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No Facebook, No Dropshipping.

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Facebook is a major issue for dropshippers.

- In this video, we will discuss how to avoid Facebook issues and overcome them.

- There are several components to cover, including not violating policy, keeping customers happy, unblocking accounts, and using an account structure.

Component 1: Not violating policy

- Select Facebook-friendly products.

- Present products in a way that doesn't violate Facebook policies.

- Avoid gray area violations, such as using too many emojis or numbers.

- Don't violate clear policies, such as selling sex toys or making unrealistic claims.

Component 2: Keeping customers happy

- Have good customer support and shipping times.

- Use a good supplier with short shipping times.

- Ensure product quality is high.

- Watch out for competitors trying to bring your page down.

Component 3: Unblocking accounts

- There are contacts who can help unblock accounts.

- This doesn't work 100% of the time.

- It's important to follow policies to avoid getting blocked.

Component 4: Using an account structure

- Set up a structure with multiple accounts.

- Diversify your Facebook accounts for different purposes.

- This allows for easier account replacement and data retention.

- Facebook is a major issue for dropshippers, but there are ways to avoid and overcome issues.

- To learn more about a full dropshipping program, sign up for a consultation session with the speaker.

I Tried Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace for One Week (Does it Work?)!

- Tried drop shipping on Facebook Marketplace for one week

- Some highs and lows

- Will show results and how much money was made

Getting Started:

- Had experience with drop shipping on eBay and Amazon

- Facebook Marketplace seemed easy enough to use

- Started by browsing Marketplace and seeing what people were buying

- Started listing items that were already sold on eBay and Amazon

Day One:

- Made first sale within one hour of listing items

- Profit of $8

- Listed more items throughout the day and fulfilled orders

Day Two:

- Fulfilling orders and listing more products

- Sales picking up throughout the day

- Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of orders coming in

Day Three-Five:

- Continuing to list products and fulfill orders

- Working on automating the business

- Profit steadily increasing

Days Six and Seven:

- Continuing to list products and fulfill orders

- Moving out of van and into Airbnb

- Results to come

- Facebook Marketplace drop shipping works

- Different from eBay and Amazon drop shipping

- Nuances to learn

- Margin on Facebook is excellent

- Sales come fast

- Total profit for one week was $668

- Hosting a free live training to answer questions and provide more information.

Best Low Budget Facebook Ad Strategy | Shopify Dropshipping 2023 | [Step By Step]

Advertising for your E-commerce DropShipping brand can be a daunting task, but luckily, this article will cover everything you need to know about Facebook and Instagram advertising. In this article, we will cover the ad strategy, setting up and copying the personal strategy, and analyzing campaign metrics.

Advertising for your E-commerce DropShipping brand can be overwhelming and stressful, but this article will cover all aspects of Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Ad Strategy:

- Broad audiences are the key to success in 2023 after the privacy update from Apple

- Testing marketing angles and ad copy is crucial to finding the perfect audience for your product

- Marketing angles refer to the way you present your product to the customer, and testing different angles allows Facebook and Instagram to find the perfect audience for your product

Setting up Ads:

- Campaign level, ad set level, and ad creative level

- Campaign level: name your campaign and choose the sales objective

- Ad set level: choose website conversions and set up your pixel, select purchase for conversion event, set budget and schedule

- Audience: go broad with locations, age, gender, and detail targeting

- Placements: use Advantage Plus for Carousel ads

Copying Personal Strategy:

- Use the same ad structure and settings to copy the personal strategy

Analyzing Metrics:

- Look at metrics such as cost per purchase, ROAS, and click-through rate to determine the success of your campaigns

Advertising for your E-commerce DropShipping brand can be challenging, but with the right ad strategy, setting up ads, copying personal strategy, and analyzing metrics, it can be a successful venture.

Can You Still Make a Full Time Income Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace?

Can You Still Make a Full-Time Income Drop Shipping on Facebook Marketplace?

Many people question whether they can still make a full-time income drop shipping on Facebook Marketplace. However, attributing sales downturns to the economy, competition, and over-saturation is not beneficial. Such excuses only serve to handicap business owners.

Revenue Report for June:

1. Main Marketplace Account:

- Total earned: $41,088.34

- Total spent: $30,159.97

- Total profit: $10,199.31

- Average margin: 34%

- Number of transactions: 559

2. Secondary Marketplace Account:

- Total earned: $11,220.29

- Total spent: $8,162.49

- Total profit: $3,057.80

- Number of transactions: 157

3. Main Shop:

- Total earned: $4,141.24

- Total spent: $2,746.25

- Total profit: $1,394.99

- Average margin: 50%

- Number of transactions: 61


1. It is possible to make a full-time income drop shipping on Facebook Marketplace, but diversifying across multiple shops and marketplace accounts is wise.

2. Facebook is enabling more shops and enabling marketplace on those shops, which is promising for business owners.

Making a full-time income drop shipping on Facebook Marketplace is still possible, but it requires effort, dedication, and diversification. It is not wise to attribute sales downturns to external factors as it only serves to handicap business owners. Instead, one should work harder, learn more, and double down to achieve desired results.

Make Money With Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping In 2023 (Step By Step)

In this video, the topic of dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace is explored. The question of whether it is worth trying or not is examined, and the process of selling products on the Marketplace is explained.


1. Understanding the Facebook Marketplace

2. Finding Products to Sell

3. Adapting to the Marketplace

4. Differences from Traditional Dropshipping

5. Advantages and Disadvantages

6. Boosting Traffic with Facebook Ads

Understanding the Facebook Marketplace:

The Facebook Marketplace is a feature that allows anyone to sell products online. It is focused on selling items locally, giving people the freedom to sell used products. The Marketplace has become the subject of memes, with many people claiming that the products sold on it are not worth buying.

Finding Products to Sell:

A shortcut to finding products to sell on the Facebook Marketplace is to connect to CG Dropshipping, which has put together a list of the best-selling items in the dropshipping space. While selling these items on Amazon is not recommended due to high competition, selling them on the Marketplace is a good opportunity.

Adapting to the Marketplace:

Professional photos are not necessary on the Facebook Marketplace, as people are used to seeing regular pictures taken by regular people. It is important to adapt to these circumstances and blend in. Finding a winner product that people will buy is crucial, and ordering one yourself is a good way to ensure quality and take organic pictures.

Differences from Traditional Dropshipping:

The Facebook Marketplace is a manual way of selling products, with no automation. Fulfilling orders is done by the seller, not a supplier, and the process of convincing buyers and shipping products is entirely on the seller. This is different from traditional dropshipping, which is more streamlined.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The main advantage of selling on the Facebook Marketplace is the lack of competition for local sales. However, the process of fulfilling orders manually can be time-consuming and the delivery time can raise suspicions. Purchasing items in advance to ensure quick delivery is a risk, as it requires investment in multiple items. The Marketplace is not traditional dropshipping, but it is similar.

Boosting Traffic with Facebook Ads:

Once profits are made, investing in sponsored content can help boost traffic and sales. Facebook already has the systems in place to promote products, so paying for ads can be an easy way to increase visibility.

Dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace can be a good opportunity, but it requires adapting to the manual process and understanding the differences from traditional dropshipping. The lack of competition for local sales is an advantage, but the delivery time and risk of investing in multiple items must be considered. Overall, it is important to track multiple options and find a method that is enjoyable and profitable.

How I Make $27,695 Per Week WITHOUT Facebook Ads (Shopify Dropshipping)

- Sharing the news of Facebook ad account shutdown

- Despite that, made over $27,000 in the past week without running any Facebook ads

- Mission to document ecommerce brand growth transparently and help others start their own online store

- Three methods used to generate sales: organic search traffic, YouTube influencers, and YouTube ads

Organic Search Traffic:

- Accounts for around 10-15% of sales daily

- Google's algorithm ranks websites based on relevance to searched keywords

- Tips for ranking: unique brand name, include top 30-50 keywords in homepage and product page, consider hiring someone to manage SEO

YouTube Influencers:

- Undervalued marketing channel for ecommerce brands

- Provides direct sales and brand association with influencers

- Script used to reach out to influencers, offer commission and upfront payment

- Important to have tested and believe in product quality before sending to influencers

YouTube Ads:

- Most powerful source of traffic, accounting for over 90% of sales daily

- Examples of successful ecommerce brands using YouTube ads: Manscaped, Raycon, BlendJet

- Creative is key, grab attention in first 5 seconds with voiceover

- Targeting can be broad, like on Facebook

- Generated over $1,000/day in profit without Facebook ads

- Encourages transparency and helping others start their own online store

- Winner announced for giveaway of lifetime access to ViralVault software

- New videos uploaded every Friday

How To Start Facebook Dropshipping for $0 in 2021!

Can You Really Start Drop Shipping on Facebook Marketplace for Zero Dollars?

Drop shipping on Facebook Marketplace is becoming a popular way to start an e-commerce business with very little upfront investment. In this article, we will explore the costs associated with starting a successful Facebook drop shipping business.

1. Sign Up for a Facebook Account:

- Creating a Facebook account is free of charge.

- Facebook Marketplace is accessible for free to anyone with a Facebook account.

- Facebook does not charge any hidden fees for using their platform.

2. Find Products to Sell:

- Research products that are selling well on eBay or Amazon.

- Walmart is a supplier that drop shippers can use to source their products.

- Walmart's website offers free accounts, but subscription services like Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime are helpful and have low monthly fees.

3. List the Products for Sale:

- Listing products on Facebook Marketplace is free of charge.

- The Facebook Messenger app is a free and easy way to communicate with potential customers.

4. Sell the Products:

- Facebook charges a five percent fee for each item sold.

- It is essential to mark up the product's price to cover the fee and make a profit.

- Facebook does not release payment until the order is fulfilled and a tracking number is uploaded.

- A cashback credit card can be used to pay for the order, and the cashback can be used to pay off the credit card balance.

Starting a Facebook drop shipping business requires very little upfront investment. The only significant cost is the five percent fee that Facebook charges for each item sold. By using free accounts on supplier websites and a cashback credit card, drop shippers can make a profit while keeping costs low. However, drop shippers must be aware of the additional expenses associated with subscription services and the importance of fulfilling orders promptly.

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