure to hold onto any vitamin coupons, especially those for Vitamin C, as we are expected to get some insert coupons for them.

Tide lovers, don't miss out on the opportunity to snag the 100 ounce bottles for only $11.94 with a $3 manufacturer coupon. Olay is also offering a great deal where spending $30 gets you $10 in extra care bucks.

Covergirl is continuing their spend $15 and get a free GSQ by Glam Squad blender deal, and you'll also receive $7 in extra care bucks when you hit the $15 threshold. Check coupons.com for additional Covergirl coupons if you missed out on this Sunday's newspaper.

Shea Moisture hair care is a steal with a $6 off 2 coupon and a spend $20 get $10 extra care bucks offer. And if you're looking to try out One A Day Women's Fruit Bites, they'll be only 49 cents with a 49 cent instant coupon.

There are also great deals on supplements, lactose intolerant products, Similac, and Poise Active pads. And for those who love oral care, don't miss out on the Colgate deals and the opportunity to get $4 in extra care bucks when you spend $8 on Colgate Total.

Physician Formula Cosmetics is also offering a deal where you spend $10 and get $5 in extra care bucks, and there's a $4 off coupon at the Extra Care Coupon Center. Additionally, Hawaiian Tropic and Copper Tone sunscreen will be on sale with hanging coupons available.

Overall, there are many great deals to be had at CVS for the week of June 7th through the 13th, so make sure to plan ahead and use any applicable coupons and extra care bucks to get the most out of your purchases.

Bitcoin Ads Coming To USA Television Next Week

In this article, we will be discussing two major developments in the crypto world. Firstly, we will talk about Grayscale's new national ad campaign promoting crypto assets in the US. Secondly, we will discuss the recent surge in trading volume and price of Chainlink, a decentralized finance project. Additionally, we will touch upon the controversy surrounding Zeus Capital LLC's attempt to spread FUD about Chainlink.

Grayscale's National Ad Campaign:

- Grayscale, a major crypto asset management firm, is launching a national ad campaign in the US.

- This comes at a time of socio-economic and geopolitical uncertainties, which may turn people towards financial and monetary alternatives.

- The ad will be shown on CNBC, MSNBC, Fox, and Fox Business, although some believe that cable news does not get the viewership that local news does.

- The ad's impact is yet to be seen, but it will bring crypto assets to people's homes on major television networks.

Chainlink's Surge in Trading Volume and Price:

- Chainlink's trading volume on Coinbase has surpassed that of Bitcoin, which is rare for any coin.

- This surge is driven by the increased popularity of decentralized finance.

- The token has seen a price increase of over 45% in 48 hours and 440% in 12 months.

- Chainlink's market capitalization has shot up to $5.12 billion, making it the sixth most capitalized token.

- Supporters believe that the token's price will reach $20 by the end of August.

Zeus Capital LLC's Attempt to Spread FUD:

- Zeus Capital LLC has been spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about Chainlink, claiming that the price will go to zero.

- This attempt has been largely unsuccessful, as Chainlink's price and trading volume continue to rise.

- Many believe that Zeus Capital LLC is simply trying to short Chainlink and profit from its decline.

In conclusion, Grayscale's national ad campaign and Chainlink's surge in trading volume and price are both major developments in the crypto world. While Zeus Capital LLC's attempt to spread FUD about Chainlink has not been successful, it highlights the importance of understanding the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and the potential risks and rewards involved in investing in them.

Sneak Peak Of Dollar General New Ad For Next Week 😍

Hey guys, what's up? Today, we're going to take a look at the new ad for July 26th through August 1st. I used to coupon a lot, but since I can't go out to the stores as much, I decided to do it again and show you what's coming up.

Bullet Points:

- Drinks on sale for $10 when you purchase three of them (Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry, A&W)

- Ice cream on sale 2 for $6

- Cereal on sale 3 for $6

- Coffee on sale for $5.95

- School supplies on sale (notebooks for $3-$4, paper for 50 cents, crayons and glue for 50 cents)

- Snacks for kids (Honey Buns 2 for $5, Cheetos 2 for $5, Gatorade buy 4 get 1 free)

- Gain laundry detergent on sale for $3.95 with a $2 digital coupon

- Angel Soft toilet paper on sale 2 for $9

- Pet food on sale (dog food for $6.95, cat food for $13)

- Febreze buy one get one free

- Colgate toothbrushes and toothpaste on sale (buy 2 get $3 off)

- Save $2 when you spend $7 on Suave items

- Save $4 on any razor or cartridges

- Detergent on sale (Extra for $4.50 with a $1 digital coupon, Squishy Towel for $7 with a 50 cent digital coupon)

These are just a few of the deals available in the new ad for July 26th through August 1st. There are also beauty items, medicine, and vitamins on sale. Take a look at the ad for yourself and see what deals you can find!

My BIGGEST CVS Haul EVER & A Sneak at next weeks ad!

CVS Haul: A Breakdown of Deals and Savings

Mississippi here, and I just went on a CVS shopping spree. In this article, I will be sharing my haul, tips on how to save money, and breakdowns of some of the deals.

Savings Tips:

- Use rolling transactions to bring down out-of-pocket costs

- Look for coupons and deals on participating items

- Utilize apps like Jinguk to earn free money

Haul Breakdown:

- Skippy deal: Spend $15 on participating items, get $5 ExtraCare Bucks back. I bought six Skippy jars at 2 for $5, making them $1.66 each.

- Eminem deal: On sale for $2.46, I used a $1.50 manufacturer coupon and a $1.50 CVS coupon, making it $2 for both or $1 each.

- Glade deal: Spent $12, got $4 ExtraCare Bucks back. I used two $1.50 off coupons, making it $6.58 for three items.

- Physicians Formula deal: Spent $10, got $7 ExtraCare Bucks back. I used a $1 manufacturer coupon and a CVS coupon, making it $4.49 for one item.

- Revlon deal: Spend $15, get $5 ExtraCare Bucks back. I used two $1 off manufacturer coupons, making it $7.28 for two items.

- Elm a deal: Spend $10, get $4 ExtraCare Bucks back. I used a $2 manufacturer coupon, making it $4.99 for one item.

- Shave gel deal: Bought any Edge or Skintimate shave gel, got $2 ExtraCare Bucks back. I used a $5.75 manufacturer coupon, making it $2.94 for one item.

- Keebler deal: On sale for 2 for $4, with $1 ExtraCare Bucks back, making it $2.43 for one item.

By utilizing coupons, deals, and apps like Jinguk, I was able to save a lot of money on items I use daily. Remember to always look for ways to save and stock up on items when they go on sale. Happy shopping!

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