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niche ideas for dropshipping

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Top 10 Niches For Dropshipping in 2023 📈

hello everybody, Anton Crowley here from dropshiplifestylecom, and in this video we are going to be covering the top 10 niches for Drop Shipping in 2023.. I put together a presentation that I'm going to share with you, but before I do that, I want to let you know that I have been making these top 10 lists since all the way back in 2015, and if you want to see them all, to see how niches have changed and evolved over time, what I'm going to do is post a link in the description to a blog post that will outline all of the niches from the previous years, as well as this one. now. also, before we get into this, I do want to be very clear here that what we're covering is the top 10 niches, but picking the right product type to sell is step one of the process. now, every time I build my own stores or when I help other people build theirs, we start here: Niche selection. that's step one. step two is market research. step three is creating your website site. step four is getting approved with suppliers, the ones you can actually sell for as an authorized retailer and make money with. step five is then optimizing your store for conversions so people will buy from you. step six is getting traffic so people can find what they want which is listed for sale on your store. and finally, step seven of the process is to Outsource and automate as much as possible so that your business can be managed in about 15 to 30 minutes a day. now, I say that going in, because some people think all I need is a niche idea. once I have that, I'm going to throw up a website and I'm Gonna Be Rich, right, that's all I need. it's just a product, and products are the foundation. this is what everything else is built on. but again, reminder, Public Service Announcement. this is step one. so pay attention, follow this lesson closely. if you do that, you will be on your way to building a highly profitable semi-automated store that provides real value to your customers and to your bank account. but just know, this is the beginning, okay? with that being said, let's switch screens, let's jump into my computer and let's start the presentation in 2023. we are focusing on what I refer to as Recession Proof niches. these are niches where the products will sell regardless of what is happening with the economy. now, speaking of the economy, let's tok about what has changed over the past year and where I believe we're going to continue to move as we progress throughout 2023.. first off, inflation is up. I think everyone's aware of that. credit card debt in the US is up. per household consumer spending is down and personal savings is also down. don't worry, I came with charts to back up what I'm toking about here. the first one here shows the inflation rate going back from January of 2020 and it stops here tracking at September of 2022. but, as you can see, there has been a massive and sustained increase in inflation as a percent and what that means is that everyday things, the type of things we sell, cost more money to the consumer. now, credit card debt. this is going back to 1999 and tracking up through Q2 of 2022. you can see all the way. on the right, we're almost at an all-time high when it comes to US credit card debt outstanding balances, which means people have a ton of debt right now. and again, I'm not just showing where we're at now, but where I think we're going over this next year is that debt is going to continue to increase because products are also costing the consumer more. now. on top of that, we're met with consumer spending going down, as you can see here from GDP in the US for q1 and Q2 of 2022. we are down, meaning people are spending less money. and if you want to pause this video frame and read through the description right here of this chart, you can see at the bottom that private good producing Industries decreased by 10.4 percent. that is a big drop and on top of that, personal savings in the US. you can see here, moving in through the summer, which is as far as we have data at this point, it's at 3.5 percent, when going back just a year ago, it was almost double that. so what does this mean? it means that products cost more and customers- the consumer, the people we sell- to have less money to spend. now, before I pull up the list and we get into the top 10 niches for Drop Shipping in 2023, I think it's important to clarify here that this does not mean that everyone's broke and it does not mean that people aren't spending money. what it means to me is that people have less disposable income to spend, but they still have it. people still do have money, especially our Target demographic, but they're making better decisions about where to spend that money. it's just not a free-for-all now, where people have zero percent interest rates and one percent interest rates and they're just buying whatever they feel like. now people are making smarter decisions with their money and buying things they need and, as you'll see as we get into the top 10 list, that decision- decision making- that's happening in the consumer's mind- is reflected on all of these niches that I chose. one last thing before I get in to this top 10 list, I want you to know that these are in no partikular order. they are all niches that I have researched, that I think will perform great in 2023 and I personally would build a store in any of them. okay, with that being said, let's start the list. the first Niche on our list this year is Nursery room furniture. so I want you to think things like cribs, the baby dressers, the changing tables, even the decorative rugs, the little teepee you see there, the art for the room, the shelving. and the reason this is on the list this year and it made the cut first off- is it meets all of the criteria that we discussed in the last video, which I'll link to below. but on top of that, baby furniture and baby supplies is something that parents do not skimp on in a recession. people, when they have their first, their second, their third child. whatever it is, they want the best for them, more so the first, but parents out there will get it. they're still spending the money on their children. they're not cutting back, especially on Nursery room furniture items, so this Niche definitely makes the list for 2023.. now the next Niche that we have on this year's list is camping gear. reason being, like I mentioned earlier, people are going to be spending less, especially the people that can't afford to spend more, but, like I mentioned, people still have money. they're just going to be choosing where to spend that money differently. so maybe, instead of taking a family of four on a week-long vacation to Disney World and spending five, six, seven thousand dollars, they'll decide you know what. this year let's spend one or two thousand dollars invested into camping equipment, like a new tent, maybe like a roof rack for our car and sleeping bags and pots and pans and everything we need to have a great vacation locally for two thousand dollars that we can repeat every year. another great Niche during a recession, which is why it made this list for top 10 of 2023. and, of course, again, this meets all of the Dropship lifestyle Niche selection criteria. I did a video just last week that shared five tips for profitable Niche election in 2023.. again, if you haven't seen that one yet, I'd recommend watching it after this one. it will be linked below now. this is the third Niche on the list, but remember, they're in no partikular order. I would sell any of these, and this Niche is automotive parts. now here you can think: things like the springs for cars, for the shock absorbers, things like brake rotors and brake pads, things like replacement carburetors. now, why is this Niche and really all of these niches within the more General niche of Automotive Parts? why is this so relevant in 2023 and during a recession? well, it's because people have recently been spending a ton of money on cars, including used cars, where the prices have surged over the past few years, and as those cars start to need repairs, people during a recession are going to be less likely to trade those in and

What to Sell Online in 2021: 3 Niche Ideas for Dropshipping

Thinking about what to sell online this year. A lot has changed in the last year, with adaptations to new ways of home-work life, and it all has greatly influenced online buying habits. In this video, we’re going to share three niche ideas and a couple of thoughts on how to adapt your business to new consumer wants and trends. My name is Olesia and you’re watching the AliDropship channel Here. we specialize in dropshipping and help you start your own online store without inventory or much start-up hassle. Today we’re toking about what to dropship in 2021.. Obviously, you must sell what is important and what is needed by your customers, So the question is: what do they need, though? What’s bothering them? What kind of problem can your business’ products solve? Here are a few thoughts on what’s going on. A year ago, the world faced a chain of events that changed everyone’s lives. People are still adapting, trying to uphold the quality of life they’re used to. Many aspects of our lives have changed, though -- how we work, how we study and how we entertain ourselves. It was a stressful year, and life still is complicated, So people are now more interested in things that will help them feel better and relieve this new-found stress. Another change is that, despite the economical crisis from last year, online shoppers do have desire and ability to buy things online. The truth is, money is not a problem for those who can afford to buy stuff online. The bigger struggle here is finding solutions for greater comfort and quality of life. This means that if you turn to products that center on stress relief, you’ll be able to focus on quality and not worry so much on price. You can instead take time ensuring that your products help your customers solve their problems. Now let’s take a look at a few product and niche ideas, But keep in mind that these product ideas are just examples of what kind of products to look for to sell this year. We hope that after watching this video, you will be able to come up with your own ideas on what to sell online. Niche idea #1: Wellness products. According to Euromonitor International, the pandemic has caused an increase in anxiety levels. Mental well-being has become one of the biggest concerns for people around the world. As a result, more consumers are purchasing products that can help them fall asleep and remain asleep. Medication like sleeping pills isn’t always a healthy solution for restlessnessInstead, consumers prefer devices and goods that can solve the difficulty of falling sleep without chemicals. Here are a few examples: A white noise machine, which is a good companion to help one fall asleep. These devices are compact and portable, And they can be recharged via a USB cable, which is very convenient. Another trending product that helps one fall asleep is a weighted blanket. Weight on the body actually feels relaxing and helps people suffering from anxiety, insomnia, autism and stress. Interest in weighted blankets has grown worldwide in the last five yearswith the peak being in November and December - when people buy gifts, Use these seasonal peaks to your benefit. A sleep mask is probably one of the first things that comes to mind here. It’s important that the mask keeps the light out and lets one blink. While not everyone may want to use a sleep mask, it’s still a great offering to add to your store’s product range if you want to focus on sleep-problem-solving products. But don’t limit yourself to sleep aid products only. According to the US Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistiks, more than 4 in 10 US adults have developed symptoms of depression and anxiety by the end of 2020.. Thus, even right now, in 2021, the demand for various anti-stress goods is still high. For example, people now buy more acupressure mats than before The appeal. They relieve back and neck aches and help the overall body relax. According to Google Trends, people have also grown more interested in indoor plants than ever before, So if you can offer a wide range of gardening tools, plant pots and more to your store, you’ll have a one-stop shop. for those who’ve developed greenthumb over quarantine, For example, this sprinkler is pretty popular on AliExpress. If you’re constantly wondering what to sell online, check out our AliDropship blog. here you can find a whole section dedicated to product niches and products, with new posts every week or so. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get all things dropshipping in your inbox. We’ll drop the link in the description. Let’s move on to the next niche now for this year. Niche idea #2: Products to fight your sedentary lifestyle. Another problem from last year that continues into 2021 is: a lot of people are suffering from a sedentary lifestyle, With public places closed and lots of people working from home. we don’t really move much, So your job is to offer a solution. Of course, the first things that come to mind are sports equipment and yoga mats. Nothing like getting moving to feel energized. right, Let’s take a look. This balance board is mostly used for fitness, But people that have to sit all day can also use it with a standing desk to get a core workout. Working at the computer all day often causes wrist pain. An ergonomic computer mouse can solve this problem. Back pain is also a common problem for modern people. This year the issue became even more serious, so the demand for orthopedic products is rising. Partikularly, memory-foam. back cushions are quite popular now and highly sought after. Niche idea #3: Products for school children. And that’s not all, for what to sell online in 2021.. Because adults are not the only ones who have to work from home -- children in many countries have to attend online school from home, So here are some trending products that can help them. It sounds weird, but a good web camera has become one of the school-from-home essentials. Keep in mind, not everyone has a laptop with a camera built in, and some kids might still use desktop computers, so a web cam is an essential. Erasable whiteboards are great for at-home teaching, but can be used in many ways, For example for writing down your schedule or grocery list for the week. Many parents are also concerned about how online schooling will affect their kids’ eyesight, So we also recommend selling blue light-blocking glasses. So there you have it. just several examples of what to sell online in 2021.. To key to getting into a good, profitable niche is understanding the challenges people are facing, And that should be easy because we’re all in the same boat. Just ask yourself how your life has changed and what you need right now, and you’ll be able to find some promising niches to do business in. If you think one of these niche ideas will suit your business, you can order a Custom Store from AliDropship. Our team will create a unique dropshipping website from scratch, just for you. Follow this link to learn more. Also, tell us what problems you have faced during the pandemic, Share your thoughts in the comments and also let us know what niches or items you think are hot right now. We also recommend you watch this video next -. it explains the whole algorithm of choosing products for dropshipping and will be especially helpful for beginners. Don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel. See you next week. Bye-bye.

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How To Find Winning Digital Dropshipping Niches (INSANE Margins)

if you're struggling to choose a niche for your digital drop shipping store. right now, in this video, i'm going to reveal exactly how i find winning niches for my digital drop shipping brand. so this is going to be a step-by-step process, probably something you've never, ever seen before. so follow my steps, stay tuned. let's go ahead and get into it so that you can start your own digital drop shipping store inside of a winning niche that's going to make you money. that's the whole purpose of this: to be able to build a business that can grow and where we can ultimately solve problems. okay, because the way you're going to make the most amount of money is by solving problems. so, before we even get into the step-by-step process of how i find a winning niche, i first off just want to let you know that you should never, ever, choose a novelty niche. so a novelty niche is essentially something that doesn't solve any problem. note, with digital drop shipping, we solve real life problems with digital solutions, and that's how we're able to make so much money. now, if you try to go into a space- uh- let's say, for example, something like how to build a hot wheels race track- you know that's not really solving a huge uh problem, and i don't know why that was the first example to come to mind, but you know, it's a reality. that's novelty- uh, something on how to put up your christmas tree. it's so specific. it's not solving a huge problem. instead, we solve real life, major problems that almost every single human is going to have. so let's go ahead, hop onto the whiteboard now and, before we get into the step-by-step process, make sure to leave a big like on this video. if you're ready to see my step-by-step process, let's go now. we just covered the difference between problem solving and novelty, and that's very important, because in the first step for finding a winning niche that i want to start drop shipping digital products in, i'm always starting by choosing one of the main four pain point categories that we all, as humans, just naturally have. this gives me a good starting point before we hop on to my phone and doing some of the fancy steps. this is the base that you need to start at, to make sure that you're not starting in a niche that's destined for failure. many people skip this step and ultimately, that's why they aren't getting the results that they want inside of the digital drop shipping space. so let's go ahead and start off with these main four. and it starts off with health- excuse my handwriting- wealth, making money, happiness and then, lastly, relationships. so all four of these categories right here are ones that we as humans typically are struggling in one way or the other. maybe you're out of shape. you wish you weren't. maybe you don't have as much money as you wish you did. maybe you're not happy, you don't know what your purpose is and why you're waking up every day like what you're doing, what you plan to do, what is your motive? in relationships, maybe you're just struggling to find the right partner, or you're struggling with conversation or confidence, whatever that may be. so these are main pain point categories, and this is where i always start when finding a winning niche that i'm about to start selling in. and this is the easy step: right, we're just choosing one of these four. so that's exactly what i'm gonna do. i'm just gonna choose the top one here as health. and now we're going to move into the next step in finding our profitable niche, because we can't just say, okay, we're going to sell in health space, we're just going to sell in the happiness space. we need to get specific and identify what problems we're going to be solving and who we're going to be solving those problems for. so i'm choosing health here. now let's move on to the second step. now. the next step we're following here is going to be taking advantage of one of the biggest trending platforms out right now, which is tiktok. so the purpose of this step that i'm always following when choosing a winning niche is to think of a specific pain point, a specific problem that we can solve inside of the category we just chose. so that was through health. now what we're going to be doing is taking advantage of tiktok. we're going to hop on my phone here in a second and get right to it now. i've been in the social media space since i was 13 years old. that's actually the first way i started making money on the internet was when i was growing themed accounts on vine and then instagram, and i would make money through affiliate marketing, selling shout out space, and what this allowed me to do was kind of understand exactly the mindset of how brands are operating. you know, if they're buying multiple ads every single day or every single week on the same page, that means that most likely they are making money. now, if i see a promo go up and they only do it once and i never see them again. most likely they didn't make money. so what we're gonna do now is hop onto tiktok on my phone and i'm gonna show you exactly how we can pinpoint- now you know, i'm 21 years old now, so things have changed- and how we can take advantage of this trending platform to choose our winning niche. so, hopping on here on to my phone, we've already chosen our main category, which is health. so, starting off simple, i'm just going to search a broad hashtag that is going to show me current trending posts. so let's just go here and start with health. so this is very broad. let's go over here to hashtags and we're just going to click on it and now let's see what is currently trending- five things you should be doing if you want to lose weight or have a flat stomach. so what i'm going to be doing here is in my notes as well- is taking notes of sub niche ideas. so a sub niche is essentially just going to be an idea for a type of problem that we want to solve with our digital drop shipping brand using that main category. so we know our main category here is health. so now let's take note of our sub niches. so right off the bat here i could say, okay, how to lose weight? boom, it's an idea. how to have a flat stomach: really, we're just taking note of certain problems that people are having inside of the health category. let's keep on going. okay, she's toking about food. it's not healthy. yeah, this is probably not youtube friendly. as a dietitian, i would never buy. i would definitely never. okay, let's see what foods to eat or not eat. keep in mind, these are all just ideas. we're gonna build off of them here very, very soon. let's keep on scrolling. i recommend you do this for at least five minutes, ideally more, and come up with 10 plus ideas. let's keep on going here. keep on scrolling. weight loss: we're going through that. okay. how to improve overall health: very general. well, this is with foods- kind of falls under uh, what foods to eat or not eat. previously, you're ready to die? this one just kind of gave me an idea. habits for health: it's pretty good. actually, keep on going. did you know that? practiking, i mean, hey, you could put in yoga and if you seek treatment from a standard. i've seen a lot of this girl's videos. let's see what she's up to nice. she has her own store digital product recipes- super cool. now i'm going to go ahead and just choose a little bit of a more specific hashtag to look at so i can get some better ideas, and then that's going to help me a lot when i get to my next stage in choosing the niche i want to sell in. it pretty much just becomes a crystal clear picture and puts me on my path to building this brand and making sales as quick as possible. so first thing i'm going to do here is just based on my other ones, kind of based around food, et cetera. so let's try out health food, just the second one here. this gives me an idea. maybe we could help people you know, lose weight, but with delicious recipes. just an idea. digital product: let's keep on going. check out healthy living: free ways to heal your gut- part two: how to heal your gut, gut health, how to get lean. that was a good tik tok. hit a lot of pain points here. okay, now i have 10 specific problems that

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Top 10 Niches For Dropshipping in 2022 📈

hello everybody, anton curley here from dropshiplifestylecom, and in this video i'm going to be sharing the top 10 dropshipping niches for 2022.. now, before we kick this off, i want to let you know i've been making these top 10 lists going all the way back since 2015 and almost all of the niches that i've recommended over the years are still good today. so if you want to get not just one top 10 list, but going back now since 2015, i'm gonna post a link in this video description. if you click it it'll take you to the blog page on our site and you'll be able to get them all. go through it at your own convenience and pick a winner for your first or your next drop shipping store. also, before i jump into the computer and pull up this presentation and share the top 10., i do want to let anybody that's newer here just be aware that niche election, although it's extremely important, it's the foundation of your business. it really is the first step of the process. so if you are new, just don't think you're gonna watch this video. you're gonna pick one that this guy online, anton, tells you to pick and you're gonna be rich tomorrow. just know there is real work involved with drop shipping when done right. first, you do niche selection, which, of course, i'm gonna give you today. second, you're gonna go ahead and do your market research. third, you'll build a website. fourth, you'll get approved with suppliers. fifth, you'll optimize your store for conversions. sixth, you'll get traffic, meaning website visitors. and seventh, you can start outsourcing and automating so your online store can be managed between 15 and 30 minutes a day. so, again, it's a process, but it is well well worth it and, in my opinion, there is no better business to choose than following what we do here at dropship lifestyle, which is high tiket drop shipping from domestik suppliers. so, with that being said, let's get into the computer. i'll pull up this presentation and i'll share the top 10 niches for dropshipping in 2022.. all right, welcome to the presentation. so in 2022, we are focusing on what i refer to as high demand niches, and i'll explain exactly what that means, what numbers we're looking for and how we find those numbers in just a few minutes. but first i want to share something that is more important now than ever before. if you're a member of dropship lifestyle, you already know this. if you're not, you want to be sure you can find at least 20 potential suppliers to sell for, in whichever niche you choose. again, this is nothing new. i've been teaching this in my coaching program since 2013, i think, but now, in 2022, as we move into it, more important than ever. so keep that in mind and, as i show you my research on this year's top 10 list, i'll show you how there is many, many more than 20 suppliers in every single one of them. so why do we want high demand niches? why do we want at least 20 suppliers? what has changed moving in to this new year? well, first off, you might be aware of this if you've seen the news anytime in the past few months. it seems like, but there are supply chain issues, specifically in the states, in the us, and because of that, certain suppliers are low on inventory. they don't know when it's going to come back, because there are lines of cargo ships, seems like, from the us to china. and because of that, if you only had, let's say, three, four or five suppliers that you sold for on your store, well, what happens if two of them or three of them run into their own inventory issues and you now can't sell their products until they're back in stok? well, what's gonna happen is you're gonna have to stop running ads, you're gonna stop getting sales and you're gonna have to just wait, at no fault of your own, without making money, waiting for suppliers to get inventory back in stok. now, if you have a broader variety of suppliers, if you have 20 or more, then guess what? some suppliers- yeah, they're going to run out of inventory. they're going to be back ordered. it's not going to be good, but at least you can keep going. you can keep running ads, you can keep selling other products. you can still have a business, right? so, more important than ever, don't focus on a handful of suppliers. you want to find at least 20 suppliers for your niche. the reason it's more important than ever is now because of supply chain issues, which these, i do think, will get worked out sooner rather than later. but still, don't start with a niche that has five suppliers or, even worse, build a one product store. okay, what else has changed now? this hasn't really shown itself yet in terms of the products we sell, but i definitely believe it's coming, and this is that inflation will lead to higher prices on products. so let me just give you an example. right, i'm at a stand-up desk right now, and let's say, last year, the price of this desk wholesale was 500 and the price you would sell it to your customer for was one thousand dollars. well, i believe that what we're going to see play out over this next year is possibly the wholesale cost going up from 500 to 600 and the retail price going up from a thousand to 1200. now, if this happens- and i really do, i can't guarantee anything, but it looks like we're headed this way- what i believe is going to happen is that, inserted niches, units sold may decrease. so let's just say, you typically sold 100 of these a month. maybe now you sell 95 of them or 90 of them, because you have less people willing to spend the higher prices now. with that being said, there is something really strange going on right now, which is, while a lot of people have no money, a lot of people have also saved up more money than ever over these past couple years since this whole virus started, and there are still a ton of people who aren't afraid to spend money and they're still spending it like crazy. so what i believe and what i considered as i selected the niches for this year is, even though i think units sold may decrease. i think overall revenue will increase because people will still be willing to pay the higher prices- not everybody, but enough people to offset the units sold going down. so if i had to summarize this in one sentence again, this is like the overarching thing i was considering as i did the research for this year's top 10 list. as far as what has changed, it is those with the ability to spend will continue to buy at higher prices, but our total addressable market- tam for short- may shrink. so you'll know this if you're a member of dropship lifestyle. but we do a test when we're validating niche ideas, called the demand test, and in this test we want to find at least 10 000 monthly searches for the niches we're considering. what i want to do this year and what i want you to bump it up to if you're building a brand new store, is, when you're doing your demand test, look for average monthly searches to be over 30 000. this means that over 30 000 people every month will be searching for the niche that you want to sell in and, as you'll see in this top 10 list, i'll show you the research and how the numbers check out. they are all well above 30 000.. now the reason i want this number bigger than it typically is and has historically been, is because, if inflation is real, if prices really do start to creep up, there's going to be less people that search, that buy, because they're going to search, they're going to want. but if the price is that much higher and they're more resistant to that price than they don't buy, well then you're going to be able to sell to less out of that total number. so just know, if you're in a niche now that has less than this, it doesn't mean, oh no, i'm going to shut my store and change everything. you should still be fine again. i kind of went overboard here. at first i was thinking let's bump it up to, you know, 15 or 20.. i said let's go 30 because let's just do this extreme. it's a brand new top 10 list. but just know, if i was building a new store, this is what i would look at from today when i did my research. so, with that being said, let's get into the top 10 niches for drop shipping list for 2022.. the f?

The 5 Best $1,000,000 Shopify Niches For 2022

these are the five best shopify drop shipping niches in 2022 that can generate over a million dollars. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille, so i'm known as the ecom king, and in today's video, i'll be showing you my five favorite shopify drop shipping niches in 2022 that i think's got the most potential and can generate over a million dollars. and i'm not just saying that as click bait, because the stores i'm gonna be showing you that are operating in these niches have generated over seven figures. now, what i'm gonna be doing this video is i'm going to be showing you each niche, and i'm not just going to be showing you the niche. i'm also going to be showing you a shopify store that's absolutely booming in this niche, and i'm also going to be showing you the ad library. i'm going to be showing you potential google ads that you could run. i'm going to be showing you tip top videos that are actually crushing it in this niche. i'm also going to be showing you influencers that you could potentially work with in these niches. i'm also going to be showing you drop shipping products that you can be selling in these niches so you can take advantage of how well these niches are doing, and i'm also going to be showing you how you can find ideas for perks to sell in these niches. now what i've done to make life easier for you when you watch this video is i've created a free google doc sheet obtains all the information that i'm going to be sharing with you on today's video, because there is a lot of information i'm going to be sharing, and once we hit 2 000 likes on this video, i'll leave it in the pin comment and in the description below. now, the first niche that i think is going to be booming in 2022 is going to be the fast fashion niche, and i don't know if you guys didn't know this, but i do co-own a few ecommerce stores in the fashion niche that are doing seven figures, and i'm gonna be revealing one of those seven figure fashion stores to you guys later on this year. now, the reason why i think the fast fashion store can do absolutely well this year is because people shy away from fashion in this niche because they're scared of the sizing and the quality control. but if you actually go out there, make sure the quality control and the sizing is good, then there's a lot of opportunity on the table. we take a look at an e-commerce store in the fast fashion industry, you can see it's called miko molly and if you scroll down to their revenue, they've done almost 1.3 million dollars in revenue, with around about 15 profit margin. and if we take a look at their expense sheet, you can see that they've got inventory warehouse at a zero cost. now for those that don't know what this website is, it's called exchange marketplace and this is where you come to list your e-commerce store for sale once you're done with it. so if we take a look at their expense sheet again, you can see here it says social media and google advertising and they're spending around about two thousand dollars a month on that and that's basically what they're spending to acquire customers. and if you look at their monthly revenue, it's around about twenty thousand dollars. so if we take a look at their website to see what's made them successful and what they're selling, you can see here it says miko and molly is your premier destination for australian design fashion, so they're just targeting the australian market and they're two people that have come together to sell fast, fashionable products. so what is fast fashion? for that don't know what it is. fast fashion is basically where you're selling loads of different fashionable clothing very fast, so it's like zara: loads of new things are coming into the catalog very fast, so you've got to keep up with the current trends. i want to quickly show you guys one of the biggest fast fashion e-commerce brands in the world and it's called a pretty little thing, and if you haven't heard of them, they are massive in the uk and i think they're massive globally as well, and these guys are literally the kings when it comes to fast fashion. and if we take a look here, you can see that these zebra dresses are currently in trend. all the big influencers are wearing them, all the big celebrities are wearing them. just zebra in general, just coming back into fashion again- and what you could do is you could go to the website- it's like pretty little thing- see what they're currently doing. so if you go to where it says new in, you can see what they're currently selling in the market right now that they think are currently in. and then what you can do is you can go to aliexpress- you can see here i've typed in zebra dress and you can see it's coming up with very similar dresses and similar styles to what they're currently selling on here and you can also see the exact same zebra dress right there. it's got 1500 orders and you can see that these are currently doing well on aliexpress as well. so if you go back over to mikko and molly, you can see that one of their newer rivals- because it's fast fashion in the australian market- are these leather pants. if you go to aliexpress and have a look at these leather trousers, you can see they've got almost 2 000 orders, 4.9 star reviews, meaning that they're good quality product, and i know a lot of you guys are going to ask: well, if i want to get into this fast fashion industry, how do i know that it's going to be good quality? you want to look to see how many reviews it's got based on the star amount. you might also have to order samples if worse comes worse, or potentially find the same product on amazon and see if the reviews are good also. now i know the next big question that you're going to be asking is: how do i get around the sizing issue? so your suppliers should give you a sizing guide like this in centimeters and inches, and they should also show you the waist and the hip lengthen so you can get the accurate size, but you need to make sure you ask them for the european, the american and the global market measurements. so when you list these on your website, you've got it in the european sizes, you've got it in the american sizes, so people know exactly what the measurements are. and you need to ask the supplier: do these fit true to size and can they give you diagrams like this to measure themselves so they get a good fit? something that we do with our own fashion brands- and i'd recommend that you do this to avoid as many refunds as possible- is: offer free exchanges, meaning that if something doesn't fit, they can exchange it for something that does fit, or they can change their mind on what they want to buy. they can, instead of buying other trousers, they might want to buy a leather skirt. so always offer free exchanges then. this way, if there is a sizing problem- because there might be- then you're not going to get a refund, you're just going to get an exchange. so what i've done is i've gone to the facebook ad library and i've searched zebra address to see if there's any competitors selling these dresses, and you can see here this one called azal clothing is selling the exact same product that i want to sell and, by the looks of things, these guys are in the fast fashion industry because they're literally selling everything right now that's currently trending with influencers and celebrities and you can see that this other type of zebra address is currently styling and you can see the other style of zebra dress that i've shown you before, like this one here, is currently selling, but overall there's not that many competitors selling these dresses. you can see that the actual facebook ad library: there's only one competitor selling the exact same dress on the ad library. what i've also done is i've head over to google in search for zebra dress zara to see which google shopping ad competitors are currently running ads for that keyword and you can see pretty little finger zara urban outfitters are. so there's some massive e-commerce brands like asos running ads for that key term, so it must be popular.

BOOMING Niches To Sell For Shopify Dropshipping in 2022 (SELL THESE NOW!)

woof, i am tired, i'm exhausted, but i did it all for you, as i spent my entire last week going through in-depth product research and validation to give you the top drop shipping niches that you need to be selling for the next couple months. that can be absolute game changers and money makers for your online business. we're right in the middle of july and this niche of summertime is still going absolutely crazy, but i have some bonuses for you today, as there are upcoming trends and upcoming holidays that i can't wait to reveal to you and put products in place that you can take full advantage of. if you're ready to find out exactly what you need to be selling over these next couple months and the same type of products and niches that i'm focusing on right now, then grab your pins, grab your paper, because we're about to jump right into this. what's going on? everyone, my name is ac hampton. i'm an eight figure marker that teaches people how to test, start and scale their online business successfully. if you're new here, thank you for tuning in and get ready for some insane value. and if you come back each and every single week and you already know who i am, thank you for always showing love and being a part of my supreme family. now, before we head into the video, if you do not know, each and every single week i give out the opportunity winning a free one-on-one consulting call to streamline your success and answer every single one of your questions, and i will be announcing the winner from last week somewhere inside this video. but if you want the opportunity of winning this week, all you have to do is, in the comments section below, comment the word niche and what your biggest takeaway from this video was, and don't forget that if you're having any questions about any of my videos or about how you can get started with your own online business and doing it successfully, then you can reach out to me on my instagram- ac- underscore hampton and dm me the word youtube so i can reach out and help out in any way possible. remember, it's not about how much money you can make in this world, but how much knowledge you can teach others to change their lives. so dme youtube if you're feeling stuck at all. with that being said, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it. so, to break it down simply, the business year is broken into four quarters and we're officially on quarter number three. with that being said, there is a ton of money on the table to be made, and i'm about to reveal exactly what niches are going to do that for you and make you the most revenue and, most importantly, the most profit in the next three months. the first niche that you're going to want to take full advantage of to dive into q3- the right way- is back to school. as the summer is starting to close out, you're going to see the searches for back to school supplies surge through the roof, and if we head over here to one of my favorite tools, google trends, you can see exactly what i mean by that. you can see, each and every single year over the last five years, it's starting to trend right around the same time, which is right now, and i mean: look at that. we're right in july, and that's when the trend is starting. and it's starting to peak out right here in august, and i mean it's doing the same thing every single year. so i mean tok about the perfect time to jump into something. i mean: men lie, women lie, data does not. in every single year, people are searching for this like crazy. around this time frame, people are preparing to send their children back to school a lot sooner than you may be thinking, and this is the perfect time to take advantage of it. it's always a good idea to be ahead of the trend, rather than trying to sell the product when it's already popping off and everybody else is already selling it now. a great tool to utilize in order to find products that may solve a problem for students, especially college students, that have a high potential to sell, is with tiktok. if we head over here to tiktok and hit the search bar and type in dorm essentials, let's go ahead and see what comes up and, trust me, there's going to be so many amazing products that you can go crazy with. i mean, as we scroll down, we already see the portable fan, and also we're seeing all these videos of the college essentials that you may be needing. and again, these videos are going crazy: 2.5 million views, 930 000 views, 2.8 million views, and so on and so on, and all these products that you're seeing can be sourced right on aliexpress or through your private supplier that you can start selling today. and people have so many videos just going over, product after product after product, that you start seeing a lot of the same products over and over again, just like the shoe rack right here. i mean, i've been seeing this like crazy. this is the perfect place to start your search for potential products that could work for you, that you can start selling right now- and i may have just dropped the perfect product for the back to school niche in my top 10 products that you need to sell in july hint- but in all seriousness, i'm telling you all, if you get in on this train, it can give you some serious, serious sales. and it may not be something that gives you a ton of longevity with your online store, but this is a great starting point and will for sure help you start getting the sales rolling in now. if product research isn't your best trade and you find yourself struggling for hours on hours to find even just one product that could potentially sell, then i have something amazing for you. this is something that we cover heavily in my one-on-one mentorship. in this one-on-one tailored mentorship, we guide you through an entire step process on how to find winning products and key indicators that you should be looking for in order to know that a product will work for you. so if you're looking to learn exactly how you can find winning products consistently and get guidance from my team and i while running your own online business. then make sure to head over to my instagram ac underscore hampton and dm me the word mentorship, or you can apply with a link down in my description so i can reach out and help you get started. now heading into niche number two that you need to be selling if you want to be making some serious money. this q3 is anything that's outdoor related. during this time period, people are soaking up the last weeks of sun and summer time, which means outdoor related products are going to spike in searches, whether it's hiking, camping, grilling or whatever you can think of that people are doing outside. they're going to be doing it and they're going to be looking for products that can help them do it or make doing it even more fun. this leaves a gateway of opportunities for people that you can find and sell during this three month time span. the best way to be a great dropshipper is to think like a customer. so if you were to go camping, hiking or even just grilling outside, what are some things that you would want while doing those things in order to make your life easier? once you come up with a couple of those ideas. that's when it's time to start searching for products that are similar to that idea that you already had in mind. this is where you can utilize whatever ad search engine that you're using and search by specific key terms to help you find products that fall in line with that niche and whatever product that you're looking for. so, for example, if we're looking for a product to sell for people who are campers, i would head over to aspy and literally searching the term camping. so, literally on the screen where it says add text, i'll just add camping and then add filters. and then, right after that, i did a media type of video and then i did tiknologies at shopify, woocommerce and click funnels, and then english speaking ads as another filter, as i want to make sure that people can actually read my ads and, as we scroll down, look at all these camping products that go crazy every single year. and then, from there, y