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Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

How I Make $27,695 Per Week WITHOUT Facebook Ads (Shopify Dropshipping)

[Music]. i've got some bad news to share with you guys. last week, zuckerberg decided to shut down my facebook ad account, senator, but somehow in the last seven days i still made over 27 thousand without running a single facebook ad. here's how i did it: quick shout out to all my new and long term subscribers. i appreciate every single one of you guys. thank you so much for the support on my channel and, if you're new here this year, i'm on a mission to document the entire process of growing my ecommerce brand with as much transparency as possible, so i can lead by example and help as many people as possible start their own online store in the process. so if you're interested in starting your own online business and want to support me and follow my journey, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe down below for more content just like this. alright, now let's get started. nowadays, there are a ton of people faking their results on shopify, and that's why i feel like it's my obligation to be as transparent as possible with you whenever i share information. so this right here is my shopify dashboard and i'll do a quick refresh just so you know i'm not faking anything. i'm going to show you the last seven days of sales so you know that this is a hundred percent legit. if we go from the 20th to the 27th, you'll see that this business has generated over 28 000 in orders and we did have a couple returns because i want to keep my customers happy and i want to make sure everybody's good so we can grow this for the long term. but still around 27 000 in sales and i'm gonna show you the profits now too, just so you know that i'm not capping with only revenue. so today i've done over thirteen hundred dollars in profit, which is a forty five percent profit margin, and if we look at the last seven days, i've done around eighty five hundred dollars in profit, i believe, and that is again with barely running any facebook ads. my account got shut down last week and, as you can see, i've only spent 300 on facebook ads but still made 8 700 back in profit. so i'm not running ads each day. my account is fully shut down but still doing over a thousand dollars in profit each day. and i'm gonna share right now the three methods i'm using to generate that. the first method of traffic is organic search traffic. this is simply people that are looking up and searching for my brand. second method is youtube influencers. this is something that is extremely undervalued and i don't see many small brands doing it. i really only see the big guys doing it, and i saw a massive opportunity with this and jumped on it. and the last method is youtube ads. same story with this one. many brands aren't using it and i'm really starting to pave my own way with this traffic source. it is super cheap and i'm really starting to see good results with it every single day. now, if i did a full tutorial on every little thing i know about these platforms, this would be an hour long video, so i'm going to give you the cliff notes on how i'm using these to make money every single day. and the first thing we're going to tok about is organic search traffic. i'm no expert when it comes to ranking products on google, but this source of traffic accounts for around 10 to 15 percent of my sales every single day, and it's a hundred percent free, so a real simple breakdown on how it works is that anytime you search for something on google, google is going to recommend the items and the websites that are most likely relevant to what you're searching for now. typically the first couple things that they're gonna show are gonna be sponsored ads that people are paying to run. but once you get past those sponsored ads, you're gonna see a bunch of websites that are getting free traffic and free customers every single day because they're ranking for these keywords, and google has an algorithm that is automatikally ranking these websites and deciding which ones should show up first. like i said, i'm no expert on this and i know you guys don't want to listen to a 30 minute video about how google ranks these websites. if you do, you can search it up and you can find it elsewhere, but i'm going to share with you the three things that i did to get my website to rank number one for my brand name and for my keyword. the first tip i can give is make sure that your brand name is 100 unique and not similar to your competitors at all. if it's too similar to your competitors, you're going to be competing with them directly every time somebody searches for your product name, and it's just going to make it much harder to rank where you want to. the second tip i could give is using google's keyword planner to type in your niche and look at the top 30 to 50 keywords that are being searched for your product and include those clearly in your home homepage and your product page. what this does is it makes it easier for google to recommend your product to people that are searching for things that might not be directly affiliated with your brand name. and the last tip i'm going to give is probably the best hit by the three. i just hired somebody to manage my seo. it really wasn't that expensive and it's really paid off in so many ways. so if you're making a little bit of money or you have a budget, just hire somebody to do this part for you and you don't have to think about it and you're going to see the growth in time and real quick. i want to give a shout out to today's video sponsor, raid shadow legends. no, i'm just kidding, but that is the second method that i'm using to get customers, and that is paying youtubers to promote my product as an influencer. now, if you watch any type of youtube, you're gonna see this every single day: people promoting raycon, hello fresh, raid shadow legends- all of these brands- and what i found is that not many dropship companies or small ecommerce brands are leveraging this traffic source, and it is so powerful. not only do you get direct sales from the videos that these influencers post. when people consistently hear your brand name from somebody that they follow and they love, your brand becomes the primary seller that comes to mind when they think of this type of product. let's play a quick game. when you think of a razor that a guy uses to trim his area, what is the first brand you think of? i'm going to take a bet that 95 of you said manscaped, because this is the brand that is being promoted by all these celebrities, all these influencers, and even though there's a hundred other brands that sell the same product, the law of association makes you think of this one right away. so to get in touch with these influencers, it's really not that difficult. you just have to be extremely persistent and not give up when you don't hear back the first time. a lot of these influencers have a manager as well, so if you can figure out who their manager is, it's super easy to communicate and work with them. but i actually created a script that my team uses to reach out to these influencers, and if you guys want that script, i'll be willing to share it with you if we can get this video to 500 likes, but drop a like down below and once we hit 500 i'll share the entire script in the description down below. but basically i reach out to these influencers on email and instagram dm. once i hear back that they're interested, we send them our product. they make a usually 15 to 30 second pre-roll out of our product. we give them a commission on the sales that they generate and an up-front payment to promote the product. the pricing of these influencers can range pretty drastikally, but we see pricing anywhere from 1 000 to even 10 000 being the highest that i paid for an influencer. now i'm sure you could find cheaper influencers with smaller youtube channels, but i'm telling you, try to find somebody with at least 100 000 subscribers. it's a much higher roi and it's really not that expensive when you compare it to other sources of traffic. so in the last 30 days you can actually see that this source of traffic generated me over f.

Georgia Voters React To Walker In New Warnock Campaign Ad

a race early voting underway in Georgia. Senate runoff voting began this weekend after the state's Supreme Court denied a republican bid to block voting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. as many as 22 of the state's 159 counties let voters cast their ballots on Saturday. the runoff between Democratik senator Rafael Warnock and Republican Challenger Herschel Walker is next Tuesday, December 6th. meanwhile, Senator Warnock is out with a new ad that shows voters just simply reacting in real time to Herschel Walker's puzzling campaign. just handed him he said: here you go, Herschel. he just played the video for them and take a look. there you go, foreign. [Music]. oh my gosh, he's toking about vampires and werewolves right now. yeah, y'all serious about this, right? so I've been telling this little story about this bull out in the field [Music]. and three of them are pregnant. there's no substance. there's nothing. so you know you got something going on. it makes me want to laugh and then it makes me think we're in trouble. but all he cared about is kept his nose against the fence looking at three other cows that then blown to him. now all he had to do is eat grass. this video is ridiculous. that's 35 seconds of my life. I'll never get back. why would I want someone like that leading the state of Georgia float over to China- unbelievable. so when China gets all good air, they Gotta Move. it's all the same air. not only does it make no sense, I don't even understand what he thinks he's saying. and now we gotta clean that back up. I sit and watch these on Twitter and I'm like what the heck is this guy toking about? like literally, what is he toking about? he's completely unqualified for this really, really serious job. no one's watching this and being like, oh man, that guy's got it together and sometimes like I read through the comments because I'm like is anybody actually understanding or are we just sitting here wasting time? it is embarrassing. let's call it what it is. it is embarrassing. they just care about getting a. Yes Man, somebody did it, just punched the button. I think it's a risk to me and millions of Georgians to put this man in a position of power. let's call it what it is. it's embarrassing as hell at all. I mean, well, you know, oh my God. so, uh, two great lines out of there, impressive very much. first of all, rehearsals line. so you know something's going on there when he toks about the three pregnant cows. not sure what that is. but I love, I love you. the one voter said: I don't think he even understands what he's saying. yeah, he does. I mean he can't. I think he's just keeps going foreign [Music].

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How to run your ads over the next few weeks/months...

what's up guys? David here, and welcome to daily fitrah. so first of all, as one apologize, for the last few days I haven't really been active. things are changing day by day with this outbreak and, as its changing, we're having to manage our Facebook ad clients, making sure we're getting results for them, and everything inside the gym is changing too, and after yesterday's announcement by the British prime minister, things are definitely changing on the marketing side of things. now, before you suddenly decide to just turn them off, like everybody else is gonna do, I want to share with you what I've been telling the FitPro portal members today, things that they need to be doing now to really make the most of what is going on and how to change their ad setup so they're actually maximizing everything that's going on. so here's what I posted. so, as it's the 17th of March, now is the time we take a different approach. okay, I would turn off your legion ads, especially as you don't want to seem like you're not following the guidance in your local area. then, if you can, I want you to create a free Facebook community and you're gonna call this something along the lines of your area name: health and fitness. so firstly, cannae fitness. we've created a Cardiff over 30 is health and fitness group by DK 9 fitness. then you're gonna learn, add to your local group and in new group you're gonna post two to three times a day and general posts hinting that you've got a new online program coming in the next couple of days. by creating this free group, you are gonna build up a good audience or good database of locals who are interested in what you have to offer. along with that, we're then gonna run two to three testimonial video ads with the type of cop you saying: we're currently not taking on any new clients but leave your details for when we open a. that way, then you're building your video views up. people are watching these videos that understanding the type of results that your clients are getting, because when they leave your details it's quickly filling up your email lists of people who are interested in your service. then we're gonna look at running ebooks and by running an ebook ads you're collecting again a database of people who are gonna be interested in what you have to offer. so these ebooks could be super simple. it could be 10 tasty breakfast recipes that all children would love, 5 dinners that will help with post-workout recovery. you know your client base to decide on the ebooks that you're gonna create. but then, with point 2 & 3, you'll have a big pool of leaves when things go back to normal. that way, then you've got all the video views for your facebook pics, all you've got people who've downloaded the recipe book and you've got people who showed interest from the video ads. it's gonna give you a massive opportunity. it's that marketing to them. I'm gonna retargeting ads when this whole crisis kind of disappears, because it is going to be around for a while. so we need to start making the most of the other options we have when it comes to ads. then I want you to start working on your online programs. so, inside the pool, we're just finishing off a massive online membership site training. we're gonna walk you through, step by step by step, how to create an online membership site for your fitness business and then, once it's built, it will take you about two days to complete, making it really simple as you can get up and running as quick as possible. and then I finished off by saying any questions, just let me know. and, as you can see, there's 14 comments already. okay, so people have got loads of questions that they want to ask. so this is the stuff I'm getting all our Facebook Ads management clients do and what we're posting inside the fit Popol. things are massively changing, okay, especially, we follow things like sport. taking the Premier League for example, they really don't know if they're gonna finish the league and what's gonna happen with that. and this is exactly the same when it comes to to my gym. we so far we've only ads who people hand in their notike. we've been really strong on the online front for posting live workouts that they can follow along at certain times during a day. we're cleaning. all the time we're getting them to clean so they feel like they're part of the whole thing too. so I am gonna try and keep up with the daily posts and the daily videos. it is gonna be difficult over the next week or so. while we're making sure clients don't leave our gym, we're making sure that people are still getting results on our ads management clients and all the portal members are really making the most of these new trainings we're putting on there to really help support them. keep going. if you want to come and join us inside the portal, then definitely come and check us out. okay, just head over to the fit PO portal, comm, and it's just seven pounds for your first 30 days and, like I said in there, now we've built a complete online membership course that you can follow step by step so you can get started with building an online membership sites. so potentially you can keep your current gym members happy with some sort of additional training that they can follow along with. plus, then, when things get back to normal, you have a nice built online membership site ready to run. anyway, I'll speak to all tomorrow. just thanks for watching. now. come join us inside our free Facebook group where, on a daily basis, we share tons of content to help you generate leads for your fitness business. you

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I tried Netflix with ads for a week - Here's what you NEED to know

so the Netflix ad supported tier has now been out in Canada, for I think it's just under a week now. I went and purchased it, uh, around three days ago, because I wanted to test it and I wanted to see how many ads they're running, what kind of ads they're running, when do you get the ads? so if you've been thinking about purchasing this discounted version- which, yes, is two, three, four dollars cheaper depending on what country you're in- this is all the information you're gonna have to know and the complete review of Netflix's ad supported tier. so let's get into and find out what I've notiked so far and whether it really is worth that discounted price. now, if you're new to the channel, hit that subscribe button right down below. give this video a big thumbs up. we're so close to 100K guys- 10K left to go. you guys can see my little, my little countdown clock. we're at 90.. can't really see it, um, so we're getting very, very close to that 100K Mark. so make sure you hit that subscribe button, guys, and join the squad. so here's the information that they released around three weeks ago. just saying preliminarily what it was going to to be about, and it was going to be 6.99 a month US. now in Canada it's 5.99 a month, so it's actually even cheaper, which is surprising. so we save around four dollars, they save around three dollars, I think, total um, so a little bit of a price discrepancy there. um, now for the amount of ads they were going to run. this is where things really get interesting. so they're saying around four to five minutes of ads per hour. a limited number of movies and TV shows won't be available due to license restrictions. so because of the ads that they're going to be running, there's actually even less titles available in the ad supported tier. now that four to five minutes per hour is interesting and we're going to tok about that as I go through this review. but the format is supposed to be around 15 to 30 seconds and add length per ad, which has gone over. since I've been on here, I've already gone 45 second ads and they do do a verified process where the ads are supposed to be at least related to what you're watching. so this was kind of the preliminary information and really quickly, here is the price plans. now this isn't Canadian prices, so keep in mind this will be slightly changed depending where you're located. but the basic ads in Canada is 5.99 a month and the normal basic format is 10 a month. so this is what most people have and all the basic is one supported device, unlimited shows and movies, watch in HD, ad free TV shows and movies and download one-on-one supported device. so with the ad for you can't do any downloading in terms of your tablet, if you're taking it on the go, Etc. obviously you have ads, but this is the part that worries me. some are unavailable. now. this information I did not know about until recently, and I don't think Netflix even knew about it because of the licensing rights some of them, they just can't run ads on right now. so until they figure that out, you're actually getting even less content than you would on every other tier, which is really disheartening. counting, you're already having to watch ads for only three to four dollars less, again, depending on your country. so instead of just having the basic tier and adding ads, they really strip down the basic tier to even less. now you can still watch in HD and in 720p, so it's okay. it's obviously not going to be as good as the standard or the premium, but let's get into what I figured out so far. so I do want to hop over to my Netflix here and I want to make sure I don't play any content. but basically, I'm going to pull up a show here. I want to make sure it's playing the ad, so, all right, we can pause the ad. this is one of the ads that you're gonna get, so this is a 32 second ad and this is going to run before you start to watch the content. so before you go anywhere, you're going to get an ad such as this. now I put it on. Stranger Things is going to run next, so this is a 32 second ad before you even watch your content. every show I've clicked on, I always got a 30 second ad. now, before we go any further, it really kind of reminds me of YouTube, like when I'm watching Netflix on the ad free experience or sorry, the added experience with the ads that make sense. it kind of reminds me of YouTube, like free YouTube. it's like, oh, I gotta watch this ad, but there's no skip button. you can't skip the long ads. it's actually really frustrating because I want to go and I want to click that little skip button, but I can't find it anywhere, and that is the really annoying part now once you're in the show itself. so I'm gonna pause it here and pull up the show. you're gonna notike the show has this little bar right here. so this little bar represents that next ad that you're going to watch now. I've actually notiked ads throughout watching as well, so even when this little bar wasn't there. if I go over the time limit, so depending on the length of the show or movie, that ad will come before, and sometimes this one will be marked up with multiple ads. so I'm going to pull it up here. I just want to go forward again. I don't want to show any content because I don't want to break any rules. I'm going to wait for the ad to start playing here. it's going to go forward, but it always shows that ad at that spot, so I just pulled it up here. so here's the next ad now. this is two ads halfway through, so that's only 20 minutes into your viewing experience. you're trying to enjoy watching stranger things. you're on the next episode and 20 minutes in you get another two, two more 30 second ads. so if we move my head here, this is add two of two with the 30 second part. so here's a Subway ad now. so it was a total of around another 40 seconds of ads here. um, now, what do I think about that? uh, it's super annoying. now here's one of the parts that I really realized. you will get more ads at the end as well, in most cases, and before you watch your next episode. but here's one of the things I really realized while I was watching this: even if you're already part way through an episode and you click on that episode, you are still having to watch an ad when you resume and that ad at that halfway point- say, you accidentally started the episode from the beginning and you wanted to fast forward- you're still getting that 30 second ad as well. part three, part way through. so they have really found a way to maximize and lock in ads. now, to me, this really doesn't feel like a paid experience anymore. this really feels like I'm paying them even more money with my time in order to watch it instead of me on YouTube, where, okay, I get it. YouTube needs to fund their content. I pay with my time by watching ads. that totally makes sense to me, but with Netflix, it really feels like I'm paying them plus. now I'm paying them with my time only for three dollars less. now. I know some of you in the comments are going to say: well, some people really need this, right, it's a great discount, and I I do agree with that. if you live in a household where ten dollars- and ten dollars for a lot of of people is a ton of money to pay a month, this is a nice little discount, right? you're getting 40 percent discount, pretty close, um, just to watch a few ads. but they've cut down on the content, they've jam-packed it with ads and I think they're going to continue to add more ads. I'm going to cue in the time until there are banner ads added on Netflix. so in my guess- my best guess possible- they are going to add in advertisement banners somewhere throughout Netflix, and I'm going to call this now because I have a feeling they're going to do this. I have not seen any news on this yet, but there will be banner ads in it. now, for Netflix, this is very, very profitable because they're able to really integrate ads into certain shows that really convert well, and I think that's exactly why they knew this was really going to work out for them. now. I really wanted them to go to a free Netflix where there was less shows, less movies. you had to watch ads, but it was completely.

Amazon Marketing Week - Say It Now – Actionable Audio Ads

company called, say it now. now we are a tiknology business. we work exclusively in the world of voice, so these are your friends alexa and google assistant, and we've actually um done very well over the last few years. we're currently, uh, the uk and european reigning champion of the alexa cup, which is a global competition which has been put out by amazon to push forward what's the capabilities of this fantastik new voice platform. i'm going to tell you why today, this is such an exciting world in which to operate. i've been waiting for this for a long time, in fact my entire life. you know, i was born in the 80s, but before that, the only way to interact with machines and computers was through this command line invites, interface, this kind of character mode. and then, a little bit later on, there's this idea of a gui where we could put pictures to make it easier for us to communicate with computers, and then the computers all got connected together. we saw the web, and then, further on, over the last couple of decades, we've seen the rise of mobile, delivering a touch screen interface, and now we're truly living in the world of the voice interface, and we've seen that. you know, we get these big channel shifts over the about every kind of 10 or 15 years, and now is, very much, the time of voice, and this really has come, because, you know, we saw siri arrive in 2011. uh, the echo arrived in 14, google home 2016.. and by 2018, there were more than half a billion devices on planet earth that people could tok to. now, the next phase of all this is embedding these voice assistants into every single device that we buy around us, which means that it's predicted that there's going to be more voice enabled devices on planet earth than humans by 2026.. now, i've always known this, so, um, this is me in 1988, as a, as an eight-year-old boy, and i knew that the future was was us toking to our tiknology. and how did i know this? the smartest minds in the world, from my eyes at that time, were people who wrote science fiction, and they thought very deeply about the future, and i think a lot of this is the future in which we live today. you know, we are surrounded by highly complex systems which are trying to help us all around, and it seems very obvious that if we are surrounded by many, many complex systems, then the best way to communicate with these intelligent systems is through voice. so it's very, very clear to me that this is, this is always going to happen. and so, exactly how will these intelligence systems, these um, artificial agents, these voice assistants help us? and the way i like to look at this is to look forwards to my 70th birthday. and actually, here's me on my 70th birthday. so, um, i can either live one of two lives. i can live the life that i'm living right now and on my 70th birthday, i'll be telling stories to my friends, my family, my grandchildren about the life i've lived and the places i've been, and i'll tell a good story. however, if i can harness the power of these virtual assistants, these assistants which are going to be all around me helping me with my life, then i'll be telling a different story. i'll be telling a better story, a story about a life where i've had more leisure time, because all of my kind of my admin scum, the um, the chores that i need to do around the house, like booking the car in for an mot, booking a babysitter, finding a new mortgage or life insurance- all of these will have been done by my virtual assistants. going on holiday, i'm finding that serendipitous moment where i can find some time with my best friend to go and meet somewhere, though all of these logistiks will have been sorted out by my virtual assistant. so i'm very, very buoyant about what the power of these virtual assistants can do in our world. and why do i know that this is definitely going to happen? so this, this happens because we know these big guys. we know our friends- amazon, apple, google- are very, very, very good at nudging us, nudging us, pushing us towards the world they want us to operate within, because if they are able to get you to choose their virtual assistant, to choose their alexa, their siri or their, okay, google, then they will be controlling or playing a large part in your future. they'll be able to um, give you the best or kind of their view of, uh, the best options for life, the best financial services to choose, and they'll hold an awful lot of power because you'll be within their realm and you will trust that virtual assistant. and they're doing very, very well. now we've seen that um, they're gonna spit. i'm sorry she's listening and i'm sorry the? um. the growth of these smart speakers has been phenomenal. they're the fastest um selling uh consumer goods ever brought to market, and over the last year, from 20 to 21. we've seen a 25 growth in germany and 26 in the uk, up from um. in germany, from 16, there's now 20 of german households have a smart speaker and the uk is 43- and the people that have a smart speaker in their home, they tend to use them as part of their daily routine. they become a part of the family and it's predicted that by the end of next year more than half of um us consumers will have made a purchase through voice and we've seen this before. we've seen this. we compare the channel shift with voice, so with mobile. we saw over the last 10 years mobile has taken half of e-commerce because it's a more frictionless channel. it's easier for you to make these payments, transactions, purchases on mobile and what we're going to see is invoice. it's going to come faster, not just because we live in a world where tiknology trends they move faster than before, but because when you start to engage with a voice assistant, it already has a payment mechanic built in. you've got amazon paid built into every alexa. you've got google pay built in. you've got um apple pay built into siri, so you can have this ubiquitous and frictionless experience when you're looking at voice. so we then built, say it now. so now you know we are exclusively looking to harness this great power of voice to drive people down the funnel to the point of purchase. and after this great big prize, it's predicted that, um, there's gonna be 164 billion dollars worth of voice transactions by 2025, up from 20 billion in 2020.. so let's have a look and see what, what kind of work we've been doing. so you know, our cornerstone clients is diago, they, um, they. they create, uh, spirits and many drinks that you enjoy. and they initially came to us was this idea for a whiskey tasting experience, where they wanted to kind of grow advocacy and see whether they could change the buying habits of people when they were in a supermarket looking at a hundred different whiskies, and if they could make you choose their whiskey because it had a label on it which says if you buy this whiskey, it comes free with a tasting experience powered by alexa. just say alexa, open telesco tasting when you're transported out into just like going to the distillery and you're guided through a tasting experience. this, this worked very, very well. you supported three different types of whiskey. we used the voice of the wife of the chief distiller, so you had a beautiful scottish accent toking you through and it worked very well. um, i'll show you a little bit about how how this worked. right here. alexa, open the telescope whiskey tasting experience. hi again and welcome back to the telesco whiskey tasting experience. firstly, pure drum of whiskey into a glass. let's take a moment to look at the color. talisker, 10 year old, is matured in american oak barrels for a minimum of 10 years to achieve this brilliant golden color. the use of peat is what gives talisker this distinctive smokiness. to learn why talisker tastes so unique, say taste. or to explore how talsker's made, say made [Music]. so you can see there how people are transported within their own living rooms to the isle of skye to see what it's like to taste this whiskey and what we're able to get through these voice experiences is very, very granular understanding of people's experiences and their how they go.


Sailors got invited to a movie premiere tonight, for a movie she's actually in and there will be celebrities and a huge audience watching her perform ance, but the dress she ordered from Amazon didn't arrive. so we have three hours to buy her entire outfit for the premiere first time. let's go, let's go. these look formal to me. this one's backwards, this one's backwards. what about these two? no, why it's not self-explanatory? you don't like the poop? no, she shouldn't be welcoming. she's still little. maybe a little poofy's not bad, I don't mind a poof. no, usually it's a school I wear like jeans, a cute shirt or leggings and a sweatshirt, but today I mean, I didn't get dressed out of my pajamas. so I think we gotta do a little bit better. for a movie premiere, what about something like this? do casual. what about this? too casual? casual can be kind of cool, right? no, um, I was so excited about the dress I ordered on Amazon but it didn't come, so I have to find something here. these, I feel like, are not formal, too sparkly that matches my pajamas. sailor's best friend, Nadal, was actually supposed to take her to this Premiere tonight for their very first night out ever, but he had to go to Lebanon, and she's really bummed out about that. so I have a very big surprise for her at the end of this video. this is so cute. because it's cute, it's got a skirt, but then it's got a hoodie Burger, a chicken, a turkey. is this too young for you? yeah, just a little, because she's a teenager now. no, no, no, Cindy, please, don't do that sad music with the black and white. actually. no, Sandy, please. indeed, last month I acted for the very first time in a movie with Darman Productions. everything was new and it was all a little crazy at first, but the other kids and the crew were super supportive and it made me feel so welcome. tonight is the red carpet Premiere. I have no idea how my acting will look on screen until I see the movie in the theater with a thousand people watching there too. I'm gonna try in front of you guys, because I've done so many videos with you and you. you've made me feel so comfortable. but I'm a little bit scared to go in front of a big audience, because what if they boom? that's actually not terrible with, like, a cute jacket. sadly, it's too small for me. kids clothes used to be too big for me, but now they're too small for me and adult clothes are too big for me. does that make sense? you guys need always supposed to come to the premiere tonight with me and he can't make it and I was supposed to style him, so instead, I'm your style of. my dad said: what do you think about the dish? we can do that look, that would fit you, this would fit me. what do you think we're gonna style him? and that? um, I spent all my own money on my own clothes and I used almost all of my money on the room makeover a couple of weeks ago, but I have 200 left in my savings, so let's try to find something, since I can style you. we're gonna be matching, we're matching. find you and me an outfit matching. I found something perfect, he found something perfect. you only have like two and a half hours left. does this not just Scream movie from here to you? does this mean if I wear this, you're gonna wear this in a short skirt? why would I wear it? because we're matching. that might fit you. let's just focus on you. if you like sequins. no, that was the thing like a million years ago, Dad, when you were born. do you want to wear this. this is a movie premiere. it's a big deal. there's a red carpet. I'm not going to wear a dress. it's not my personal style. I'll take your thoughts into consideration. Nadal, you're lucky you're missing this event. Salish absolutely insists on paying for all of her own clothes by herself, so even if I offered to help her, she wouldn't accept it. so therefore she has 200 to spend, no matter what she likes. she can't go over on me. no, no, no, no. matching means: if you wear black, I wear black. if you wear blue, I wear blue. matching doesn't mean: if you wear that Blazer, I wear that. dressing means whatever. I think no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. next door, this could definitely make a statement: let me go look. it's too expensive. wait a minute, this could look great on my dad. what do you guys think? it's better than a dress? I think no. let's keep looking. [Music]. this is difficult because I've never shopped for four more clothes before and I don't fit into the adults, but I don't faint to the kids. I'm like right in the middle. once I get a dress, I have to match everything to that dress: shoes and a jacket, because it's pretty cold here, even though it's Ella, and I'm not saying my dad's outfit to mine, not mine to his, because who knows what I'm gonna pick for him. there's nothing fancy enough in the kids, so we're gonna check women's, but it's probably gonna be too big for me. no, I don't like leather. two sparkling, juicy, squidsy- too big. it's so satisfying easy. I have Hulu's today. usually I would want my dad to look like really funny, but you know I kind of want him to look nice for this event. my dad also has a 200 budget, so let's see how much this is. oh, it's 200, this is 200, this is 200.. sorry, it didn't work. next up is h m and they have like a lot of pink. you guys know I loved pink, but like I can't wear pink in the winter, that just doesn't match with hair colors. there's brown, black, green, white. spring is yellow, orange, pink, light green, and summer is yellow, orange, pink, and fall is like darker orange, darker green, brown. not sure if that's gonna help you guys in your style, but there you go. Hot Topic is usually not by style, but I'm getting really desperate. I did not see this coming. [Music] hope this is the place. oh no, I really like ripped jeans, but I can't get distracted, kind of want to get like a plain black dress. let's see, they have a bunch of good dresses here. these are interesting, oh my God. my niece not a big fan of the fluff, but it's dressy, it would make a splash. you know, my favorite thing about the spot is: I think I found what's the no, never mind, this is black, that's pretty. no, dude, we gotta find something over here that could be an option. okay, that's pretty. no, you can't wear a well-fitting sweater with ruffles or else the Ruffles will like Bunch up in the sweater. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, maybe. oh, Salish, I don't like pink. your favorite color is pink. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. wait a minute. maybe no ruffles at the top so I could wear a tight fitting sweater if I wanted to. not too much, but like perfect, it's a medium. did we find it? because we're running out of time, I think it's a maybe, thank you, thank you. her favorite color is a tween and now as a teen. does every parent feel this way? yeah, yeah, oh. actually, what do you guys think I should do? long sleeves or straps? well, how much are they? 30 and 20.. so I would have 150 left to spend. I think I'm gonna buy both. you guys have to wait to see which one I wear. I think when I choose it looks like my dad's wearing black. at least it's not sequins, so I got my. really anything goes with black. ooh, I like the 13.99, maybe not. it would be cute as a dress. kind of running out of time here, kid, that could become pretty open this up. 1499. keep you on budget. I need to find one more option, but this can work. I don't know if I'm gonna rock the green look. no, no, no, no, no, no. that one's kind of pretty looks too big. wait a minute, this could work. do I want to make more of a bold statement or should I be like simple? usually you do not like call attention to yourself, so maybe you'll be more comfortable with this. I kind of like this one. I need someone fashionable. I need to call Eliana randomly. Salish has a question for you, okay. okay, she thinks you're more stylish than I am. I have this black dress that I think I'm gonna wear. does this look good enough with it, or is it too bold? yeah, it would look good. are you sure it's like? not too much. should I just wear a white sweater? okay, I'm gonna do it, thank you. people are already standing in line for the premiere and soon Salish will be watching herself act in front of all of them. we just got all the clothes from my dad. it's gonna be so good, I can't wai.