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nutaku ads

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

I Played Nutaku Games so you don't have to

i don't think you guys realize how scary,anime and weeps are,the [ __ ] not even enemy pillows,was creepy enough,think again imagine a website dedicated,for weebs packed with degenerate enemy,games so sauce that they would be,appealing to attention impact player,games that may appear innocent at first,with your gameplay elements ranging from,third person shooters,now you look at the name of the game and,uh why am i not even surprised yasha,games and even card games,don't tell me those are [ __ ] nipples,on the cards when in reality all of,those games provide one thing in common,hey bro what the [ __ ] is that bro i,click on the website and the first thing,i see,is a loli wearing a chat suit and,showing mirror behind yo,get the [ __ ] out of this page before i,become edp cellmate the darkest,fantasies that a weeb could ever hope,for but in today's video i made my goal,to investigate the nautikal website,place many other games that i could find,and give my honest fair review of all,the games that i ended up,playing,now before we get started assuming that,i'm a weeb or that i'm sucks for making,this video in the first place,i got one thing wrong,i'm not a wii i might be suspect for,nothing to that one viral tiktok,video of bella porsche where she was,doing that i am gayo face,but i'm not a wii look the only reason,i'm making this video is because it's,come to my attention that my channel,has been infiltrated by weebs look at my,comment section on my last video,like you know this sausage impact player,not into a picture of hotel like it's so,with enemy avatar [ __ ] bruh,like the [ __ ] do i look like someone,would attract weaves to his channel,if you're not a weeb smash like right,now,and if you're weep smash like and,comment i'm a weed,so i can block your ass today i'm making,this video for you weebs as a gesture of,goodwill because i know you,[ __ ] are probably longtime,subscribers of that nautikal website but,this is how my experiment on nautikal,games went,so just like in any website first thing,you gotta do is create an account of,course obviously because i'm not,[ __ ] i use a disposable email,eyebrow my email is gonna be i'm not sus,one two three some results may be,explicit,bruh,yeah no [ __ ] i'm not even on the website,and i already have to censor like 50,things okay,not a cool voice,hey bro and there i was on a mosas,website on the internet okay,now in case me blurring the whole screen,doesn't make the intent of my video,obvious enough as i've said before the,main goal of this video is to give a,fair review of the gameplay elements,that these,sus games have to offer we're going to,be focusing on the gameplay in this,video so if you click on this video,expecting to see big things for 10,minutes straight,you need jesus i'm trying to get paid,bro like if you see ads on this video,it means i'm feasting right now but if,you don't see ads on this video it means,by the time you're watching this video,i probably bought a rope yeah bro [ __ ],we're only gonna be focusing on the,gameplay elements that these games,provide so,bro why aren't they bigger than a,basketball bro like what damn,[Music],now you might be wondering,why is my hair wet and why am i wearing,different clothes,as if i mean my empty bathtub right,before taking a shower,obviously that's not what happened the,real reason why my hair is wet and why,i'm wearing different clothes is that,where i had to do what i had to do sf,girls so the first nut game that i ended,up trying is none other than a game that,i briefly played on my last video in a,game like this,what the [ __ ] where i get jumpscared by,a naked woman,but today i had to give that game a,proper chance real quick before we play,the games look at the description let's,see what they say are you ready for an,out of this world tower defense adult,game travel universe as a commander of a,space fleet full of the hottest agents,on the side of the galaxy tower defense,huh ayo if the game is half as good as,bloons this might be a good game bro i,don't like how it's downloading assets,bro like what the [ __ ] going inside my,computer bro,bruh every time it's loading in a new,page i have to keep censoring bro,all right bro like i said in my last,video bro we don't give a [ __ ] about the,lore in this kind of game,congratulations on the promotion,commander i didn't do [ __ ] and i'm,already getting promoted,yo why is she moving like that like,why is she doing,and why are balloons bouncing like that,[Music],and why does the girl on the bottom left,my screen look like she's about to,bust and not breath bro this game anyway,i turned to yet another group of my,co-workers wishing me well not in my,appreciation,my,cheeks were beginning to hurt,from all the oh,bruh bruh i thought they were toking,about another can of cheeks bruh i'm at,you and this is sora well it's very nice,to meet you both where's the other girl,i guess that's her yo i'm gonna keep it,above i'ma have to skip the story like i,feel like this is literally doki doki,literature club without any twists like,i feel like the only twist is like they,keep throwing a new character with big,ass have you met your secretary i,haven't actually,been laughing unison,so what now now there's a third girl now,there's a [ __ ] secretary now bro when,do we actually get to the gameplay part,this is reika we'll leave you two to get,acquainted what you mean we'll leave you,too,so it's gonna be only me and her,shhh me look a little bit presentable,good thing i just took a shower and you,know clean the cheese down there,[Music],i mean bruh when the only interesting,thing about the story is the fact that,every time there's a new dialogue,there's a new girl that appears with a,press size that's,bigger than the last one that's when you,know the game is scattering to such,[ __ ] dumb reika you are sexy as,[ __ ],what am i reading bro like,as i kept reading the story more and,more dialogues just kept getting more,sauce oh i wasn't expecting a compliment,i smiled as i sank to my knees in front,of him undoing,hi bruh this is getting a little bit too,sauce for my liking bruh let's get to,the [ __ ] gameplay,oh [ __ ] i can't believe it we're finally,playing damn,all right so this is the gameplay we're,playing now huh,all right click this position to fight,your chronology boy get the [ __ ] out of,here you oversized balloon to,[ __ ],what,so this is the,gameplay nah nah i've been,[Music],so this is the gameplay,wait wait wait you tell me i read all,that stuff [ __ ],for two seconds of gameplay i'm a chill,i'm a chill for now i i'm a child friend,of mine maybe the gameplay is going to,get better boys lollipop girls favorite,candies use the gesha item okay so this,is a geisha game,bro,once again bro i'ma have to blur 90 what,i'm seeing right now what's wrong with,this game and oversized balloons let's,recruit a new agent for your team oh,geshe,we pulling pulling right now you,[ __ ] are about to witness how,crazy my gesha luck is bruh all right,come on cool come on five stars a buzz,bruh come on,come on,wait what [ __ ],now,if you're wondering what the [ __ ] was i,doing that clip,it's called manifesting my luck okay,what might appear as me having an,artistik attack is actually a proven,method um which helps me increase my,lunch,what did i get,it five stars,what is that,a one star,i like how because she's a one star her,breast size is a c like what but let me,guess,if you get a five stars,it's gonna say that her breast is like a,[ __ ] 38 double f greetings commander,i'm yuki i'd like to get voice the [ __ ],up you're a one star where no one cares,about you nah bro is there a way to,decline like instead of recruit can i,decline that because i don't want this,bomb in my team let's see how she,performs in mission okay more gameplay,boys since we took like two seconds to,complete the first mission i feel like,we didn't get a fair representation of,what the gameplay is supposed to be like,in this game,bro these girls

Simple CPA Conversion Technique Makes YOU Money - CPA Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

in this video we're gonna look at how,you can make some affiliate sales super,cheap and super quick if that sounds,good to you smash the like button below,this video and let's get started okay,i'm gonna keep this super simple super,quick we are going to create an,affiliate campaign today that will make,us money very quickly,and the point about this affiliate,marketing campaign is that we're going,to be able to make the money super easy,super quick and without spending too,much money all right so what you need to,do is you need to go over and register,at a newbie friendly network and that,network is called click dealer,you can go to clickdealer.com,click the sign up link and you'll be,signed up in no time at all now when you,click sign up you'll have the chance to,register as an advertiser agency,affiliate publisher or smart link you,want to register as an affiliate,publisher enter all the information,you'll get contacted be asked a few,questions and again it's a newbie,friendly network so you'll get approved,super quick now once you're approved,what you want to do is you want to go,into the click dealer dashboard and,inside the click dealer dashboard what,you want to do by the way this is a,campaign that i set up and started,running one conversion started running,15 minutes ago all right so we're going,to go offers,and browse,all right and that's going to list all,the offers that are available on click,dealer and there are squillions of them,right but we want a very specific offer,we want the kind of offer that is going,to convert really well and really,quickly and when people click there's,basically no reason for them not to,convert all right so,how is that possible you you ask well,what we're going to do,is we're going to go where are we going,we're going to go to the search box here,and we're going to put soi into the,search box now soi stands for single,opt-in and what that means is,you register a conversion you will make,a conversion if the person who clicks on,your affiliate link simply enters their,email address they don't have to confirm,their email address they just have to,enter their email address so,simple as that right i mean,what could be easier,all right now,we're gonna sort by payout and this is,just gonna give you an idea of the kind,of payouts that you can achieve now,that's going backwards so we're going to,go forwards now the payout for some,single opt-in offers,is you can get up to 130 dollars but,this is kind of difficult right so once,they've submitted their email address,for a credit card application,you still need to,the person still needs to be approved,for the credit card right so um this you,can make a lot of money with this but,the person has to go through and fill,out a long application they have to,submit their email address as part of,that application and of course with the,credit card application there's a lot of,things you've got to submit like,identification stuff and things like,that so it's not an easy process,but the people that get through it and,get approved for a credit card you're,going to get paid out 130,but that's not the kind of thing we're,going to go for today we're going to,keep looking and we're going to look at,some examples of stuff right so we've,got uh ones that don't have an uh payout,here and i guess that's because they're,either paused or um that's not revealed,until you actually apply so we're going,to go down a little bit all right so,here we are we've got um,ones that we can do in france that's,going to pay us 16 euros per email,submit single opt-in we've got,netherlands 15 bucks,okay uk 15 bucks okay,and we're going to keep going and so,we've got offers that are sweepstakes,like win a samsung phone for canada,someone submits their email address,you're going to get 13 bucks in your,hand very very nice all right but we're,going to go and find something that's,even easier for you to do all right so,we're going to keep going down the list,we're going to go to page six and what,do we got down here,all right,so,um we've got uh for example let's have a,look finland and that pays six dollars,on an email submit all right flirty,mature that's probably some dating kind,of application so let's go to page 11.,let's go to our last page,all right and we go but that's not even,the last page all right so we're going,to keep going down,and we're going to keep going down and,we're going to keep going down because i,want to show you something that's really,important that's going to make you some,money,all right,and you know what what we're going to do,is we're going to go back to the top and,we're gonna reorder it okay,and that's gonna be easier for us now,look at this payout this payout is only,four cents,what a terrible payout you might be,saying what a terrible payout same with,this one only four cents however,look at the geo this one is the,philippines this one is india,do you know how cheap traffic is in the,philippines and india it's super cheap,right so if you're getting paid four,cents for an email submit not four cents,for someone submitting their credit card,four cents for an email submit,you could make a lot of money here all,right so let's just look at the um the,indian one right so we've got this,indian one and this one happens to be a,gaming one,okay now i've got to be really careful,where i highlight here because there,could be some kind of,not fit not safe for work type,websites that come up so,this one's okay,nutaku all right so what we're going to,do let's go and have a look at our,traffic source and let's have a look at,the price of indian traffic and let's,see if this four cent payout could be,worth it all right so we're going to go,over to our push,provider in this case we're using,propeller ads but you could use a number,of providers you could use rich push you,could use push ground there's a lot of,them out there but i've got propeller,ads open at the moment so just to check,um how much this is going to cost us per,click we're going to create a campaign,all right,and this campaign,what we're going to do,is we're going to go for let's give it a,name test,we're going to go for push notifications,we're going to go for classic push only,and i shouldn't have done that because,as soon as i select cpc that'll reselect,so now i'll,deselect it right so we're going to be,paying per click all right not cpm we're,going to be paying per click so if,someone clicks on our ad that's when we,pay that's the only time we pay,all right and we're going to turn off,broker traffic just for now and what,we're going to do is we're going to go,down and we're going to go to whoa,whoa whoa india okay,so for indian traffic,right,indian traffic is going to cost us,point,zero,three cents per click,the payout of that offer is,four cents so if we design an ad,that is going to get the click for,people who are interested in that,product which is some kind of you have,to do a bit of research on this one but,it's some kind of anime related product,let's see if we can click through let's,go to the offer,let's there should be a preview uh euro,i agree,okay and,apply for the offer i i won't actually,see the offer first unfortunately it,looks like i can't see the offer unless,i apply,so this is the kind of offer that you,want to be looking for you want to be,looking for a low payout offer four,cents that's that's as pretty much as,low as they come a low payout offer you,want to be looking for the conversion,trigger to be something really really,simple that most people are not going to,turn their nose up at what is a,conversion trigger that's really simple,for people it's a single opt-in right so,we've got single opt-in we've got a low,payout and importantly super super duper,importantly,we have got a super cheap cpc we could,test with low quality traffic and,potentially get our cpc even lower than,that,3.03 cents all right again four cents is,not a lot of money but a whole lot of,four sensors,multiplied together,when you've s

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Most Illegal Amazon Cart, I'll Pay For! ($40,000 Tournament & Unboxing)

in this video i have done something well,several people have done something,similar before but,have i taken it to an entirely new level,yes,yes i have now people have done this,thing where they,ask their friends to fill out amazon,parts and they'll buy it for them and,they title it something clickbaity like,my friend stole my credit card or,something like that let me,tell you how i turned that into the,greatest concept of all time i turned it,into a tournament,and everything is better when it's,turned into a tournament i love throwing,dirty bits they're so fun,especially when it involves torturing my,friends which i definitely successfully,did this time you see,i invited four friends quite briggs,evanito and umpi and i gave them each,30 minutes to peruse amazon and add as,much shiz,as they want into their amazon cart up,to a thousand dollars i put in a,thousand dollar cab because like opie,ended up adding a house to his amazon,cart spoilers it was like a 40 000,house and i didn't want to pay for it so,i'm adding this rule just to save my own,[ __ ],okay so anyway they add shoes to their,amazon cart,they're in a tournament bracket format,with me and two judges gb asmr,and susu judging the carts for whoever,had the most,cursed shiz and whoever had the most,cursed amazon cart,i bought it for them and now you see the,beauty of it is,it also arrived to them and they had to,open it now they,also were able to sneak in things that,they want like evan wanted a really,expensive mic,so he snuck it in there among the cursed,chins so if i buy him the stuff he at,least gets a 300,mic if he wins you know so obviously,there's,incentive to win but uh unfortunately,even the winners sort of also lost,because they have a lot of really weird,stuff that they ended up needing to,unbox,and that is really funny and i will show,you a little montage of that unboxing at,the end of the video it's,this tournament went hard this was a,multi-day,epic tournament royale that i have to,say was worth the thousand dollars that,i spent,please leave a like on the video because,that would be very helpful in the,algorithm and also subscribe for future,shays,because i like to try to think out of,the box and come up with some really,funny ass content that you won't see,anywhere else,so if you do subscribe that would be,very appreciated please do that,and also these videos are expensive to,make so let me just tell you that,g-fuel has really been helping me out a,lot lately if you enter code nux into,g-fuel you get 10 to 30 percent off your,order,they're an amazing calorie-free energy,drink that tastes actually really god,damn good,or you can just click the link in the,description that will bring you directly,to the site,thank you once again g fuel for being,such a homie and,let's just jump into the cursedness that,people were able to find on amazon,spoilers there are sex dolls and cyanide,anyway,more on that in a minute yo and welcome,all,to the glorious tournament that is too,long of a name for me to say every time,i'm gonna call it a name so it's just,the glorious tournament for short today,i have the legendary umperville quiet,riggs,[Laughter],you will make a cart of up to a thousand,dollars worth of shades,it could be cursed it could be not,cursed it could just be things that,you've wanted for a long time but you've,never had the patience to buy,whoever has the most cursed cart at the,end of this adventure,i will buy it for you and then of course,you will record your reaction to opening,it whenever it shows up you will need to,use your tactiks,to get some stuff you want but some,stuff that's cursed,and win the cursed theme so yeah that,makes a lot more,sense because if i just put a bunch of,cursed [ __ ] in my cart i don't even want,to win,but in order to tempt fate and tikle,fate's balls in this case i am fate,you must also include the tiker your,balls knucks no that's not,i i'm not saying that at all quite what,you don't know,it sounds like that's exactly what you,said no that's,don't worry knox i'll put something in,my cart for you just to tikle your,balls,so uh try not to dox yourself feel free,to join your separate calls you have,exactly 30 minutes starting now,oh [ __ ] all right well cool i uh [ __ ] i,guess i actually have to start now let,me let me be entertaining knuck said i,can explicitly have to be entertaining,very hard for me,so i'm trying i'm trying to like intro,my methodology here man could you like,give me a second before i start edging,no why hello there everyone i have,what won two of nox's competition so far,let's make it three let's go for the,turkey,i believe that the best amazon carts,tell a story,so this is my dream items i guess i'm,not exactly sure what i'm supposed to be,i'm gonna need,reading materials he said i'll buy it no,matter what he said there's no rules um,and i'm pr i've cursed mine so this is,gonna be,relatively easily easy to to to get the,w,on this one i mean if someone else wins,it's he,he's pussing out all right the first,time i ever had the pleasure,of meeting lore d nuxenor in person,after knowing him for a long time but,the first words i i uttered to him,irl were nice cop nice [ __ ] yeah that's,what i said oh my god,nice crocs bro so i want to find,some cursed crocs crocs in general this,by himself like this right here,is cursed but for the most part oh what,the heck,the heck is this why is she so realistik,so here's what i'm thinking i find out i,am gay i hear one of the judges is uh gb,asmr i think i think she would,appreciate this mouth,mouse pad real bitter almonds bitter,almonds raw natural kernel,perfect raw natural kernels perfect guys,let's see some sulfuric,acid to help enhance the flavor of the,raw bitter almonds,just whatever it doesn't really matter,i'm not that partikular about my my,sulfuric acid,i have a plan nux is what is what i'm,toking about,you have a strategy you're in all let's,see,these are just what are these cups for,you to pee in,why are these a thing i feel like i,probably need this in a couple years and,i'm getting a lot older,so maybe this could be useful in time,the [ __ ] is this,what,hi hi how's it going buddy,um yeah i,i'm thinking of um we'll just add this,to the cart [ __ ] it,um what all right so the next thing i,have in my cart,sex toys like i said gotta spice it up,uh i want i want to get a bunch of these,so that it's very clear how much sex i'm,having in the context of this story,yo hey there nuxie boy,how's it going so far tom is currently,looking at like,samboa boob mouse pads,oh boob mousepads are pretty cursed,honestly the bowler ones is the one i,want imagine winning on things you,actually want i don't know if that's a,flex or just embarrassing,yo oompi what's happening oh nothing,much man i'm just buying some stuff,uh like i'm trying to make a really,well-rounded package of,of items uh that i would use myself,gift to someone that i care about etc,dude how is this a cursed shopping cart,this is just,normal stuff what's wrong with,industrial society and its future that's,not cursed,well hopefully the other judges know,about this all it takes is,one psychopath on the board of judges,and i will win this,for sure he didn't like this stuff he,thought the speculum was normal so,that's interesting,hopefully there's a woman on the board,to really kind of steer him clear that,thinking that's normal you know how like,people have like,you know weird face mask or whatever i,bet i can find like a human oh my god,oh no oh i hate all of these i wonder if,there's one it's not let's add a one,snot let's oh,i really hope that the amazon driver,cannot tell what's in this [ __ ],when he delivers to my house like i want,something very,cultured very cursed one would say both,cultured and cursed,it's a fine line and we're gonna cross,it the satanic bible,maybe that's tiknically cursed right my,mom is not gonna be happy about that if,that arrives at her doorstep though,it's fine add to cart it's okay i'm,going to hell no

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You are the owner of a mansion with unlimited maids at your disposal simulation

you want me to change that back for you,Jenny would you like to try a brand new,adult game,have you ever heard of a game called,custom order made 3d2,me neither but here it is oh that type,of maid I thought like custom order made,like mad yeah it's actually like a a,crafting game you know oh,that's some funky music hell yeah what,kind of a resolution is 25 6 by,1377.,Japan's weird male opacity make a minute,I don't want to see anyone I love that,that's like the first setting below like,your resolution let's get rid of the,mail yeah I don't want to see anyone NTR,block and can block any mail other than,Master for any,wait what why is there so many ways just,to get rid of males you know they really,don't like males in these games I am,okay of looking at men,I am comfortable with myself you tell,yourself that honey you can customize,the appearance of your male silhouette,wow they really don't want you to see,the guy his name is Oliver,sounds like a chimney boy I don't know,why so men in this game are just colors,can we make it full on blue like they're,you can't even see them yeah they're,just Silhouettes wait I want in full on,Blue I want zero opacity there's like a,meme where apparently in hentai all the,men are like ugly bastards is what they,call them and they're all like really,overweight and fat I wouldn't know,because like I don't really watch like,hentai but that's what I hear from like,the subreddit you know so oh you could,change the color oh my God can make,I don't know it sounds good his name's,Oliver Eh this is a big mansion once I,got out of the taxi what I saw was the,big mansion 10 out of 10 on the writing,how did my uncle build this Mansion,you're missing the big I had a bad,feeling but it won't help to think too,much I step a foot into the big mansion,I'm not sure what this is Genie it might,be a big mansion oh it's being a big my,uncle called me up saying that I have a,big present for you is it another big,mansion yeah I love big mansions my,uncle doesn't have a good reputation,among family but I can't ignore him,because this big mansion oh wow that is,a big mansion that's a big mansion real,big mansion what's the size of the,Mansion I didn't catch I didn't catch,big yeah what what the inside is really,nice and it looks like a palace in an,exotik country I felt my back naturally,stretches what I'd oh,uncle's maid we've been waiting for you,Mr oliveir are you ram where's Ram,where's Ram I,what uh yeah out of nowhere someone,toks to me a beautiful maid who's fit,for a mansion like this oh boy schools,the maid's Behavior was Top Class A big,mansion what a Time classmate oh my God,the adjectives are so uh,is something wrong no it's just that,this is a big mansion and you're a top,class mate oh no how did my uncle come,into possession of all of this there has,to be something behind it Panda,smuggling thinking that I could only,follow the maid through this big mansion,oh my God,I had a sneaking gave up on all men no I,had a sneaking suspicion that the men in,here would be all colored blobs are you,serious yes they couldn't be asked to,even make one male character no they're,like I refused to put pen and pencil and,create any manly features hey it's been,a while it's me your uncle I couldn't,tell Uncle well you look more of a Man,compared to the last time we met ha ha,I'm glad you're doing well Uncle how,should I put he is full of Vitality,that's that's a weird thing to say,by the way have you ever heard of the,Empire Club,Penguin Empire Club Penguin I see I,guess you have no idea about it,um does that have something to do with,the reason why you called me that's,right let me explain I'm your tutorial,Uncle I'm not the creepy uncle that,touches the children,I'm just a tutorial,um what the Empire Club it's a member's,only high-end salon for gentlemen and,ladies our maids give pleasure and,relaxation through toking and dancing,to the members of the club okay there's,not only one Empire Club but there are,many different ones all over the country,with different business Styles oh my God,uncle is looking out to like stake out,and kill everyone else's Empire club,like absolutely yeah we have to raise,our kingdom there aren't even branches,that only do business during the day,sell merchandise specialize in dance and,so on and one thing you can't forget is,that the Empire club's Maids can give,sexual pleasure to Uncle I don't want to,have this toker this is like the first,thing I see you in years,Uncle please the maids learn yotoki,through their masters and use their,skills to the max to pleasure the guests,of course they're Empire clubs that,don't have that good can I join that one,there are countless types of Empire,clubs this my friend is not that kind of,Empire Club let me reiterate to you,there's lots,oh,and my uncle toked to me yeah,and the reason I called you here was to,give you a nice present wait what is it,have you been aware of this huge mansion,no Uncle I've only been aware of a big,mansion not a huge one the gorgeous,entrance the soft surface on top of,these beautiful mids I want to see one,well I guess I've never been to a,mansion this big what are you going to,use this fancy building for what are you,seeing of course for the Empire Club,what,just by hearing about the Empire Club it,sounds like a place to drink and have,sex oh wow I couldn't tell by the,multiple times he mentioned about sexual,pleasure I didn't think it had to be at,this magnitude the present is this,Empire Club wow thanks Uncle you're the,best what I like how Oliver twice is,just like what what this Empire Club is,built on a whole different scale,compared to other Empire clubs it's,based on a whole new concept first it is,expandable if the owner desires so any,type of business is able to be managed,there suppose you build a fine dining,restaurant you'll be able to manage a,fine dining restaurant can we just do,that sure if you make a hotel you can,have your guests stay there let's do,that this is an Empire club that is,unlimited potential that's what this,Empire Club,Michael you're derailing your brains,degenerating no ah amazing,but it sounds cool great the main,character has IQ of peanuts the basic,Empire Club had dance stages and salons,where guests can tok and drink with,meats and that's how the difference is,made but it normally doesn't have any,expanding element like if you build,facilities the business style will,follow I see that's why it's such a big,building no boy it's a big mess it's a,big mansion you [ __ ] you [ __ ] it used to,be about spending time with a perfect,maid but now can make your own Empire,Club but for me Isn't it now you can get,anything made to order that's amazing,and you're giving me this Empire Club,why to give the stage to a promising,young man like you is what uncles must,do sign right here then I will own your,soul I wish my uncle would give me a big,mansion in an Empire Club what oh uh,okay okay okay let's not worry about the,little things no Uncle I need to know,what the little things are what did you,bring in one print what did you write I,signed the documents in front of me I'm,but why shouldn't you keep on managing,it haha you can always manage it with,motivation my body can't handle it,anymore think of living quietly with my,wife your wife wants to live with you he,has a wife you mean your waifus do you,think his wife knows what he looks like,I don't think anyone knows what is he,also just an iron silhouette to her he's,an orange silhouette to me next to my,uncle Chuckles I'm sorry but my flight,leaves soon what I need you to show me,stuff haha you don't want to learn from,an old man,you want to learn from The Young salutes,stuttered Maids here that's what you,want to learn from young young little,boy someone else going to teach me I,prefer not to be with this old man for,the whole time but I'll leave all the,details in Sacramento secretary made of,this Empire clip well then good luck to,you as Michael said that he left the,

Is PornHub Safe? How to Browse Adult Websites Safely?

is pornhub safe that's one question that,echoes a lot over the internet people,visiting this website are concerned,whether it's safe to enter in browse,pornhub viruses are legit risk if you're,not careful what you do over there and,the same actually goes for all other,adult web sites not all of which can be,termed safe,is pornhub safe to put it lightly no,it's not completely safe then again,adult websites rarely are you have to,take a bunch of necessary steps,beforehand in order to protect your,security and privacy when you're,visiting these sites there were more,than 42 billion visits to the site in,2019 averaging 115 million a day and,this presents a mouth-watering,opportunity for hackers who target those,users whether directly via the ads or,even inside the videos themselves that,direct to shady links what are the,cybersecurity risks on pornhub so what,are the main risks that you're exposed,to while you're browsing pornhub,infection via ads the biggest threat by,far is the risk of infection via ads,unlike ads on the other websites adult,sites don't always follow proper caution,on the advertisements so make it a habit,to never click on banner ads no matter,how entiking or a luring they look such,tortion scams this is where you get an,email from hackers that claim to have,installed spyware under a computer and,filled you during the intimate moment,they demand money threatening to send,this data to your employer family and,friends how safer other porn sites,the same can't Adly not be said of other,sites if you're not paying for your porn,then that means at the website that,you're visiting is supported by ads and,there's always a chance that some,nefarious ads are going to slip through,thing is adult websites are especially,attractive to malicious advertisers due,to the nature of their content and the,traffic volume hackers can easily serve,viruses and adware in your PC and it,leads to display more ads and spam,content most of which are going to be,adult related and this is the last thing,that you want if you share your PC with,other family members how to browse,pornhub safely unlike many other adult,sites pornhub has shown a commitment to,providing a safe viewing environment for,its viewers ultimately ensuring your,security comes down to you the first,thing that you need to do is visit,pornhub or other adult sites in the,private mode of your browser it's very,helpful in preventing the history and,cookies in your PC and also ensures that,others don't know your viewing habits,secondly it's recommended that you use,VPN while you're connecting to porn,sites it's helpful in viewing these,sites without revealing your identity,another tip don't enter your personal,details never use your social media,accounts to sign-in and don't use your,real name email or phone number and,final tip to ensure your safety is not,to click on the ads and links stay away,from the banners on porn sites as these,are usually a one-way tiket to malware,or phishing scams some ads may trick you,downloading a video or appear as the,video player don't click Play or,download button on these ads most of,them are scams and malware oh and of,course using a good anti-malware,solution is a must,security software is your first line of,defense when you're taking trips to,shady nooks and corners on the Internet,whether that's file-sharing sites or,adult websites pornhub and other adult,web sites are in many ways just like the,real world when you deal with them you,just have to be using protection that's,all for this video like this video and,subscribe to our Channel and press that,Bell button to make sure you get alerts,of videos related to computer security

Nutaku on adult games as a credible alternative for developers

[Music],hello everyone pleasure to be here today,F Tremblay or Jean Francois I am the,business development manager for a new,taku we'll be toking about the adult,gaming space as an alternative to,putting your games out in a market,that's that's untapped to be out you,will look at some numbers look at some,some past games past successes how can,you take advantage of this new vertikal,within the space and how we do it and,how we can be your partners and,supporting you or dreams of being,successful game developers so let us,start with a very very simple game,definition by the ESRB adult games can,be defined at explicit nudity or,explicit sex scenes that's a period it's,as simple as that from there it can take,a thousand and one forms a thousand in,one shapes but bottom line this is what,an adult game is this a new thing is,this a new thing in the market has sex,for some strange reason appeared four,years ago an otaku absolutely not,let's go back in time for a bit choice,of sex back in 1983 or somewhere like,that a lot of you guys probably don't,remember the existence of CDI or,interactive CD made by a company,well-known company called and they got,into this space so it's not a new thing,obviously can't go toking about the,history of sex and games without,mentioning Leisure Suit Larry of course,right we all know that guy a little more,recent grand theft auto san andreas had,a lot of adult content integrated into,the game I think it was part of its,success also because people are looking,for it and even more recently The,Witcher with very explicit sex content,not as explicit as ours but for some,mainstream content it was out there,it was out there so it's not a new thing,so let's tok about any of the market,and how we kind of went from failures in,the mainstream and unfortunately there's,a lot more failures than successes in,the mainstream world and in in the game,development and game distribution less,than 1% are actually financially,successful or even viable and you,probably know that better than anyone,being actors of this industry yourselves,how do we so once again 1% successful,99% will fail we're at 100% now they're,good once again let's go through that,really fast so how do we how do we know,that how he realized that so new taku,was born super hippo a few a few years,ago and we said hey this is a great,space we want to make games there's,there's a lot of successful game,developers out there we are good,developer of great ideas and of course,we're going to develop a game that's,going to revolutionize the gaming world,and going to make us very successful,publishers / developers so we invested a,million dollar in development 11 pleat,the game and we actually generated,$400,000 of gross revenue we kind of,consider this as a fail so we said okay,maybe we did a few things wrong we're,gonna learn of course right because,we're brilliant we're gonna learn about,these form from these mistakes and we're,gonna do it again so but we said a,little you know,we'll take smaller bites we went first,six hundred thousand dollar development,budget with an eight-month production,timeline that one rated fifty thousand,dollars in revenues we also consider,this as a major fail so we said okay we,it's hard to succeed in the mainstream,we had an adult gaming or an adult,entertainment background how about we,create,a platform dedicated to this type of,content so how does it go along bottom,line is whether you're in the mainstream,world whether you're in there adults not,because you put a sex scene in a game as,a reward to the player that you're going,to be successful it starts with a great,game first and foremost let's see how,otaku were a four years later we'll see,some numbers we'll give you some use,cases we'll give you some examples of,the games but globally speaking website,traffic ranking by category in a global,ranking of websites new Taku four years,after its inception we Lonnie four years,ago this February actually we will be,celebrating our fourth year we're number,426 on the global rank 213 in u.s.,number 34 in the adult space that's,basilly tubes the the porn hubs youporn,and other web sites of the nature and,surprisingly enough we are number six in,the gaming category so what does this,tell us it definitely tells us that,there's a there's adamant people are,buying into it and we'll see some more,numbers we are today very proud to say,that we are the largest adult,free-to-play and premium game destined,for adult obviously in the market or we,believe we're a good alternative to the,over over over could I add a few,oversaturated market places whether it,be a google play store whether it be,steam with its thirty thousand titles,whether it be Wes all the way are not,present on iOS but bottom line is,discoverability because it becomes the,main issue for all you guys out there,user acquisition budgets are,skyrocketing cost of equity user,acquisition is is is way too expensive,for the type of revenues that most of,the games can generate so it's a,lose-lose situation you need massive,cash flow to ensure user acquisition and,discoverability but on the other hand,your game is just one among hundreds of,games out there,sorry so less than four years ago,1 million registered users July 2016,park emoji we tried our own,crowdsourcing or crowdfunding platform,it didn't work too well but hey we gave,it a try December 2016 just a year later,5 million registered users not a bad,growth huh just one year September 2017,we made an investment in Montreal so we,are based in Montreal our headquarters,are in Montreal we do have offices in,Bucharest that handle all production,localization keyless ting all that good,stuff November 2017 10 million,registered users we are happy to say,this will be updated shortly the numbers,the official numbers are coming out we,are very very proud and excited - now,you have a little over 20 million,registered users as of December 2018 so,look at it this way November 2015 - no -,December 2018 that's only a three year,window,we went from 1 million registered users,to 20 million registered users where's,that okay so what's that market like how,do we monetize this is there money,involved is there Revenue guys so,currently we do 113 113 to 123 actually,the official number for December is not,113 million visits but 123 million piece,of information,August 2018 we were hitting our first,hundred million visitors so 25% of 23%,growth in just under four months so it,shows that there is a market out there,our closest competitors when we can defy,coup or DL cite DL SETI is probably the,largest but it also offers other type of,of games or content fakku at 4.4 so,basically we are Arch,I think just our competition out there,let's see how we compare to mainstream,so still that 113 congregate has 22,point two million visits according to DL,cite Miniclip is 21 million and going,down your grounds at 16 ARMA games at 12,so once again we have 10 times the,traffic of our games we have almost six,times the traffic of congregate so yeah,there's a market out there people want,this type of content and okay how do we,grow that's the timeline as far as our,game offering so we're currently at 250,games which means that if you have a,game on new taku whether you go through,the publishing our murió tribution you,are one of 250 not one of 30,000 so we,believe this resolves the,discoverability issue with 20 million,plus registered players visiting the,site regularly on insists your game is,has the chance to be on that on that top,10 leaderboard we're forecasting another,50 to 75 games in 2019 so how much did,we invest we started by licensing out,and just porting out Asian games it was,the simplest way it was the fastest way,to generate content and to populate the,platform but for the last few years with,Chrisman fund we've been very active on,it I have a team of eight bizdev working,with teams such as yours to identify,great games that we can actually we can,actually fund ensure distributi