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Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

Not More Commercials! | Teen Titans Go! | Cartoon Network

your show isn't nice watching it is pure,torture so now I'm gonna torture you by,adding more commercials you would not,the Dare hell stik around and find out,start your day off right with soggy,Titans made with real Marshmallow,superheroes,control freak put us in a cereal,commercial,it tastes pretty good yo,[Music],look they expand we are absorbing the,milk and getting all soggy for the best,part about soggy Titans is the taste,and don't forget every box of soggy,Titans comes with a special prize a live,scorpion what's wrong with you soggy,Titan is an unhealthy part of an,incomplete breakfast,commercial hydraulics,and a comfortable ride please don't sit,on me,oh this is the cyborg series Lawnmower,and it's perfect for mowing down those,pesky weeds,[Music],but the size series Lawnmower doesn't,just cut weeds no it also chops them,into fertilizer,yeah,so get your cyborg series Lawnmower,today because this baby can do all kinds,of Dirty Work,look out the mountains under attack by,the evil Titans we ain't attacking no,mountain and who are you calling evil,Frank action team is on it slime freaker,reporting for duty,this slime does feel the wrath of my,straight-loaded kick,I think you broke something activate,secret freak quarters,okay okay we surrender please there is,no more need for the violence,each sold separately Kids bug your,parents until they buy you the whole set,freaky cheeseburger Factory crazy fun,with crazy clay now you can make a snack,at freaky Jeeps Burger Factory we start,with the fun,this toy is evil then we make the body,someone shut this Factory down we need,some tomato no no hold the tomato,[Applause],and don't forget the lettuce,[Music],I'll take a side of fries with that,I prefer,now it's time to feed freaky teams,the freaky jeans Burger Factory,battery's not included because the toy,company's too cheap,when it comes to laundry they're soft,and then they're silky super soft,because silky super soft is the only,fabric softener made from silky's,all-natural saliva,oh just pour it on your laundry,[Music],and voila your clothes leave the dryer,feeling silky super soft,and no statik cling exploding a breeze,silky super soft find it wherever mutant,larva are sold,it's the sale of the century control,freak is going out of business,Everything Must Go including him,please slashing prices,and blowing up the inventory,it is the sale of the total liquidation,that's so gross,[Music],[Applause],[Music]

Remove Annoying ads On Windows 10 I How To Disable All Ads In Windows 10 2021

okay guys welcome to my channel,if you are here it means you want to get,rid of,or remove annoying ads that keeps,popping up on your windows ads like this,okay without further ado let's get,started,[Music],so in this tutorial,i'm going to walk you guys on how to fix,this,this is something more unique to windows,10 and,any of its predecessors so,if you don't have a need for it,so first thing i would suggest we click,on the start menu,which is at the left button,then it pops up and,in the search box type in,file explorer,then in the menu,click on the file explorer,by left clicking on it,then on the top here,you get see view click on the view,tab and go to the,option tab here then left click,on it then,this comes out says change folder and,search option click on it,then we click on the view tab here,and search for,and search for synchronize provider,notification,we unclick it and,click on apply,and click on ok,so once you are done with that,you are going to try to take off the,ads in the start menu now let's,let's click on the start menu type in,settings or,search for the icon here whichever you,prefer,the icon here settings,then left click on it,and settings,windows pops up,then we'll look for,personalization okay,we'll click on it,okay windows 4 it just popped up,okay and now we want to scroll,down to the start menu here,and click on the start menu here at the,left side then at the,right side we search for the,show suggestion occasionally in stats,we want to click on it off it,okay and that's pretty much about this,place,that now let's go back,okay on the settings window,we want to come to the section,with a system then we'll click on it,now we want to scroll down to the menu,here,that says uh notification on actions,click on it left click on it,then we want to go down,then on the right side we want to go,down,and look for,uh get tips,tricks and suggestions on you as,sorry get tips tricks and suggestions as,you use,windows one want to unclick it,then we want to go to uh show me,the windows welcome experience after,updates and,occasionally when i sign in to highlight,what's new and suggestion we want to,unclick that too,and that's pretty much about this,[Music],okay that will be all we want to,it okay i hope you find this useful,please do not forget to give a thumbs up,and click,the subscribe button it's been a,pleasure,being with all of you i said i,appreciate your attention today,thank you and bye

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Remove ADS From Android Phone! Paano iBlock ang ADS and POP UP ADS sa Android Device

[Music],personalization instructs not to use,your advertising id to build profile or,show you,uh personalized ads,option,again,foreign,[Music],you

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What Would Happen If There Were No More Advertisements | Curiosity

[Music],ads are so annoying they're everywhere,and often interrupt your favorite series,TV show sports video movies songs even,games and applications wouldn't it be,great if everything went ad free those,pesky ads disappeared how would the,world be without ads keep watching,because in today's video we'll tell you,what would happen in such a scenario,hint marketers spent about one hundred,and eighty nine billion on advertising,in the u.s. in 2019 and 592 billion,worldwide picture the human cost within,the ad industry alone if the spending,went away the world wouldn't be as,pleasant as you would imagine it to be,and just so we're making things clear,we're not referring to the world before,advertising it's our world the way it is,now just without advertising so let's,begin firstly social media would either,shut down or you would have to start,paying a high fee for using it yeah that,may sound like a nightmare but social,media sites like Facebook Instagram,Tumblr and Twitter rely on ad revenues,to run without banner ads AdWords and,sponsored links these websites would,either stay small or closed down,completely they would become crippled by,server and manpower costs and the,investors would see no reason to invest,in these companies the only way that,they'd keep running is if they started,charging their users a high subscription,fee,second without alluring advertisements,consumers would buy less they'd also be,much less informed and make more,inefficient purchases this in turn would,result in less innovation as people rely,on what they already know not the new,information they gain from,advertisements the economy would in turn,contract with multipliers exacerbating,permanently lower consumption it would,be decades before we'd return to the,level of economic output we experience,right now people would buy products,based on genuine need recommendation or,impulse they would buy things they see,in shops if it's not at the shop they go,to they won't see it so they won't buy,it they would buy services from,providers close by usually those,recommended by friends or family unless,someone they already know persuades them,they probably won't switch brands they,would tend to buy on price unless they,have a good reason not to if their,friends don't buy something they,probably won't buy it either but people,would miss out on products and services,available and affordable that could ease,their pain enhance their lives and,delight their children they would live,their whole lives without ever even,knowing these products exist products,would deteriorate in quality and be,packaged in plain packaging it would be,like the former Soviet Union where,factories did not advertise their,products either if you wanted them you,went into the store and bought whatever,was on the Shelf without advertising,there'd be no way for consumers to,compare what products are better,this means manufacturers can make deals,with retailers for exclusive,distribution deals and retails would,accept them since there's no consumer,pressure to carry other brands because,they're unaware there are other brands,since there's no advertising,it would be easier for a big company to,form monopolies since competitors cannot,advertise some backroom deals with,suppliers and distributors can make it,easy to put competitors out of business,and without advertising no one will even,know the new company or product or,service even exists making it almost,impossible to launch these big companies,would start increasing their prices,reducing the quality of their services,and treating their employees poorly,television channel bills would increase,by a huge margin and the number of,channels would go down drastikally,currently television channels rely a lot,on ad revenue to keep their operations,running without ad revenue networks,would have to rely entirely on consumers,for income either directly via streaming,or indirectly via your pay TV provider,so in the end it's the consumer who,would have to flip the bill to keep the,channels running content would come at a,cost,and with no advertisers to invest in,newspapers and magazines some may not be,able to afford to run Internet,conversation and communities would be,fewer and more expensive choice of,content would be more limited and you,might not get any free news at all if a,variety of publications couldn't afford,to run we could also be in danger of,being exposed to only one mindset and,one voice another thing that would,happen is that consumers and customers,will be empowered to make their own,choices without being manipulated by,unnecessary ads your mobile will no,longer have any display ads and your,laptop screens can be crystal clear no,more buzzing images no more suggestions,no are desperately shaking tags and,images screaming by me social media,which is paid for now will allow you to,have a frank discussion about brands and,your choice of purchase can be purely,based on your peers recommendation or,your own choice you'd be healthier as,you'd walk down to the store and find,out if there's any items on sale since,your mailbox will no longer be filled,with all the product catalog,the creative industry will practikally,collapse there would be no marketers or,advertisers no creative agencies or,in-house marketing managers no creative,directors social strategists and brand,Guardians an entire industry would cease,to exist the writers and designers of,the world might become novelists,musicians and artists they would be the,product designers the storytellers and,the reporters there wouldn't be a need,to think of great logos brand names,brand values and create promotional,activity because everything would look,the same,finally streets would only have names,and traffic signs with no more,disturbing fill boards and giant posters,have creatively done but distracting,images Broadway and Times Square would,finally have no neon signs advertising,various brands and will only feature,non-commercial information people truly,want,imagine a drab gloomy Times Square,devoid of giant coke bottles large,screens and hulking Eminem's sounds,gloomy doesn't it do you find,advertisements annoying do you think,that they should even exist let us know,in the comments section below,enjoyed this video hit like share and,subscribe to curiosity,wait why not fulfill your curiosity by,watching these other awesome videos go,ahead choose the left or the right video,and enjoy

How to remove Popup ads from Android Mobile | 100% Free | No tools Required

[Music],hey friends come on this is abhishek,from tik matters and in this video i'll,be telling you how you can easily remove,malware or adware from your android,mobile phone this is very easy you don't,need any kind of software or any kind of,antivirus or anti-malware it can be,easily done through settings in your,android phone,so before that let me show you what kind,of ads i'm toking about so these are,like pop-up ads so here you can see that,this is one kind of pop up ad and,normally you get a cross sign here and,every time the ad pops up you need to,cross it so that it closes so it's very,irritating at times like I will show you,these kind of ads whenever you're,browsing Facebook or you are doing,YouTube so these pop-up ads will come up,and if you see closely here on the top,right hand side that ads by Google so,this means this ad is actually coming,from the Google Adsense so now how you,can remove this and this is very simple,you need to just follow a few steps so,now what you have to do is like you just,have to go to settings and inside,settings you will see accounts an,account you have to go to Google inside,Google you will see multiple options you,have to go into personal info and,privacy and once this page loads you,need to go to add settings when you,click on this this will actually open a,browser and inside the browser it will,open the add settings for your account,and now you can see add personalization,so here basically you have to switch it,off when you switch it off this will,give a pop up and you need to click on,this turn off it says by turning off the,personalization you still see a ad but,it will be less useful to it but,trust me I have turned it off and ads,we're not coming to my phone so I'll,just click on darn off and here it says,add personalization is now off you have,to click on visit ad choices once you,click on visit ad choices this will load,another page which will say like what,all ad you have enabled on your phone so,basically you have to uncheck all the ad,or all the website from where you get,the ads so now it will first load like,what kind of ads you have already,enabled insufficient connection speed so,sometimes this will give error so you,have to try again and if you need to be,on good internet connection and here you,can see it's getting loaded and yes it,says connection quality is good and,cookies enabled and opt-out settings so,this is the very this is actually the,important settings what you need to,check for so let it load it takes a few,minutes to load alright as soon as that,status check is completed you will get,this kind of pop up and it says status,of your opting out option so basically,let me explain you what is opt-out,normally your browser will be enabled,for all 128 companies normally which is,having tie-up with Google Adsense and I,have already opted out from all the web,sites so it says 128 partikipating,companies reported information for,existing up opt-out on your browser that,means I have already opted out of 128,partikipating companies for your phone,it will show as 0 partikipating,companies opt-out or one partikipating,company opt-out so that that can vary,from phone to phone so you need to,opt-out from all the companies so how do,you do that you have to just click on,continue and here you can see company,customization ad for your browser 3,current uploads 124,now I need to click on make your choices,here I can say these three companies,will give me ad on my phone so I need to,remove these companies from my ad sense,so I wanna have to do choose all,companies and say it's requesting,opt-outs,this means you have requested these,website to not send ads on your phone,now it says opt-out completed,successfully opt-out requests were not,completed for two partikipating,companies I'm not sure why they are not,allowing you to opt out so step you,click on continue now you can see,company customizing ads for your browser,is one and your opt out is 127 and total,company is 129 so that means like still,one company will send the ads to your,phone but that will be very less,compared to 129 companies so do all,these settings and you have to just,click on back back or you can hit the,home button and then you need to just,restart your phone and your ads will go,away you will not receive that pop-up,ads from Google at last I would like to,thank all my viewers all my subscribers,to make this channel larger because we,have reached 5000 subscriber and 20,million views on this channel and I,would be distributing goodies gifts at,ten thousand subscription so please,check out my Facebook page for more,details just click the link which is,being displayed on the screen now and,don't forget to subscribe because only,subscribers will be getting the gifts,at 10,000 subscription so I hope you,liked my video have a nice day bye bye

ADGUARD!- Remove Unwanted Ads/Popup ads sa Android Device Mo! (No apps need)

[Music],no internet,foreign,[Music],so,[Music]