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Not Your Average Affiliate Marketer (WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT)

Published on: December 1 2022 by Robby Blanchard

Not Your Average Affiliate Marketer (WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT)

The above is a brief introduction to Not Your Average Affiliate Marketer (WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT).

Let's move on to the first section of Not Your Average Affiliate Marketer (WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT)!

Not Your Average Affiliate Marketer (WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT)

hey what's going on guys writing budget
here and I am not your average affiliate
marketer and then this video I'm gonna
share with you what makes me different
and why I've been so successful and how
you can have that same type of success
so let's get into it right now alright
guys so in this video we're gonna tok
about why I am not your average
affiliate marketer what makes me
different alright and some things you
can learn from me and my experiences so
when it comes to affiliate marketing
guys I've kind of reached the
mountaintop so to speak when it comes to
several different things so as you know
you've heard my story over and over
again you know how four years ago I was
just a struggling CrossFit gym owner I
didn't have an online business I had no
experience whatsoever and now I am the
number one click bank affiliate in the
world and really the biggest thing that
made the difference in my life was I've
learned two things along the way right
to become successful and get to the
point that I am now so the first thing
I've always learned is you need to get
coaching and you need to get a mentor I
say this over and over and over again
but it's so so important because if you
don't have someone to coach you along
the way if you don't have someone to
show you how to do it or what needs to
be done or what mistakes to avoid you
can spend a whole lifetime trying to
figure it out and you're just gonna
stumble and you're gonna fall ok so
there's nothing wrong with getting a
mentor and a coach in fact I've had
several people that helped me out with
Facebook ads along this journey and it's
definitely made a huge impact in my life
in my business and I've been able to
take those teachings and I've been able
to take it to a step even further than
my coaches could ever go you know which
is awesome so that's one of the biggest
things that separates me from other
people is I'm not afraid to go out there
and just hustle and make it happen
because I know that if I can buy speed
essentially that's gonna help me in the
long run it's gonna cost me a lot less
than a long run as well in terms of time
money and frustration so I'll give you a
perfect example so as you know I'm
building this YouTube channel we're
getting more and more people watching on
a weekly basis a daily basis and you can
see and I guarantee you in a year or so
we're gonna have hundreds of thousands
of people subscribing to this channel if
not more just wait it's going to happen
but I had no idea how to put together a
YouTube channel I don't know how to do
it I mean obviously I know how to upload
videos and stuff but I run the strategy
behind it so what did I do
I went out and I paid for somebody to
coach me on how to do it so
that's something that I've learned how
to do also I don't know how to make
videos but so what did I do I went out
and I found somebody you know Mike here
behind the camera who knows how to do
videos his his job he's a professional
at it he's very good at what he does so
I just went out and I bought speed right
because I could go ahead and I could buy
a camera I could try to mess around with
it and figure it out but that would take
any time already Oh take me away from
what I need to focus on in my business
which is which is getting paid and being
successful so I've gone ahead and
outsourced that right and so that's the
key to success guys if you really want
to get to where you want to go and
faster of course I get it when you first
start you have to bootstrap some things
you have to learn you have to kind of
figure things out but once you start to
get some momentum and get some success
and you start to make a little bit of
money invest it into something that's
gonna help you expand even more even to
this day I'm still investing in coaching
and mentors and groups and masterminds
because it's important it's gonna make a
big difference and it's gonna help you
level up because there's always people
that are more successful than you so I
think that's one thing is that mentality
that I know that if I can get someone to
coach me and help me out then I will be
successful in the long run right so
that's the first thing guys the second
thing is is what is mindset I think
that's what separates me from everybody
else in in this in the space in terms of
affiliate marketing in order to get to
the level I've gotten to you have to
have a tough mindset right so I've never
ever once ever thought about you know
really seriously quitting right so
that's one thing I've never never never
never thought about right sure there's
times right in days where you like man
this like this sucks like what am I
gonna do like show you know should I
keep doing this why am I doing this
right but but overall I'd never quit but
I would I do do guys I do pivot all
right so I always learn to pivot and
make changes all right so that's also a
big lesson that I would definitely
encourage you guys to to hear is that
you need to not quit but you can always
pivot right so give me a perfect some
perfect example so I've run some ads
before in the past where you know they
were okay they were kind of getting some
results I was promoting one offer and it
was doing okay but it just wasn't where
I wanted to be so what did i do did I
quit no I didn't quit no I just went I
changed with a different offer right
maybe with a different angle or a
different thing like that I pivoted just
a little bit and boy it took off all
so those are a couple things that really
helped me be successful also having the
said you know kind of that winners
mindset and believing in yourself I
think that's super important too because
we're taught right like you know and
especially nowadays you know when you
grow up like you learn from your parents
you learn from your family and
everything and you learn from their
experiences right you know so I told
this story before but I didn't know what
success was I didn't know you can make a
ton of money online I know you could
have millions of dollars I that was
never part of my my upbringing right
because and my parents never taught me
that because well they never experienced
that themselves but because I was
exposed to
you know clients you know when I was
personal training they were very
successful and they opened my eyes to
what's possible I learned a lot from
them too guys so it's really important
to have that mindset and open your eyes
up to what's really really possible
because you know if people say you know
the people that say it can't be done you
know there's somebody else out there
that's making it happen each and every
day you know a perfect example too is I
have a lot of people that reach out to
me and they say rob me like I can't make
any money on Clickbank like Clickbank
doesn't work anymore it's just it's just
a dinosaur it doesn't work you know the
offers don't convert and my accounts
keep getting shut down blah blah right
and the two rebuttals so that guys is
those people that are saying that you
know what of course it's not gonna work
for them because they don't believe in
it right but while they're saying that I
went ahead and made nine hundred eighty
one thousand dollars in January alone
one point eight million dollars this
year so far and I've done it all with
Clickbank products guys so just because
other people say it's not possible
doesn't mean it isn't right and in fact
it's another little tip for you guys to
is just know that Clickbank on the
platform each and every day affiliates
are generating four hundred and forty
four thousand dollars a day in revenue
okay so that's 160 million dollars a
year so while you're out there you know
saying it doesn't work for you there's
people that are out there collectively
making 160 million dollars a year on the
platform okay so I get that limited
scarcity mindset out of your head get
that oh it doesn't work for me alright
just know that it does work but you just
got to figure out how to get there right
it's very similar to you know another
another type of mindset for me where you
know I never said to myself oh I can't
afford this or all I can't do this I've
never had that mindset I've always said
how can I afford it because that allows
me to actually think about how Arkana
something at least you got to think
about it when something says he can't
afford it they didn't even think about
it right but if you say how can I afford
now you're gonna be able to figure it
out right and maybe you figure out you
can't afford it but at least you thought
about it so another thing that makes me
different than all the other affiliate
marketers out there because God there
are tons of people or now I'm sure it's
like a white noise where you just hear
everyone has the ads out there now
saying oh by my course do this and of
course they know I have my heads too but
people say buy my course this is the
best thing to do I'm a guru I've made
all this money I've done this I've done
that I have a course on how to run
Clickbank offers as well but guys it's
important that you find out who is
actually walking the walk and just not
toking the tok I think that's one of
the biggest differentiators you know
from me compared to other people is that
there's a lot of people out there that
have courses and the reason why we have
courses now is because they no longer
have success promoting the thing that
got them there right so they can't run
ads anymore they have issues with it or
maybe an algorithm changed and they just
can't get to their level of success they
once had so now they now they have a
course on it you know there's a lot of
people in the the Shopify space that are
in that spot right there Shopify is not
doing as well and so they created a
course now to kind of compensate for
that so now I have a course right
obviously I have Commission hero which
is doing really well and helped people
out but in addition to that I'm also
running my offers right so I still have
I'm still making thousands of dollars
each and every day on Clickbank myself
using the same method that I teach
people in the course and on top of that
I also run a seven-figure ad agency so
we run ads for other clients each and
every day and we manage over a million
in dollars a month and advertising for
them so not only am i walking the walk
when it comes to affiliate marketing and
helping people get successful but I'm
also doing it myself and I have a
seven-figure agency oh and I also have
my CrossFit gym that I run as well so
I'm not just a one-trick pony I think
that's one thing that differentiates me
from other people in the space is that
everybody you know has a course and
everything like that but there's very
few people are actually going out there
and doing it and the other thing too
which is always crazy is that we have a
lot of people that I know kind of you
know say that they're a guru and
everything like that are they're a
Facebook expert but typically I'm
getting private messages from those
people asking me how I've done it and
actually asked asking me for help which
always always kind of makes me laugh
guys so it's important that you really
really invest your time than somebody
that is actually walking the walk and
not just toking the tok okay because
that's important you need someone that's
actually doing it and I think that's
super super important guys so just
remember that when it comes to your
affiliate marketing when you go and try
to find someone to coach you and mentor
you that's important to keep in mind so
those are the things that separate me
from all the other affiliate marketers
and how you can learn from my success
guys because once again I am NOT
something special I'm not someone that
was born with a silver spoon in my mouth
when it came to marketing I had no
experience whatsoever but because I had
that mindset that I always want to be
successful and I was willing to learn
from other people that's what really
separated me apart from any other
affiliate markers so if you are thinking
about starting affiliate marketing or
you are an affiliate marketer and you
want to have even more success I think
it's important to put your ego aside
have that winning mindset and also push
forward guys but really at the end of
day that's what separates me from
everybody else hey thanks so much for
watching my video guys if you liked this
video that I know you're gonna love the
free gift that I have for you in the
description box it's a free training on
how I became the number one clip bank
affiliate in the world and more
importantly how you can make money
online too with affiliate marketing now
if you like this video guys do three
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not least make sure you subscribe to
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we update this channel each and every
week so that's it guys I'll tok to you
soon and see in the next video

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