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Nova Engel Dropshipping: Fast & Efficient!

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

- In this article, we will discuss the recent module developed by the team for Nabaien.

- The module involves improvements in the importer and a new feature for updating products.

Bullet Points:

- The module includes a special port for importing products and a new mode for updating them.

- The new mode allows for an interesting move in importing products.

- The module currently has two fruits, but it can be expanded.

- The product code is crucial, and it is important to distinguish between products and attributes.

- The combinations correspond to the reference number.

- Overall, the module is simple and easy to use.

- It involves verifying the server URL, username, password, and product number.

- It is important to have a designated provider for deactivating products.

- The module involves a chrome task for downloading and processing products.

- The module successfully updates prices and stocks.

HOW TO BUILD WEALTH With Dropshipping, Amazon, Day Trading + Mindset | WATCH UNTIL THE END!

In this article, we see various topics being discussed in a random order without any coherent structure. It includes talk about different sources of income, the fashion industry, music, and language learning. However, the lack of structure and coherence makes it

Video 4: Como configurar los margenes en el importador de Nova Engel

In this article, we will discuss how to configure margins for products in the Nueva Engine. We will explain the differences between margin on purchase and margin on sale, and how to set margins for different categories. We will also discuss the importance of using mathematical calculations to ensure accuracy.

Configuring Margins:

- Margins can be set for both purchase and sale of products.

- Margin on sale ensures that you always make a profit on a product.

- Margin on purchase is often used in the IT sector.

- The margin on purchase is calculated on the cost of the product, while the margin on sale is calculated on the selling price.

- Margins can be set globally or by category.

- An initial minimum profit can also be set to ensure a minimum amount of profit is made on each sale.

- Margins can also be set by manufacturer.

Mathematical Calculations:

- It is important to use mathematical calculations to ensure accuracy in setting margins.

- For example, to set a 10% margin on sale, the cost of the product is multiplied by 0.9.

- A margin on purchase is calculated by adding a fixed amount to the cost of the product.

Setting margins for products is important to ensure a profit is made on each sale. Using the Nueva Engine, margins can be set globally or by category, and can also be set for individual manufacturers. It is important to use mathematical calculations to ensure accuracy in setting margins. By following these steps, businesses can ensure they are making a profit on each sale.

Video promocional módulo Dropshipping Import Presta

Introducing the Best Solution for Importing Catalogs

Are you tired of monthly payments and the need to acquire additional modules for each supplier? Look no further than the market's best module for importing all your catalogs. Our module has been tested with the most relevant suppliers, such as Blood in Drink, Log en Vicwe, Megasur Ingram Micro Distribuye, and many more. It even has support for feeds in CSV, XML, TXT, and PHP, with the option of scheduled tasks for automatic catalog updates and profile saving for different configurations.

Configuration in Five Easy Steps

Step One: Feed Configuration - Specify the feed's route and options for PSV or XML, encoding, delimiter, and theme decompression.

Step Two: Global Product Configuration - Specify the product's state, store assignment, condition, download images, accessory match, attribute group, and discount type.

Step Three: Import Adjustment - Modify the feed's columns for adjustments, replacement, deletion, and column creation.

Step Four: Mapping - Assign each column to the corresponding PrestaShop field, with over 60 options for mapping.

Step Five: Import - Indicate the quantity of products to import, how to check for new and existing products, reset the store, or perform auto-validation to avoid invalid imports.

Powerful and Versatile Module

Dropshipping Import Presta is the most comprehensive module for importing catalogs in PrestaShop. With over 50 configuration options, 60 mapping options, and a quick 12-page PDF guide, it is the most potent and versatile solution on the market.

If you want to learn more or try the demo, visit dropshippingportpresta.com.

Video 2: Como Configurar el modulo de Nova Engel en Prestashop

How to configure the Novaindes module for easy data retrieval from a web service

In this article, we will be discussing how to configure the Novaindes module for easy data retrieval from a web service. We will be providing step-by-step instructions on how to configure the module and import data into your process.


- URL: Enter the URL for the web service. If it changes, update it immediately.

- User and Password: Use the user and password provided by the web service provider, which is different from the website login details.

- Provider: All products should be associated with a provider for ease of management.

- Categories: Choose the parent category from which you want to import the catalog. You can select multiple categories.

- Product and Category Limits: Define how many products and categories you want to process at a time.

- Update Settings: Choose how often you want to update the images, prices, and stock.

- Stock Management: Manage stock levels and prevent customers from buying products with low stock.

- Description Updates: Update product descriptions if needed.

- Tags: Automatically create tags for products based on their brand and gender.

- Email Notifications: Get notified via email when the process is complete.

- Indexing: Index the products for easier display.

- Overlap Control: Prevent multiple processes from running at the same time.

By following these simple steps, you can easily configure the Novaindes module and import data from a web service into your process. This will save you time and effort, and ensure accurate and up-to-date product information.

Facturan MAS de 1M USD Revendiendo Perfumes Shopify Dropshipping

Title: How a Simple Dropshipping Store is Making Over $10,000 a Month

In this article, we will be discussing a successful case study of a dropshipping store that is making over $10,000 a month. The store is selling perfumes, and we will be analyzing its marketing strategies and business model.

The Store's Basic Information:

- The store is a Softbank dropshipping store.

- It has a total cost of $525,000.

- The store is selling perfumes, and it is a re-seller.

- The store's website is simple, and it doesn't have a high-quality image.

Marketing Strategies:

- The store is using Google AdWords to promote its products.

- It spends $80 on the plan, $20 on the domain, and $80 on paid applications.

- It also spends $450 on YouTube commissions.

- The store's total traffic is 210,000 people, and it has a total of 1.1 million sales.

Business Model:

- The store's inventory and commissions cost $26,000.

- It has a total of 10 million pesos in sales.

- The store's best-selling month was December 2021, where it made $144,000 in sales.

- The store's profit margin is unknown, but it is successful in re-selling perfumes.

In conclusion, this case study shows us that it is possible to make over $10,000 a month by re-selling products. The store's success is due to its marketing strategies, which include using Google AdWords and YouTube commissions. It is also essential to note that the store is successful because it is selling a product that is already in demand. If you're interested in learning more about dropshipping, check out our free course on YouTube.

Drop-shipping avec Dropy - 13ème Prest'Apéro Montpellier (mars 2017)

Bonsoir à tous et merci d'être venus ce soir chez Bobby à La Chope à Montpellier. Nous allons parler du Dropshipping, une méthode de plus en plus populaire pour se lancer facilement dans le e-commerce sans avoir à gérer l'achat de produits, le stockage ou l'expédition. Nous avons avec nous une équipe d'experts pour vous expliquer les différentes étapes et les bonnes pratiques à adopter pour réussir dans le Dropshipping.

Présentation des intervenants:

- Directeur marketing chez Brault

- Directeur commercial chez Bobby

- Amandine et Julien, membres de l'équipe

Les différentes étapes du Dropshipping:

1. Trouver des fournisseurs sérieux et offrant des remises conséquentes

- La qualité du service et la fiabilité du fournisseur sont primordiales

- Les remises sont un facteur important pour rester compétitif sur le marché

2. Récupérer les produits

- Le système de l'API permet d'intégrer facilement les catalogues produits des fournisseurs sur un site e-commerce

- Le système d'apprentissage automatisé permet de récupérer la data produit et les informations liées

3. Gérer les commandes

- Les fournisseurs proposent des solutions pour gérer les stocks en temps réel

- Les solutions d'automatisation permettent de gérer les commandes et la facturation de manière efficace

Les bonnes pratiques à adopter:

- Travailler sur la qualité et l'unicité du contenu pour éviter les doublons et le plagiat

- Optimiser le catalogue produit pour améliorer la visibilité sur les moteurs de recherche

- Tester différents produits pour diversifier l'offre et maximiser les ventes

Le Dropshipping est une méthode pratique et facile pour se lancer dans le e-commerce sans prendre de risques financiers importants. Cependant, il est important de choisir des fournisseurs sérieux et de travailler sur la qualité du contenu pour réussir dans ce domaine. N'hésitez pas à poser des questions et à échanger avec notre équipe pour en savoir plus sur les bonnes pratiques à adopter.

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