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no irish need apply ads

Published on: February 14 2023 by pipiads

The song No Irish Need Apply is a ballad that reflects the discrimination faced by Irish immigrants in the United States in the 19th century. The song tells the story of an Irishman seeking employment, only to be turned away by a job ad that stated No Irish Need Apply. This article will delve deeper into the history of discrimination against Irish immigrants in the US and the cultural significance of the song.

Discrimination against Irish immigrants in the US:

- Irish immigrants faced discrimination and prejudice in the US in the 19th century

- Many job ads included the phrase No Irish Need Apply

- Irish immigrants were often depicted as drunken and violent in the media, contributing to negative stereotypes

Cultural significance of No Irish Need Apply:

- The song became a symbol of Irish-American resistance against discrimination and prejudice

- It also highlights the struggles of immigrants in the US and the fight for equal rights

- The song has been performed by many Irish-American musicians, including the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem

The song No Irish Need Apply serves as a reminder of the discrimination faced by Irish immigrants in the US in the 19th century. It also highlights the resilience of Irish-Americans in the face of prejudice and the fight for equal rights. While progress has been made since then, discrimination against immigrants still exists today, making the message of the song still relevant in modern times.

Why Were the Irish Once Hated in America?

The Origins of Anti-Irish Sentiment in America

- The Irish immigrants of the 19th century are often used as an example of America's melting pot.

- However, in the 1850s, the Irish were viewed as a legitimate threat to the decency of the United States.

- This article aims to explore the origins of this incredible disgust and hatred towards the Irish.

Origins of Anti-Irish Sentiment:

- Anti-Irish views have existed in some form since the medieval age.

- The British perception of Ireland came to view the Irish as a sinful bunch of savages.

- When Henry VIII split Britain from the church, the British expected the Irish to follow suit and abandon the Pope, but this didn't happen.

- The Enlightenment brought on scientific theory and with that the pseudoscience of racialism.

- The Irish were viewed as violent, belligerent, and downright stupid, and in many circles, this perception stuck.

The Potato Famine:

- The famine created a situation where millions of Irish fled, many moving to England and settling in cities as poor immigrants.

- This didn't help the perception of them as impoverished and criminal.

- By the 19th century, anti-Irish views began to flare up once again.


- The stereotype of the Irish as a violent and sinful people followed them across the sea.

- The Irish were not viewed as an equal to the average American or even to the new immigrants of Germans and Poles.

- Irish-American leaders began to change the stereotype of the Irish as a drunkard to a responsible, pious American.

- The Irish themselves began to change their image arguing that Catholicism was not anti-American.

- The Irish eventually fit into the idea of being a part of America.

- Another immigrant group simply took its place at the bottom of the totem pole.

- The plight of the Irishmen in America is really just a part of America's complex history of immigration and assimilation.

No Blacks No Dogs No Irish

Living in Bristol as a person of color was not easy in the 60s due to the prevailing prejudice. However, things improved with time, and people learned to live together. Many people in Bristol are now aware of the mistreatment of people of color in the past.

Key points:

- Many people from Jamaica migrated to England due to a lack of employment opportunities in their home country.

- The experience of coming to England was a culture shock for many, with names like black bastard and monkey being used to insult people of color.

- The Black and White club was a significant meeting place for people of color in Bristol, where they could smoke ganja and enjoy Jamaican food.

- The 1980 riots in St. Paul's were an anti-police uprising that represented an uprising against mistreatment and discrimination.

- The Beaufort pub in Montpellier became a popular spot for people of all backgrounds to come together and enjoy Jamaican music and food.

- The pub has faced the threat of closure, but the community has rallied to keep it open, recognizing its importance as a historic landmark of Bristol's diverse culture.

Although times have changed, it's essential to remember the struggles that people of color faced in the past and to continue celebrating and promoting diversity and inclusivity in our communities. The Beaufort pub stands as a symbol of this, bringing people of all backgrounds together to enjoy music, food, and friendship.

No Irish Need Apply

The following article talks about the experiences of a soldier during the war, where he learns to dance to the tune of a German guy, and how he survives through the bitter scars of war. The article also provides insights into creating a free Facebook Messenger bot through a ManyChat tutorial.

Experiences of a Soldier:

- Learned to dance to the tune of a German guy

- Playhouse dogs and trying to find a place to call his own

- Spirits High treated, but no Irish should apply

- Recruited on the verge of food, but welcomed nonetheless

- The package tailored him quite well, but the sergeant screams were obscene

- He saw his scarf and thought he'll die, in a place where no pirates should apply

- He cursed the French translation, but got down the trench to help beat the kaiserans

- Survived through the bitter scars, with a brand new leg from Dr Clegg and a pension

- Many water to end the wars, but survivors on the doll had to sell their stars

Creating a Free Facebook Messenger Bot:

- ManyChat tutorial to create a free Facebook Messenger bot

- The bot can be used to engage with customers, increase sales, and automate responses

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The article highlights the experiences of a soldier during the war and his survival through the bitter scars. It also provides insights into creating a free Facebook Messenger bot through a ManyChat tutorial, which can be used to engage with customers and boost sales.

Why Finland Joining NATO Checkmates Russia

- Finland's border with Russia is the second longest in Europe, spanning 800 miles through thick forests and snow.

- Finland's proximity to Russia's second largest city, Saint Petersburg, makes it a potential threat.

- Finland has never possessed the manpower to capitalize on their geographic advantages over Russia, making it in Moscow's interests to dominate or keep them politically neutral.

- However, Finland has decided to end its neutrality and join the NATO alliance, which will checkmate Russia's ambitions in the north and cost them dearly for generations to come.


- Russia's strategy of dominating Finland began in 1808 when they invaded and took over the ports from the Swedes, ceding Finland in its entirety over to the Russian Empire.

- Finland remained a part of the Russian Empire for 108 years until the Russian Revolution and the collapse of the Empire during World War One in 1917.

- In 1939, the Soviets demanded fealty from Finland and presented them with an ultimatum, which Finland refused, leading to an all-out invasion by the Red Army.

- The invasion turned into a quagmire for the Soviets, but they managed to force Finland into signing the Moscow peace treaty, which saw Finland ceding over 9% of their pre-war territory to Russia, including the city of Vyborg.


- Finland's decision to join the NATO alliance alongside the United States will cost Russia dearly for generations to come, checkmating their ambitions in the north.

- It is one of the most catastrophic foreign policy disasters for the Kremlin to have come from Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

- For over 200 years, Russia's strategy of pacifying Finland and preventing them from joining hostile military alliances more or less worked out, but in a matter of months, all of these centuries of careful Russian foreign policy and diplomacy in regards to Finland will come crashing down into ruins.

- Finland's history with Russia has been fraught with tension and conflict, and their decision to end their neutrality and join the NATO alliance will have significant repercussions for both countries.

- Russia's fear of Finland becoming a threat has led to a strategy of domination or political neutrality, but Finland's decision to ally with powerful enemies abroad will cost Russia dearly.

- The future of Finland-Russia relations remains uncertain, but Finland's decision to join NATO marks a significant turning point in their history.

Yes, Established Titles Is A Scam*

Is Established Titles a Scam?

Established Titles has been a prominent company on YouTube, with many YouTubers running sponsorships for the company. However, after Scott Shaffer made a video calling Established Titles a scam, the company's legitimacy has been questioned. In this article, we will examine whether Established Titles is a scam or not.

What is Established Titles?

Established Titles owns less than 200 acres of land in rural Scotland. Their website claims that you can buy a dedicated one foot by one foot square souvenir plot of land from them and become a lord or lady. They state that their packages are based on a historic Scottish land ownership custom where landowners have been long referred to as lairds.

False Advertising and Fraud:

When talking about false advertising or fraud in commerce, you are probably talking about one of two laws: section 43a of the Lanham act, which authorizes civil suits for false advertising, and state laws regulating false advertising and other deceptive trade practices. In California, for example, false and misleading statements are prohibited in connection with any good, service, or real or personal property.

Claims by Established Titles:

Established Titles' homepage states that you can save Scottish woodlands and become a lord today. On the purchase page, it states that each Lord title pack includes a dedicated plot of land measuring one square foot, five square feet, or ten square feet, a personalized title certificate, a unique plot number, and a digital personalized member's handbook. They have an entire terms of service page on the website as well.

Can You Become a Lord or Lady through Purchasing Scottish Land?

No, not like this. The court of the Lord lion, which deals with all matters relating to Scottish heraldry and coats of arms, stated that ownership of a souvenir plot of land does not bring with it the right to any description such as Laird, Lord, or lady. The words Lord and Lady apply to those on whom peerage has been confirmed and do not relate to the ownership of land. Ownership of a souvenir plot of land is not sufficient to bring a person otherwise ineligible within the justification of the Lord lion for seeking a coat of arms.

Do You Own the Land?

No, you do not. Instead, you get a contractual dedication from Established Titles, which basically means nothing. It's like buying an mp3 from Apple music. You have a contract, they will provide a certain thing to you, but you do not own it in any real sense.

Established Titles' claims of becoming a lord or lady through purchasing Scottish land are false and misleading. They are not selling actual land, but rather a souvenir plot with no real value. Therefore, Established Titles is a scam.

When an Exchange Student comes to Germany

In this article, we will be summarizing a conversation between a group of people who are planning to go on a hiking trip. The conversation includes discussions about their plans, preparations, and some funny moments along the way.

1. Planning the trip:

- An Irish student on a German exchange program is planning a hiking trip with some friends.

- They enjoy going for walks on weekends and want to explore the outdoors.

- They discuss how far they want to go and decide to bring hiking poles for support.

2. Preparations:

- They discuss camping arrangements and whether to bring their own tents or share with others.

- Language barriers are addressed, and they agree to speak in English to accommodate the Irish student's language abilities.

- They learn about the proper disposal of trash, and the importance of using the correct trash bins.

- They make sure to pack breakfast and set an alarm to wake up on time.

3. Funny moments:

- They have a friendly argument about punctuality and cultural differences when it comes to being on time.

- One person asks for help with their writing, and another agrees to assist them.

- They learn a new German word and share some jokes along the way.

- Someone forgets their bathing suit, but it's not a problem as they decide not to go swimming after all.

Overall, this conversation highlights the importance of communication and preparation when planning a trip. Despite some humorous moments, everyone seems to be excited about the upcoming adventure.

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