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nonprofit ads

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

The Ultimate Guide to the Google Ad Grant (2019)

(upbeat music),- Welcome back, in today's video, we're gonna tok about,the ultimate guide to Google Ad Grants.,If your nonprofit has a Google Ad Grant,,this video is for you.,If you don't have a Google Ad Grant,,check out this video.,It's gonna show you exactly how to get started.,So for those of who do have a Google Ad Grant,,in today's video, I'm gonna share some tips,,so that you can learn how your account,can perform at its best, and you can spend more.,I've helped nonprofits spend over $2.5 million,and there's definitely some best practikes,and we are gonna jump into those today.,I've also been in your shoes.,I've been in the nonprofit trenches.,I worked at a nonprofit and my first exposure,to the ad grant was, hey, we have this grant, manage it.,So I had to self teach myself everything.,And I wish that I had a video like this,that could have helped me learn how to maximize the grant,,so that it could have been more effective.,And the truth is, it's even more difficult,and complicated to manage the Google Ad Grant program today,,so I'm really excited to share these tips with you.,So let's jump in with a shocking statistik.,Google recently reported that Google Ad Grant recipients,only spend about $300 of their ad grant,on average every month.,This is not a lot of money, and so a lot of nonprofits,are applying for the grants, they're excited,,and then they just get defeated because,they're not able to spend much and they don't see results.,So if your nonprofit has the grant,and you haven't been able to spend even half of it,,comment below if we want to spend more.,At the Digital Marketing Academy For Nonprofits,,we help nonprofits spend $7500 out of,their $10,000 ad grant on average.,For some nonprofits, it's a little less,and for some nonprofits, they hit,that cool $10,000 every month.,It just depends on your niche,,and the type of keyword volume, the search volume,that's appearing for your keywords and your phrases.,All of the tips I'm gonna share with you in today's video,are gonna help you manage your grant more effectively.,We're gonna tok about account structure,,keywords and phrases, landing pages,,ad copy, quality scores, and bidding strategies.,So let's tok about account structure.,The way you wanna structure your ad grant account,is by campaigns that are very broad and then ad groups,that relate to that broad campaign concept,,and then within each ad group,,have very specific keywords and phrases,so that you can be the most relevant as possible.,One of the keys to Google search ads,and the Google Ad Grant is to be relevant.,The more relevant your account is,,the more Google will show it to people,looking for your keywords and your phrases.,So the way that I like to think about account structure,is actually mirroring the website navigation,,or your website navigation.,So most likely, you have a website that has a menu.,And on your menu, you have very specific categories,so that it's easy for people to find information.,This is how you wanna set up,your campaigns within the Google Ad Grant.,So you may have a very broad campaign,of volunteers, or recruiting volunteers.,You may have a campaign for services.,You may have a campaign for events,,and you may have a campaign for donations.,Whatever applies to your nonprofit,as the bigger concepts, that's where you wanna start,in the campaign structure.,Now, within your campaigns, you can add ad groups.,So let's say that you're looking for,volunteers to help with the food drive.,You can have a specific ad group,that has those keywords and phrases,under your volunteer campaign.,And now let's say that you want to have a different campaign,for volunteers to build a community garden.,You can start to see how if you separate these keywords,and phrases and segment them down to ad groups,,you can be very specific to match,what people are searching for.,So the first tip that we have is to,look at your account structure,,see if it models how your website is built,,and if not, that's the first place,that you can start to make some adjustments,,or maybe you do have it structured like that,,but you could be more specific in your ad groups.,So take a look there, and that's the first way,that we look at an account when we get one,,so that we can see what are they doing,and what can we optimize.,So this transitions us to tok about your landing pages.,Landing pages are extremely important,to get a good click through rate,and to get a good quality score,,which ultimately affects how much,you can spend with a Google Ad Grant.,So what you wanna do is, you wanna,take your keyword research,and if you've never done this before,,you can use Keyword Planner, it's a free tool.,It's very easy to use.,And so once you have your keyword research,,you wanna find the keywords and phrases,with the highest search volume,that are the most relevant to your nonprofit.,And then you wanna take a look at your landing page.,And so when you take a look at your landing page,,you wanna see whether or not,it contains those keywords and phrases.,Now, here are a couple ideas for,where you can incorporate them,if you're not seeing them, or where you can look.,So you wanna look at your url.,That's a really big sign for Google,to know what the page is about.,You wanna look at the title of your page,,the headings, your meta description,,and your actual on-page copy.,So you want to have a mix of the keywords,that are extremely relevant that you're trying to,compete for mixed in all those different areas.,Now, you don't wanna just keyword all over the place.,You wanna make sure that it's easy to read,and that whoever is coming to the page,understands, yeah, that's what I was looking for.,And this is actually one of the reasons,that the Google Ad Grant program changed its policy,a couple years ago, was because it was finding,that nonprofits were using very generic keywords,in their ad groups and they were not having,the same keywords and phrases that they were,trying to compete for, on their landing page.,And what this does is it makes a bad experience,for whoever was searching for the,keyword or phrase that they got to your site.,So imagine that you were looking for peanut butter,and you type in Google, peanut butter.,You click on the first ad and you get taken to crackers.,And the person who created that ad thought,,well, if people like peanut butter,,they might want to also put that peanut butter on crackers,,so that's how I want my ad to show up.,But what ends up happening is,that person gets extremely frustrated.,They click out right away, and they say,,I did not want crackers, I was looking for peanut butter.,So you wanna think about it in that way,and making it a good experience for whoever's looking for,the keywords and phrases that you're providing.,So this takes us to the next thing,,which is your ad creation.,Now when you create your ads,,it's an extremely important process of Google search ads.,You wanna make sure that the keywords and phrases,that you are using not only appear on your landing page,,but that they also appear in your ad.,This is the perfect formula for,getting a great quality score.,It's keywords plus keywords in the ad copy,plus keywords in the landing page.,If you do these three things, you're gonna have,very high click through rates, because the content,is gonna be so relevant to whoever is looking for it.,So when you're creating your ads,,make sure that you reference your keyword research,and that you are putting those in.,And we recommend creating at least three ads,,three variations of your ads, so that you can incorporate,the different keywords and phrases.,And we actually have a guide with two tricks for you,to increase your click through rates,and to also manage your quality score.,So we're gonna put a link our descriptions,,so that you can get that.,You definitely wanna get your hands on this.,That's really all we had to mention about the ad copy,was make it relevant, make sure you're using the keywords,,and t

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How to Set up Google Ads for Nonprofits in 2021 - SEO Strategy for Nonprofit Businesses

hey good morning today we're coming live,from green bay wisconsin actually we're,not we,i'm sitting in plano texas but uh that,is my team we are,playing detroit tomorrow go green bay so,today,our topic is how to set up google ads in,2021,really using google for nonprofits this,is being brought to you by,cash data consulting llc my name is,kashif mockel,2020 is coming to an end we have 19 days,so,i'll just stik with it we'll get there,so,you may not not have heard of google ads,and if you've not,uh my favorite explanation for that is,from my,former student who said google ad is a,slot machine in a way it really is,uh you keep feeding it and it's going to,push out ads,but really um what is google ads okay,it's an advertising platform,from google right this is also known as,ppc advertisement ppc simply means,pay-per-click,hmm okay that's great cash but what does,that really mean,it simply means that if you set up,google ads,right as an advertising company maybe,let's say you're,promoting a product or service google,will only charge you,when a potential user clicks on the ad,and of course i can't spell when so,let me try that again uh putting it,another way the ads are really shown for,free which i think it's great i mean,the the click-through rate is typically,one to two percent so,if your ad is shown 100 times 98 times,you're really getting a free ad okay,in case you're wondering how do i get to,google ads,this is the link right here i'm,highlighting it and in fact i'm gonna,show you,um this is what it looks like so it's,ads.google.com,you can certainly you know read about it,it's,it's very it's very powerful and you,know a lot of companies use it very,successfully,today we're really going to do a quick,demo using google ads but we're going to,focus on a non-profit okay we've been,working,with non-profits for about five to six,years,this is part of our community service so,let me show you this,wonderful website this is called,ferguson road initiative they are,based in um east dallas uh,so if i go here,let me try this and so like i said uh,you can read about them ferguson,ferguson road initiative,they have been i believe operating for,maybe 10 to 20 years i think it's been,it's been a long time so,and they do a lot of wonderful programs,in the community connect with them tell,them that cash sent you,so we will be focusing on a google,for non-profit campaign which we're,going to tok about that in a minute,so let's move forward so you know what,is google for non-profits,okay this is an awesome program,and what it does is it offers charitable,organizations like yours,you know you may have a charity,basically you get free access you get,free access to,g suite so that would mean things like,you know google docs uh,using gmail for work things like that,but the one that's highlighted the one,i'm going to tok about today is ad,grants okay you ready are you sitting,down,you get 10 000 a month in free,ads how cool is that wait what that is,correct,if you do the math you take ten thousand,you divide it by thirty,four thirty one you get approximately,three hundred and thirty three dollars a,day,let me say that again three hundred and,three thirty three dollars a day,in free ads you should definitely look,into that,and i'll show you the website in a,minute you also get a youtube non-profit,program,okay and then there's other things uh,you know related to google earth and,maps,if you have never heard of this you can,certainly google google for non-profit,but i'm going to show you,their website um,and it's again google for google.com,nonprofits this has been around for a,long time,it's uh it's a really like i mentioned a,wonderful program,there are some limitations with it just,like any,anything else but you know check that,out and if you need help with this,if you're a non-profit and you need help,working on some of this contact us okay,we have been doing this like i said for,a number of years,now we actually even put together a page,that that focuses on this right and so,let me tok about this one also,if you go here and uh so,our company's cash data consulting like,i said we're based in plano texas,uh this this page partikularly toks,about that,you know what are the requirements who,can who can qualify,right right down here see this,additional information,on google for non-profits and like i,said we have helped maybe,maybe nine or ten non-profits uh at a,very discounted rate and you can see,some of them down here,okay so check this out again and if if,you get to the website you can get to,this also,through click on the seo drop down and,you should see that,this is one of the pages down here which,is google for non-profits okay,so just just a quick heads up on that um,real quickly if you um there's a link,up on the top i think this is the right,side but uh,you can uh there's going to be an i card,here for this one,so check that as well okay,and we'll also put these links in our,description so the description below in,the video,you should be able to get to the the,links as well all right,okay that's fine let's just you know,let's do a quick crash course,on google ads right so it's crash,because i'm cash with the k,um the google ads really has falling,components,again this is going to be a very high,level if you don't know enough about,google ads i would suggest check it out,go on youtube obviously there's like,probably a gazillion videos on this,i'm just going to highlight some things,you have at the top level you have the,campaign,right this is where you're going to,control um how much you want to spend in,a day so for this grant i mean we can,spend up to like i said 333 a day,ad group is where you really focus on,your product and service so today we're,going to be building ads for a specific,page,that's focused on their year of end,giving it's december as you can tell,so that's what they're focusing on now,the keywords and the actual ads these,are,two components that work together right,the keywords,are the ones that people will type into,the search right and when that happens,your,ads will get triggered okay and maybe i,can show you that,i think we have some ads running for,them already so if i go here,and watch this i'm going to type in,ferguson road initiative,right when i do that of course the ad is,right there okay so on the bottom you'll,see it says join ferguson road,initiative what is the mission of fra,this ad was put together by us by my,team essentially,um and of course you know they're,ranking naturally on that too so,i just wanted to highlight that now,there are other,important components that are tied to,google ads things like quality score,ad extensions keyword planner ad,diagnostiks on and on and on,you can read more about the google,account,ad structure here this is another page,that i believe it's already here,so we put together from our friends in,britain,the uk they have done a,pretty fabulous job about toking about,the structure and whatnot okay,so definitely check that out um,this this kind of explains it well i,mean they're calling it adwords it's,changed names but,the campaign is right there you under,the campaign you have the ad group right,and under the ad group you're going to,have the keywords which when searched,by folks will trigger the ad okay so,this is kind of like a,quick um overview i'm just gonna simply,jump into the campaign itself so let me,show you their campaign,i believe i have it up and running here,or i thought i did,so here you go so i'm logged in i'm,already logged into so again this is,ads.google.com,this is the ntgd campaign that we did,in fact this is all the campaigns we're,looking at,right so you can see,they've been running for a while but,notike this big spike on september 14,right this was north texas giving day,and,i mean look at that their ad was shown 3,400 times,you know for free essentially i know it,says the cost is uh,656 but,ferguson nor did not pay anything again,why because they had they had applied,fo


5 Types of Digital Ads to Promote Your Nonprofit or Association

foreign,[Music],hi welcome to the latest episode of the,high five non-profit marketing ideas I'm,Julie McDowell marketing strategist for,five ones bahai five is my video series,of marketing strategies and tactiks for,non-profits and associations today we're,toking about digital advertising,something where we're all familiar with,whether we use it ourselves or not when,you're browsing the web or scrolling,through social media Those ads you see,on the side or in your feed seem pretty,in line with your interests don't they,that's because digital advertising uses,targeting to look at a whole slew of,data points and serve you the ads that,are supposedly the best fit,while sometimes these ads can be,overwhelming or annoying they really do,work when done right,here I'm sharing,five types of digital ads that will help,you promote your organization and reach,your marketing goals,okay number one is retargeting ads,retargeting ads are ads that use your,search history and online movements to,remarket brands or products you've,recently searched,people think this is creepy but I,personally find it helpful at least some,of the time for example if you've,visited a non-profit donation page,clicked around and then closed the,window you might start to see ads for,that non-profit as you continue to,search the web but here's the proof in,the pudding retargeting ads increase,conversion rates by over 40 percent,these types of ads keep your,organization top of mind for potential,donors and can be incredibly effective,because they're targeting someone that,has already been interested enough in,your cause to visit your website,number two is social media ads we know,the power of social media and the,advertising arm of your and our favorite,platforms is just another way to reach,your audience where they already are,there are a few different types of,social media ads you can create a native,ad for brand awareness or you can boost,a post that you've created in order to,increase the Impressions or clicks,within your audience if you're looking,to increase Impressions on a post,boosting it will help you reach your,target audience however native ads with,built-in ctas will help you convert,nearly 20 of donors worldwide have said,they donated to causes on Facebook,so each type has its own pros and cons,it's best to consider what your goal is,and how you're measuring it,number three search engine ads,engines like Google allow you to place,ads based on targeted keywords you've,likely seen them at the top of your,search results when you type in,something mildly specific,and they give this to you for free like,10 000 a month for 501c threes so if,you're a non-profit that addresses,homelessness in New York City you can,create an ad Based On A String of,keywords like help homeless people NYC,and Google lets you go a step further,you can use retargeting lists in their,ads so if someone has visited your donor,page in the last 30 days you can Target,them specifically on Google,next up is geospecific ADS these are ads,that Target a smaller geographic area,and they are perfect for local,organizations that are looking to grow,within your region or you can use this,type of AD to promote an in-person event,that is happening in a city even if your,non-profit operates Nationwide you can,get as granular as a certain area of a,city or a college campus or Target an,entire city or region the specificity,should be based on your desired outcome,for example if you're looking for,college age volunteers Target the,college area,and last I would be remiss if I didn't,tok about video ads because video,content has emerged as having a higher,engagement rate than written content and,the same holds true for video ads versus,written ads video Simply has a higher,conversion rate some platforms Instagram,specifically prioritize video content so,it should be built into your future,budget to create video content with both,awareness and conversion in mind,video ads can be native and in feed on,social media platforms or you can use,YouTube to buy ads that play before or,during video content,consider what your future marketing,budgets look like do an analysis of how,digital advertising can help you reach,your goals then plan for the projected,costs of creation and AD spend in your,budget,you don't need to start with all five,types of ads pick one or two that best,fit your current or future strategy and,go for it,thanks again for joining me for today's,high five non-profit marketing ideas,have a question email me at Julia,fiveones.com or leave a comment below,[Music]

Nonprofit Fundraising Video with Motion Graphics

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How to Get Donors For a Nonprofit Organization With Social Media Ads in 2022

your nonprofit marketing strategy has to,change in 2022. your nonprofit,organization should be focused on how to,get donations with social media in this,video i'm sharing three of my social,media ad strategy tips on how to get,donors on facebook and instagram i'm,dana snyder ceo and founder of positive,equation and i help nonprofit marketers,just like yourself thrive and raise,funds online so if you've been looking,for digital strategies to grow awareness,and funds for your cause you're in the,right place so hit subscribe to make,sure you get notified when new videos,launch let's go ahead and dive right in,if you're looking to run social media,ads you most likely have a goal in mind,right we want someone to take an action,to do something so how do we encourage,these random strangers to fall in love,with your mission all right so point,number one we have to nurture them,you can't run just one ad this is a big,myth and misnomer is that we launch one,ad,asking for a donation to an audience for,the first time and think they're just,gonna,open up their wallets and give that's,not true we need to nurture someone into,knowing who you are so in my free master,class which you can find out more,information about in the description i,teach a four-part ad series called the,donor attraction method what this does,is it guides someone from awareness to,becoming an advocate so again you can,click the link in the video description,to rsvp but i want to show you more,about what i'm toking about here so,this is what the process looks like the,four part donors journey is four ads,all with four different,conversion asks or objectives so ad,number one is a video view campaign so,we are just wanting video views there at,number two engagement campaign ad number,three this is the first time we ask,someone to do something so whether it's,a donation,signing up for an event signing a,petition,registering for um,an event that you have coming on or an,email subscriber doesn't matter and then,add number four engagement campaign,again,so this is another way of looking at it,um within my digital donors on demand,course i share,a worksheet that breaks down exactly,what these four ads are,again at number one is all about raising,brand awareness this is to a brand new,audience and then we are retargeting,that same audience and guiding them,through this nurturing funnel all the,way to ad number four which in ad number,four they have given,and this is them receiving an ad as a,thank you note so,i love number four because it's like a,surprise and delight one where,you know lots of times we get retargeted,on facebook when we go to,literally any website to make a purchase,airbnb right so we go to airbnb we're,looking to book something and then we go,to facebook and instagram and we see an,ad imagine if your donors,made a donation,and the next time they open up their,facebook or instagram accounts there's,an ad there from you from a key,stakeholder a short video you can film,it with your iphone that's saying thank,you so much for being a donor you've,allowed our mission to thrive and we're,able to do xyz impact share this with,your family family and friends because,you're incredible so that's tip number,one um you really want to make sure that,you're nurturing someone along the way,tip number two that i want to share with,you,is it's 80,about your content in ads and 20,your audience targeting this is a big,change from what things used to be but,because of all the ios changes it's very,different it's all about testing your,copy and content and not necessarily,your audience anymore facebook,their algorithm is so smart,based upon the words the keywords that,you put in your copy and what your,content is speaking to it's going to,find the right people for you so you,want your audience sets to be much,larger in the millions now okay so it's,important to test copy and content with,something called dynamic ad,creative so what does that look like,this is an example,from a campaign that i ran,and i'll show you how to set this up in,a second but essentially when you're,creating your ad,you're going to select dynamic content,and then you will see here i can add,multiple videos or graphics and i have,multiple primary text options here that,have outlined so what facebook is doing,here is it's saying okay this video and,this graphic with this primary text and,this headline together is most likely to,get you the result that you want,you are giving i think it's up to five,or six different headlines or primary,text often options or graphics and,facebook is mixing them all together and,pushing out the right combination to get,the person to take the action right so,that's number two make sure you're,really focusing on the right copy and,content for your audience,so what i want to know now,is let me know in the chat,where are you struggling in your social,ad strategy is it with copy is it with,your content figuring out what to post,is it in that audience creation stage um,is it setting up your facebook pixels,drop a comment below and i promise to,get back to you in there i just want to,kind of put um get a gauge on where,you're at in your social ads strategy is,it budgeting right that could be it as,well so drop a comment below and let me,know where you're at all right,number three what i want to tok to you,about is the ios updates you want to,make sure that you are checking your,facebook pixel that it's set up properly,so this is what i see this is literally,the number one mistake i see if you are,looking to run ads for donations which,is what we're here toking about,if your donation platform,is on a different domain or url that you,don't own,aka something like,if you use network for good or push pay,or classy if the url of where the,donation is happening does not start,with your website facebook can't track,it so you want to make sure when you go,into ads manager,that you're setting up your facebook,pixel properly and that you have,specific events,on your pixel in other words all the,buttons on your site can be trackable,okay so what do i mean by this i'm going,to go ahead and share,my screen so this is my ads manager,account,and in here,let's go ahead and make it a little bit,bigger,so this is ads manager this is where i,go in to create my ads so the first,thing i was going to share with you was,the dynamic,ad content so if i go to create my ad,let's just say i want to do a conversion,campaign,i'm going to go ahead and skip the,screen go to next,this is where i will create um i'll pull,in my pixel right and create what event,that i want to convert for but right,here you'll see this new,um option called dynamic creative and,you want to select on,continue and now this is turned on,you'll fill out your audience,information and your budgeting,you'll click next,and this is where,you're able to create your ad and add in,multiple ad creative so let's just say,here,i want to select multiple images,so i'm just going to do one two three as,a sample,so right now i have three different,options for my ad creative,here i've selected on to optimize,creative for each person,and then here my primary text is what,goes on top and nothing's going to show,up here until i put a website url so let,me just go ahead and put in my website,as a test this will be wherever you want,people to go is the website url whatever,your call to action is that's where they,need to go,so here you can see,it's showcasing one of the creative,my primary text is going on top so the,first one um i will leave i'm just going,to make this up i'm reading,with a question,okay my second one could be i'm,reading with a statistik,so again this wouldn't be the copy but,you would share like did you know right,as a question or,um this money you tok something about,your impact right a stat and you can add,another one,test what do you see,so i could have three different primary,text options here at the top and i can,do the same thing for my headline at the,bottom r